The Receiving End Of Sirens - 4.21.05

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The Receiving End Of Sirens - 4.21.05Below is a three part interview that was conducted on April 14th with Casey of The Receiving End Of Sirens through Instant Message and it was 4 ½ hours long! (hence why I divided it up). I mixed and rotated some of the questions around to keep all three parts equally interesting, so if some questions seem a little choppy and out of place, that’s why, sorry. Also, a lot of information that was originally in the Instant Message was cut out, either because Casey didn’t want the information released, or to shave off length. I tried to cut out as much useless text as possible, but it didn’t really help much because this thing is still a novel long. If you have the time, please read it because It took me a lot of time to edit and it’s EXTREMELY informative. Thanks!


Frank: Just introduce yourself and your role in the band
Casey: Ok.. My name is Casey Crescenzo and I m the Guitarist/sequencer/keyboardist/ and 1/3 of the vocals

Frank: Awesome, I was wondering if you could give me some background information on your new album Between The Heart And The Synapse?...How many tracks are on the final cut? Where it was recorded? What producer?, etc. I know it hits shelves April 26th through Triple Crown Records.
Casey: Its 13 tracks and it was recorded in College Park MD with Matt Squire.

Frank: How was it working with Matt? How did he ultimately affect the outcome of the disc?
Casey: Working with Matt was outstanding. I think he understood the vision we had for the record, and played exactly the right role in making sure that it would all come together in the right way. It was funny because, I would approach him with ideas like the transition out of “Flee the Factory”, or “Broadcast Quality”, and expect him to shoot it down but he didn’t and he just got into it...I hope he gets some recognition because he is an amazingly talented producer.

Frank: Why did you guys choose Squire?, or if it was a label decision? In other words, what was the initial reason you contacted him to begin with?
Casey: We knew we wanted to be with him long before we had any idea of a label because we did the EP with him and he was on the same level.
Frank: Ahhh, I didn’t know that.
Casey: We had been talking to him about the concept and about the time we needed for a long time.

Frank: Killer. I know some of your songs have lyrics of your other songs mixed and mashed up in them, Such as the line "Her fingers, like spiders..." which is featured in two songs. Most bands refuse to do that for whatever reason, what possessed you to come up with that idea and that approach?
Casey: Well- and this might sound old because we have said it so many times but...We really approached it as an album. We had wanted it to be a concept from the moment we thought of doing a cd. The way I look at it is, if you are going to make an album- make a coherent piece of art...We didn’t want to release a bunch of isolated singles I think that would be a waste of time. While on the topic of that, the vocal themes are meant to really drive the overall theme home.

Frank: How do you feel about Anthony Green's (Circa Survive/Ex-Saosin) voice? I know he does small vocal parts on the new album. How did you go about getting him in there to do those parts?
Casey: I love Anthony. He was hanging out and I forget who brought it up but he was just totally into it. We just improvised some melody and had him run in there for Epilogue and he killed it...It was great.
Frank: What parts in that song is he in exactly?
Casey: The highest harmony, when it gets big.

Casey: Tell me- did you hear the "secret" song?
Frank: Haha yeah, that Mr. Roboto weird shit.
Casey: Hahahaha .
Frank: The first night I had the cd, I forgot I even had it playing and that it was over, and I just heard this robot talking and I seriously thought I was in Star Wars or something, it surprised me. Then I realized it was a secret track.
Casey: HAHAHA.
Frank: yeah, the melody in the background of that song, is wacky, like, the background melody behind the robot. I really dig it.
Casey: Wacky indeed.

Frank: Did the three-vocalist style develop when you joined?
Casey: Not like there is now, when I got in the band they still wanted to find one singer to be the lead. Before, it was Ben and then Alex doing backups and Brendan screaming. But Brendan and Alex have such beautiful amazing voices and to not bring it out is a shame.
Frank: Why would they look for a lead when they both sing fine? Not saying you shouldn’t be in the band, but why would they think to search when they had themselves?
Casey: No, no I understand what you mean. That was Andrew’s, Nate’s and my argument. They are so strong and independent vocally in my opinion; either of them could have taken the lead souly and done amazing things.
Frank: Yeah, like, it would just be logical to say…"Well, we'll continue without Ben and just stick with ourselves, because we can sing" and not search for something two members already possessed.
Casey: I think we were looking for each other and we didn’t know it. Because as soon as we linked up, it was just so right.
Frank: Yeah, I can tell by the album.
Frank: You guys all succeeded escaping the “post hardcore” title with this album, I seriously mean that. This isn't like anything else out there. I mean, I know I told you two weeks ago that I thought your sound "wasn’t the most ground breaking thing in the world" and I was being honest when I said that, and truthful with you, but I regret saying that now, since hearing the album.
Casey: Thank you so much Frank, I appreciate that more than you will ever know. We all pour so much into this- and if it ended with you believing in it and appreciating it, that’s enough.

Frank: Haha, it wouldn’t end that way so don’t even think or say it. Where does the title "Between The Heart And The Synapse" come from?
Casey: I had that section written out in "The Armistice", "Oh how I’ve been teething, in light of your of your misleading, you caused this collapse, between the heart and the synapse" and Brendan and I were going over lyrics a few weeks before the studio, we were writing "This Armistice" and Alex and Brendan and I were sitting hammering out melodies and it was just such a powerful song to us and that line just stood out to me so I asked the guys what they thought of that for the title and we all just felt it fit. It perfectly summed up the album.
Frank: Dude, that chant gives me killer chills, super amazing, I really dig it.
Frank: Do all of you guys write lyrics?
Casey: It's pretty much Brendan and I, if someone has an idea it will never go unheard- but we have fell into that position.

Frank: Awesome man. Here's a solid question, Brand New has left Triple Crown, and Northstar broke up, etc. Those are some huge blows to your label, Triple Crown Records, does that scare you?
Casey: Not at all, I don’t think we will do well- or poorly based on TCR's alumni. They are separate bands. The label is strong and artistically respectful, that’s all that matters.

Frank: Just a few more quick questions ( I lied, there wasn't a few more quick ones, and actually, the interview wasn't even a third over at this point in time, I didn't know that would be the case... hahaha)
Casey: Dude- I have all night and you ask great ones so keep em comin'.
Frank: well, my point is, is to not have it seem like an interview, but almost just like a conversation, ya know?
Casey: Ahh, yeah I hear ya
Frank: I hate super structured interviews, where it feels like your reading a script
Casey: Hahaha, I totally agree.

Frank: Would you guys ever consider getting bumped up to a major label at any point in time?
Casey: No idea, that’s impossible to tell. If we all felt comfortable and like we could continue with the same amount of control, then yes.

Frank: Haha, sorry, but what’s your favorite type of sandwich?
Casey: My mom used to make these sandwiches with a little mayo and lettuce and tomato on sourdough with American cheese- onion- oil and vinegar- and smoked turkey…that was life at its best.
Frank: There’s no way in hell that’s healthy for you.
Casey: Well- its not meant to be.

Frank: How come your older song, “The Art Of Subversion” wasn’t redone?
Casey: No art of subversion.
Frank: Why?…I’ll be honest, I personally feel it’s a shitty song compared to your other ones.
Casey: Haha, thanks, I love the honesty dude.
Frank: But, why didn’t you re do it?
Casey: That’s how we felt, the same way you do. It was like eating dirt for a while and then eating chocolate. We didn’t want to go back to eating dirt… it just tastes bad.
Frank: Dude, just letting you know, you have some really awesome analogies and they effectively convey the points you’re trying to express… I’m being a sarcastic prick right now by the way… hahaha.
Casey: Damn, fine, ill give you another one. If you were baking cakes and you had been doing it one way for a while but then you tried something new and it made your bakery smell amazing and you were always much happier and you thought it tasted much better you would never make cakes the old way unless you were actually insane physically and mentally insane.

Frank: Who gets laid most on the road?
Casey: There has been 0 laying thus far
Frank: Nuts, are you guys like, straight edge, moral dudes? That’s how I am personally.
Casey: I’m last in line for sure
Frank: Hahaha, no way dude, you’re the lead singer guy.
Casey: The kid with the computer on stage gets no love, hahaha you would be surprised.
Frank: Well it depends what’s on your computer screen…I mean, for all we know it could be Jenna Jameson screwing some other lesbo, and stuff like that will get you laid I’m sure.

Frank: Awesome. Want to wrap it up now?, You’re probably sick of this shit.
Casey: Hahaha, lets keep going, now…20 more.
Frank: 20 more questions!? Seriously?
Casey: Haha- I love talking, if you have more please ask.
Frank: Haha i can do it if you want
Casey: Dude, keep em coming…I will stay up till next week. Hey, I might look like a loser, but i really do love talking about music and if you are game- then I’m foul.... get it? Get it?
Frank: Hahaha, very fucking clever…that should’ve been the title to your record.
Frank: UndefinedHero (2:12:30 AM): mmmm new treos album
Frank: That kid, I don’t know him, he just IMed me but apparently he likes you guys.
Casey: Hahaha, hold on- I’m going to get a sandwich- I suggest you get something so we can talk till the wee hours.
Frank: Dude, this thing is going to take me 9 weeks to fucking edit. I need to put "Casey:" and "Frank:" in front of every fucking response, hahahaha.
Casey: Do you?
Frank: Yeah, I don’t care though
Casey: Are you sure?
Casey: I don’t want to keep you
Frank: I don’t give a shit, I have nothing better to do…its Thursday night.

Frank: Hmmm, more questions…hmm, Do you guys have a booking agent? If not, who gets you most of the tours? Well at the moment- Adam at East/West does almost all of the booking.
Casey: He has been doing a stellar job thus far and we are all very thankful.
Frank: So, he's officially your agent?
Casey: Not really, he books for the label, for the bands that don’t have agents, he is like a makeshift foster parent until we find real homes.
Frank: Ten bucks says you guys get picked up by.... July at the latest, by a solid fucking agency. FATA Booking actually. It’s official, I put ten bucks on the line right now, to say that FATA Booking at least gives you an offer; I can so imagine you guys on that roster. Guarantee it.
Casey: I need the money Frank
Frank: Hahaha, I’m in $1400 debt, screw you.
Casey: Well we are in about $50,000.
Casey: sooooooooooooooooo… booyaka
Frank: With Triple Crown?
Casey: I don’t even think with them, with our old van that we have to pay out, our new van. All of our auto mechanic trips. It’s shitty.
Frank: You have a record that will make you fuckers rich so you don’t need money.

Frank: Is it true you guys are touring with Gatsby’s American Dream in the near future?
Casey: Yeah, I think at the end of may
Frank: Those dudes have a ridiculous amount of hype around their new record, they also tried to make a concept sort of album/movie style thing.
Casey: Very cool
Frank: Which is a weird coincidence to see both of you touring together because you guys both have the same approach sort of, as far as writing goes. Except for the fact their longest song is like 2 minutes and yours is like 69 minutes each.
Casey: Hahaha, well I mean, you never think twice about a few pop punk bands going out together, you know?
Frank: Yeah
Casey: The fact that we are of the same belief in the power of an album as a complete piece of art gives us more reason to go out together.

Frank: Speaking of other bands, I know you guys and As Tall As Lions became super close, as well as with Cartel. How was that tour?
Casey: Oh yeah
Frank: ATAL are like 10 minutes East of me by the way.
Casey: I love them all, most amazing people
Frank: How you dig ATAL’s stuff?, musically.
Casey: I love them
Frank: That band is seriously the most underrated band EVER.
Casey: Individually they are such solid musicians and Dan’s voice is just amazing... they are very underrated.
Frank: Totally, I’m not sure if you noticed ever, but at a lot of their shows, you can hear Dan over the PA… even if you’re standing at the very back of the venue… it’s insane.
Casey: Hahaha, yeah I know. It’s nuts.
Frank: The dude is like 2 foot 4 and just rips it, I don’t know where that sound comes from.
Casey: He is a god amongst mere mortals, it was humbling playing with them every night. They were just so tight and beautiful to see.



Frank: Getting back to production, I think there’s a bit too much reverb on some vocal parts. It drowns them out sometimes, especially with the effects happening but I'm a picky little bitch. It’s such a small detail that doesn’t even take away from the sound at all; I just like complaining to be honest. But how do you feel about Matt Squire’s production overall? Are you totally content with it?
Casey: Hahaha, it's all opinion dude, I respect it totally. As far as being content... 150%...I don’t think there is a better living person.

Frank: This is a question I always ask: To my surprise, (and it sucks, because I want to burn it to my ipod) the advance copy of the album is Burn/copyright protected. Why is this and how do you feel about kids downloading music from the Internet?
Casey: !!!!! Such a loaded question.
Frank: Hahaha, I know, sorry.
Frank: Also, why in the hell was your advance album protected like it was a Lindsay Lohan nipple slip video!?
Casey: Hahahahahahah
Frank: I put it in my computer and it wouldn’t play, I had no idea what the fuck was going on, hahaha.
Frank: So you’re going to take the easy way out of this and not answer the question!?
Casey: Well I suppose given the fact that the album was protected- I suppose it does obviously portray us as anti download. But that’s really not it; no I’ll explain myself...
Frank: you don’t have to, I’m just screwing with you.
Casey: No, I will, it's important
Frank: I just asked because I know it's a hot topic at the moment and after seeing your bullet proof album, I was curious.
Casey: I understand- but the thing is- you cant help if people hate you for your opinion, its yours and you own it, if you are ashamed of it don’t have it.
Frank: Yeah, I get it
Casey: For me- If people could download and burn a full album with no gaps and at 44 khz, then I would say do it. If they could get the art and print it out and everything, I would say more power to you. But in our case- we have worked to create a 65-minute mini world in a little piece of plastic that I’d have to be crazy to encourage people to download crappy versions of it. I mean- a kid who was buying Nate’s guitar came and bootlegged the cd with a minidisk recorder and that got out to some people and that kind of thing doesn’t make you angry- it just makes your heart sink.
Frank: That's how I feel as well. I just don't think it's right on a fans part, to watch a band and a label dish out thousands of dollars on a disc, just to download a shitty version of it 4 months ahead of time. Bt at your stage in the game, most bands want their stuff leaked, because it's just about hype and about getting kids to hear it. Not saying it should be that way, but that's why I was taken by surprise, because I know so many bands that are at your level who purposely leak their album a few weeks early for hype.
Casey: It’s as if people made prints of your paintings and dipped them in red ink- then posted them at every gallery across the country. Well, I think we aren’t really concerned with the hype or "hyping" the album. I feel that splitting these songs from each other is compromising. I shutter when we have to pop up a song on Purevolume because it doesn’t make sense to me.
Frank: Yeah, I can TOTALLY understand that, since hearing it, because the whole album really is just one long song divided randomly with track #'s.
Casey: well- I hope it doesn’t drag like a giant 65 minute song.
Frank: Because really, those songs on purevolume.com are just chiseled portions of a world of sound, it would be like taking a random 3 minute clip of a movie and posting it on the internet, it wouldn't work, and it wouldn't effectively portray the movie as a whole. Hence why I think Purevolume.com is evil for you guys.
Casey: I agree
Casey: Its funny you say that because Matt and I were talking and we realized, this was much more like making a movie than a record. We were doing all of these parts with a vision of the end and a strong concept in mind but it was piece by piece and we didn’t know what it would be like till the end.

Casey: I'm a total dick for the download thing huh?
Frank: Hahaha, you're still hung up about it? If you don't want me to put it on the page than whatever, I’ll take it out, haha, shit. It's really not a big deal dude; you weren’t a dick about it at all. It's not a matter of kids opposing that subject and hating you for your opinion, it’s a matter of kids not caring and still doing it anyway.
Casey: I know and in all honesty- I do appreciate them for caring enough to listen, it just makes me a little sad on the inside.

Frank: My friend Danielle from CA told me to ask you, "Why did you guys bail out of the Chain Reaction show on March 24th with National Product...fuckers"
Casey: Did she really say "...fuckers"?
Frank: omfg x coree (12:34:31 AM): Ask him, Why didn’t you play at the national product show
omfg x coree (12:34:32 AM): FUCKERS
Frank: Hahaha, yes. She didn’t mean it offensively of course.
Casey: Hahaha, I know, To be honest- we all desperately wanted to get out to CA- none of the guys have met my family I miss them dearly. So for that alone, I wanted to get out there and we have yet to get out there on tour.
Casey: Well, recently it was an issue of health. I was getting over a long sickness and then Brendan got Tonsillitis and Bronchitis.
Frank: Shit, sorry to hear.
Casey: It was a tough decision to make- and Brendan was willing to go but we had to turn around.

Frank: Hope everyone is better and all now. Rumor has it, there was some issues with another label when Fred tried signing you dudes to Triple Crown. Like, you orally or handshake committed somewhere else beforehand and bailed out on them something. What is that about?...Or do you have no fucking clue what I’m talking about, hahaha.
Casey: Well I remember reading someone’s post online about it and they were saying that we had a handshake deal and then went against it
Frank: Yes
Casey: It just baffled me that someone could have access to information that simply didn’t exist. The fact was; we were doing what all bands do and feeling out as many options as possible. We were talking to Mitch from Nitro and he was incredibly nice and we never told him that we would sign and he understood that. I remember talking to him when we were having trouble deciding, he said, "Make the decision you need to make, ill still support you''. So, no, there was never an agreement.

Frank: Understood, other people said the band committed to a label when Ben was in the band. Than like, a year and a half later (or how ever long it was after you joined) that label was pissed when you guys signed to Triple Crown...but apparently that's BS?
Casey: Well, that was ECA records and the fact was they stopped working with them when Ben still was in the band, so that's false as well.

Frank: Have all of you guys seen each other naked?
Casey: No
Frank: BS!
Casey: Well… no…I’ll stick with no
Frank: I’ve heard stories dude
Casey: Nope, not talking
Frank: Hahahaha, I’m just joking, I’ve never heard stories…it would be sweet if I did though.

Frank: Do you have any routines or rituals before shows?
Casey: Nope
Frank: Really!? No pep talks or anything?
Casey: Nope, we aren’t a football team.
Frank: would you guys ever consider becoming one?
Casey: No, a basketball team…yes! I mean, treos dominates the paint…undefeated.
Frank: No way dude, I don’t believe it
Frank: Personally, I picture you dudes having a killer hop scotch team.
Casey: You have no idea…

Frank: Rumor has it one of you dudes are dating a chick from the band Eisley, any truth to that? (this is totally made up on the spot by the way, he didn’t know that)
Casey: Hahahahaha shut the fuck up
Frank: Hahaha, no truth to that?
Casey: You are kidding right?
Frank: Nope
Casey: HAHAHAHAHA, Where did that come from!?
Frank: No idea
Casey: Wow…no that is quite false
Frank: Dude, moron. When someone asks you that, you say, “Yeah, I’ve been knocking that whole band up for a few months"
Casey: Hahahaha, even the drummer?
Frank: Why not
Casey: Hahaha, Alright, I will keep that in mind

Frank: Who did the artwork for the record? I saw it online and haven’t had the opportunity to see an actual hard copy.
Casey: Chris Cox at Change the Thought did it. It’s beautiful and he did an amazing job. I feel it compliments the record perfectly.
Frank: awesome, I cant wait to see the final thing!

Frank: What other bands/artists/movies/whatever influenced you guys with the writing/recording of this record?
Casey: I think it was different for everyone, for me, it was Bjork- the movie Brazil and lots of just low key music. In reality, I didn’t listen to music at the studio. It sounds idealistic- but I really want to make a pure record from our hearts and sometimes- if you play yourself out on other music- you can taint your own art.

Frank: Such a dope answer... Here’s a question that you may not want to answer…Predict for me...How many units will sell first week of your album?
Casey: Hahaha, I don’t know a few hundred maybe? No idea.

Frank: There's one thing about the new record, I think might turn kids away, can you guess what it is?
Casey: The length of the songs? My voice?
Frank: Haha, it's very instrumental/effect oriented and not so much vocal oriented. Like there are some parts where there are no dominant vocal parts for over 5 minutes.
Casey: Oh yeah, I mean, look at the intermission…
Frank: Some kids can't handle a second without melody, and mainstream outlets like MTV and Fuse pretty much require significant vocal melody, as well as solid hooks.
Casey: Well, I think they cant handle it because they are never given the choice
Frank: Yeah, totally…I agree with that.
Casey: If bands just took a little step out of their box and realized every instrument- even the drums- can produce melody and if they identified with emotion sometimes over lyrics there is an incredible amount of expression you can portray through a guitar.

Frank: Would you guys ever shoot a video or anything of that nature? Or is it to early in the game for thoughts such as that.
Casey: Well, I don’t think we would want to shoot a normal video
Frank: I cant see how a video would ever work with you guys your songs are almost too long for videos.
Casey: Hahaha, yeah, maybe for “The Evidence”
Frank: Just shoot a movie and throw your whole cd over it, hahaha.
Casey: I mean, we have discussed doing a video to the record, I think its something we would like to do. We are already knee deep in the ideas for the next record so I think we might save it.

Frank: Next question…What would your dream tour be? As far as bands go.
Casey: Well- it would be quite weird. I think it would probably involve Bjork headlining; we would open, followed by Pedro The Lion. Hell, throw Radiohead in there too.

Frank: What are some themes of the new songs lyrically, I know you guys use symbolism a lot and stuff.
Casey: Name a song
Frank: Hmmm, “Planning A Prison Break”, “The Armistice”, “Epilogue”, those three.
Casey: For The Epilogue, the lyrics are "This is the last night in my body. Somehow for now this skin will have to do", Its not supposed to be suicidal by any means and its actually supposed to be quite uplifting. Kind of breaking out of the shell you had cast yourself in it has a totally different meaning by the end of the record.
Casey: At the beginning of the album, in planning, its basically about falling into whatever weakness/vice you may possess to simply press on blissfully ignorant of reality. The line in “Planning A Prison Break”, “Make a clean getaway he said, with his hands outstretched to nurse her neck his alluding to a bottle of beer and the masochistic kiss is the lips to the bottle”
Frank: “This Armistice” is my favorite
Casey: Mine too, its really about personifying the struggle between your heart and your mind.
Frank: I voted for it in your little livejournal.com bonanza that you had. I wanted that one posted on purevolume.com so bad.
Casey: Hahaha, I wish it won.
Frank: Me too dude
Frank: It's pretty much the title track, and the sound reflects the disc as a whole very well.
Casey: But in that song, the mind is represented as a dictator who has complete control over your limbs while your heart stands by- and the two of them rarely reach an agreement. But the song is about overcoming the inner battle, as in, "Oh how I’ve been teething in light of your misleading, you’ve caused this collapse, between the heart and the synapse”.



Frank: Since I've had the honor of hearing the disc, I can say there's a fair amount of digital effects and such going on, do you write and arrange that all yourself? How do you go about pulling that stuff off live?
Casey: Yes, the sequencing and synthesis side of the music is usually made on my computer and was about 99% finished before the studio. I think the important thing was in the studio to rearrange some of the sounds in some parts where the sequencing i had didn’t cut right or didn’t meld together with the live tracks it gave me an opportunity to augment it all to better compliment the music.
Frank: Understood

Frank: Did you introduce the band to the whole digital effect direction?
Casey: Yeah, well it happened like this, When I met Brendan and Andrew in Boston, I had recently moved from NY and CA before that. My roommate told me they had a band and were looking for a singer. When I heard the band- I was interested but worried because- lets face it- I don’t look anything like a charismatic lead singer.
Frank: Honestly, you don’t.
Casey: I handed them this cd of Dear Hunter music and it was all electronic and low key but they wanted to see what it would be like to try out some electronics. So I went to their space one night with my laptop and plugged into some little fender combo amp in the corner and just started hacking away at a song, it was great though. Thinking back on that, it was a beautiful time.

Frank: So, those Dear Hunter songs that are floating around the internet are old, old recordings or did you re-record them?
Casey: Well- that’s from December, after the treos record but i have a few other EPs that I did on my own and they had the first one.
Casey: It was actually an EP I wrote as a gift to my girlfriend at the time, long time ago.
Frank: How gentle of you
Casey: Hahaha

Frank: Would you ever play those songs live at a TREOS show?...the Dear Hunter ones.
Casey: Hahaha I don’t know, we do one of the parts from one song as a transition live. It’s lots of fun.

Frank: How do you guys keep the songs on beat with the effects when you play them live?
Casey: Total luck...haha, no. Actually, Andrew has a set of small in ear headphones that I send a metronome to for the whole set, its' been awesome. It was funny because in the beginning, it was just Andrew with his own metronome, and then i would just cue up samples, and it was horrible, and then as I was able to expand my hardware, I was able to fully take advantage of the software i had been using...and im a geek.

Frank: To my understanding, all of the songs are in the same key, correct? I could find out, but I’m too lazy to grab my guitar.
Casey: No
Frank: Really?
Casey: "The Evidence" and "The War Of All".... are in the same key, then "I defy you..." and "Flee The Factory" are in the same key.
Frank: Someone I know who had heard the disc a few months back told me all of the songs were in the same key and stuff, and I was skeptical, because I know when a band has a whole album full of songs in the same key, it end to get sick of it fast.
Casey: Yeah, well I mean, a lot of the songs are in the key of C, but some go from C melodic minor to just minor to major.
Frank: Killer
Casey: but in answer to your initial question, no, they're not all in the same key.

Frank: How do you feel about Fred Feldman and 3 crown? That guy is totally, totally amazing and super awesome from my dealings with him.
Casey: I love Fred. He has been just amazing to us, so kind and understanding and supportive. He allowed us to make the album we wanted and that is the most important thing, and he is the most genuine person I’ve met in this business.

Frank: When do you guys anticipate accepting your lifetime achievement award? and/or your VH1 behind the music special? Hahahaha.
Casey: Hahaha, I hope never!
Frank:...hope never!? why!?
Casey: If you get the lifetime achievement award- I feel as though it signifies your end.
Frank: Very true
Casey: It’s basically saying, “You did great... now die" and with vh1- well that’s the other end of the spectrum. That’s saying you crashed and burned. Lets do an hour special to sum up your years of work.

Frank: This isn’t really an interview question, but, there’s a drum fill at about 1:45 into “Planning a prison...”
Casey: Yeah, it’s all Andrew
Frank: So there’s no digital effects for that, because in some songs, you guys have that digital effect kick on top of what Andrew’s playing.
Casey: Well wait, let me listen
Casey: Yeah, that’s all Andrew. Yeah- Andrew is such an amazing percussionist. Sometimes I just find myself sitting and watching him in the middle of a show and ill feel my left arm slow up and I’ll have to catch myself and say - you are playing now- you watch him later. He is just so incredible.

Frank: Anything you wish you could go back and change about the record?…There has to be something.
Casey: I wish I had access to an orchestra, that’s about it, but I’m happy I didn’t.
Frank: Why? You would’ve abused it?
Casey: It was the few restrictions we had that forced us to seek alternate sonic routes. Instead of putting a violin somewhere, there is a guitar through a whammy pedal split by a stereo tape delay and fed into two separate amps. Those things are things I think we would have overlooked if we had everything we could ever want. So while I would have loved to have a full orchestra at my beckon call, not only is it incredibly unrealistic at this point, but I am happy I didn’t.

Frank: How many songs were written that didn't get tracked or put on the album.
Casey: Well- for starters we shaved about 12 minutes off the record. There were skeletons for about 3-4 other songs but we really just wanted to dive into the ones we felt were the strongest.

Frank: About your processor and computer, what happens if it fucks up mid-song on stage?
Casey: Well the computer me and my friend chuck built has never been on the internet and never will be, I keep it totally locked away from the world.
Casey: It’s my child that I shelter in the hopes it will turn out alright in the end.
Frank: Has there ever been a problem with it before? playing wise.
Casey: Yes, 2 times
Frank: What happened exactly?
Casey: Once when I lent out my laptop and it was littered with porn and spy ware....when i used it it was just shutting off. it was at a show with Orange Island in Clinton…I’ve never sweat that much. The other time, Julio from ATAL sat on my power switch…I was furious but i had to laugh cause he was just sitting there smiling.
Frank: When you guys played here, on long island last, I know you had to pause for a second to do some computer shit
Casey: Oh shit, yeah- someone ripped the cable out of the back of my audio interface
Frank: Am I supposed to know what that means? Or is that like, typical geek stuff?
Casey: Hahaha, its just the box that splits the audio from my computer
Frank: ohhh, understood
Frank: So if that computer died mid tour, you’d pretty much be fucked and the band would be forced to break up and kill yourselves?
Casey: id pretty much hold it kiss it, then jump of a cliff with it, then jump off a cliff with it, yep.
Frank: interesting
Frank: You should keep this information away from critics
Casey: Hahahah, i know…the thing is. I always have a backup laptop with all of the info on it and its ready to plug and play and if it died mid-tour I would just use the laptop for the rest of it, awesome.

Frank: Typical question: Best tour story/experience?
Casey: I don’t know man- every night of the Cartel/ATAL tour it was just musical and social bliss.
Frank: You guys need to do that again some day, that tour
Casey: I want to, we need to have like a reunion tour next month or today.

Frank: Coke or Pepsi?
Casey: Coke
Casey: Haha you are finished eh? You got nothing… and you call yourself an investagatory journalist.
Frank: Hahaha shit, No, I got something…

Frank: What’s your most anticipated release of 2005.
Casey: Let me think, I don’t know what is coming out.
Frank: Interesting…good choice, I dig that one as well
Casey: Hahahahahaha, bastard

Frank: What’s your favorite track to play live?
Casey: Probably “Flee The Factory”…I think its the most dynamic, it feels very nice to sing as well and I do love the piano outro. I don’t know the melodies just vibrate my chords the right way. To the point where you make teddy bears out of hair.

Frank: Do you guys all live together when not on the road?
Casey: No, they all live at their respective homes with their parents. For a while I went from home to home but now I live with Nate and his family and its great.

Frank: I’m done dude, I can’t come up with anything relevant anymore hahaha.
Frank: Any last words/confessions/thank yous/hellos or things you want to get out?
Casey: thank you to everyone who will give the album a listen and take the time to find something they identify with or a piece of music that speaks to them- i appreciate it more than they expect- thank you to everyone really.

Thanks to Casey for taking 4 ½ hours out of his night to do this with me. I highly suggest everyone pick up their debut record “Between The Heart And The Synapse”, because it’s in stores today (4.26.05) and it totally fucking rules! Go get it!
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09:41 AM on 04/21/05
stupid fuck / passionate enthusiast
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marrost's Avatar
Originally Posted by Frank Giaramita
Frank: Dude, that chant gives me killer chills, super amazing, I really dig it.
Totally Brahhh!

But anyway, awesome interview.
09:59 AM on 04/21/05
stick. gloves. shirt.
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stephisfinch's Avatar
Very good so far. =)
10:23 AM on 04/21/05
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ilovebsb's Avatar
wow dudes and i thought i was like the only one to say something is absolutley stellar. thats totally nectar dude
10:35 AM on 04/21/05
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Awesome interview.
01:15 PM on 04/21/05
Ho, Ho, Ho!
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PaperclipAnemia's Avatar
Let's all IM UndefinedHero and pester him/her. That should be fun.
01:16 PM on 04/21/05
poop butts
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weworemasks's Avatar
this record....... :love:
01:31 PM on 04/21/05
should hit 32,000 posts by 2011.
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Fullcollapse3k's Avatar
That was really good. I'm with you on unstructured interviews being really cool, a lot of interviews i've read feel really robotic, this had a nice flow to it. You're good at this, Frank.

And just for the record, i've already said it like 25 times, but best album of the year thus far. Amazing piece of work.
04:18 PM on 04/21/05
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You were talking to yourself at some parts. :D (Put YOUR name instead of Casey's)
04:50 PM on 04/21/05
AP Addict
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Frank, Ben has more talent that you'll ever have. Wipe your ass with that. Treos 2.0 is great but so was 1.0. 1.0 didn't have the time to evolve like 2.0 has but if you ever went to one of their shows you'd have seen they had just as much talent.
04:59 PM on 04/21/05
Frank Giaramita
AP.net's Princess
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Originally Posted by WithoutASoundXO
Frank, Ben has more talent that you'll ever have. Wipe your ass with that. Treos 2.0 is great but so was 1.0. 1.0 didn't have the time to evolve like 2.0 has but if you ever went to one of their shows you'd have seen they had just as much talent.

"Ben has more talent than you will ever have"... cool, because I said otherwise?, or because I said he didn't have talent? Also, I'm not in a band, and if you're saying I need to be a singer of a band to judge a vocalist, you're a complete moron who probably should consider leaving these forums as quickly as you came... Do me a favor, and scan through that interview and show me where I said "Ben doesn't have talent, and I have more talent than him", and you win a new car, or whatever the fuck you want. Also, I saw them with Ben, they sucked compared to how they are now... if you can't respect my opinion on Ben's voice sounding terrible, go suck a nut. Thanks!
06:34 PM on 04/21/05
Ho, Ho, Ho!
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PaperclipAnemia's Avatar
Originally Posted by Frank Giaramita
"Ben has more talent than you will ever have"... cool, because I said otherwise?, or because I said he didn't have talent? Also, I'm not in a band, and if you're saying I need to be a singer of a band to judge a vocalist, you're a complete moron who probably should consider leaving these forums as quickly as you came... Do me a favor, and scan through that interview and show me where I said "Ben doesn't have talent, and I have more talent than him", and you win a new car, or whatever the fuck you want. Also, I saw them with Ben, they sucked compared to how they are now... if you can't respect my opinion on Ben's voice sounding terrible, go suck a nut. Thanks!

06:47 PM on 04/21/05
Hardcore Alligator Porn
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infamous_alias's Avatar
I'm still wondering what they eat on the road, even if Casey's favorite food is a home-made sandwich haha...I noticed you said you had to change all the screen-names to your real names though, well here's a tip if you didn't know already...

.When you're done with your conversation, copy and paste the whole thing into notepad, then go Edit > Replace. Just type in your screen-name, then what you want to change it to...bam, hours of time saved.

/waiting for the next two parts...
07:13 PM on 04/21/05
chicka boomboom
chika chika boom boom
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that guy is reeaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyyyy good at making music
07:49 PM on 04/21/05
AP Addict
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Originally Posted by Frank Giaramita
"Ben has more talent than you will ever have"... cool, because I said otherwise?, or because I said he didn't have talent? Also, I'm not in a band, and if you're saying I need to be a singer of a band to judge a vocalist, you're a complete moron who probably should consider leaving these forums as quickly as you came... Do me a favor, and scan through that interview and show me where I said "Ben doesn't have talent, and I have more talent than him", and you win a new car, or whatever the fuck you want. Also, I saw them with Ben, they sucked compared to how they are now... if you can't respect my opinion on Ben's voice sounding terrible, go suck a nut. Thanks!

Saying that you can wipe your ass with his vocals implies that he has no talent. I'm sure you would've felt like a dick if you had been interviewing someone else from treos because i'm sure they'd of been offended by those remarks.

"Yeah, I can't tell. I can't tell. Yeah, I can't tell."

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