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Destiny or Design - 1,000 Strong

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Destiny or Design - 1,000 Strong
Record Label: None
Release Date: January 5, 2008
Long Island’s Destiny or Design are a fairly typical example of a 2008 “scene” band, combining whiny pop-punk vocals with buzzing, occasionally grinding, guitars and lyrics about personal relationships, and their new EP, 1,000 Strong, displays all these qualities, and as a whole is certainly an interesting, if a little run-of-the-mill, EP.

While the band do try and shake things up at times, like the dynamic shifts of “Draw the Line” and the almost bluesy guitar solo on “Past Signature,” a song which ends with a curious melodic chiming outro, they never stray too far from the formula that made contemporaries like Envy on the Coast successful. The music is certainly hooky and melodic enough to appeal to the average Straylight Run fan, and producer Bryan Russell has helped give the record a certain glossy shine, but 1,000 Strong's biggest problem is that while it does what it does well, it has been done before, and done better. The lyricism is competent but wholly unspectacular, and the lead singer’s vocals are rather average, sounding as he does like just about every other front-man on the scene.

Generally speaking, the songwriting is fairly bland at times, and cuts like “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” and “To Be Weightless” are almost completely unremarkable, by-the-numbers pop-punk/indie rock songs. The band are at their best however on the second half, as the more creative and interesting “Draw the Line” and “Past Signature” are easily the best cuts on the record, although fans of the aforementioned Envy on the Coast would probably vote for “Evening Dress”.

When you get right down to it, Destiny or Design have some interesting ideas, and there are many worse unsigned bands on the scene, but 1,000 Strong is only a slightly above-average EP, and in 2008, with so many bands on the scene, slightly above-average just isn’t good enough. Give it a try, but don’t be surprised if you’ve forgotten about it three days later.

Recommended if You LikeStraylight Run, Envy on the Coast, The Fall of Troy

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02:40 PM on 07/10/08
hot time in li
abandon ship or abandon all hope
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hot time in li's Avatar
I definitely don't see the Straylight Run comparison. I'd add Beloved, The Sleeping, and The Sound of Animals Fighting to that list.
03:23 PM on 07/10/08
Registered User
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mikeguitarded's Avatar
just wait...
03:44 PM on 07/10/08
Registered User
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After listening to Destiny or Design's debut EP, "1,000 Strong", I can safely say that my faith in the Long Island music scene has been restored. Of all the ordinary bands on the island, I can safely say that this band is extraordinary. Unlike any bands I have heard, they have created original music that is just unreal. From the technicalities of the music, to lyrics, this band hit the nail on the head with this EP. Each of the songs are uniquely molded to fit the band's personality beautifully.

Tommy Fleischmann plays the guitar channelling some of the greatest guitarist's skills. He has the speed and shredding ability remeniscent of Eddie Van Halen, and the bluesy funk feel like that of Eric Clapton. His amazing skill shines through undeniably in the EP, but especially in "Draw the Line" and "Past Signature".

Jordan Schneider plays the drums with such technical skill, and also a bit of a maniacal twinge. Not only does he play with more proficiency than almost any other drummer out there, but when he lets himself go into a fill, it is truly a thing of beauty.

Doug Torres is quite a bassist, who has a style about him that fits into Destiny or Design perfectly. A little laid back, but still playing with that driving sound, Doug fills the EP with very strong bass playing.

And the lead singer, Dave DiPrimo, has got something about him that I haven't seen in a front man in a while. He seems to be in constant overdrive, on the edge, but never breaking. His voice could range from a strong tenor sound, to a beautiful falsetto, shown in "Past Signature" all too well.

The EP shines all the way through, beginning with a gritty "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out", continuing through with the driving "To Be Weightless". The EP's catchiest tune is "Evening Dress", which captures a taste of each member's strength and a song well worth being on your most listened to playlist was produced. "Draw the Line" is a ripping song that proves once again how talented this band is. Then the eeriely beautiful "Past Signature", my personal favorite of the EP, powerfully wraps it up in a way that couldn't have been better.

And I have been lucky enough to see this band many times live, and I must say, that it is one hell of an experience to see them perform their songs live. They have an energy about them that could only be seen from a live performance. So if you ever get a chance to see them live, take it, because they are extremely rivetting live.

Destiny or Design encompasses four pieces that are masterfully combined, and the end product of the band's first album was out of this world. This band certainly has the pieces of the puzzle necessary to become very well known, and I would HIGHLY recommend this band to anyone who is looking for something that they have never heard before. I have already recommended this album to friends, and I have only recieved positive reviews of the band.

I do hope you give this band a chance, because they will certainly open your eyes, and ears, to something that you have never heard before.
04:12 PM on 07/10/08
Registered User
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05:54 PM on 07/10/08
Registered User
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TheFallenAngel's Avatar
The whole band is 19, with the exception of the guitarist who is 18 I think. I think it's a strong start for them
07:08 PM on 07/10/08
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TheBestBet's Avatar
Comparing them to Straylight Run and saying that they are a "typical example of a 2008 “scene” band" is absolutely insane. I may be a bit bias, but seriously... are you kidding me?

And the simple fact that you gave the musicianship a 6.5 is idiotic and gives this review absolutely no credibility.
02:41 AM on 07/11/08
R.I.P. Richard Wright
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BrokenMirror's Avatar
You know, I had a feeling that quite a few AP.netters might really like this band. But in all honesty, I really didn't see anything special in this EP. It may be fair to say that they are 19 and thus young enough to earn a pass, and if in future they make awesome albums, good on them, but this was my opinion of this EP, which was that aside from the last two tracks this is a very average record. I'm sorry if you don't agree with this opinion.
07:27 AM on 07/11/08
Registered User
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jackalt12's Avatar

Tommy Fleischmann plays the guitar channelling some of the greatest guitarist's skills. He has the speed and shredding ability remeniscent of Eddie Van Halen, and the bluesy funk feel like that of Eric Clapton. His amazing skill shines through undeniably in the EP, but especially in "Draw the Line" and "Past Signature".

Uhhhh did you REALLY just compare his guitar skill to BOTH Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton? Yikes, if friends of a band getting reviewed want to write a super amped up response, don't do this because it just makes you look ridiculous.
08:34 AM on 07/11/08
Gregory Robson
Under Rug Swept
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Gregory Robson's Avatar
Yeah, not gonna lie, dropping Eddie Van Halen and Clapton isn't the smartest of ideas. I'm sure the actual guitarist is flattered though. And I guess that's all that really matters.
09:35 AM on 07/11/08
Registered User
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Okay, jackalt12 and catchthephoenix, I name dropped those two not comparing him to them, saying that he is the next guitar god. I was merely trying to explain his skill set in the best way I could. If I was to just say, he shreds really fast and could have a bit of a bluesy feel, that really doesn't do him justice. As someone who has seen him just messing around with the guitar, I have seen some absolutely amazing things from him. I would say that he has some of the skill of those two guitar gods, though not up to their level, but I would certainly say that he is a great guitarist in his own right.

And if you actually read my post, you can clearly see I never compared him to either guitarist. Please read it again to see i said, he has the speed and shredding ability REMENISCENT of Eddie Van Halen, and the bluesy funk feel LIKE THAT OF Eric Clapton. So next time that you try and call people out on things, please read it again before you try to sounds smart.

And I am not what you would call a friend of the band. Yes, I have met them at shows, but I am not a "friend of the band". I wrote this review after I saw the review written by BrokenMirror, because I felt that it didn't do the band justice.
04:11 PM on 07/11/08
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jbaseball44's Avatar
I know these guys from high school, pretty chill guys but never thought much of their music. Wish them the best though.
12:52 PM on 01/10/09
Registered User
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TheFallenAngel's Avatar
Doubt anyone's reading but they have a new song, I think it's their best so far

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