Vinnie Caruana - 3.23.05

Interviewed by
Vinnie Caruana - 3.23.051. First off thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, We know you
guys are still trying to deal with everything going on since the fire. Did you
lose a lot of things? I am hoping all the Nike's made it out ok.

no! thank YOU for doing the interview! and thanks to the people who sent in questions.its real cool to see that people are still interested in what we got going on. the fire. yeah . that was sweeeeeet. message to the kids: don't let your shit get burnt!
most of the Nike's are unscathed, much to my satisfaction. thank you.

2. So tell us about the new band, I am the avalanche. How did you all meet?

well, i met mike in v.a. beach in the old school movielife days. he and his friends moshed pretty hard to us back then. haha.i met Brandon when tml toured with further seems forever. he was playing guitars for them at the time.i met kellan through Travis reilly (Brandon's brother) , they played in scraps and heart attacks together. when i moved into Brooklyn last summer with mike , Brett lived there with mike.so we were roommates. so now we are band mates too.

3. Prior to being in IATA we saw you play a few shows with Head Automatica, What
happened with that?

yes its true. i joined h.a. shortly after tml broke up. i moved to san francisco for a few months with Daryl. sick times , good vibes with all my dudes. amazing time in life. BUT, these avalanche songs were getting written and I'm getting pumped on my tunes. so i knew i wanted to try and sing again.so i told the boys i had to do my thing .and of course we remain the closest of friends.

4. Do you currently have any other projects your working on or is IATA the only
one right now?

we all are very motivated to make this band work and play alot. all around the world. we are all fully focused on this. its pretty satisfying.

5. Its been rumored that you guys are set to sign with Drive Thru Records soon,
Bing that The Movielife was also on this label was this an easy choice for you?
Is DTR a label that you feel comfortable with and a label that understands where you guys want to go with IATA?

yes we signed a few days ago. its a very smooth transition from being on the label before. we understand each other by now and respect each other, so needless to say we are both really pumped about where we can go with this record that we are about to make.

6. Being that all you have is your demos out right now when can we expect to see
a full length? And will you be including all four demos on the full length when
you release it?

we have plans to start recording the record mid April actually. so very soon. we are shooting for a very realistic late Sept release. we haven't decided what demos songs will be on the record.

7. Can you give us a feel for what the album is going to sound like?

very thick and floaty . very vibey. i don't know. go to iamtheavalanche.com and listen in the media section.

8. As far as touring goes do you guys have any plans right now for a full tour?
Is there a chance we might see an IATA /Nightmare of you tour sometime in the

we are touring Europe most of may then right back in to the states for a while in June and July. and prolly Aug and sept too. there's def a chance of nightmare and avalanche touring together.

9. Are there any other bands you would like to take out with you on your first

i would rather be taken since we are real a tiny band right now. i wanna go with , say anything, brand new , minus the bear , jealous sound, i could list so many bands i wanna play with .

10. The number one question asked was when can California expect to see a show
from IATA?

id say June/July we shall get there.

11. Your first shows were over in the UK, Any reason you decided to play over
there first?

i t was a fun time. just a fun thing to do . it worked . kids were pumped at the shows and when we got back, our NY show was sweeeet cus kids were mad we didn't do it in NY at 1st. the show had cool atmosphere to it. very sweaty.

12. Ok so you know The Movielife questions had to be asked. First off will we
ever see a final/reunion movielife show for all the fans who want to say
goodbye? Or do you feel that the end has already come of that band?

we are all friends so theres that. we are all also on many different paths right now. so we wouldn't play a "final" show anytime soon. we are concentrating on our current projects too much. i wouldn't be against one show way down the road.

13. Has your relationship with the other members of the movielife changed since
he breakup or are you guys all still good friends?

good buddies. no bullshit.

14. How different is it for you to perform and write with IATA as opposed to the

so different. and thats good. i don't want them to feel the same. this is a new world for me. Ive changed so much since those days. a year and a half ago. i ve grown up a little.

15. What have you been listing too lately?

the thrills, say anything, sea and cake, libertines, Joanna newsom, count me out.

16. Everyone wants to know how Darryl is feeling? Is he doing better?

hes doing a new treatment for a few months and hopefully that will make things better. hes ok now, but not ok enough to go out on the road for months at a time this second. hes a strong dude and hes got good friends and family. as bill murray says" so hes got that going for him''.

thanks for the time people. any other question anybody has ,just email me at vinnie@iamtheavalanche.com
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08:25 PM on 03/23/05
Tyler Revolution
Best poster alive!
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Tyler Revolution's Avatar
Sweet interview.
09:22 PM on 03/23/05
smoke weed errrday
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hXc_pwnage's Avatar
Great interview.
04:41 AM on 03/24/05
Am just some gravel
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PomonaForEmpusa's Avatar
Originally Posted by Vinnie
jealous sound
fuck yeah.. finally someone appreciates them..
10:21 AM on 03/24/05
has a gambling problem
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hipp's Avatar
Sweet! My question about Head Automatica got asked. That was an awesome interview and Vinnie is an awesome guy. I can't wait to see them when they're over in May.
11:46 AM on 03/24/05
you got me fucked up.
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haha, vinnie's awesome.
10:29 PM on 03/24/05
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almosthorrific's Avatar
vinnie needs to hurry up and start touring the US on account of i miss him soooo hard
07:31 PM on 03/26/05
Never going home
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OnLegendary21's Avatar
I KNEW THAT GUY WAS IN FSF! Wow, I'm glad that question was answerd for me. I love the Movielife so I expect the same from this band. I like what I've heard so far.
07:42 PM on 09/17/07
Registered User
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anyone happen to have any Movielife mp3s? Or where I can get them? I lost all my cds when I moved into my college dorm :(

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