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11:44 AM on 12/20/13
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Vibrato has nothing to do with why he's a talented vocalist. The guy has fantastic range, and absolutely immense power - most vocalists are lucky to own one of those skills, and he has both.

He's a mostly terrible songwriter, but as a vocalist? There really are very few better. If you only rate him as "decently talented," I can't imagine what singers you find better or worse.
"There really are very few better."

One of the most ridiculous claims I've ever read in my life.
12:15 PM on 12/20/13
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Tilian Pearson, Tyler Carter, Kellin Quinn, Kurt Travis, Brandon Roundtree, Ian Kenny, Anthony Green, Casey Crescenzo, Joey Vannucchi, Matt Segallos, Steven Colyer, Andy Hull ...and that's just in this particular scene.
12:27 PM on 12/20/13
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I mean, are you just going to say something's ridiculous and be an ass, or actually contribute to conversation with some examples? Seriously, these are the kind of AbsolutePunk comments I hate.

From a straight physical perspective, Jonny Craig has tremendous range, great power, and excellent control - he's a top notch vocalist. Totally open to discussing differences between vocalists, if you'd like to actually have a conversation.
I wouldn't say vomiting on the stage / crowd at nearly every show is great control or power. Jonny has a good voice, but he's a one trick pony. He has a good range and he knows his limits, but that only goes so far. He's not interesting, his lyrics are terrible, his personality sucks, he's predictable.
12:43 PM on 12/20/13
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The quality of his lyrics and personality have nothing to do with his vocals.

I never said he was a good songwriter, a good lyricist, or a good person. I said he's a good vocalist. It's blatantly obvious on Emarosa's Relativity and Isles & Glaciers' EP that he has tremendous talent, and I really don't see how you could say otherwise.
I would say he has a good, even great voice...but tremendous is a stretch for me. And in the end, voice is only a fraction of what matters. Lyrics and intent are extremely important and Jonny has no message.
12:58 PM on 12/20/13
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You listed some vocalists there that I absolutely adore - but at the very, very least, Jonny Craig is certainly in the same category as those guys, if not better than most.

Tilian's fantastic - but Jonny has better range.
Tyler Carter's great - but Jonny has more power.
Ian Kenny, Casey Crescenzo, and Andy Hull are some of my favorites, but tremendously different singers than Jonny, and arguably don't have his range. Casey is the closest, and I'll give you that he's potentially better due to tone.
Joey Vannucchi is an incredible songwriter (everyone knows I'm the biggest FIL fanboy there is), but is not the same category as most of these guys in straight vocal terms.
I think you're ignoring Tilian's range because his voice is so high. Watch this video, and you'll change your mind.

I also think you're giving Jonny the win on power compared to Tyler because Jonny's voice is raspier. Check this out.

Here is Ian Kenny with an amazing range.

Here is Andy Hull with an amazing range.

And here is Joey V killing it in not only range and power, but also being more dynamic than you'll ever see from Jonny, some amazing lyrics, and playing guitar at the same time. I think saying they're not comparable because they have different singing styles is ignoring the fact that Jonny is just not as good.
01:14 PM on 12/20/13
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I've seen literally every vocalist you've listed here at least 3 times, with the exception of Andy Hull and Ian Kenny. Hell, I actually think I premiered that NGHBRS song, haha. Using recorded versions won't make your case, because anyone can sound good in a studio.

I've seen Tilian perform Jonny's songs, and again, love Tilian - but he actually doesn't have tremendous range. What's special is just how high his voice is. He hits highs vocalists couldn't dream of - but he doesn't have a normal low range. Jonny's range is wider.

And I adore Joey V as a songwriter, and love FIL live - but he's just not in the same category as anyone else you listed. He's incredibly unique, amazingly talented, and one of my favorites, but as far as straight vocal talent, he's not in the same place as these guys.
I feel like you're excluding Tilian just for the fact that his voice is an octave higher than Jonny's. He clearly has an incredible range, his voice is just naturally higher pitched.

I could find live videos of these artists proving my point as well, but no matter how much I show you, there will be no changing your mind. The fact is...this new Jonny Craig record will flop just like his previous one. He's washed up.

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