DJ Rossstar - 12.16.04

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DJ Rossstar - 12.16.04Interview with DJ Rossstar conducted Dec 16, 2004

Scott Weber: How long have you been doing your show?
DJ Rossstar: I started my show in September of 2002. The first show was on a Thursday and Home Grown came in and played acoustic. Then the first official show was the following Wednesday in which Over It were the co-hosts.

Scott Weber: What's your studio like and where is it located? What kind of equipment do you use?
DJ Rossstar: My studio is located in Los Angeles, CA. It is in my Apartment believe it or not...There is a Gateway Computer, an Ultralink splitter and a six channel mixer and an expensive microphone...Next to all that there is my bed and a TV.

Scott Weber: Do you have any future plans to take your show to FM radio? Where do you want to go in the future?
DJ Rossstar: FM radio would be great. Since there aren't really any punk shows on radio I think they should take mine and syndicate it live to all big FM radio outlets so everyone can hear the show! Otherwise I believe in internet radio and I think it can become huge online.

Scott Weber: Do you think that downloading has taken away from radio today? Many don't listen to the radio anymore because they have thousands of songs at their disposal to listen to whenever they want to. Has this hurt the radio industry?
DJ Rossstar: Eh, I don't really know. I am kind of old school. I do not download music. I always buy CD's because there is something about having the art work and lyrics and actual CD in front of me. I think people still listen to the radio as much and the industry is probably ok. I don't download. I do not even own an iPod.

DJ Rossstar: Although, I think downloading is ok if you want to hear a few songs and decide if you wanna buy a CD....Also for porn its fine, haha.

Scott Weber: Haha, awesome. Your show is live, correct? What's the biggest on-air slip-up or disaster you've ever experienced?
DJ Rossstar: Every week it is live and every week a disaster....usually technical problems....Sometimes it is hard to concentrate on an interview when you’re getting 1000 IMs. I think one time I was talking on air to someone about how their van flipped over but everyone was ok...for some reason I wasn't paying attention and I just said "awesome"

Scott Weber: Haha!
DJ Rossstar: Don't remember who it was but I am sorry and I love you!

Scott Weber: Any hilarious moments in studio you can recall?
DJ Rossstar: Hilarious moments of course.....one time someone in a band who I won't name broke the chair......my father called into the show one time.....a lot of laughs with bands about dirty jokes and stuff on air.

Scott Weber: Is there any one specific band that sticks out in your mind as being your favorite guest?
DJ Rossstar: Not really there is so many....Vanilla Ice, Andrew WK, Golfinger, Allister, Sugarcult......hopefully one day soon my favorite will be Scott Weber!

Scott Weber: You had Vanilla Ice on your show?? How did THAT happen?
DJ Rossstar: He was playing a show at my college the same night and around the time of my radio show so I found him and asked him and he said yes. I didn't believe he really would come until 15 minutes before the show ended when he walked in the studio!

Scott Weber: That's awesome. So, as some of us know, you were on MTV's show “You've Got a Friend” recently! Tell us a little bit about the joke and your reactions.
DJ Rossstar: My friend Erika and I had only hung out once since I moved to LA so to make it up to me she invited me to lunch. This guy "Frankie" showed up. He was dressed as a rocker and he basically spent an hour making fun of my radio show, talking about his metal band (Death Envy) and hitting on Erika. He even made me pay the bill! I didn’t know I was on MTV until they called me that night.

Scott Weber: Oh, so they called you before Erika actually told you?
DJ Rossstar: Yeah because they had me come back the next day and yell at Erika to make her upset on camera since she still assumed I thought it was real and I was sad....but they didn’t even air that part. My acting dreams...crushed.

Scott Weber: That is hilarious!!! So she won $15,000 as a result...I hope she bought you something nice.
DJ Rossstar: Nope...she's a nice girl but I haven't seen her since! Too busy for DJ Rossstar.

Scott Weber: So you actually had Joe Hursley (the star prankster of You've Got a Friend) on your show a few weeks ago - how did you get in touch with him and how was the show?
DJ Rossstar: Haha...Erika told me he was in a band called The Ringers. I found them on Myspace and emailed their manager and he sent Joe over the week after! It was hilarious...he even sang some Death Envy (from his fake band that he sang on the TV show), plus MC Lars was here too so we all free styled.

Scott Weber: Sweet! Well, that's about all I've got but I've leave you with one final question...what is your album of the year? Lots of good stuff has come out.
DJ Rossstar: Green Day- American Idiot. Green Day have been my favorite band for 10 years now and before this album I always said the other 6 were equally as amazing but when I heard AI I finally knew I had a favorite. 23 shows and I still continue to see em live. January I will see them for my 24th and 25th times in NYC.

Scott Weber: Wild. Thanks for your time Ross! Any last words for the readers?
DJ Rossstar: Thanks to AP.net for supporting my show the past 3 years since day 20 (the first few weeks AP wouldn’t promote my show but we’ll ignore that!) Haha, and keep listening to the show...bands always end up telling secrets and stories they tell nowhere else and they usually premiere new songs on my show or play acoustic which they never do.
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05:29 PM on 12/16/04
Just growing up to die.
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Sureshot182's Avatar
great stuff. nicely done scott.
06:33 PM on 12/16/04
Count Me Out
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em0_stars's Avatar
love this radio show

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