Hellogoodbye - 04.06.04

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Hellogoodbye - 04.06.04hellogoodbye have recently hit the scene big with their debut downloadable EP for Drive-Thru Records (if you still haven't got it, download it for FREE here). 2004 is well on it's way to being a great year for music, and hellogoodbye are ready for the ride. I had the chance to share a few words with singer Forrest Kline about critics, touring, and the correct way of spelling the bands name.

*Kamtin - Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do in Hellogoodbye?

Forrest - Hi! My name is Forrest Kline and I sing and play guitar and do some other stuff. I like haunted houses.

*Kamtin - You guys recently had your drummer leave the band. What's the story behind that?

Forrest - He hasn't left yet really, but he is in college and doesn't want to take a break from it while his parents are still opting to pay for it for him. And, we're gonna have to be on the road quite a bit so we need to find somebody who will hit it with us. Being in a full time band just isn't for Aaron, and thats fine. He's still HAWT.

*Kamtin - How do you guys take words from critics and such? I myself am a critic, and I didn't give you guys the best review on your recent EP. What do you guys do to take in any criticism that is given?

Forrest - You quickly learn that what critics or normal people or message boards or taxi cab drivers say doesn't matter. All you can do is what's real for you and if Kamtin down at AbsolutePunk.net dissagrees, at least you followed your heart, was true to yourself, and lived it up everyday. Haha.

*Kamtin - A lot of people want to see you guys live. Since the signing to Drive-Thru, people have been waiting for a full tour from the band. When can we see that happen? Also, who else will be on the tour?

Forrest - We're getting all prepared for such an embarkment and should be out in like a month or two. The summer is coming up soon and we'll be all over that too. Man, I can't wait to see the country and all the kids that occupy it.

*Kamtin - Any plans to enter the studio soon to record the full length record? Can you give us some info on how the songwriting process has been going?

Forrest - Yes. We'll be doing that very soon, too. We're gonna get a little road experience then start recording the full length, and hopefully that can be out sometime in the summer. The song writing process is very much married to the recording process for me. I demo stuff out and jam along with the first track I layed and add on top and outward from there. It's my favorite thing in the world; writing and recording.

*Kamtin - Who designed the cover art for the EP? And, what's up with the avacado?

Forrest - I did, and it's a reference to The Velvet Underground and Nico CC by Andy Warhol. It has a similar looking banana and the same font. Why an avocado? If you have to ask, man you'll never understand. Haha. I really like avocados. Everyone in HGB does. They are great, very californian food, good on almost anything. I'm vegetarian so they play a big role in most meals for me.

*Kamtin - How did you guys get hooked up with Drive-Thru Records? Is there an exciting story behind that?

Forrest - I used to work there doing website and graphic design when I was like 16, so I've known them for a while. I never told them about Hellogoodbye, though, because I never really thought they'd be interested. But, a mutual friend showed them our stuff and then I got a call. The rest is history.

*Kamtin - Who would you like to see Hellogoodbye tour with in 2004?

Forrest - Gallagher!

*Kamtin - Lastly, whats the correct way to spell the band name? Is it "hellogoodbye"? "Hello Goodbye"? "Hellogoodbye"? What the hell is it!?

Forrest - Typically, it is "hellogoodbye." I've even thrown in a comma as in "hello, goodbye" before, though. Haha. I think my least favorite is "Hello Goodbye." Anyways, thanks Kamtin!

*Kamtin - No, Forrest. Thank you!

Big thank you's go out to Forrest Kline of hellogoodbye, and JP at Drive-Thru Records.
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03:54 PM on 04/06/04
AP.net's Girlfriend
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JAX's Avatar
05:34 PM on 04/06/04
The shy and quiet one
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Touched's Avatar
Good stuff.
08:39 PM on 04/06/04
broken-hearted loser
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worldstheory's Avatar
I love this band. But hey, I also love muppets. What can I say?
10:00 PM on 04/06/04
Sift through the static
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frizzie's Avatar
Good stuff
04:29 AM on 04/07/04
I'm growing legs.
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Timberwolf's Avatar
Forrest is the coolest dude in dudetown.
11:12 AM on 04/08/04
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great interview.

hellogoodbye is one of the few new dtr bands that i actually enjoy.

check out another interview with Forrest and Jesse at EST1987.com .
05:26 PM on 04/15/04
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DuggyFresh's Avatar
i realize this thread is a little old, but i just found out about the interview so im gonna toss in my .02.
one question i think coulda been added is just more information about that Jesse Go to Prom song, and how its a lot like Reggie's Dwarf Invasion. it sounds like hellogoodbye is influenced by them, i wouldve liked to know more about their influences.
07:17 PM on 05/28/04
too hot for the hot tub
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piebaldkid42's Avatar
Forrest - I used to work there doing website and graphic design when I was like 16, so I've known them for a while. I never told them about Hellogoodbye, though, because I never really thought they'd be interested. But, a mutual friend showed them our stuff and then I got a call. The rest is history

funny thing is drive thru still probably has the same website they did when he was working on it when he was 16
06:53 PM on 06/04/04
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I think this is obvious
08:20 PM on 02/05/05
Registered User
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make_me_a_snack's Avatar
muppets are good but which do you like better??
01:21 AM on 02/28/05
Take money, your money.
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FinchBulldog2's Avatar
I'm making Kamtin's pts positive. I dont mind the guy.

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