Suburban Legends - 02.28.05

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Suburban Legends - 02.28.05First off, thanks a ton for doing this. Why don't you start things off by telling the readers who i'm talking to and what each of you do in the band ?

MH: I'm mikey, I play bass :)
BK: Brian Klemm here. I play the guitarrrr.
TM: I'm Tim, I sing.
BR: I'm Brian, i'm a tone. Umm, trombone. Sorry.

Awesome. Did you guys expect all the success you recieved from Rump Shaker ? It seems like it extended your fan base a considerable amount.

BK: Well, that was the plan! We're not famous yet! :) Hopefully the album will keep doing as well as we can hope.
TM: Cheers. Doing Downtown Disney and the tour with Reel Big Fish helped too

Now, time for the question i've been dying to ask you. Where did the whole idea of your choreographed, insane live shows come from ? It sounds like a pretty awesome experience, although I haven't had the chance to witness it myself yet.

BR: Ah, you should. Well, we started very small. The show has become biger and bigger as time has run by, but I think it was Aaron who was the start to the choreographing stuff.
MH: I've actually witnessed the choreography from an audience standpoint (before I got in the band recently) and watching and being a part of it onstage. Both are really a lot of fun.
BR: It started off with doing small one and two steps and now its a huge stage show.
BK: The show will never be as good as N'sync...but by george we are gonna try. ;)

I only wish I could come see the show, but it doesn't seem like you guys have come my way yet (I live in Ontario, Canada).

BR: Yeah, we have to get up there.
BK: We'll be up there ASAP homie! Just keep checking our site for updates.
TM: Canada WILL be overwhelmed with our madness!

I can't wait. That leads me into my nex question however. How often do you switch up your "act", shall I say, and what's it like having to memorize dance moves on top of playing your songs ?

BK: Umm. Well, when we are on tour it takes a while to switch up the show, so we try and mix it up in between tours to learn new stuff and keep the kids interested, with a new show each time we come to their town.
MH: I thought I was done just learning the songs - but, i've got a couple little dancing/step things also, and it's pretty difficult. I've never done it before.
BR: It's not that hard anymore, to memorize dance moves that is! We have become very good at coming up with new moves and keeping them in our heads.
TM: It's not hard memorizing both the show and the songs. I have a hard time singing the songs without the dancing. I forget words. Weird, right?

Haha, whatever works man. Alright, Mike, how long have you been in the band for and how did you come about joining the rest of the guys ?

MH: Well, I was in a local ska band with Derek (drummer) back when we were both about 14 and 15 years old.
TM: Derek says "Hi" and "wad up?"
MH: Hi Derek :) Anyways, we sort of faded out right at the time Derek joined SL. I followed SL a little bit and kept in touch with Derek from time to time. I was in my 3rd semester at Cal State Fullerton when I got a call from Derek to come in and audition. Basically, Derek was my connection in.

Well, we're all glad you're in the band now, and hey Derek! Next, a question i'd love to hear your opinion on, how do you feel about the current state of the ska scene ? We all know it isn't uncommon to hear "Ska Is Dead" or "Who listens to ska anymore?" these days.

TM: Everything comes back full circle. It will take over the world once again, with more power and fury!
BR: I hope! lol.
TM: Everyone is like "Oh, 80's is cool!", but soon late nineties will be next. In thirty years. Haha.
BK: Ska may be dead to the corporate people who aren't there at the shows, but ska is still very much in full swing! It's just gettin a bad name lately.
MH: I think you just have to have a good show and make people happy no matter what you play.

Who are your favourite bands in the ever-so-popular "scene" nowadays ?

TM: I like how you spelled favorite.

Haha, yeah, it's Canadian thing.

MH: Haha.
TM: Crazy Canadians. Anyways, Rx Bandits, Reel Big Fish, The Slackers, The Specials, Big D, I Voted For Kodos, Desmond Dekker, Hepcat, My Superhero, Forces of Evil, Less Than Jake.
BR: Yeah, RX Bandits, Reel Big Fish, Big D.
MH: Littles Man Band, Big D.

Good lists. So, tell us about your new record. What's the process been like so far and what's it going to sound like ?

TM: First off, writing songs. It's been very productive. Sounds freakin' awesome.
MH: Writing, ideas, more writing.
BK: It's a looooong process! It's gonna sound like a pop frenzy!! Dance-able, horn driven, fun, pop stuff.
BR: The songs are sounding great! We are working harder and faster then ever!
TM: It's going to sound like Suburban Legends. More ska. Ska, ska, ska.

Wow. I think i'm going to need a new pair of pants.

TM: You can have a pair of mine.

Haha, why thank you. It would be an honour to wear them. So have you decided on any specifics for it yet ? Possibly an album title, tracklist, or anything of the sort ? Or are you not that deep into it yet ?

TM: It's going to have amazing songs. That's it. The name will probably be something cool like Spaceship Crabulator.
TM: We plan on writing tons of songs then picking the best ones.
MH: I like dragons, so I hope it has some of that on it (love you, Dallas).
TM: I love you too, but i'm not Dallas.
MH: Haha, sorry.
TM: Let's move on avengers!

Haha, deal. You guys did a cover of the Oingo Boingo song "On The Outside" (and might I add, it turned out great). What was it like re-doing a song from a band that has played a big part in the career of the Suburban Legends ?

TM: Thanks! It was a blast.
MH: Thank you, it's a great song!
BR: Thanks, it was fun!
TM: Yeah, I wanted to do 'Violent Love', but still, 'On The Outside' turned out awesome.
BK: We practiced it for about a day, and then recorded it in 6 hours! Fun experience! WE RULE! The bass player of Oingo Boingo actually produced our cd.

Yes, you most certainly do, and no problem. Now, just to throw a fun fact for the fans on the table, what are your favourite songs off of Rump Shaker and why ?

BK: Hmm, favorite song? First off, what'sYOUR favorite song on the album ?
TM: I liked Bright Spring Morning.

Hmm, my favourite song, eh ? Well, i'd have to say i'm torn between Bright Spring Morning, Up All Night, and Do It For The Kids. They're all so awesome.

BK: Fair enough! I agree, those are our favourite too! I'm a big fan of Powerful Game and Last Dance as well.
TM: It turned out the best. Bright Spring Morning, I mean.

So, what's next for the Suburban Legends this year ? Any big plans for the remainder of 2005 ?

TM: Nope. I mean, YES! We plan on starting our world domination in a few days. Tour, tour, tour. Spring time through to the fall. Also, a new album and new merch.
BR: Woop Woop!
TM: Woop Woop, too! Can't forget the woop woop. Yeah.

Oh my, what a lovely, jam packed year it will be. Anyways, what's the songwriting process like for your band ? Is it a group effort, or are the songs crafted by a particular member(s) ?

TM: Both, nice huh?


TM: I wish I wrote all the songs. Then I would get all the money! Hahahaha!
BR: Te horns will section off and write horn parts.
BK: Everyyyyyone helps with the writing.
TM: That's correct, sir!
TM: That's because you don't let me.
BK: That's because you never come to practice.
TM: No, it's because i'm at home with your mom.
BK: How is she doing, by the way?
TM: Nice, she told me to say hi.
BK: Hahahaha, ANYWAYS...next question.
TM: Are you coming home for dinner ? She made a pot roast ...Next question.

Haha, oh my, some friendly Suburban Legends tension. I'm sure the readers will love that. Alright, next up, what else is going on in your guys lives ? I don't mean to pry, just the basic stuff. Do any of you have jobs outside of the band or anything like that ?

TM: Starbucks.
BR: Jamba Juice.
BK: I mooch off of my parents generosity.
TM: So do I. Brian's mom, that is.
BK: She is VERY generous to him.
TM: Your telling me. ..Oh no! My computer is dieing!!
TM has left the room.
BK: HEY! We finally got rid of Tim!
BK: Now we can all talk about him.

Haha, and there goes Tim. We're almost finished anyways. Last question, are there any crazy stories you'd like to share with us that the band has been through ? Possibly some wild moments on the road ? Haha, anything will do...

BK: Haha, umm. there's plently, but I don't think it would be appropriate to mention names. But, hmm, pooping in cups because you can't hold it in when you are on a long drive.
BR: Hhahaha.

Hahaha, alright, well thanks a million guys for doing this interivew. Are there any last words ?

BK: Buy our albums and make us famous so that I can move out of my parents house.
BR: Thanks a bunch!
BK: Tanks buddy fo da interview! Come see us in Canada!
BK: W gotta get to band practice now soo my part sadly.
BK: I must leave.

No worries, and I assure you i'll be there when that times come. Again, thanks, and high fives to all the guys.



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10:11 PM on 02/28/05
Mad Caddie
Registered Abuser
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Mad Caddie's Avatar
Oh man, that was far and away the most entertaining interview I've ever read. Ever.

Awesome one Brandon, those SL dudes are great. When you see them in Canada tell them to come to Australia.

Keep up the interviewing Brandon. Ska pride!
11:39 PM on 02/28/05
Bass Player of Rawkington
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ebakrevs's Avatar
god bless those SL boys, brian klemm is one of the funniest guys of all time, without a doubt... actually they all are... i have crazy stories about them ;)
01:25 AM on 03/01/05
Concert Pipeline Producer
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wybigsteve's Avatar
Nice interview. I'm interviewing the guys on Saturday for my tv show, Concert Pipeline. Looking forward to their live show from what I read in your interview. I'll have to ask Tim about his mom though because he is so focused on Brian's mom!

05:48 AM on 03/01/05
Brandon Allin
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Brandon Allin's Avatar
Haha, thanks guys.
06:00 PM on 03/01/05
poppa Q
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poppa Q's Avatar
atta boy brandon

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