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Music Listeners Love The Skip Button on Spotify

Posted by - 11:31 PM on 05/16/14
Yeah, I know I'm a nerd ... but this data looking at "the skip button" and how it's used and how often on Spotify fascinates me.
First, lets look at how often a song is skipped within the first five seconds of play. I call these quick skips. The likelihood that a song will be skipped within the first five seconds is an astounding 24.14%. Nearly one quarter of all song plays are abandoned in the first 5 seconds. The likelihood that a song will be skipped within the first thirty seconds rises to 35.05%. The chance that a song is skipped before it ends is a whopping 48.6%. Yes, the odds are only slightly better than 50/50 that a song will be played all the way to the end.
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11:36 PM on 05/16/14
It fills you with determination.
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Penguin's Avatar
I know it'd be nearly impossible to find these results, but I wonder how many of those skips are songs the person hasn't heard before, how many are songs the person actually dislikes, and songs the person just doesn't feel like listening to. Do people use Spotify to discover new music? (Do people who don't come to music sites actively seek out new music?)
12:25 AM on 05/17/14
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TDenverFan's Avatar
I feel like this is substantially higher for me. Often I'm only in the mood to listen to a certain band/genre/select few songs and rather than going back to my library I keep hitting skip. It's weird, I know, since it would take me two clicks to get from the song to my playlist (On mobile) but instead I'll skip dozens upon dozens of songs.

Also, it's not overly surprising songs don't always go all the way through, to me. OFten songs end with one really long held out note/silence/whatever so I skip the last 5 seconds. Be more interesting IMO to see the stats on if a song will make it to all but the last 15 seconds.
12:53 AM on 05/17/14
I don't like sand
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Kiana's Avatar
I only use spotify for playlists so I don't use skips, but on Pandora I always skipped songs in the first five seconds cause even if I would give the song a thumbs down every time it came on, they would still play it.
01:00 AM on 05/17/14
I hate my username.
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Mr.Piano93's Avatar
The age statistics are very interesting. Makes me wonder why people are more inclined to skip in their 40's and 50's than those in their 30's.
02:19 AM on 05/17/14
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Delhi's Avatar
This is depressing.
02:30 AM on 05/17/14
Again And Again
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Amongster's Avatar
One of my friends uses Spotify, and I've never heard him finish a song. Wasn't aware this was a greater phenomenon.
03:04 AM on 05/17/14
Registered Member
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davidwalbrun's Avatar
I feel spotify is flooded with casual music listeners who aren't necessarily interested in finding new artists and new songs more than just finding something they like while they workout, work, etc
03:47 AM on 05/17/14
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Stupid spotify people. That is EXACTLY how I listened to music when I was say, 10. If a song didn't catch my ear in 2.5 seconds, it was on to the next one.
Also, I wonder how many people take forever to listen to the last songs on an album. I'm still guilty of taking forever to get to the end of a record. That sucks, because some of my favorite songs are final songs or even bonus tracks.
03:48 AM on 05/17/14
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Yup, I have to resist the urge to defriend so bad every time someone starts using spotify on FB. They never listen to anything good, or not insanely popular.
04:37 AM on 05/17/14
Village Idiot
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AbsoluteMoron's Avatar
The chance that a song is skipped before it ends is a whopping 48.6%

This isn't too surprising. A good number of songs have long fade outs.

But the first 30 seconds have a skip rate of 35.05%?

Now THAT is surprising.
06:38 AM on 05/17/14
Anthony Sorendino
You are not your idea.
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Anthony Sorendino's Avatar
I skip constantly. My starred playlist has 1700 tracks, and what I listen to relies heavily on my mood. If I don't feel like listening to a song, I skip it.

I did the same thing with my iPod.
07:41 AM on 05/17/14
[ ]
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jpmalone4's Avatar
I almost always listen to albums all the way through without skipping. Even if I don't necessarily like a song on the album, I force myself to suffer through it because eventually I end up liking it. Never really been a playlist person either.
07:57 AM on 05/17/14
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I don't care
08:00 AM on 05/17/14
Registered User
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Well maybe if post hardcore songs didn't have such drawn out endings this wouldn't be a problem.

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