The Aquabats - 06.07.05

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The Aquabats - 06.07.05Who are The Aquabats and what is their mission?

The Aquabats are on a mission to save them selves from boredom and to then, stop the world and melt with you.

You guys describe your music as "aquabeat". What exactly is aquabeat and how does one manage to achieve it?

Well, first you have to be a ripping bongo player, then throw all your pajamas out the window. After that, shave your moustache whilst whistling the theme song to Hogans Heroes, then you may qualify for the aquabeat lesson give away sweepstakes.

Your lyrics are about some of the wackiest, most wild topics ever. Where do you get the inspirations for your words of wisdom?

Well, there are plenty of inspirational talks and themes found in books and pamphlets, then. I think the next best thing is sleep deprivation and television watching. The international channel is the best for foreign words of wisdom.

In what ways does Charge! bring back what we've come to know and love from The Aquabats, and how is it different?

Well, it brings more of the aquabats back purely based on weight. While there are now less Aquabats in regards to personnel, there is more to love now than ever before. I tipped the scales at 200 lbs. last week and it felt great!

What can we expect in terms of lyrical content and overall sound on Charge!?

Well, probably more sonnets and less haikus. There is way more serious material in regards to politics and songs about girls that make us sad because they've realized we are whiny nerds who think too much about our hair and no longer want anything to do with us.

How do you feel Charge! compares to your previous releases?

It is newer, for one. Then it is heavier, which we already discussed earlier.

For those that might have missed the depatures, what happened to the former Bats we all used to know and love?

Well, we fired them because they couldnt dance and werent good looking enough to be on MTV, which is like our second home. Then we hired newer better looking celebrity look alikes to take their place. We are really gonna 'make it' now!!

Of all the villains The Aquabats have encountered (Monster M, Powdered Milk Man, etc.), which one has been the hardest to overcome?

Probably the IRS, then Self-Loathe and Reality Man and Major Label A&R Guy who constantly remind us of our pointless existence in the entertainment industry.

If you were surrounded by a ring of fire and the only way to escape was to choose your favourite song you've ever written, which song would it be and why?

That is hard because Elton John and Tim Rice write most of our songs, then Andrew Lloyd Weber comes in a close second with song writing credentials. I think the only song that WE wrote that could save us from a ring of fire, would have to be Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire", which we wrote in the '50's.

Do you plan on making a music video for any of the songs off of the new record?

Yes, we plan a lot of things that never happen. We planned on making a living being zepplin drivers, then we planned on building custom rickshaws for a new event in the X-games but these things never happend. However, we figure 'You can't lose them all!,' which is actually the name of our 60 foot yacht, that we are repairing.

It seems in the most recent days of The Aquabats, you've made more dominant use of the keyboard rather than a horn section. Is this a change you were forced to make, or did you feel it was the best step for The Aquabats to take in their journey of rock 'n' roll?

Look, it is like this, and I am only going to say this once. Led Zepplin does not have a trombone player! Ok! We fired all of our horn players to sound like Led Zepplin and if you believe that, then you should chop your eye off. Come on!!! What can we do when all of our horn players have quit? Hire new ones?SHEEESH!!! It is just not the same, so, to honor the memory of our old friends, who played horns, we move on the only way we can...with one lonely saxophone playing keyboard player.

Which superheroes do you feel provide the most competition for the Bats?

The American Gladiators. Nitro is tough. Lazer is an animal. And Zap is indestructable and that is just the dudes. Those gladiator chicks are gnarly.

Okay, I don't want to keep you here all day, because I daresay the world needs saving. Do you have any last words you'd like to leave our readers with?

Be cool, stay in school. Say nope to dope and ugh to drugs. Help take a bite out of crime and remember the girls pants you wear today will be the mullet of tomorrow. I lived through the 80's once already, trust me. New Hardcore is the New ska and real ska is from Jamaica not Orange County. Horns dont make you ska and keyboards dont make you sound more creative. Mtv is not a music channel and Bill Murray IS the best, and Meatballs is his Citizen Kane.


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04:26 PM on 06/07/05
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Excellent! This man is my HERO(MC Bat Commander). Good read. XD
05:07 PM on 06/07/05
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InaGreendase's Avatar
Originally Posted by Brandon Allin
Which superheroes do you feel provide the most competition for the Bats?

The American Gladiators. Nitro is tough. Lazer is an animal. And Zap is indestructable and that is just the dudes. Those gladiator chicks are gnarly.

Whoa, I thought they were shittalking their label for a second.
07:11 AM on 06/08/05
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ixbye's Avatar
Long live the Bats.
08:49 AM on 05/18/06
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irishpunk14's Avatar

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