Jamison Parker - 07.05.05

Interviewed by
Jamison Parker - 07.05.05For those reading this interview, who are we talking to and what do you do
in Jamison Parker?

my name is jamison and i have no idea what it is that i'm doing.... ever.

So where did you guys come up with the idea to start a band and how long
have you guys been playing together?

we met through a mutual friend and just sort of hit it off. we immediately
began recording and working on songs.... i guess that was about two or two
and a half tears ago. i have no concept of time so don't quote me on that.

The new album "Sleepwalker" is due to come out July 12th. Are you guys
excited to see all of this work pay off?

the fact that we actually finished it is enough pay off for me.

Now, is there anything that inspired this album in paticular? Or was it just
more of what you were feeling at the time?

what i'm feeling at the time is the only inspiration that i ever rely on.

I definently have a few favorite songs off the new album. Is there any songs
on the new album that really stick out to you guys?

i love tearing through me..... that's my favorite.

Also, the production on this is amazing. Ken Andrews worked on it didn't he?
What was it like working with him?

my love for him as a friend is equal to my respect for him as a producer.

The album is going to be released on Interscope. How did you guys end up
meeting the label and get the record deal?

i chained myself to a tree in front of the label until they agreed to help
us put out an album.

Do you feel that there was any big maturity or change from this album from
the last?

i don't know, i don't really listen to our music much so i couldn't tell
you.... i guess that's for everyone else to decide.

You guys are about to set out for a huge tour to promote the album. Are you
the type of band that loves to be on the road all the time?

i don't know, its a lot for me to process, mentally. being on tour is kind
of like sitting in a car and having your hands tied behind your back while
someone aims you toward a brick wall and is pushing the gas pedal to the

After this tour, is there any discussion of any others yet?

we're co-headlining a tour with waking ashland after this one coming up with


What type of music have you been listening to lately?

jesus and mary chain and Motion City Soundtrack

Any bands that we should all be watching out for?


The album leaked way before the release date. Did that have anything to do
with the release date change?

we changed the release date? when did that happen?

What are your thoughts on the whole album leaking and piracy thing that
rules the internet?

albums sales help to allow bands to make more albums. alot of contracts,
hidden in the fine print somewhere, have tons of options. those options more

than likely include one that allows the label to either drop the band or use

less money on the creation of the next album, if they don't sell a certain
amount of records. if everyone is illegally downloading an album then there
will be no official records to show how many people actually gave a shit.
most people only understand numbers. i hate it, but that's how it is. it
takes a very understanding and genuine group of people to have faith and
stand by a band and their music these days. getting back on track, record
sales are also, eventually.... if enough are sold, a source of income.....
that's another whole paragraph that seems way too boring to type.... besides

who really wants to spend time talking about the technical side of this when

we could just be enjoying the music and not concerning ourselves with sound
scan numbers and which band draws more in detroit. we should leave all of
that boring shit to the boring business men. i guess i should put in the
other thoughts on the other side of the fence so i can put them both
together and say to you that i'm in the direct center of the beliefs and
opinions of this matter..... if you love the music that you've downloaded
for free, then how can anyone be angry about it. yes, there are definite
reasons to fight downloading, but at the same time, i'm equally as happy
that someone has taken the time to seek out one of our songs and download it

because they actually have a love for the music. there you have it.... i've
rambled on and on only to end up saying, that i'm just as confused about
where i stand as when i started.

Growing up, music was probably a big thing in your life. Is there any bands
that really helped you and influenced you to be where you are today?

i'm still growing up and finding new music. instead of getting far too
indepth and boring again, i'll just make a short list...... smashing
pumpkins, nirvana, recover, jesus and mary chain, the cure, jimmy eat world,

my bloody valentine, screeching weasel, the ramones

Well, that's about all the questions I have for you guys. Is there anything
you would like to say to all the fans and readers out there in
Absolutepunk.net land?

is it just me, or are we all being over-medicated?

thanks for the interview,
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05:17 PM on 07/06/05
is not Oversized...
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OveriseFan's Avatar
it's both of us Jamison...
06:17 PM on 07/06/05
check out www.avoidthescene.com
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No Avatar Selected
That was a little weird...how did he not know the release date was changed? Was he on something? :smarty:
06:41 PM on 07/06/05
Registered User
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earlynovemberX's Avatar
not a good interview. he seems like an ass.
07:10 PM on 07/06/05
is not Oversized...
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OveriseFan's Avatar
Originally Posted by piaffeprncess98
That was a little weird...how did he not know the release date was changed? Was he on something? :smarty:

probably. haha.

Some artists just don't pay attention to that sometimes too. Maybe they didn't know it was supposed to be May 24, no one told them before it was delayed... possibly.
07:12 PM on 07/06/05
I Miss Weezer
True Punk Fan
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No Avatar Selected
Originally Posted by earlynovemberX
not a good interview. he seems like an ass.

I got that vibe too. I also thought perhaps it was another e-mail interview.
07:49 PM on 07/06/05
so typical
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so typical's Avatar
he def seems unhappy
08:27 PM on 07/06/05
I take no comfort in that fact.
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HollywoodAbalze's Avatar
as much as i love the new cd, and how its so f-ing amazing, i dont think itll blow them up, itll be either a blow up in the scene or a slow build up like dahsboard was, and since theyre on a major i think bad things will come their way, they shouldve stayed on an indie and gained a large fanbase first, it sucks cuz they deserve sucess, but shit happens...
08:31 PM on 07/06/05
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
I saw them on tour with The Starting Line earlier this year. Jamison was...different. He stood on stage hugging his guitar while everybody else tuned up and then layed on the stage until they started. Then he played two and a half songs and just walked off stage to let Parker explain. Apparently he was sick and lost his voice but he was just really sketchy about all of it. Seems like an odd guy. Even the guys of Days Away were like "What just happened?" I don't know. I really like their music but Jamison is possibly far too overmedicated.
09:35 PM on 07/06/05
The Tallest Man on Earth
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ArmorForZzZzZ's Avatar
I talked to him after one of their shows on tour with The Starting Line. Kind of an odd guy, but they put on a damn good live act.
10:04 PM on 07/06/05
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i saw them live with Days Away. The academy is... and Mae. Jamison played the whole set with these white sunglasses and looked ridiculous. i laughed the whole time, but then when he walked off after playing 5 songs, i was pissed, and so was the band.
11:55 PM on 07/06/05
hates your guts.
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robdobi's Avatar
brandon, you forgot to ask them why they decided to let the blind do the the artwork.


i tried figuring out who did the artwork via google and came across an interview...

Jamison: The artwork is taking a while; the last big hump to get over then the album will be out.
04:52 AM on 07/07/05
check out www.avoidthescene.com
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No Avatar Selected
When did he start wearing weird make-up? I mean, I was watching a video from awhile back when they were first "discovered" at Skate N Surf, and he looked normal.
06:44 AM on 07/07/05
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Jamison and Parker are both very funny, very nice guys. It's not fair to judge a person through writing or email. I think Jamison was being sarcastic and funny and it just didn't come across that way in print.
07:23 AM on 07/07/05
Count Me Out
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em0_stars's Avatar
Jamison and parker are really nice guys, but i have heard numerous acocutns of jamison's oddities.

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