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AbsolutePunk.net's Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

Posted by - 07:41 AM on 01/13/14
By now you've probably had your fill with all of the "End of the Year" lists and whatnot, so naturally it's time to transition into what albums we're anticipating the most in 2014. I feel like this year's edition came a little bit earlier than usual, which is great because our list features over 80 prospective releases spanning over a wide array of different genres. Twelve months from now we'll see how well we did with our picks, but until then you should head on over into the replies and check out which albums we're excited for and why. As always, we welcome your own picks and discussion. Enjoy.
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07:41 AM on 01/13/14
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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ContributorsJack Appleby [JA]; Drew Beringer [DB]; Jake Denning [JD]; Kelly Doherty [KD]; Zac Djamoos [ZD]; Kyle Huntington [KH]; Keagan Ilvonen [KI]; Jake Jenkins [JJ]; Craig Manning [CM]; Thomas Nassiff [TN]; Deborah Remus [DR]; Blake Solomon [BS]; Anthony Sorendino [AS]; Dre Okorley [DO]

Adele | TBA | TBA 2014 | Columbia
How could you not be at least a little bit curious to hear what’s next for Adele? Her last record, the world-beating break-up block party of 21, was and is arguably the biggest album to come along in decades, with three number-one hit singles, two other tracks that did pretty well on the radio, and diamond certification from the RIAA. 21 also claimed the top-selling album slot on American charts two years running (in 2011 and 2012) and swept the Grammy Awards. Add an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her Bond theme, “Skyfall,” and it’s clear that Adele is absolutely one of the most popular and decorated artists currently making music. What that means for her third full-length record – which will supposedly see the light of day in “mid-2014” – remains to be seen. The young songstress has gone on record saying that she wants her new album to be more stripped down than 21 was, with more piano and acoustic guitar and less of the bombastic production that Paul Epworth brought to the table last time around (though Epworth is still supposedly onboard to produce). Regardless of where Adele takes her style on the new record, however, there’s no doubt that it will be one of the year’s biggest releases. [CM]

All Time Low | TBA | TBA 2014 | Hopeless
All Time Low have had quite the interesting career so far for only being in their early 20's. They were hailed to be the next big thing to skyrocket from the scene into the mainstream in similar fashion to Fall Out Boy. After a jump to the majors and a widely disliked album, the band went back to their roots with Hopeless Records and released a criminally underrated album in Don't Panic! If all the stars align, this could be the band's biggest release yet. With the band's continued success and die-hard fan base, they're always that one band you have to keep your eye on. [KI]

Lily Allen | TBA | TBA 2014 | Warner Bros
Even though we were teased with the idea of a new Lily Allen album in 2013, it never came to fruition. BUT, we did get a straight up jam in the form of a new song, "Hard Out Here" which showcased Lily at her finest. Now that we know for sure that she's going to release her album this year, we can actually get excited. After a five year break from the industry, I can only imagine how much pent up anger she's saved for this record and the world couldn't be happier. [KI]

Bane | TBA | Spring 2014 | Equal Vision
It'll have been over nine years since Bane released The Note, one of the more polarizing hardcore releases in recent memory, so it feels right that the band who gave us Give Blood has one last hurrah in them before hanging up their full-zip hoodies. Currently holed up in Getaway Studios in Massachusetts with producer Jay Maas, longtime fans can expect these hardcore legends to record and release one final essential album that sums up band's passion, sounds, and emotion of the last 20 years. [DB]

Banner Pilot | TBA | TBA 2014 | Fat Wreck
In October Banner Pilot hit the Terrarium in Minneapolis to work on its fourth full-length record and I have a feeling it's going to be pretty awesome. Banner Pilot is my second favourite "newer" band on Fat and while I can already sort of hear what this record is going to sound like that's not necessarily a bad thing. The vocals and the bass make this band stand out from the pack and I'm looking forward to hearing some more catchy, gruff punk songs. [DR]

Bayside | Cult | February 18, 2014 | Hopeless
I've adopted a certain mantra about Bayside that I will repeat whenever I get the chance: They are quietly one of the very best bands to come out of 2000s pop-punk and they prove it each time they release a new album. Much like Motion City Soundtrack, this band always manages to change up their sound just a little bit on each new record – it's enough of a change for you to be refreshed and energized by it, but it never strays away from the standard that the New York quartet has set for itself. Cult follows this formula exactly as it should – you know what you're listening to and you know you're going to like it. [TN]

Bombay Bicycle Club | So Long, See You Tomorrow | February 4, 2014 | Vagrant/Island
As somebody who has followed the band since their incredibly early days before they'd even released an album, witnessing the constant evolution of Bombay Bicycle Club is astounding. Not only because of how different, yet natural, each album feels but because the band's progression is positively relentless. If there was ever a release to back up these sentiments it's So Long, See You Tomorrow. Produced by frontman Jack Steadman, the record is bursting with the most luscious soundscapes, shimmering synths, heartbreakingly delicate moments, perfect harmonies and a rhythm and bass section that cannot be beaten. I wouldn't be surprised if this album stole a lot of people's hearts this year, whether you were previously a fan or not, it's a record to be very excited about. [KH]

Braid | TBA | TBA 2014 | Topshelf
2013 was the year of emo reunions, with legends like Knapsack, Texas is the Reason, Gameface, and The Jazz June coming back to play again. But Braid had them all beat by two years. Sure, their comeback Closer to Closed might have been just alright and not the triumphant return to the genre's forefront we hoped for, but it was a worthy addition to the band's strong discography nonetheless. Last year's split with Balance & Composure was a definite step up and I'm sure whatever they do next will be even better than that. If the band can make another album even half as good as Frame & Canvas I'll be perfectly satisfied. [ZD]

Brand New | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
I mean, can we please? We can, right? Does a potential new Brand New album need a paragraph about why it would be anticipated on AbsolutePunk dot net? Collectively the most adored group in the history of this website, anything related to Brand New makes the world stop spinning around here. From what we've heard, the Long Island quartet is already working on LP5*– that's enough to hope for a fall-ish release time. It's impossible to predict what it'll sound like, but we know one thing: It will push the envelope, it will challenge us, there's a good chance it will be brilliant, and at least half of the fanbase will hate it. It's already my AOTY every year for the rest of the decade. [TN]

Brighter Brightest | TBA | TBA 2014 | Black Box/Maple Music
I think Brighter Brightest is the best pop rock band making music right now and I can't wait to hear what they come up with for their second full-length. Right for Me is a great record that I still listen to on a regular basis and something tells me that this band has the potential to top it. Not too sure exactly when this will drop, but the band has already released some short song clips and I'm hoping it's going to be fairly soon. [DR]

Built To Spill | TBA | TBA 2014 | Warner Bros.
There's few indie rock bands from the few decades as criminally underrated as Built To Spill. Never have they released a record that's been anything less than stellar and they are, quite honestly, one of the best bands around from each of the three decades they've been active. Last summer, the band announced that they were working on the follow up 2009's There Is No Enemy, after scrapping their previous attempt. The as of yet untitled record will be their first album with a new line-up and it's set be corker. Be excited! [KD]

The Cab | TBA | TBA 2014 | Universal Republic
The Cab have had quite the career over the past six years. They were picked up by Fueled By Ramen back in the day and seemed like a safe bet to be the next big thing out of the scene. But in life a safe bet isn't always a sure thing and that was the case with The Cab. They left Fueled By Ramen, lost members and everything seemed to be falling apart, but not for Alex DeLeon. He kept the band going and in 2011 they self-released their fantastic sophomore effort, Symphony Soldier. Now in 2014, the band is signed to Universal Republic and plan to release their first major label album and all signs point to it being a show stopper. Alex and The Cab are the definition of hard work pays off and 2014 is going to start to show that in a big way. [KI]

Chiodos | TBA | March 2014 | Razor & Tie
There's no denying that Chiodos have been one of the most influential bands to rise from the post-harcore movement that started back in the early 2000's. With Craig Owens at the helm, the band skyrocketed past their peers and actually reached #5 on the Billboard 200 with their 2007 release, Bone Palace Ballet. Then it all came crashing down. The band kicked out Craig and found a worthy replacement in Brandon Bolmer but couldn't regain the moment they once had. Fast-forward to now. Craig's back in the band, Thomas Erak has been recruited to play guitar and the guys seem more focused than ever. After spending the past year working on new material, the band's set to release their first album with Owens in seven years this Spring through Razor & Tie. The times have certainly changed, but the band's always a contender and I expect the band to have a return to form and take back their crown of the scene. [KI]

Closure In Moscow | Pink Lemonade | February 2014 | Unsigned
We're about due for a splash of Pink Lemonade, courtesy those aliens that comprise Closure In Moscow. After a four year staycation on their home planet of Australia, we're finally approaching the progger's second full-length in all its glory. You're already worshipping "The Church Of The Technochrist", and it shouldn't be long until our saviors bestow more of their new jammy goodness on us all. Times and tastes have changed since 2009's First Temple, but Closure should bring the weird in a big way this year. [JA]

Cloud Nothings | TBA | TBA 2014 | Carpark
Cloud Nothings were always on my radar but never anything that ever hit home. That all changed when the band released their fantastic 2012 release, Attack on Memory. Mixing everything I love about lo-fi indie music but keeping intact with aggression and melody. It's rough around the edges but sticks in your brain for days. The band's been hard at work over the past two years on their follow up and have stated that their new album will be released in early 2014. If it's anything like Attack on Memory, it's a sure contender for album of the year. [KI]

Comeback Kid | Die Knowing | March 4th | Victory Records
Who would've thought that a band from a small town in Canada known as Winnipeg would be such a vital mainstay in the hardcore scene? Not only has this powerful quintet been hitting the charts, but they've captivated the interest of listeners across many genres. It's been 4 whole years since we've heard anything new from this band, and their last album, Symptoms and Cures, packaged a great deal of well aimed ferocity and hearty gang vocals. Now gearing up to release an album titled Die Knowing, Comeback Kid are sure to live up to their name yet again. [DO]

The Copyrights | TBA | TBA 2014 | Red Scare
The Copyrights are a great pop-punk band and the follow-up to North Sentinel Island (which contains one of my all time favourite songs "Worn Out Passport") should be really solid. Like Red Scare label-mates Direct Hit! the band is heading into the studio with All-American Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty and I'm assuming the end result should be released sometime in 2014. [DR]

Jonny Craig | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
Yeah, he wronged a lot of people. Yeah, he might be a lunatic. Yeah, his 2012 R&B-heavy EP kinda sucked. But Jonny Craig's capable of greatness in the right environment, and he's headed to the home of his best years. With producer Kris Crummett at the helm, Craig became a scene idol through Downtown Battle Mountain, Relativity, and A Dream Is A Question..., albums that will supposedly influence Jonny's return to "full-band" music. If the pair can channel even a hint of the old days, the new material could be worthwhile - though when we're talking Jonny Craig, you never know what could happen. [JA]

Crime In Stereo | TBA | TBA 2014 | Bridge 9
Whether you'd stopped paying attention or not, Crime In Stereo still remained an important hardcore punk band to many, as evidenced by their highly-packed reunion shows in 2012. One problem we've seen with talented bands who disappear is that they tend to get in their own way because they couldn't get past trivial nonsense. Here's to hoping that CIS does not follow suit. With the support of Bridge Nine which boasts a heavy-hitting roster, CIS will be a force to be reckoned with if all goes smoothly. [DO]

The Damnwells | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
Since their albums are crowdfunded, it always takes these Brooklyn-based roots rockers at least a few years to resurface after a touring cycle wraps. But with the rousing success of a Pledge Music campaign, it looks as if 2014 will see the long-awaited fifth studio album from these guys. As with similarly minded roots-based groups like Dawes and the Alternate Routes, the Damnwells are a band that gets better with every release. Their 2009 gem, One Last Century, landed in many an iTunes collection five years ago when the band made it available for free download (you can still get it for free, right here), while 2011’s No One Listens to the Band Anymore proved to be the kind of self-assured career apex that only comes with time and maturity. Making the brand of Americana-laced rock ‘n’ roll that was popular on the radio in the nineties, the Damnwells straddle the line between classic and modern, with their striking lyricism, their indelible melodies, and the wistful melancholy of frontman Alex Dezen’s voice all working to make them one of the best bands making music today. Dezen also has a series of EPs on the way in 2014, so if you’re a fan of this band, it’s going to be a good year. [CM]

Dan + Shay | TBA | TBA 2014 | Warner Bros. Nashville
I thought this was AbsolutePUNK?!?! Now that I got that out of the way, let me just say that I couldn't be more excited for the new country duo Dan + Shay's debut album. Both members having previous musical outlets, they parted ways and decided to go forth with Dan + Shay. They're already signed with Warner Bros. Nashville and are set to take over the country and top 40 charts. In a genre that's almost indistinguishable, it's nice to see some talent rise up. 2014's going to be a massive year for the duo and I can't wait to see how high they go. [KI]

Dikembe | TBA | TBA 2014 | Tiny Engines
I'll always be a Dikembe fan just for releasing a 7" with a track listing of weed and 1990s Chicago Bulls references - the fact they continue to release excellent music is just the cherry on top. Seriously though, Dikembe is bound to follow up 2012's essential #emorevival record Broad Shoulders with a record that's going to shoot that stupid hashtag in the head. The Gainesville, FL, quartet will probably at the very least release your favorite record to listen to while watching T2 as well as continuing to exist as the raddest band in the universe.[DB]
07:42 AM on 01/13/14
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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Driver Friendly | TBA | TBA 2014 | Hopeless
I'll admit right now that I'm putting more hype and pressure on this band than any other band. The potential I've seen in this band since Chase The White Whale has been unbridled. It's really a shame that their older music isn't available yet, because there are two full-lengths and an EP that are just as good and even better than Peaks + Valleys. If they stick to their bass lines, blaring horns, and creative guitars, then they'll move mountains. They need to stick to their roots, (give us some more Not Home Yet-horns, guys!), try their best not to be phased by label pressures and make the album that they want to make. [AS]

Emarosa | TBA | TBA 2014 | Rise
It's hard to believe we're coming up on four years since we've got a release from Emarosa and it's almost been three years since Jonny Craig was kicked out of the band. After a long search for a vocalist, the band got who they wanted in the first place in the form of former Squid The Whale frontman, Bradley Walden. The band's been hitting the studio non-stop to finally release their third full length. With Bradley at the helm, they are sure to have one of the bigger comebacks in the scene in 2014. [KI]

Empire! Empire! (i was a lonely estate) | TBA | TBA 2014 | Count Your Lucky Stars
It's been five years since the Michigan emo revivalists (it was a joke, do not fret) released their debut full-length, What It Takes to Move Forward. Yes, we've had an assortment of EPs, splits, and other odds and ends over the years, but it's been too long since we've gotten a dense, real, full album of new material. But there's really no doubt that it'll be more than worth the time. With the album mastering being completed as I type this, it seems likely we'll be holding this in our hands soon. [ZD]

Every Time I Die | TBA | TBA 2014 | Epitaph
Every Time I Die has been keeping a roll of toilet paper in its rehearsal area while trying out new ideas for the band's next record - if the new riffs aren't making them shit their pants, then those will be a no-go on LP7. The work is cut out for the Buffalo quintet, but if anyone can top the riffage from New Junk Aesthetic and Ex Lives it's definitely Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams. Fans should also be excited for the latest lyrical travails from Keith Buckley, whom continues to be one of the most interesting, honest, and exhilarating front men in the scene today. [DB]

Fake Problems | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
Sure, it's been a minute since Fake Problems' stellar Ghosts, but that's only because the band has been honing and crafting their best collection of songs yet. We got a quick glance into Fake Problems' mindset with the two fantastic songs they released last January with You Blew It! ("Small Devil Song" potentially being the trio's best song to date). Punk rock celebrity Chris Farren last told me that the band was still looking for a label and a date to release the new tunes but that we should expect some Fakey P goodness in 2014. So while the label and release are somewhat in flux, fans shouldn't worry about the music Fake Problems is creating, as it'll be some of the best stuff to grace your ears this year. [DB]

Brian Fallon-Related Project | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
Whether it's The Gaslight Anthem, The Horrible Crowes, Molly and the Zombies, a solo record or something else that hasn't even been invented yet, we should be getting something new from Brian Fallon in 2014 and we're excited for whatever that something is. One of the best songwriters and lyricists around at the moment, Fallon has already proven that he can write almost anything he wants – now we get the sweet, sweet opportunity to listen to the creative results. Molly and the Zombies is a pretty intriguing project – check out Brian McGee's The Taking Or The Leaving and tell me you're not interested in hearing what he and Fallon come up with together – but a follow-up to Elsie from The Horrible Crowes might be what we want to hear most. [TN]

FENCES | The Internal Diving Board | May 2014 | Island
It's been over three years since Christopher Mansfield released his hauntingly dark self-titled debut album, which was produced by Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara). Since then, Mansfield provided guest vocals on close friend Macklemore's song "Otherside (Remix)" on the VS. Redux EP, and signed to Island Records, where he's been hard at work on his sophomore effort, The Internal Diving Board. This album features production by Jaquire King (Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse), as well as drummer Jason McGerr (Death Cab For Cutie), Ben Greenspan, Lindsey Starr, and Macklemore. Expect to hear more of Mansfield's introspective and raw lyricism, and for FENCES to make a huge splash this year. [JD]

Fireworks | TBA | Spring 2014 | Triple Crown
It is a painful fact that Fireworks may be the most underappreciated band to come out of the late-2000s crop of pop-punk acts that have given new life to the genre. Many readers will agree that Gospel was a terrific effort – one that kept giving back upon repeated listens, and one that required peeling back some layers to truly appreciate – but the band pretty much just stopped touring and became nearly inactive in 2013. As a band that stretches the genre in terms of songwriting, a new Fireworks record will be important for many reasons and if the group can build off Gospel, we should have an instant classic on our hands. Here's hoping a new album is accompanied by loads of touring in 2014. [TN]

Brandon Flowers | TBA | TBA 2014 | Island
It’s entirely possible that I liked the Killers’ fourth full-length studio effort, 2012’s Battle Born, more than anyone else on the internet. For that reason, I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not writing this entry about the next record from my favorite band in mainstream, but a second solo record from Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is itself a worthy substitute. The Killers have been, for lack of a better word, killing themselves on the road for the past year and a half, playing arena after arena in support of their larger than life fourth record. Now, it appears as if the guys are ready for break, but as I noted in my review of Battle Born, Brandon Flowers is a machine and won’t take sheer exhaustion as a reason to break the every-two-years schedule he’s laid out for himself in releasing new material. Not many details are yet on the table concerning Flowers’ next solo disc – his second after 2010’s criminally underrated Flamingo – but you can bet it will contain plentiful references to Las Vegas, Bruce Springsteen, and the American Dream. [CM]

The Fray | Helios | February 25, 2014 | Epic
There's no hiding my love for The Fray at this point. When I first heard How To Save A Life I was floored. Lyrics that had meaning, well thought out music and tons and tons of piano. After releasing three fantastic albums, The Fray are back at it again with their upcoming album, Helios. While the lead single "Love Don't Lie" leaves a lot to be desired, I'm still keeping faith that the band will continue to release some of the best modern pop songs to date. [KI]

From Indian Lakes | TBA | Summer/Fall 2014 | Triple Crown
Watching From Indian Lakes defy the odds has been special. 2009's The Man With Wooden Legs sent ripples throughout the scene, and 2012's Able Bodies is a bona fide masterpiece - both self-released by a band coveted by every indie you can name. Now with Triple Crown Records in their corner, the expectations for From Indian Lakes' third full-length couldn't be higher. Only time will tell if 2014 can catapult the band even further, but experience says the band will only continue to impress. [JA]

fun. | TBA | TBA 2014 | Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic
Fun., also known as the little band that could. After The Format won and broke our hearts, we received relief in the form of fun. We even were the first site to premiere music from the band and from that moment on, we have continued to champion the trio to stardom. Now that Nate and the crew have won Grammys, performed for the president and had the anthem of the year, they're looking to keep the moment going in 2014. While the band hasn't officially announced anything as of yet, it wouldn't be shocking in the least for the group to release another chart topping album later this year. They're constantly writing and working on material so don't be surprised if we start to see something come from their camp in the near future. [KI]

Future | Honest | TBA 2014 | Epic
You can thank Kanye West for this. Of the many descendants of Yeezy's 808's and Heartbreak, Atlanta rapper Future seems to be the one running the furthest with the "emo-rap" tag. Cited by producer Ryan Hemsworth as hip-hop's Elliott Smith, Future's music focuses on conviction and raw emotion more than it does on perfection. If the title track from Future's upcoming Honest is any indication, Future is just going to keep diving further into the hazy world where melody and emotion clash and battle as he sings his heart out over some of the most intricate hip-hop production today. It's easy to be weary of Future with his unabashed use of autotune and failure to hold anything back, but I personally find him to be one of the most captivating and interesting characters in modern day hip-hop. I'm just bein' honest. [JJ]

The Gay Blades | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
Surprise! The Gay Blades are back together (after a week of disbanding) and are prepping to release their third full length album later this year. After releasing a criminally underrated album, Savages back in 2010, the band has kept pretty quiet. But if you know Clark Westfield and Puppy Mills, you know they won't be quiet for long. James Dean Wells has one of the purest and most resonating voices to come out of this scene and his songwriting is just as respectable. They say good things come to those who wait and The Gay Blades have waited far too long. 2014 will go down as the year of Clark Westfield and Puppy Mills, mark my words. [KI]

The Ghost Inside | TBA | Spring/Summer 2014 | Epitaph
2014 will arguably be the biggest year for The Ghost Inside, as they're releasing an awesome cover song, playing main stage on this year's Vans Warped Tour, and releasing their fourth full-length album. If 2012's Get What You Give is any indication, the band always finds new and creative ways to hit you with thought-provoking lyricism and hard-hitting instrumentation. Not many bands raise the bar with every release, but you can expect The Ghost Inside to soar to olympic heights, as they return to producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Motionless In White) for one more round. [JD]

Ghost Parade | TBA | TBA 2014 | Unsigned
It's scary how good Ghost Parade could be. The band's Foundations EP taunts the band's potential - eccentric and memorable riffs, unique and fresh vocals, and an energy reserved for madmen and sugar-laced kindergardeners. Give Ghost Parade just a smidge more experience and guidance and watch the NorCal rockers blossom. Until then, we'll keep watching their panda-heavy "LOW" video and imagining what these guys are capable of. [JA]

Gnarwolves | Chronicles of Gnarnia | February 2014| Pure Noise
There really isn't anything bad to say about a band who follows up their last record with one that plays off of the works of C.S. Lewis. Highly charged on happy-go-lucky punk rock and a touch of gruff, Gnarwolves will be making their Pure Noise debut in February and they want you to be there for the party. Be prepared for plenty of singalongs, pizza, skateboards, and gnar. [DO]

Happy Body Slow Brain | TBA | Summer/Fall 2014 | Unsigned
Every time the Happy Buddies roll through town, the crowds are bigger - now we need new words to sing. 2012's Sleepy EP quenched the thirst a bit, but we're three years removed from Dreams Of Water and hungry for a new full-length. They're already the best live band on Earth, making new songs "This Is Your Future" and "Reminding Me To Live" tremendous teases in their setlists. Happy Body Slow Brain has an Album Of The Year in them, and LP2 could very well be that record. [JA]

Have Mercy | TBA | TBA | Topshelf
The Baltimore act told us that they're definitely planning for a short release (EP or split) this year along with potentially the follow-up to their 2013 debut full-length, The Earth Pushed Back, so BAM they're on this list. The Earth Pushed Back is one of my favorite debut LPs in a long while, but the desperate vocals and lyrics that dominate it can only carry the band so far. With another album, we should be able to find out how far Have Mercy can stretch its abilities in terms of musicianship – and that's a notion that excites us greatly. [TN]

The Hold Steady | Teeth Dreams | March 25, 2014 | Washington Square
The Hold Steady have lost a bit of their indie clout as Craig Finn’s songwriting has slowly shifted away from free-form Springsteenian storytelling and toward more conventional, riff-heavy rock ‘n’ roll. However, despite the shift – and despite the unfortunate departure of keyboardist Franz Nicolay, whose bright piano flourishes added worlds of color to the band’s best work, 2006’s Boys & Girls in America – the Hold Steady have remained one of the best bands in America. Their last record, 2010’s Heaven is Whenever, was criminally underrated, featuring a host of that year’s finest songs and becoming the kind of record you can’t help but play during daytime road trips and nighttime booze cruises all summer long. Whether the band continue in that more conventional vein or go back their unconventional roots, their long-awaited 2014 return, called Teeth Dreams will almost undoubtedly be an album that's still getting stuck in the stereo come June or July. [CM]

The Hotelier | Home, Like NoPlace Is There | February 18, 2014 | Tiny Engines
The band formerly known as The Hotel Year enters the new year with a new name and new music. Now going about their business as The Hotelier, the name change makes for some fun trivia but it's the band's new album, Home, Like NoPlace Is There, that's gonna make people give notice. The new LP is incredibly versatile - going from uplifting ballads to post-hardcore angst with everything else in between. There's something for everyone on Home, making The Hotelier one of the breakthrough bands of 2014. [DB]

Chloë Howl | Chloë Howl | June 9, 2014 | Columbia
Growing up listening to her father's New Order, The Cure and The Smiths records has clearly influenced the 18 year old pop singer who adds a stark realism and almost brash-cum-playful attitude to her songs. Currently being compared to the likes of Lily Allen and Kate Nash, Chloë Howl has already been nominated for the BRITs Critics Choice Award and the BBC Sound of 2014 and you can bet after the likes of "No Strings" and "Rumour", her debut album will be a release that's hard to escape for all of the right reasons. [KH]
07:43 AM on 01/13/14
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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Interpol | TBA | Fall 2014 | Matador
Whilst 2010's self-titled effort ended up leaving a lot to be desired for many fans of the band, it's a mere questionable blemish on the face of a group who have produced some of the most incredibly solid, unique and captivating songs and records of the last 10 years. After recently releasing the Turn On The Bright Lights anniversary edition, it could be argued that the slate has been wiped clean and the use of the term "a second coming" is appropriate, but whether the band see this as the case or not, it's undisputable how excited fans are to hear brand new material full of broodyness, Banks' vague metaphors/lyrical themes and outstanding delivery. [KH]

Issues | Issues | February 18, 2014 | Rise/Velocity
From day one, Issues has stomped on the gas pedal and has never let up - except for an Attila tour, they've never been part of a bad tour, as they've been a part of tours with the likes of A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, and Silverstein. 2012's debut EP Black Diamonds was a small taste of what the band is capable of, but as time has passed and bonds have grown stronger, Issues have rose to the occasion in 2014 by releasing their debut full-length album, produced by Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, A Lot Like Birds). With roots in traditional hardcore, pop, and metalcore, Issues offers a potent audio experience that will be stuck in your head for months to come, leading up to the Vans Warped Tour, where they're going to make a mess of whatever stage they're handed...typical hooligans. [JD]

Killer Mike | R.A.P. Music II | TBA 2014 | Grand Hustle
One of the most exciting moments in hip-hop for me last year came when Killer Mike announced he was planning a follow up to 2012's R.A.P. Music, my personal favorite hip-hop album from that year. His unlikely collaboration with underground rapper/producer El-P has already proven to have more mileage than anyone could have predicted, and given the undeniable chemistry they have shown up to this point, there is likely a lot more to come from the duo. R.A.P. Music succeeded against all odds, with El-P's futuristic beats bringing just enough southern knock for Killer Mike to spit his political raps with ease and comfort. Given these two juggernaut's track record, there's no reason to think that R.A.P. Music II won't be able to build and expand on that formula. [JJ]

La Dispute | Rooms Of The House | March 18, 2014 | Better Living/Staple
Wildlife brought about a welcome storm, where La Dispute delivered on the promise of previous material. The band lead a pack of No Sleep Records' best throughout 2011, championing "the wave" through tour after tour, including a coveted slot on Thrice's farewell run. Now, the band must deliver greatness again with Rooms Of The House through their new home, Better Living Records - a tall task. At this height, we expect an Album Of The Year from this band, and we'll likely get it. [JA]

Living With Lions | TBA | TBA 2014 | Pure Noise
Seems like a lot of people on this site weren't impressed with the new Living With Lions EP that was released last summer, but I thought it was pretty solid and I'm interested to see where this band goes next. I'd be lying if said I didn't miss Stu Ross a little bit, I think everyone misses him, but Western Canada needs Living With Lions and I'm glad they didn't just decide to call it quits. Chase Brenneman does a good job and while his voice is different that doesn't necessarily mean its awful. [DR]

Lunice & Hudson Mohawke | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
The initial reaction of most fans when electronic duo TNGHT announced their hiatus a couple of weeks ago was confusion. These two producers took the world by storm in a little over a year, touring the globe and producing for the likes of Kanye West. But after both Lunice and Hudson Mohawke tweeted about the whole ordeal, the hiatus was put into perspective. Long before TNGHT became the force that it did, both producers had prolific solo careers. 2014 will be the year we see each of them take their solo careers to the next level, as each have said they will be putting out a solo record this year. Both Luncie and HudMo have already proven to be more than capable producers when left to their own devices, and perhaps TNGHT will prove to be just what these two needed in order to make their respective solo albums truly special. [JJ]

The Maccabees | TBA | September 2014 | Fiction Records
Given To The Wild proved to be The Maccabees' greatest achievement to date; an album which they ended up producing themselves and taking so much care and time over with almost-immaculate results, it was a record that ushered them into headlining some of the biggest venues of their career, touring the world, playing some of the world's biggest festivals and charting higher than ever before. With work well under way on album number four and a sense of confidence following everything they achieved off of their own backs with the last release, there's undoubtedly something truly special coming our way. Said to be "more direct" and "less intricate" than Given To The Wild so that the band can focus on it being an album which they can play live anytime, anywhere, anyway...it goes without saying that there's never been a record by a band that I've anticipated more. [KH]

Manchester Orchestra | Cope | April 1, 2014 | TBA
On their recent tour, Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull often said this record would never come out. Luckily that was some of his trademark sarcasm, because this is a record our little corner of the music world needs badly. Just some loud, meaningful, really loud jams. With a name album named Cope coming from an introspective band like Manchester Orchestra, we will hopefully hear more of the growth exhibited on Simple Math – and by that I mean one of those records that only breaks your heart to help you put it all back together. [BS]

John Mayer | TBA | TBA 2014 | Columbia
I wrote about Mayer for AP.net’s last “most anticipated albums” feature, but that particular blurb was written concerning the August release of ParadiseValley. Valley was a surprise release for 2013, coming close on the heels of Mayer’s previous work – 2012’s Born and Raised – and continuing luxuriantly in the same vein of folk, Americana, and alt-country that the singer/songwriter had established on that record. If Mayer is to be believed, then Born and Raised and ParadiseValleyare merely two pieces of a broader musical trilogy, the finale of which may well see the light of day in 2014. A Chicago Tribune article published around the time that Valley hit the streets said that Mayer was planning to go back into the studio in January to finish his epic throwback album series. Born and Raised was meant as the 1970s Laurel Canyon folk record, while ParadiseValleywas more about backwoods country music. What’s next? Appalachian folk? Communal bluegrass? Electrified roots rock? A collection of Springsteen or Dylanesque storytelling songs? It could be anything, but I expect that – as with great film trilogies – album number three in Mayer’s American folk retrospective will be his most explosive, complex, and unexpected work yet. [CM]

Miss May I | TBA | TBA 2014 | Rise
It's funny how one album can totally change a band's trajectory, and gain a massive following in the process. It's my opinion that when Miss May I released At Heart in 2012, they made it very clear that they've improved tenfold, and they're going to take over the metalcore scene, like it or not. This upcoming album is without question the most important release in the band's career - if it flops, the band may not make it through the album cycle with the same ferociousness they currently show. However, I don't feel like this will be the case, as I feel Miss May I is a band that continually learns and tightens their grip as time goes on - armed with producer Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon), failure is not on the table. [JD]

MOD SUN | Hippy Hop | Spring 2014 | Unsigned
After numerous successful mixtapes and EP's, tours with notables such as Hoodie Allen, Breathe Carolina and more, MOD SUN is still here and thriving, and continues to be recognized by current rap heavyweights such as ScHoolboy Q and Mac Miller. Hippy Hop will be his debut full-length album, which was self-produced alongside Pat Brown. This album has been something that has been in the works for a great deal of time, and will be well worth the wait. If you like to have a great time, you're definitely obligated to check out what MOD SUN does in 2014.[JD]

Modern Baseball | You're Gonna Miss It All | February 11, 2014 | Run For Cover
Could Modern Baseball be the buzzy "it" band of AP.net in 2014? After seeing the reaction to the band's first two song releases, I'd say yes. Granted, Modern Baseball will not be for everyone, as there will be no middle ground with the band's new album, You're Gonna Miss It All - you'll either passionately love the album or passionately loathe it. One things for certain - MoBo will undoubtedly be talked about all year long. "Your Graduation" is the fiery first single but it's tracks like the desolate "Broken Cash Machine," the anthemic "The Old Gospel Choir," and the delicate "Pothole" that elevate Modern Baseball above the rest of its peers.[DB]

Modest Mouse | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
I guess that I'm forever the optimist. It's going on seven years since the band's last LP, We Were Dead Before The Sink Even Sank, and maybe, just maybe, it's the year that we'll get a follow up. It certainly seems like 2014 is the most likely year for a release so far, given the band's recent decision to cancel their UK/EU tour, but honestly we won't know until we get a set date. What we do know is the following; Big Boi (OutKast) worked on the album in some way, shape or form; Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) plays bass on some tracks and they've played four new songs since their last release which may/may not be on the record. It would take an appointment with Sherlock to find out some substantial details about the record, however here's hoping they make good on their recent promise of a 2014 release. As for what it's going to sound like? God only knows. Let's hope it's worth the wait. [KD]

Nick Mulvey | TBA | TBA 2014 | Universal
As one of the founding members of Portico Quartet Nick Mulvey had already established himself in one of the most unique and interesting groups of recent times. But feeling like he needed to branch out on his own and experiment with different styles of music, he returned as a solo artist playing complex and beautiful folk-influenced songs. The likes of "Fever To The Form" ended up getting him recognised as the phenomenal solo artist that he is and then "Nitrous" arrived with an infectious rhythm and clever take on Olive's "You're Not Alone". With the debut album arriving later this year and nominations on numerous lists of "ones to watch for 2014" including the prestigious BBC Sound of 2014 list, fans of Bon Iver, Laura Marling, Nick Drake etc. will adore this mesmerising artist. [KH]

No Bragging Rights | TBA | Summer/Fall 2014 | E1 Music
No Bragging Right's latest album Cycles was one of the albums I really slept on in 2012, and I regret not paying attention until I saw them support Every Time I Die and The Acacia Strain in the beginning of 2013. I recently spoke to vocalist Mike Perez, where he mentioned their upcoming album would revolve around the theme of anger, and will be produced by Will Putney (The Acacia Strain, Like Moths To Flames). After speaking with Perez, I'm incredibly excited to see how the band has progressed, and where this upcoming album takes them. [JD]

Obey The Brave | TBA | TBA 2014 | Epitaph
Obey The Brave is easily one of my favorite bands in the “heavy” scene right now, and for good reason - they simply have a unique edge to them, a ferocious quality that a majority of bands in the genre lack. The band experienced some success with their 2012 debut, Young Blood, as they toured with contemporaries such as Whitechapel and Stick To Your Guns. If new single "Full Circle" is any indication, we're in for a continuation of the carnage, proving Alex Erian's new band is not just a one-trick pony. [JD]

Frank Ocean | TBA | TBA 2014 | Def Jam
Needless to say, it's going to be a tough act for Frank Ocean to release an album that competes with the hype that Channel ORANGE created back in 2012. Skyrocketing past the success of Odd Future, Frank went on to have the most impressive and promising future out of the CA rap collective. Topping EOTY lists galore, radio play, performing at the Grammys and more, Channel ORANGE exceeded any expectations anyone had for Frank. Two years later and plenty of time to write and record, he's gearing up to take the music industry by storm yet again and it has us all on the edge of our seats. [KI]

Of Mice & Men | Restoring Force | January 28, 2014 | Rise
There's no doubt about it, Of Mice & Men is one of the biggest bands in the metalcore world, after relentlessly touring all over the world time and time again. New tracks such as "You're Not Alone" and "Bones Exposed" have shown long time fans that the band refuses to pump out a carbon copy of their previous work, instead showing considerable growth across the board. By the way, did I mention that this album is the first release with bassist/vocalist Aaron Pauley (ex-Jamie's Elsewhere)? It's a great time to be a fan of this band, as they approach a nationwide sold out tour with contemporaries Bring Me The Horizon, and they successfully tour in support of the album with full "force". Buckle up, it's about to be a wild ride. [JD]

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart | TBA | TBA 2014 | Slumberland
Last December, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart announced they were finishing up their third album, the follow up to 2011's critically acclaimed Belong. One of the most consistent indie-pop bands around, the New Yorkers should once again deliver a set of hipster disco tunes to get your feet tapping and your mouth grinning. We're yet to hear anything from the record, but if they manage to bottle any of the magic from their sophomore release, we're in for a treat. [KD]

Pianos Become The Teeth | TBA | Mid 2014 | TBA
2013 wasn't entirely a quiet year for Pianos Become The Teeth (last January they released a great split with Touché that included the devastating "Hiding" and went on a few tours along with personal milestones like Kyle Durfey's marriage) but 2014 will feature the Baltimore quintet going on tour with La Dispute this spring followed by the band entering the studio to release its third album later this year (which will probably result in the band's first Billboard Top 200 release), fully taking advantage of the current *insert genre here* revival. Whether or not PBBT sees the same success its peers accomplished in '13 won't impact how the band goes about its business, for Pianos Become The Teeth will continue to create some of the most stirring and emotional post-hardcore you've ever heard. [DB]
07:43 AM on 01/13/14
Drew Beringer
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Pompeii | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
When the band announced a kickstarter to fund their follow-up to 2008's gorgeous Nothing Happens for a Reason last year, I was less then hopeful. I doubted they'd be able to amass all the money they needed, being a much less popular (but no less talented) band then most of their peers. Luckily I was wrong, and this year will be the year the band finally puts out their third album. And while the prospect of a Pompeii record without longtime cellist Caitlin Bailey may be a frightening one, I have full confidence that these Texas indie-rockers will be able to create an album as moving as Nothing.... [ZD]

Real Estate | TBA | TBA 2014 | Domino
It's feels like it's been too long since Real Estate released my favourite album of 2011, Days, and won the hearts of fans and critics the world over with their laidback, mellow indie-pop. However, never fear, the trio are back to charm us again with their hazy, dreamy pop songs and make life feel that little bit easier. The yet to be titled third album is set to be released through indie powerhouse, Domino, and if the recent album trailers are at all representative of the record to come, we can expect more of the sound that Real Estate perfected on their sophomore release. In a time when the musical landscape is pointing in favour of experimentation and big, bombastic albums, Real Estate are absolutely essential in reminding us that, even now, the most simple songs can sometimes be the best. [KD]

Rick Ross | Mastermind | Early 2014 | MMG/Def Jam
Anytime Rick Ross gets brought up in conversation, his detractors always bring up one point: he used to be a correctional officer. We know this, everybody knows this. Back in 2008 when this came to light, everybody thought it was going to end Ross's career. Instead, Ross plummeted deeper into his world of pure fantasy and churned out Teflon Don, one of the definitive albums of today's modern trap era. 2012's God Forgives, I Don't may have been a slight step backwards, but he still showcased his knack for larger than life music intertwined with fictitious stories of being a drug kingpin. Rick Ross plans on following up GFID with Mastermind, and while it was due out to us this past December, Ross decided to take his time to make sure he'll give us that classic album like he promised. If "The Devil Is A Lie," the new track he dropped last month with Jay Z, is any indication, Rick Ross plans to make good on his promise. [JJ]

Run The Jewels | Run The Jewels II | TBA 2014 | Fool's Gold
Speaking of Killer Mike and El-P, after the two completed R.A.P. Music, they decided to stick around in the studio and have a little bit of fun. That's right, Run The Jewels was just a product of two friends in the studio having a good time. When you think about it, you can hear that vibe all over the record, but these two rappers are so damn skilled that even their laid back, just for fun project came out far ahead of the pack, making a case for them being two of the very best rappers alive. As if that wasn't enough, a single tweet from El-P confirmed that in 2014, we can expect more Run The Jewels. A sequel album is coming, so if anyone thought Run The Jewels was going to be a one-off collaboration, you can put your doubts to rest. Killer Mike and El-P are here to stay.[JJ]

Say Anything | TBA | TBA 2014 | Equal Vision
The seventh Say Anything record has the potential to be the most interesting and darkest release from Max Bemis, which is saying something since Bemis is the man behind some of the most interesting and weirdest punk rock songs of the last ten or so years. So, even though Bemis' life has changed (one would say for the better) drastically over the last few years with life events such as getting married and having a child, don't expect the man to relax or calm down. Bemis noted that the new record is dark, self-effacing, and still tackles his demons. That's not to say there won't be any songs dedicated to his current state of living, so fans should expect a sort of duality on LP7. Another reason why this record will be different from previous SA release is it'll be the first not to feature Coby Linder on drums. Instead a multitude of drummers offered their talents for the record, along with a handful of people who contributed guest vocals. Despite all the change and upheaval in Say Anything's world, we can still count on Max Bemis injecting his unique voice and perspective to make this release an essential Say Anything record. [DB]

Schoolboy Q | Oxymoron | February 25, 2014 | Interscope/Top Dawg
The big story in hip-hop in 2012 was Kendrick Lamar, but he wasn't the only Black Hippy member to put out a great album that year. Schoolboy Q dropped Habits & Contradictions in January 2012, and although as the year went on it got buried under the (well deserved) Kendrick hype, that album still holds up to this day, and as such, his major label debut Oxymoron comes highly anticipated. Over the course of 2013, Q gave us a few teasers of what we can expect from the album. Even though it was promised we would have the record by the end of 2013, the great singles "Yay Yay," "Collared Greens," and "Man Of The Year" make the wait to February feel like it'll be more than worth it. Word on the street is that Clams Casino is a confirmed collaborator, so it'll be interesting to see what else Schoolboy has got up his sleeve for his huge breakthrough release. Given the potential he's shown in the past and the strength of the songs we've heard from the album up to this point, Oxymoron may have a chance to propel Schoolboy Q to the heights Kendrick reached with GKMC. [JJ]

Seahaven | Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only | Spring 2014 | Run For Cover
2014: the year Seahaven decided to get weird with it. If you're expecting the band's upcoming Run For Cover release, Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only, to be anything like Ghost or Winter Forever, expect to write a really angry tumblr blog about it. Escapism is probably the best word to describe the new LP, as Seahaven went into the studio to really experiment with, or escape from, their sound and issue a challenge not only to themselves, but to Seahaven listeners. Check out the band's recent 7" release. Silhouette (Latin Skin) - the six minute title track will appear on the new album and it's a showcase of a band operating at a new level. Those three songs will tide you over until Lagoon releases, but please understand that this is your only warning, as Seahaven is about to shed its skin and release one of the most exciting records this year. [DB]

Single Mothers | TBA | TBA 2014 | Dine Alone
I saw Single Mothers play in Winnipeg last August and now I'm pretty interested in hearing the band's debut full-length for Dine Alone. I'm not too sure when it's going to come out, according to this news post it was supposed to be released in 2013, but I hope that it comes out sooner than later. The band's earlier material is good and I think they have the potential to do something even better, especially since Joby J. Ford from the Bronx is producing. [DR]

Somos | TBA | Spring 2014 | Tiny Engines
The wild card of Tiny Engines' 2014 plans, Boston, MA's Somos doesn't really fit in with any of the trendy genres of 2014 - they fall somewhere in between #emorevival and DEFEND POP-PUNK. But that's okay and will probably work to Somos' advantage, as the band's new album has just the right amount of nostalgia amongst its killer guitar tones to resonate with old fans (who miss the days of Northstar, Name Taken, and Park) and new fans (who never even heard of those aforementioned bands). Somos is bound to become your new favorite band in 2014. [DB]

St. Vincent | St. Vincent | February 25, 2014 | Loma Vista
It's apparent that Annie Clark learned a lot from David Byrne during the duo's time together with 2012's Love This Giant, if the first two singles released off of St. Vincent's self-titled release serve as any indication. Both "Birth in Reverse" and "Digital Witness" take the classic wit and morbid cheeriness of Clark's previous releases while adding brasher instrumentation. Clark's fourth release is her first on new label Loma Vista and will undoubtedly contain her knack for loud, fuzzy guitar tones with a few other tricks thrown in. Perched atop her pink throne and wearing her cotton candy hair like a crown, Annie Clark is determined to be the life of the party during the darkest of days. [DB]

Taylor Swift | TBA | TBA 2014 | Big Machine
I know, I know. “It’s AbsolutePUNK, not AbsolutePOP.” But frankly, it wouldn’t be a most anticipated list without Swift, who will likely continue her “every two years” model and release a new studio disc in the next 12 months. Recent history points to the fall as the likely release date for this album, but regardless of when it hits the streets, there’s little doubt that album number five will be yet another triumph, both commercially and artistically, for this pop princess. Swift has only gotten better as her career has moved forward, becoming more mature and self-assured as a performer, a songwriter, and an album maker. The lush pop-country of 2008’s Grammy-winning Fearless gave way to the scattershot diary entries of 2010’s Speak Now and the genre-hopping mastery of 2012’s fantastic Red. Now 24 years old, with numerous number-one albums and sold-out stadium tours on her resume, there’s no reason to believe that Swift won’t reach a new apex in 2014. [CM]

Taking Back Sunday | TBA | Spring 2014 | Hopeless
After getting the original lineup back together and releasing a real hit or miss album in 2011, Taking Back Sunday has joined the ever expanding Hopeless Records roster. This marks the first time in 10 years that the band will be releasing an album that isn't on a major label. If that doesn't make you feel old, I'm not sure what will. With that being said, the one live video of the band's new song "Flicker Fade" is reminiscent of the glory days of Where You Want To Be, which can only lead to great things. If 2013 was the year of "emo-revival", I see 2014 being the year of the "scene-revival" and Taking Back Sunday is going to be one of the few leading the charge. [KI]

Third Eye Blind | TBA | Summer/Fall 2014 | Mega Collider
For some, Ursa Major was the valiant return of Third Eye Blind; for others, the fourth full-length wasn't worth the six-year delay. It's tough to predict what Stephan Jenkins and company will bring to the table with their new record, especially being the first with guitarist Kryz Reid and pianist Alex Kopp. The band played quite well on their recent US tour, which included a few live renditions of new songs, but we expect greatness from the names responsible for Third Eye Blind, Blue, and Out Of The Vein. We know Reid can play the old stuff, but he'll need to bring a uniquely original take to the new material, as his predecessors did - add a tinge of the old Jenkins and the band's got a chance to do something great. [JA]

Tides Of Man | TBA | February 4, 2014 | Unsigned
Shifting genres always generates curiosity, though Tides Of Man's endeavor into instrumental post-rock is largely unprecedented. We're two singles into Young and Courageous, but the jury's still out - adoration and indifference have both registered from the album's title track and "Mountain House". At best, they'll lead their fans through the great unknown while picking up the post-rock crowd - though they could just as easily alienate the Tilian-faithful and miss the mark of picky instrumental lovers. Either way, Young and Courageous has already lived up to its title. [JA]

Tokyo Police Club | Forcefield | Spring 2014 | Mom+Pop
I won’t remind you how long ago Champ came out because I don’t want to depress you, but praise everything that TPC is back with a new record this year. One 9-ish minute song has been released so far, and it’s sprawling, catchy and just the right amount of weird. The boys from Up North may have taken years off between records, but not from experimentation, and Forcefield gives me that sickeningly optimistic feeling in my gut that comes less and less often lately. The band says the album is “Coming Soon,” and we can only hope that their sense of urgency this time around is quite a bit greater. [BS]

U2 | TBA | TBA 2014 | TBA
Another “most anticipated” feature, another hopeful blurb that the new U2 album will finally come to fruition. However, I have a feeling that this time, I won’t be crying a wolf. Rumors have been circulating about the new U2 album – the legendary Irish quintet’s 13th studio record – for ages now, from early reports that Danger Mouse would be sitting in the producer’s chair to sightings of the band – along with Coldplay’s Chris Martin – at New York’s Electric Lady Studios early last year. Bono wanted to get the album finished by the end of November so that he and his buddies could enjoy the holidays, and since the iconic frontman was spotted Christmas caroling with Glen Hansard a few weeks ago, we can only assume he got his wish. All sources point to the new disc being another career renaissance for these boys, whose first “classic” album – 1982’s War – turned 30 in February. Island Records, the label behind the band’s early work and most of their best albums, will release the record, and reports indicate that an April street date and a high-profile announcement at the Super Bowl are both on the books. It will be U2’s first album in half a decade. [CM]

Volumes | TBA | TBA 2014 | Mediaskare
It's a rare occurrence in the metal scene to have two lead vocalists, and it's even more shocking to them work as well as Michael Barr and Gus Farias do, which often gets them compared to Despised Icon. However, even without Barr and Farias, Volumes would still pack a massive punch, as their particular style of instrumentation provides an incredibly solid backbone. The band prefers to self-produce their work, which not only saves them a solid chunk of money, but also ensures everything sounds just as they'd like it to, which is for the best. If you weren't hooked after listening to the band's debut album Via, you'll definitely be hooked with this upcoming album. Get ready to bounce. [JD]

Walk the Moon | TBA | Spring 2014 | RCA
After hearing the all-star track "Anna Sun" while driving through Rocky Mountain National Park, I immediately checked out Walk the Moon. They did the impossible; they broke through that single-syndrome and delivered one of the most solid releases of 2012. Packed with toe-tapping tracks like "Tightrope" and "Next in Line," Walk the Moon is such a fun album to listen to. After going through their videos (they made a music video for every track on the album) and seeing them perform live, my love for them multiplied. LP #2 has the potential to be massive, so keep your ears open. [AS]

The War On Drugs | Lost In The Dream | March 18, 2014 | Secretly Canadian
Whilst The War On Drugs are fighting an uphill battle in separating themselves from the career of former band member and critic's darling, Kurt Vile, a quick listen to 2011's Slave Ambient shows just how talented the band are. If lead single, the amazing "Red Eyes", is anything to go by, Lost In The Dream promises to be a lucid dream of a record with a whole lot of Bob Dylan's influence. Most exciting folk record of the year? Yessir. [KD]

War on Women | TBA | TBA | TBA
War on What? Now before you start getting reactionary while shifting in your seat because the name comes across too blunt...good. Fresh out of Baltimore, War on Women avoid all the eggshells lyrically speaking, and they've got the whiplashing stage presence to prove it. Female-fronted hardcore punk with metal frills and raging social consciousness to boot? Check. An upcoming tour with punk hard-hitters Propagandhi? Double check. At the rate this band is going, they will find a worthy label in no time. [DO]

Warpaint | Warpaint | January 17, 2014 | Rough Trade
For fans of the band the wait for the second album from Warpaint has at times feel like an eternity. Luckily the follow up to 2010's The Fool is here within the first few weeks of 2014 and promises to kick it off to a perfectly brooding and beautiful start. After already hearing the likes of "Love Is To Die" and "Biggy" it's clear to see that the band has spent the past few years experimenting and tailoring their distinctive hypnotic sound. As is always the case with Warpaint's releases, this will be an album to get lost in and thankfully we don't have to wait long to start. [KH]

We Are The In Crowd | Weird Kids | February 18, 2014 | Hopeless
We Are The In Crowd have continually been going strong since the release of Best Intentions back in 2011. Touring all over the world and improving on every aspect of the band. They recently released a new track called "The Best Thing (That Never Happened)" which showcased the band trying a slightly new sound, most noticeably that Tay's the only singer on the song. Who knows if this is the new direction the band plans on taking but they pull it off well and Tay's vocals have improved drastically and definitely fit the bill. With a headlining tour and their second full length album, the sky's the limit for WATIC in 2014 and they're shooting for space. [KI]

The Word Alive | TBA | Spring 2014 | Fearless
The Word Alive's 2012 release Life Cycles propelled the band to new heights, as it was one of the most heartfelt offerings of the year, particularly in the lyrical department - it was damn near impossible to listen to that album and not want to go accomplish something. But don't disregard the rest of the band, as they've been hard at work improving and showcasing their skills, particularly drummer Luke Holland, who has been posting creative drum covers on YouTube. Life Cycles set the standard really high, but I think the band is up to the challenge in setting the bar one notch higher. [JD]

Young the Giant | Mind Over Matter | January 21, 2014 | Fueled By Ramen
I found the Jakes on Purevolume a few years back and purchased Shake My Hand the very next day. Hearing "Cough Syrup" on the radio for the first time made me feel so proud for them. It shows just how volatile the industry is. Their eponymous full length seemed to find the perfect balance to satisfy the thirsts of indie scenes and radio fiends alike. I expect no less for upcoming Mind Over Matter. "Crystallized" is definitely right up my alley, so I'm excited to see what else they have in store. [AS]
07:52 AM on 01/13/14
Thomas Nassiff
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07:53 AM on 01/13/14
Alex DiVincenzo
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Lots of great stuff to look forward to this year.
07:53 AM on 01/13/14
Craig Manning
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This looks great Drew, thank you and Keagan for organizing everything and putting it all together.
07:54 AM on 01/13/14
Drew Beringer
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I am pleasantly surprised at how many we have this year. When I first started putting it all together I was like okay there will be like 30 of these and then I started and the list kept getting longer and longer and wow
07:56 AM on 01/13/14
Thomas Nassiff
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I am pleasantly surprised at how many we have this year. When I first started putting it all together I was like okay there will be like 30 of these and then I started and the list kept getting longer and longer and wow
enjoy it while it lasts sucker, none of us are doing anything else for all of 2014
07:58 AM on 01/13/14
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Sorry, but where are Frameworks?
08:01 AM on 01/13/14
Stop liking things.
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Very surprised The Cab is still a band. Even more surprised they're on a major label. Best of luck to them.

Also I would be sosososososo ecstatic if Driver Friendly, Fake Problems and Hudson Mohawke release LPs this year.
08:02 AM on 01/13/14
Stop liking things.
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I am pleasantly surprised at how many we have this year. When I first started putting it all together I was like okay there will be like 30 of these and then I started and the list kept getting longer and longer and wow
I forgot just how many records are planning to be released this year; looking forward to the next 12 months.

Also part of me has this sinking feeling that Brand New and Adele are going to pull a Beyonce.
08:02 AM on 01/13/14
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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I am pleasantly surprised at how many we have this year. When I first started putting it all together I was like okay there will be like 30 of these and then I started and the list kept getting longer and longer and wow
we're just a very hopeful bunch.

looks great. you and keagan are what i dream about when i dream about dream teams.
08:03 AM on 01/13/14
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