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Ken Andrews - 06.17.05

Interviewed by: Brandon Herbel (06/17/05)
First off Ken, I would just like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit and answer a few questions for us.

No problem.

So, what is a usual day for someone like Ken Andrews.

It varies a lot. Sometimes Iím mixing or producing an artist, sometimes writing and recording my own projects, right now on tour with Charlotte Martin.

You have been working on a lot of albums lately like the new Copeland and Mae albums. What are some projects that you are currently working on?

Just finished mixing the new Abandoned Pools Album, finishing new Charlotte Martin album, and about half way done with new solo album.

How did you get into producing?

I guess producing and mixing Failureís Fantastic Planet was my door into producing for other artists. A lot of bands know about this album.

Any bands that you would like to contact about producing? Or do you usually let them come to you?

Usually the bands are the ones contacting me. They are looking for a producer and usually contact and meet with a few.

This might be to early to know, but do you see yourself getting involved in the new Deftones album?

There was a brief flirtation about this, but they decided against using me.

In Chinoís interview with you in Alternative Press, he mentioned about having you come in and listen to some of their new tracks, has this taken place yet? And if so what do we have to expect.

Yes it has taken place. But it didnít pan out.

With in the last years you have been very heavily involved with the music industry. Is there anything new that you want to do, or have your hands on currently?

Yes. There is a new project that I just started called Los Angeles Digital Noise Academy or LADNA for short. I call it a digital music collective. Itís essentially a web based band. Weíve got about 25 members now. Itís a project where someone can post up an ďinitial ideaĒ or element, like a drum beat or guitar riff, then another member can download it, add another element to it, and then repost it. Eventually we get a song. Right now we already have about 4-5 songs, add many incomplete ideas started. I plan on issuing a press release about it in the coming months. Iím really excited about this project.

Speaking of you being so involved, lets talk about some of your music. Is there one favorite song that sticks out from every other song that you have written?

Like most songwriters, Iím always into the latest song Iím working on. If you werenít, youíd never finish anything new.

Failure was a big influence for a lot of people, and something I played non stop in
high school. Do you still talk to the band on a regular basis?

I havenít really seen Kellii or Troy in a while but Greg and I got together last year and made the Failure ďGoldenĒ CD/DVD, which was really fun to make.

Do you ever see Failure playing any shows together again?


ďThe Nurse Who Loved MeĒ is an amazing song. Is there any significance behind it?

Yeah, it had a lot of weird connotations to it for Greg and I at that point, but they are too convoluted and vague to recount at this point.

How do you go about writing and recording for ON? What kinds of programs do you use?

I use ProTools on a mac with lots of plug-ins and soft-synths.

Speaking of ON, do you prefer working alone or with band?

On is my solo thing, so I only work on it when Iím feeling it. I start with one element, and simply build, layer, and strip away stuff, much like a sculpture, until I feel itís done

Should we look forward to a 3rd ON record? And if so, howís that coming along?

Iím about half-way done with a new solo album.

One of your most recent projects was Year of the Rabbit. Can we expect to hear anything else from the band?

YOTR is on indefinite hiatus. I wonít close the door on it, but for now, it sleeps.

Are there any other current bands that you are playing in right now?


A lot of people (including me) will say you are one of the most respected songwriters of our generation. How does something like that make you feel?

Very appreciated.

*Thank you Ken and Nettwork Management*
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