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Contest: The Color Morale

Posted by - 10:06 AM on 03/31/14
We've teamed up with The Color Morale vocalist Garret Rapp to give away a vocal lesson via Skype. To enter, simply drop a comment in the replies explaining what The Color Morale means to you, and why you should receive a vocal lesson from Garret. This thread will lock after 24 hours and then a winner will be chosen. The band will be heading out on this summer's Vans Warped Tour, you can find all dates here.
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10:41 AM on 03/31/14
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botDs-r's Avatar
Because I'm a terrible singer, unlike Garret.
10:42 AM on 03/31/14
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Well let's see. The positive message strewn throughout the powerfully emotional lyrics. The intense music that pushes the bounds of the norm. This music is what gets me through my darker days. It makes me feel like I'm not alone; that there are brighter days ahead. Music that helps me to Know Hope. That's the Color Morale in a nutshell.
01:37 PM on 03/31/14
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Drewphenix7's Avatar
They mean a lot and I should be the one because I am cool and it would be cool because yeah!
02:15 PM on 03/31/14
This Wild Life - Kevin
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kevinjordan's Avatar
Because Garret has an awesome man's voice and I have a wimpy boy's voice.
02:42 PM on 03/31/14
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The Color Morale is the band that changed my life. Every single lyric on their new album Know Hope has changed my life. I can relate to it so much. Listening to it for the first time made me break down in tears because last year I was going through a lot. And hearing the album from my now favorite band The Color Morale and biggest inspiration Garret Rapp changed my life in such a positive way. I should receive a vocal lesson from Garret Rapp because he has played such a huge impact on my life and he's my biggest inspiration to this day.
03:01 PM on 03/31/14
At a concert.
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TheSlyTurtle's Avatar
The Color Morale is a band that I have recently started to look up to in the scene. This is especially the case because of Garrett, his vocals give the songs a whole other level. His voice makes The Color Morale who they are and his acoustic performances are out of this world. I haven't seen them live yet but hopefully I will finally get to see them at Warped Tour! Also I am an aspiring vocalist looking to get better in hopes of it becoming my profession one day!
03:36 PM on 03/31/14
Martin G
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ishothemaid3's Avatar
The Color Morale's first two albums were my life's soundtrack when I was in an extremely dark and lonely stage.
The emotion behind the vocals was intense and I could feel every ounce of pain, anger, and love behind every word.
I've only been to one TCM show back in 2010, but Garrett was spectacular.
The whole band was. I've yet to see another group perform with as much heart and passion as TCM.
I've tried to infuse the raw emotion I feel when writing music into my vocal delivery, but I am no Garret Rapp. His powerful voice, alongside Craig Owens', has been a driving influence on me as both a singer and a lyricist.
TCM's lyrics have been so influential that I have my first tattoo planned, and yes. it is a TCM lyric.
The Color Morale have reached inside and pulled me from the darkest depths of my self loathing and have provided the push I needed to grow as a human and love myself.
04:42 PM on 03/31/14
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The Color Morale entered my life at the most perfect time. I was in 8th grade, looking for a chance to take the easy road out of life. "My Devil In Your Eyes" dropped on the Rise Records Facebook page when I was randomly searching for music one day, and I just started listening to them out of the blue. After a feel listens, I began to read the lyrics & it hit me. Garrett's words struck inside a place I thought was buried beneath the ground. He showed me hope in a time where I had nothing. I don't believe music can personally save your life, but his words & TCM's music has helped guide my mind to a happier place, in my darker days.
04:52 PM on 03/31/14
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Obviously this is a long shot, but here goes. I think I need this lesson for three reasons. 1. The Color Morale is one of my absolute favorite bands. Their lyrics, their attitudes, their positivity all inspire me on a daily basis, and I'm in awe of them impact they have had on myself and so many others. 2. Garrett Rapp is one of the main reasons I decided to try out for vocals instead of sticking to guitar in the bands I tried to join. Now, in fact, I'm in a band called beggars performing vocals. I'm not nearly to his level, and I think a lesson with him could help me get there. 3. There messages both about hope and God resonate so deeply within me. I come from a background riddled with depression and self-harm, and attempted suicide. Their music speaks to kids like me, and I want the ability to speak (perform) that same way. So yeah. That's why I hope I win this lesson, because that would such an amazing gift.
04:53 PM on 03/31/14
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My life has been shattered in pieces many of times. Garret Rapp as well as TCM has helped me realize there are always other options than just giving up on life as well as myself. From the day I was put into foster care to the moment I lost myself behind the bars of a juvenile prison, I was searching for a sign, a tiny piece of hope. Garret's words have inspired me to the point of being able to look back on my pain and struggle, realizing that it all made me stronger. It made realize that the moment when things seem as though you've got nothing left that's when you realize what type of person you are. If I ever received vocals lessons from him I'd attempt to finish recording an album I've been writing for 3 years. So I too, can express and show others they aren't the only ones in that miserable rut of despair; with my words I'd share the strength TCM has given me spreading the hope to all who need that strength to survive. Thank you for the hope, for the will you've embedded in me to continue living for a purpose The Color Morale. You guys mean the absolute world to me.
04:56 PM on 03/31/14
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gangstarocksta's Avatar
Basically at this point in my life, TCM has helped me realize that no matter how old i am or what stage of life i am in , that i will never be truly alone, because some has been there or is going through what i'm going through. And knowing that alone gives me the hope to continue on and make the best out of life
06:27 PM on 03/31/14
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The Color Morale is one of the truly fresh voices in the scene today and it means so much to be a part of the community of fans they inspire. Garret's vocal style and lyrical ability are absolutely an inspiration for myself in terms of how I display my voice in music. I strive to one day possess the ability to create such honest and powerful lyrics and such infectious vocal melodies. Receiving a vocal lesson from the man himself would be wonderful!
12:29 AM on 04/01/14
Papa Bless
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xerickx24's Avatar
I think getting a vocal lesson from Garret would be great because I'd like to get insight and see how he keeps evolving as a vocalist and how i can do the same. Upon hearing The Color Morales first album I was hooked. They were a apart of my life at a time when I was really getting into the scene and helped shape what I like and dislike. I still play the first record all the time.
08:23 AM on 04/01/14
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Let me just say The Color Morale and Garret aren't your normal artists in this music scene. They actually care about the fans and every story we tell them, they listen and understand what we've been through and help us through it. I'll never forget in April of 2013 on the Rise Records tour I met Garret in Columbia Mo and it was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. I pretty much cried on his shoulder because of how much he means to me. Garret and the rest of TCM have saved my life and countless others because they don't make music for fame and glory, they do it because it makes them happy and helps out people who are going through some rough shit. So that's what TCM means to me.

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