The Chariot - 01.24.05

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The Chariot - 01.24.05I was wondering if there was any meaning behind the title “Everything is
Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead, and Nothing is Bleeding”?

Basically we were just joking about how so many bands and so many CD
titles had the words death, or killing, or bleeding (or anything like
that) in them. So we just sort of thought it would be a breath of fresh
air to name our CD the exact opposite or all that. It was just bluntly
positive. We laughed when we thought of it so we knew it was a winner.

What made you guys decide to record the album in live studio settings?

It is more comfortable for everyone. Basically for another breath of
fresh air we wanted to record it all natural and leave many of our screw
ups and many of our flaws. Hence all the feedback and the rough sound
that it has. I feel like most people see kids in a band as these fake
people who never make mistakes and all. They see perfect shows and they
hear perfect recordings. We really wanted everyone to hear something that
was authentically us and not computer. Everything you hear is what a
human being actually played. We knew going into it that some people would
get it, and some would not. But it was something we really felt strong
about. In the end I feel like the record has fulfilled its purpose.

What was it like working with Matt Goldman?

Great. I don’t have enough good things to say about him. Most
people don’t think about this but him signing his name to our record
actually took some guts. The average person could hear the record and say
that he did a horrible job, but he did not care. He wanted US to be happy
with OUR CD, and that is respectable. Far too many producer people would
have never let us have the full control that we did.

I don’t want to fill this interview up with too many Norma Jean Questions,
but Josh.. How would you compare and contrast Norma Jean and The Chariot’s
music from each other?

I feel like there are differences but I can also see how there are
similarities to the Bless the Martyr album. I feel like when their new
record comes out it will be a difference of black and white. I had a big
part of the writing process for the Bless the Martyr album, I wrote many
of the songs and had influence on all of it. So I am sure there are
similarities to The Chariot because I am the same person as I was back
then, but I tried my best to write some things that were new and different
for me. Hopefully that was successful. I have heard the new Norma Jean
record and I really feel like it will be obvious when that is released the
differences of The Chariot and Norma Jean.

Do you guys consider yourself a Christian band or Christians in a band?

We are Christians in a band therefore we are a Christian band. We
are not ashamed of our beliefs but we don’t force feed people what we
believe either. Most of the time I feel like actions speak louder than

How do you guys feel about the amount of show violence in the music scene
that has been showing up lately?

Ummmmm we hate it. It is just about the stupidest thing I have
ever heard. People should be able to be different and come support a band
that they like and not have to fear getting hit on purpose. I love
dancing and going nuts to some band that you love. There is a difference
between an accidental hit here and there and doing it on purpose.

If you guys could have a dream tour with any band, who would you have play?

I don’t think I have a dream tour or anything like that. There are a
few bands I would have like to seen before they broke up or died or
whatever but I don’t would not really dream of touring with them or
anything like that. Bands like At the Drive In, and Nirvana.

Any albums you guys have been listening to lately?

I actually have been listening to a lot of this band called As
Cities Burn, but that is because I am producing their album starting in
late Jan. Other than them I listen to a lot of Interpol, Bjork, Beatles,
things of this nature.

Any crazy tour stories?

Yeah, there are about a million. It is always so hard to think of
them when someone asks though. This was not on tour, it was while we
recorded but it works. Keller and a few others decided to camp out in
Keller’s back yard for the whole month that we recorded. He has these two
tents that are connected in the middle so we made one a sleeping tent and
one a party tent. I don’t really remember how, but somehow a karaoke
night broke out during this time. We did mainly patriotic songs about
America. And I am pretty sure a heavy metal “Yankee Doodle” ended up
happening. You have not lived until you hear “Yankee Doodle” with death
metal growls.
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06:39 AM on 01/24/05
Indie Access Radio
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desh412's Avatar
I'm curious to hear what people think about Mark Nicks from Cool Hand Luke joining The Chariot to take over on drums. As a big CHL fan, it sure seems to me that it makes all of the rumors regarding CHL's potential breakup seem right on.
08:39 AM on 01/24/05
Paramore Vs. Cartel
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No Avatar Selected
whoa? CHL drummer joined the chariot? that is really....weird
09:27 AM on 01/24/05
Registered User
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XlenceOfXecution's Avatar
awesome interview....hope they have a tour coming to cent. cali
10:09 AM on 01/24/05
Its a Sledgehammer
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halfpricepizza's Avatar
yankee doodle with death metal growls? That's the funniest thing I've heard since I got up. Which was 30 mins ago....but still.
11:30 AM on 01/24/05
billionsandbillions / Chris
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oldwirehands's Avatar
They must record this Yankee Doodle. I have to hear it haha
02:01 PM on 01/24/05
She simply will not die.
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inST0RESNOW's Avatar
It's kind of surprising that he listens to a lot of Bjork, Beatles, & Interpol.
12:28 PM on 02/22/05
silent lullaby
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
hmm the chariot is an amazing band, the singer bring so much influence into this band and his old one, norma jean. The choatic break downs and the vocals brings it out. I cant wait to see these guys during bamboozle, time to throw down

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