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That's One Way to Fire Someone

Posted by - 01:49 PM on 11/27/13
In a Facebook post, Black Flag singer Ron Reyes says that during the band's Nov. 24 show he was effectively fired mid-set.
On November 24th 2013 the last night of the Australian Hits and Pits tour with two songs left in the set Mike V comes on stage stares me down, takes my mic and says "You're done, party's over get off it's over..." He said something else to me but it was a lie so I won't repeat it here. So with a sense of great relief that it was finally over I left the stage and walked to the hotel room. They finished the set with Mike V on vocals. There is much more that can and perhaps should be said. But for now I will spare you the gory details. The writing was on the wall since before we played our first show. So many things went wrong from the start. I was into things like having a good drummer, rehearsing and spending time on things like beginnings and endings of songs, being a little less distracted with tour life and a little more on the ball. You know things that would make our efforts worthy of the name Black Flag... Yes it is my opinion that we fell very short indeed and the deminihing ticket sales and crowds are a testament to that. However It was made clear to me that raising these issues was tantamount to a blasphemous stab in the back to Greg. How could I question him, his efforts and hard work? How could I dare be a fan of OFF! And or be friends and a fan of Flag? I was told that I had to chose sides. But I refuse to treat someone like an infalable Pope figure. No guitarist deserves such unquestioning blind devotion. And so I have been excommunicated in a very strange fashion. I truly feel sorry for anyone who had to witness the infantile behaviour and the relentless provocation I was subjected to both on and off the stage. I regret that under such fierce provocation and taunting I sometimes responded in maners bellow my standard. I am greatful for the opportunities Greg gave me. There were some magical moments at first. I was naive enough to believe in the promise of potential. But in the end the good was no match for the overwhelming bad. It am proud of my contributions including the new album and it's cover. Come on folks it's only rock n roll. I would not be surprised if Mike V becomes the new singer for Black Flag. It is my opinion that they have been planing this for some time. I wish them well. Mike is a true deciple of Greg and so they have a good working relationship. And Ironicly the tension over the last weeks has brought out some of Greg's best playing. So it could be interesting. I will miss playing with Dave Klien. He is a great kid and truly an outstanding bass player. Dave was an anchor that kept me from losing my place on a nightly basis. Trust me that was no easy task for either of us. I truly apologize for being in or more accurately "appearing" to be in competition with "Flag". They know my heart on this matter. From the beginning I was happy for them and fully supported and understood why they would want to rock those songs and have a good time with friends and family. Yes I questioned their use of the name and logo but in no way questiond their motivation or right to do their thing. I envy them for they have succeeded in ways that were never possible with "Black Flag". And once again for the record, I agreed to do Black Flag before I knew there was a Flag. I mean no malice towards Greg or Mike although they will most likely see things very differently. I wish them luck and prosperity. I have learned many valuable lessons this year. And these lessons will enrich my personal and musical endeavours. Cheers. Ron Reyes.
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01:57 PM on 11/27/13
Old Fears New Frontiers
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i need to see video of this
02:06 PM on 11/27/13
trying to live up to my viral tweet
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Fringe's Avatar
wow. That's the high road if I've ever seen it
02:09 PM on 11/27/13
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Steve_JustAGuy's Avatar
Mid show? Wow.
02:15 PM on 11/27/13
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OctoberOrigins's Avatar
This entire reunion is an embarrassment.
02:15 PM on 11/27/13
( ω )
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caveBEAR's Avatar
lol it'd be great if Reyes joined Flagg in some capacity now
02:28 PM on 11/27/13
kill the switch
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surette's Avatar
this band(s) is a mess.
02:32 PM on 11/27/13
Regular Member
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sergioisevil's Avatar
EVERYTHING THIS BAND HAS DONE OVER THE PAST YEAR HAS BEEN EMBARRASSING. Reyes was the only semi-good thing about this reunion but literally every other decision they've made was as if they made it to intentionally draw ire.
02:54 PM on 11/27/13
Regular Member
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zomgbrandnew's Avatar
wait like Mike V the skateboarder??
03:02 PM on 11/27/13
Regular Member
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Every single band that has drama because someone left the band, take note: this is how you get kicked out of a band in a classless manner and leave perfectly.
03:26 PM on 11/27/13
Steeeve Perry
Pushin' th' little daisies
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Steeeve Perry's Avatar
Gold. This is gold. I'm heading straight for PunkNews (don't worry, it's all part of Tate's big AbsoluteVoices family) hoping for some laughs. PS FLAG was always much, much better.
03:28 PM on 11/27/13
Regular Member
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shika's Avatar
Every single band that has drama because someone left the band, take note: this is how you get kicked out of a band in a classless manner and leave perfectly.

In the bands defense reyes quit on them mid set during his first run as the lead singer during a show so they basically did it because he left them the same way first, which is Why he is being so nice.
03:32 PM on 11/27/13
Lead vocalist of @TooFarLost
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TheRealJohnOC's Avatar
wait like Mike V the skateboarder??
That's who I assume it is. Don't know any other famous Mike Vs.
03:37 PM on 11/27/13
Not everything, not yet
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CarouselBoy's Avatar
wait like Mike V the skateboarder??
Lol that's what I kept thinking
03:39 PM on 11/27/13
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
Gold. This is gold. I'm heading straight for PunkNews (don't worry, it's all part of Tate's big AbsoluteVoices family) hoping for some laughs. PS FLAG was always much, much better.
I laughed.

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