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Technology Round-Up (01-03-09)

Posted by - 12:45 PM on 01/03/09
Head to the replies to read and discuss all news surrounding technology!
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12:46 PM on 01/03/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together! If you are interested in helping out, please contact me.

Tech Round-UpMobile-related

Your beloved phone may give you kidney stones on top of the previously reported cell phone dangers.

The truth is out about texting. We're all getting ripped off severely.
Fans of T9 predictable text can rejoice even in the age of touch screens. Say hello to Swype--touchscreen T9.

users will get some very nice phones in 2009 including the Blackberry 8900 and the Samsung Memoir which features an 8-megapixel camera.

For any guys out there juggling multiple women, with an iPhone, your scheduling woes are over with passwords for each woman and much more.

Proving that even the most simple things can be profitable, the iFart application made $40,000 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone. Which means some people got a really lame last-minute Christmas gift.

Wal-Mart is officially selling iPhones. Cnet has an interesting article about why it is the key to Apple's domination of the mobile arena.

The US Army apparently uses the iPod Touch on the field for translation.

Navy submarines can now text to communicate.


The latest Windows 7 beta has leaked to the internet and has been reviewed as a "massive improvement" over Vista. And Microsoft has been accused of being the source. Possibly to keep people's faith in the company alive?

A very controversial new law says Georgia sex offenders must give up their online passwords. Invasion of privacy or protecting the peace?

The FBI has challenged hackers yet again to hack their cryptography.

Ever wonder how much information President Bush has archived? A ridiculous amount.

From beyond the grave, John Lennon supports the One Laptop Per Child movement.

Facebook has received some angry responses for their removal of breast-feeding pictures (yes there's a picture. Yes, it's safe for work).

Microsoft was denied the patent to pay as you go computing.

Be careful with your new digital picture frame. It may come come with some malware...

In an attempt to keep the FCC proposal of free internet movement, content filtering (including pornography) has been removed.

Wikipedia's founder pleaded for money to keep the site alive (possibly ad-free). And his cries were heard people donated $6.2 million.


Is using cremation heat to warm houses a smart, economical move or is it simply twisted?

As reported already, Zune 30's all froze on December 31. Your Zune should have come back to life, but if it has not, check out Microsoft's official response.

The glow from an iPod helped save the lives of two lost tourists in the Swiss mountains.

A new book states that Sony inadvertently helped pay for the Xbox 360 development.

The most ungrateful Wii recipient of the year is a 26-year-old man who fought his girlfriend because she didn't get him the $1,000 RC airplane he asked for.

Is the Sony PSP dead despite its technical edge over the competition? submitted by Adrian Villagomez

Is Steve Jobs' health the reason that Apple won't be at Macworld? Cnet cites...well...not much...in their assertion that he is perfectly fine.

The UK has outlined a plan to track all e-mail and calls. A private firm will keep track of the data. Big brother at its finest.

For anyone unfortunate enough to have picked HD DVD, at least you will be able to enhance your library for $8 a movie via Blockbuster.

In a nod to Minority Report, airline security systems may soon allow people to walk through without stopping as it reads your intentions.

Here is a practical use for Twitter other than tracking how often you sneeze: use it to notify you when your laundry is done. And people can expect many tweets as Obama is sworn in.


Gamers play an important part in helping the aiding economy. And the struggling economy may make games cheaper.

Digital distribution videogame "taxes" are on the rise.

Been collecting those old rare NES cartridges for years? Digital re-releases make your time and effort worth far less money.

Ever found yourself waiting at an airport with nothing to do? Best Buy is here to help with videogame vending machines.

Here are seven hacks Rock Band and Guitar Hero with accompanying Youtube videos.

Rumored (Roy Orbison has been confirmed) Rock Band upcoming DLC tracks have leaked.

Check out screenshots of the biggest threat to World of Warcraft's MMORPG empire: Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Michael Phelps' upcoming game will not be just about swimming. It will be "pure action".

A $5 pre-order of Killzone 2 will earn gamers a demo of the game.

The popular zombie killer Left 4 Dead has DLC on the way that will be released simultaneously on PC (definitely free) and Xbox 360 (hopefully free).


If you can still remember your New Year's Resolution, here is some software help you keep track of it. Then again, it may be actually be bad for your health.

Got an old iPod lying around? Here are 10 good reasons to keep it.

Contributed by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Arstechnica, Digg, Engadget, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, or Slashdot if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
12:47 PM on 01/03/09
Lueda Alia
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The article about text messages bothers me.
12:57 PM on 01/03/09
Tonight I'm Burning Star IV
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zubinmoosa's Avatar
lol at some of the iPhone apps that are around

and w00t for Macworld on Tuesday (though nothing big will probably happen)
12:59 PM on 01/03/09
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this is definitely my favorite of the new roundups
01:01 PM on 01/03/09
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Navy submarines can now text to communicate.

01:05 PM on 01/03/09
Registered User
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Loving technology round-up....thank you for this
01:16 PM on 01/03/09
Registered User
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Navy submarines can now text to communicate.

01:19 PM on 01/03/09
our names are x and n
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Great read.
01:23 PM on 01/03/09
Undue Noise
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Undue Noise's Avatar

Here are seven hacks Rock Band and Guitar Hero with accompanying Youtube videos.

All of those hacks look sweet.
02:06 PM on 01/03/09
Dear Maria, Count Me Out!
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outrageouslyAL's Avatar
i really want a blackberry type phone that i can use t9 on. i like only using one hand... but i dont want to have to use touch screen for it.

i wish i could get as much money as wikipedia by pleading

twitter is still dumb, people shouldnt be that lazy that they cant get up to check the washer.

michael phelps' game looks really dumb.

i think i might do one of those things to my old ipod!!
02:08 PM on 01/03/09
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carlosonthedrums's Avatar
So much good shit. I can't wait til airport computers can read my mind and ask me to "step into a new Audi today."
02:23 PM on 01/03/09
Is there a ghost in my house?
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Liter-O-Cola's Avatar
In mobile news, I dropped my phone in the toilet for the second time last night.

Great job on this round-up, keep it up!
03:38 PM on 01/03/09
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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ifart is hilarious. you can leave it around after timing a fart and make everyone think your grandma has gas.
04:40 PM on 01/03/09
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andrewa5's Avatar
Yay for wikipedia!

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