Midtown - 04.04.05

Interviewed by
Midtown - 04.04.05All the questions answered in the interview are from Rob of Midtown

When did midtown first notice that they were rockstars?

Ask me in a few years and maybe I will have an answer for ya. I don’t see us as rockstars, unless bowling with your friends is really rockstarish. BEING A ROCKSTAR is not the scene that we grew up in, that's why I don't see myself ever being like that, because that's not who I am. We just have been working hard these last few years. Its not really the scene that we grew up in. I still try to answer back every email, actually I do answer every email unless its like “hey, whats up” I rather be writing new songs then sit on myspace. On the note of websites though. I am really glad to see what Jason has done with the website. The funny thing is, the kinds that post don’t realized the band they are talking about is probably reading it. But enough about the site that you are reading this interview on.

You guys released your latest album “Forget What You Know” this past summer, what has the fan response been like?

I think in reality, we had poored our hearts into this album. We put a lot of our blood, sweat, and tears to get something that we hadn’t ever done before. we got the new album, and I don’t know” and then a week later, they email back saying “I fucking love this!” should be "“I got the new album, and I don’t know” and then a week later, they email back saying “I fucking love this, I just needed to give the change an open mind. People weren’t used to anything else from us. When you grow up, your musical tastes change, and I think that you are almost lying to yourself and your fanbase if you try to make every album sound like the last one.

The bio on your site is very well written and in a way tells a story. Did you try to do that when sitting down and writing it?

Gabe actually wrote that. Everything seems to be a little over done these days. I am known as the grandpa of the band and its been crazy to see how the music styles and music scene has changed. But, the bio seemed to go a little more in depth instead of the typical “Insert band name here” sort of thing.

Did you find it very hard to get picked up by a label after making “Forget What You Know”?

We actually had labels looking at us before we had even recorded yet, but we decided we wanted to write the album and see what the labels thought before we decided to go with anyone. And luckily they loved it.

Have you guys had time to sit down and work on a new album yet?

Actually, I have some songs written. We worked on a few songs before we left for this tour, but as soon as we get back its going to be balls to the wall writing. I was actually never writing a lot for the first few albums, so this time I am gonna try really hard to put more into this album. Now that I have a laptop and pro tools I can sit down and work on my ideas, because everytime you have something and then never write it down, it’s a given that you are gonna forget it.

I heard you guys worked with Butch Walker, Did he have any influence on the album?

Its interesting. Almost every song that we did was almost the same as it was when he came in. The difference thing was that he made the surrounding so welcoming. With previous producers the air had been so thick. Like they say, you can cut the air with a knife. Its not like our previous producer was mean or anything he just made it more of a business thing then a fun experience to record. Butch just made it amazing and had helped us with the paino parts and getting a great sound.

You guys are going to be on the road with Fall Out Boy, How did you guys go about getting on that tour?

I guess it’s a little ironic that everyone on this tour is managed by the same management company. But Fall Out Boy are good dudes. I think its great to hear the fall out boy story from kids that say they saw them when there was 10 people in the crowd and now its sold out venues and they are still playing on that same album.

Now other then the Fall Out Boy tour, do you guys have anything lined up for this summer?

We are doing a headlining tour, Its gonna be eastcoast. We wanted to do a full tour but I think its going to be better for us to be close to home so we can get back and write the new album.

So Gabe manages Armor For Sleep with Bonnie, how did he start working with them?

I think the bottom line is that he just loved the band. We have all been friends with ben from previous bands and all our bands had played together. Its just kind of how we all met up with everyone and wanted to help them get their feet in the door.

How do you feel about album leaking and piracy?

I think I can say I came from the “scene” but I have the more punk mindset and think that its more about the people loving the music and sharing something you made and them understanding all the hard work that you put into it." to "I came from the more of the punk music scene, I hadn't ever gone to a concert till i was in my 20's. The only thing I knew was shows at halls and small clubs but I think that its more than just that scene i grew up in that makes me agree with downloading music. I remember how hard it was to go find a record store that had the albums I liked. If I couldn't get the album, then I wouldn't know I liked the bands to then go to their shows. If the internet was as fast and accessible then as it is now I would have known about tons more bands and then in turn went to their shows and bought their t-shirts and been able to support them. At least on an indie label I think the internet helps bands, maybe even more than anyone realizes, especially us few that grew up in a smaller town away from good record stores.

Have any really crazy off the wall tour stories you would like to share with us?

This is the question you get in every interview and I always forget and then I ruin the interview and then the band is like “ thanks a lot rob you ruined the off the wall story”. One time I had sex with a pig and we were in omaha Nebraska and this guy Brandon herbel took me back to his farm and he put a gun to my head. FYI the guy doing this interview is Brandon herbel. Obviously I am being sarcastic because A.) Im not funny and B.) because I can’t think of a good real story right now.

( in the middle of the question a car pulls up with 3 beautiful blonde girls and rob tries to introduce them to me.)

Well, that’s about all I have for you guys, I want to thank you again for taking the time out to do this and on that note, do you have any last words for the readers at Absolutepunk.net?

A.) sweet little dudes
B.) b.) www.i-surrender.com (that’s my label
C.) mikeyway.com (the url will be a bit different because some dueshbag took took the domain already.

Later that night as I am hanging by the merch table with Rob, We run into a confused girl going around to all the table to get the bands to sign her body. As she asked rob if he knew anyone in the bands, not knowing that he was in midtown. He thought that he would play a joke on her by signing my name on her back instead. Here is a picture of it.
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07:25 AM on 04/14/05
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MCRatreyu's Avatar
rob, what an overall nice guy
08:02 AM on 04/14/05
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dumbcorey's Avatar
mmmmm Midtown :D
08:08 AM on 04/14/05
Registered User
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EmptyLikeOcean's Avatar
I couldn't agree more.
08:33 AM on 04/14/05
Slop Artist
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EvilButters's Avatar
God I want to see these guys live so bad. They need to come through Houston. I want to see them even more after this interview. Rob seems like one awesome guy and I bet the rest of the guys are too.
08:35 AM on 04/14/05
Bury Your Head
it aint easy being brown
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Bury Your Head's Avatar
ahaha what a dumb girl. its lame when ppl dont know anyone in the band looks like and ill think shes even MORE dumb if this was after they played. midtown always rocks
08:50 AM on 04/14/05
Gentelman in Training
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derricklc22's Avatar
He seems like a really nice guy, good interview too. I thought his crazy tour story was funny because he said he wasnt funny......maybe I have a weird sense of humor
08:57 AM on 04/14/05
Hells Balls
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metallicpunk's Avatar
Originally Posted by derricklc22
He seems like a really nice guy, good interview too. I thought his crazy tour story was funny because he said he wasnt funny......maybe I have a weird sense of humor

I met them all last week down here in Cincy and there are all really cool. Rob is super nice and kept joking with someone about anal sex. They also tried to get him to sing but he said no way because everytime he tries to sing when recording an album, Heath just tapes it and makes fun of him forever. There are all super nice and really funny guys, who love their booze.
10:02 AM on 04/14/05
...like whoa
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PerfectMess's Avatar
Originally Posted by metallicpunk
There are all super nice and really funny guys, who love their booze.

I saw them on their last night of the tour in DE, and all of them did beer bongs on stage. It was awesome....then FOB and TAI covered them (and much of the crowd) in flour. Theyre such awesome guys...hilarious.
11:17 AM on 04/14/05
Anton Djamoos
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Rob says he's known as the grandpa of the group. An exclusive group I know refers to him as the Master Pimp.

Rob Hitt, MP.
02:04 AM on 04/17/05
Take money, your money.
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FinchBulldog2's Avatar
midtown is such a good thing.
01:04 PM on 04/17/05
ze bloodless
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jdmedina's Avatar
he is so scene, but i love him so much
05:04 AM on 04/19/05
Midtown Saves
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art715's Avatar
That's our Master Pimp. Gotta love it, great interview. Can't wait for that east coast tour.
11:18 AM on 09/21/10
Registered User
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RachelGabriella's Avatar
they were such a good, hardworking band. they truly cared about their fans.

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