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05:48 PM on 01/07/14
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Never seen /r/standupshots, but i unsubscribed from /r/funny a while ago. Reddit has a lot of great communities, but the first thing you should do after signing up is unsubscribe to the handful of default subreddits that don't do what they set out to and find the ones that will actually bring value to your time there.
07:39 PM on 01/07/14
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Same, music is particularly terrible.
I haven't unsubscribed from music, but I don't think I've ever looked at anything posted there either

/r/gaming is pretty bad too, but for some reason i've never unsubscribed there either
07:25 AM on 01/08/14
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I have to SEVERELY disagree with this statement. As someone who post frequently, and performs a few places around the midwest there are a lot of great comedians in standup shots. The biggest fucking oversight from everyone is "if you're not named so and so popular comedian you must suck". Comedy is bigger than the high paid comedians you see on CC. There are 90k subscribers to standupshots and about a thousand posters, I reached #4 just yesterday on them with a joke that I don't even tell on stage.

And why is everyone calling Comedy a hobby all of a sudden? The OP in this whole 'drama' is a well-paid full-time comedian. This isn't a hobby, it's a job. It's one people have fun with. So while all this is 'just taking place on Reddit' it's still a great way for people to get their jokes out there and grow a fan base. It's not significant, but I gained five new twitter followers yesterday, two of which contact me directly about where I perform and when I would be in their area.

I'm not a Reddit apoligizer, but come'on people, it's the 7th most visited website in THE WORLD, of course there are going to be a few bad eggs. I don't know why people are being generalized so much.

Carry on.
I think he meant that moderating reddit is a hobby, not comedy
12:26 PM on 01/08/14
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never heard of that but it's a lot of the first part too. i just think the site would be so much better without the upvote system. it all just seems so contrived, like people not posting from the heart or their actual opinions, but what they think others will agree with in fear of getting downvoted into oblivion where no one will even get to read what they have to say, or just to get points and reddit gold or whatever the hell it is. i'm sure there's some really great hidden gem boards, but i'm just talking about from what i've seen.
There are a lot of more thought-provoking, discussion based subreddits that actively discourage downvoting based on difference of opinion. Like, when you put your mouse over the downvote button, it warns that you should only downvote if the link is not releveant or the comment doesn't add value to the discussion. On top of that, many have strict moderators to keep the content quality to a certain standard. Not saying those subs aren't still flawed, but it helps.

I recommend unsubscribing from the defaults, or at least a few of them, and finding subs that pertain to your interests or things that you want to improve at. Also, this blog post is particularly helpful in making Reddit a more rewarding experience.

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