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Care Bears on Fire - I Stole Your Animal Album Cover

Care Bears on Fire - I Stole Your Animal

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Care Bears on Fire - I Stole Your Animal
Record Label: None
Release Date: October 2, 2007
This is something that I thought I wouldn't be doing for at least a few years. I'm sitting here, reviewing a band, filled entirely with people younger than me: Care Bears On Fire are all 12 years old. Thinking about what I was doing when I was 12, I'm amazed that they even got to the point where they released an album. On top of that, they have been featured in multiple national publications such as Spin, Blender, and even USA Today.

Hearing their age may have many of you immediately grouping them in with the likes of Miley Cyrus or The Jonas Brothers. Fear not, they are in no way, shape, or form that style of music. They bring a refreshing sound to the recycled pop that is found in so many young artists. Taking their influences such as The Ramones and The Buzzcocks, they bring garage rock flare with their punk sensibilities.

As expected from 12 year olds, this record is very simple in terms of muscianship. Most of the songs contain four-chords, and most of the appeal is based off the energy that the music provides; it's very lively and catchy, which is always a plus, especially in today's music scene. The guitar riffs are distorted heavily which adds a classic punk feel that could draw in a lot of older (maybe not by much) fans.

The lyrics on this album are where it lacks the most. They aren't very inventive, talking about trivial items like Myspace ("Met You On Myspace"). In that particular song, they do brush on a topic that is very important (especially considering their age), which is people lying about who they are to get to young children ("Said you were 12 / When you looked up my name / but you're really 300"). While they approach delicate themes in an immature way, the meaning stays the same; while at this point they may not be able to grasp the concept, they may have the ability to write lyrics that actually have meaning, as opposed to most of the unimportant topics touched on during the record.

This album proves that no matter how much anyone tells you age has an effect on music, it doesn't. This trio of 12-year olds have made it farther than most bands ever will. They have produced a solid debut and are on a pathway to stardom. I can only hope that their age won't hinder their success as big things are sure to come.

Recommended if You LikeBe Your Own Pet, an edgier Paramore, the Ramones with a 12-year-old girl singing lead

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05:53 PM on 07/02/08
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newfoundmichael's Avatar
I read about these kids in Alternative Press last month. It caught my attention, so I may have to give it a listen.
02:06 PM on 07/05/08
with a guitar pick heart.
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anonymousgirl's Avatar
i listened to them...the instrumentals are ok. i couldn't listen for more than one minute-literally-because of the voice.
02:36 PM on 07/05/08
Ran Away From Home
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zbrmike79's Avatar
they played at my spring concert this year...
they were kind of annoying
02:59 PM on 07/05/08
I disagree!
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Kgod's Avatar
An edgier Paramore...

03:32 PM on 07/05/08
how to make love stay
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funkel's Avatar
The vocals are straight up Naked Brothers Band.
Instruments are okay.
You shouldn't sing in a band until after your voice has changed.
07:45 PM on 07/05/08
Clown Baby
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redsand62's Avatar
If you like them, check out the twenty twos.
09:55 PM on 07/05/08
all lost in the supermarket
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adam289's Avatar
The songs on their myspace are pretty bad. The vocals definitely didn't deserve an 8.
12:27 PM on 07/06/08
)( Hurley
Registered User
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)( Hurley's Avatar
The vocals are straight up Naked Brothers Band.
Instruments are okay.
You shouldn't sing in a band until after your voice has changed.

12:58 PM on 07/06/08
with a guitar pick heart.
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anonymousgirl's Avatar
The vocals are straight up Naked Brothers Band.
Instruments are okay.
You shouldn't sing in a band until after your voice has changed.

unless you want that horrible "santa baby"/"i want a hippopotamus for Christmas" sound.
08:38 PM on 07/06/08
mr chainsaw
lets all go to the magician's b-day
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mr chainsaw's Avatar
anybody with rich parents can put out a cd

i have a feeling we will see a lot more of this soon..."but mom...i want to have a band that has a cd too!"
11:55 PM on 07/06/08
every moment bleeds into one
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makeoutmags's Avatar
you guys don't know what you're talking about.

are they rich kids from Park Slope? Yes.
does this mean they wouldn't have a record out if they WEREN'T rich? No.

Eventually record execs would have taken note (and they have been interested/attending shows in Brooklyn for this reason)... these girls got a jump on that. I think it's awesome that they're out there playing A TON of shows. That's something a lot of "adult" bands can't even get done.
11:18 PM on 07/22/08
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Genuma's Avatar
Terrible terrible terrible. Too nice of a review. Why should you go easy on kids? They put thier music out there to be judged just like everyone else.
03:39 PM on 09/11/08
Registered User
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I'll say it plainly: They suck.

Firstly, age has a LOT to do with talent. But unless you're less than 7 years old, you have NO excuse to suck as badly as they do. The drummer goes off rhythm a ton, the singer sings like crap, and the guitar is just a few chords. The lyrics are also seriously lacking, and repeat waaaaay too much.

I had more musical talent than the 3 of them combined before I was 10. 'Nuff said.
08:12 PM on 08/05/09
Dymytry Vance
Fuck Relient K!
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Dymytry Vance's Avatar
I'm around their age and they are an insult to the musical world. At least people like what I do in my neighborhood (not just friends) and call it original. This band deserves nothing. Boo!

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