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Metal & Hardcore Round-Up (12-14-08)

Posted by - 10:23 AM on 12/14/08
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10:23 AM on 12/14/08
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Metal & Hardcore Round-UpNews:

Throwdown has inked a deal with Koch Records. The band will begin recording their new album, Deathless, early next year. They also parted ways with drummer Ben Dussault.

Chthonic recently wrapped up their first recording session in America. Their new concept album, Mirror of Retribution, was produced by Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano.

Obscura posted a new song entitled "Incarnated" on Myspace.

Lifeforce Records has signed the California tech metal band Name. Their Lifeforce debut, Internet Killed The Audio Star, will be out in late summer.

Ligeia and Liferuiner will tour Europe together in February.

Nate Johnson (who has fronted Through the Eyes of the Dead, Premonitions of War, and Since the Flood) has been chosen as the new vocalist of Turmoil. Johnson will also continue to front Fit For an Autopsy, with whom he recently finished recording an EP.

Maegashira posted a new song entitled "Hi From Jersey" on Myspace.

Earache Records will reissue Insect Warfare's World Extermination in March.

Deicide, Vital Remains, and Order of Ennead will tour together in Febraury. Here are the first dates announced:
2/08 Farmingdale, NY @ Club Loaded
2/14 Detroit, MI @ Harpos
2/16 Aurora, CO @ Iliff Park Saloon
2/17 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas
2/18 Farmington, NM @ Big City Nightclub
2/20 San Jose, CA @ Voodoo Lounge
2/21 Yucaipa, CA @ Angels Roadhouse
2/22 W. Hollywood, CA @ Key Club

Metallica's music video for "All Nightmare Long" can be seen here.

The Deftones issued a statement regarding bassist Chi Cheng, who remains in a coma:
"Chi remains in a coma, and as of this morning there's been no significant change in his condition. Last week he was moved out of the Intensive Care Unit and transferred to a brain rehabilitation hospital in Northern California. The hospital specializes in the care and management of traumatic and non-trauma related brain injuries with a team of highly skilled therapists, nurses and consultants. He's in great hands. Please continue to pray for our brother, and thank you all for your love and support."

Job For A Cowboy guitarist Ravi Bhadriraju has left the group to go back to school.

Too Pure To Die, Catalepsy, and Oceano will tour together next year, with the follow dates confirmed:
1/28 Louisville, KY @ Bulldog Cafe
1/29 Nashville, TN @ The Muse
1/30 Crossville, TN @ Cumberland Community Complex
1/31 Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue
2/1 Selma, AL @ The Armory
2/6 Orlando, FL @ Island Oasis w/ Thick As Blood
2/7 Jacksonville, FL @ Fuel Coffeehouse w/ Thick As Blood
2/8 Ft. Meyers, FL @ Rockstarz Music Venue w/ Thick As Blood
2/12 Wilmington, NC @ Lucky's Pub
2/13 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
2/14 Baltimore, MD @ Severna Park Community Center
2/15 Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker
2/16 Charleroi, PA @ Club Octane
2/18 Grand Rapids, MI @ Mixtape Cafe

An e-card for Too Pure to Die's upcoming album, Confess, can be accessed here.

Snot have been banned from playing at The House of Blues in Orlando by Disney. The band comments:
"Unfortunately, Snot has been ejected from the December 20, 2008 show at the House Of Blues Orlando, Florida. It was to be the last show on the Mudvayne, 10 Years, Snot tour... Why were we dropped from the bill? Because, according to Disney, 'everything about Snot is offensive, including the name.' We did our best to comply with their requirements, including removing images from our MySpace profile, agreeing to not play certain songs, and providing 'them' a setlist for approval... Well... It wasn't good enough... We were rejected... Taken off the bill... So, what WE did was get on the phone and book our OWN show down the street at another place in Orlando called The Haven. To any and all Snot fans that wanna come see us at the Haven, we will post all the info soon."

Nachtmystium posted a new song entitled "Pitch Black Cadence" on Myspace.

A video update from Satyricon on their European tour can be seen here.

The Enemy Soil's live DVD, The Enemy Soil Smashes the State, will be released in the U.S. on January 13, 2009 via Selfmadegod Records.

Into Eternity's music video for "Time Immemorial" can be seen here.

Faith No More are rumored to be reuniting in 2009. In related news, vocalist Mike Patton is scoring the upcoming sequel Crank 2: High Voltage.

Six Feet Under guitarist Steve Swanson's house was broken into on December 6th. Six guitars, among other gear, were stolen. A Myspace page was made to help gather any information.


In Stores Next Week:

No metal or hardcore releases this week.


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Hardcore discussion thread here.
Metal discussion thread here.

Recommendation of the Week:

In addition to music, another passion of mine is movies. What better than a band that combines the two? Graf Orlock, a self-proclaimed "cinema-grind" band, does just that. The band, named after the vampire in Nosferatu, uses audio samples from movies (often over-the-top action flicks of the 80's and 90's) and lyrics quoting the same films' scripts to convey their message. Give these Californians a listen here.

contributed by: xalexislegendx

Labels, if you are looking for your bands to be covered in future installments, please contact and/or add alex@horror-101.com to your press mailing list. Users, please use the same address to get in touch with me for whatever reason.
10:34 AM on 12/14/08
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did it changed to 'heavy music' from 'metal' because of all the 'Converge is not metal' arguments floating around?

and how is Snot an offensive name?
10:35 AM on 12/14/08
Two pumps and a swirl.
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Pretty funny how Disney banned Snot from performing. They're a talented group of individuals but, raunchy material is part of their shtick.

WOOHOO for FAITH NO MORE reunion! It'll only be done right if Jim Martin is there.

Really sad what happened to Steve Swanson... Six Feet Under has always been a no-nonsense death metal act. It sucks enough when people rob vans but breaking into his house... I feel real bad for him.
10:35 AM on 12/14/08
Hi, I'm Andy Hull.
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throwdown need to give it up.
10:37 AM on 12/14/08
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Graf is old news.
11:01 AM on 12/14/08
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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did it changed to 'heavy music' from 'metal' because of all the 'Converge is not metal' arguments floating around?

The other round-ups were so easy to name. This round-up was the only one that had several ideas proposed and the only one the had user concerns raised over the name. It was just called the Metal Round-Up last week so it obviously has identity issues. Tune in next week to see what we call it then.
11:10 AM on 12/14/08
I don't give up, I let go.
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The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Sky Eats Airplane, and Emarosa are doing a U.S. Tour as well:

3/14 Plano, TX @ Plano Center
3/15 Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theatre
3/17 Little Rock, AR @ The Village
3/18 Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
3/21 San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit
3/22 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
3/23 Tampa, FL @ The Ritz
3/24 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
3/25 Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
3/26 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
3/27 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
3/28 Richmond, VA @ The National
3/29 Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live!
3/31 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
4/1 New York, NY @ The Fillmore
4/2 New York, NY @ The Fillmore
4/3 Worchester, MA @ The Palladium
4/4 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
4/5 Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
4/7 Buffalo, NY @ The Town Ballroom
4/8 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
4/9 Pontiac, MI @ Clutch Cargo's
4/10 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
4/11 St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
4/12 Des Moines, IA @ People's Court
4/14 Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
4/15 Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Air
4/16 Spokane, WA @ Service Station
4/17 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
4/18 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
4/19 Orangevale, CA @ Club Retrot
4/21 San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
4/22 Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda Theatre
4/23 Pomona, CA @ The Glass House
4/24 San Diego, CA @ Soma
4/25 Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
4/26 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre
4/27 Tulsa, OK @ Cain's Ballroom
4/28 Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
4/30 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
5/1 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts

Fearless Records is excited to announce the signing of Motionless In White. This six-piece band from Scranton, PA has been busy touring with numerous artists (Alesana, Greeley Estates, A Static Lullaby and many more) over the last couple of years, including both 2007 and 2008 Warped Tour festivals. Motionless In White will continue this busy schedule as they prepare for their debut full-length album, to be released on Fearless Records late in 2009. Recently the band has recorded an EP titled "When Love Met Destruction" which Tragic Hero Records which will see release in early-2009.

"I am extremely excited and proud to be a part of and have the privilege of working with both Fearless Records and Tragic Hero Records," said vocalist Chris Cerulli. "I think we can accomplish great things together in the future and we, as a band, cannot wait to work towards them," he continued.

Blessed By A Broken Heart and LoveHateHero will team up with Agraceful, Kiros, and Karate High School for an early-2009 tour. Here's the schedule:

1/16 Dayton, OH @ The Attic
1/17 Detroit, MI @ The Hayloft
1/18 Buffalo, NY @ Xtreme Wheels
1/19 Yonkers, NY @ The Haunt
1/21 Albany, NY @ Valentine's
1/22 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
1/23 Wilmington, DE @ Harmony Grange
1/24 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
1/25 Pompton Lakes, NJ @ The Mainstage
1/26 Virginia Beach, VA @ Peppermint Beach Club
1/27 Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue
1/28 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
1/29 Jacksonville, FL @ Fuel
1/30 New Orleans, LA @ The High Ground
1/31 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
2/1 Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
2/2 Corpus Christi, TX @ The Compound
2/4 El Paso, TX @ Chic's
2/5 Phoenix, AZ @ The Sets
2/6 San Diego, CA @ Soma
2/7 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
2/8 Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky

In Flames has announced a handful of February shows in Latin America. Here's the latest:

02/07 Monterrey, Mexico @ Café Iguana
02/08 Mexico City, Mexico @ Circo Volador
02/10 Bogota, Colombia @ Teatro Metro
02/12 Santiago, Chile @ Blondie
02/14 Buenos Aires, Argentina @ The End
11:27 AM on 12/14/08
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liferuiner should have stayed broken up, wastes.
11:38 AM on 12/14/08
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According to Wikipedia ETID has signed with Epitaph. Is is a rumor or did I miss some news?
12:12 PM on 12/14/08
Fight Milk
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In the current issue of Alternative Press, it is stated that Every Time I Die will release their new record on Epitaph Records
12:13 PM on 12/14/08
Two pumps and a swirl.
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throwdown need to give it up.
i agree... but i wouldn't worry about them too much, Koch is essentially a last leg for contemporary artists. when an artist does decently and their career runs it's course, no label specifying in a band's particular genre will have them past their prime... then Koch comes in, picks them up and gives them a platform to feed their current fanbase. i don't see Koch putting money into Throwdown aside from, here's some cash for a record and here's some money to hit the road, good luck fuckers.

Koch doesn't do much positive press for their bands... they don't build a band's notoriety... they pick up bands whose careers have faltered and they cash in on their core audience by continuing to release records that few casual listeners will care about, but hardcore fans will eat up.

that's just my opinion on the label anyway...
12:16 PM on 12/14/08
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if you want to get all of this news first (with details) just go to Lambgoat.com...
12:18 PM on 12/14/08
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I'm glad Name got signed to Lifeforce, they are good guys.
12:20 PM on 12/14/08
on the edge of summer
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a wild geodude appeared!!!!!!!!

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