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10:35 PM on 01/29/09
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I Agree 100% with Tribute2Ben89, these dudes are the definition of genuine sounding music, they work super hard, and have ill vocals, contrary to anything you read in this review.

Buy their CD. I personally guarantee you will not be disapointed
01:18 AM on 01/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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I think you should give this album another shot. This record is easily one of the best of 2008, and it's disheartening to see it being under-appreciated on this site. They are very creative and genuine, and very hard-working. I honestly hear no true flaws on this album, and had a tough time reading this review altogether.

I really hope anyone who bases their opinion of the band on this review will strongly consider checking out their music and buying their album, they're solid dudes and their music needs to be heard.

I respect your opinion, however, and hope that you give it another go.
Well thank you for your respect. I'm sure I can name a few bands that I adore for their creativity, genuine attitude and awesome work ethic that you won't be crazy about.
01:19 AM on 01/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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Who's baby should I attempt to have next?

While Saporta's baby is enticing.. I think I can find a better candidate for six figures.
Easy. Anton's!
09:11 AM on 01/30/09
Don't give me no hand me down love.
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But six figures?! I think that's just your way of working in with Anton.......
09:54 AM on 01/30/09
Mike Kraft
It'll get you drunk!
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Classy review, Julia! I enjoyed it!

No sarcasm.
10:18 AM on 01/30/09
saving jonathan
everything in transit
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Julia Conny just needs to stop drinking the
10:53 AM on 01/30/09
It's getting fucking dark.
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I'm a big fan of these guys, so I obviously disagree, but I do have to talk about your review. What the hell are you talking about in the first two paragraphs? It's like you took every complicated review you ever read, took the most cliche words from each one, and crammed them all together. I can't tell if you're bashing or praising their vocals.

I'm bummed that you don't like. I have the disc in constant rotation, and I love it. Maybe see them live on their spring tour, and change your mind?

It's the HSM reference, wasn't it? I'm a poser.

I like the vocals - actually, I thought I was fairly positive. I'd love to see what this band does live.

You REALLY should. My first introduction to them was at a live show, where i had never heard of them, and was blown away. I gotta admit, I was let down by the album, but only because it didn't convey their stage presence as much as I had hoped for. This band definitely does have potential, and I hope that everyone gives this band a chance, regardless of the review. (Dont get me wrong by saying i was let down, i still love/d it)

I also gotta admit that I was confused by the musical reference, it left me asking myself if that was praise or negativity.

I'm from Saginaw, and i've followed the band for awhile. I have to say that in my opinion they're great. There's not much out there like them, and they're incredible guys. I don't think you can fully form an opinion about Your Best Friend without seeing them live. They have a presence that is like no other. Therefore i must disagree with your review. This is their first album, and i think that it's pretty damn good for a first, and it's only going to get better. And I agree with the people above me as well, shit band are praised all over this website, and Your Best Friend gets a 64%

I suppose its all a matter of personal preference, and i prefer real.

On point with the stage presence, as well as this only being their FIRST album. For a first album, i'd say its pretty damn good. I still listen to this album regularly, and hope for the best for this band.
11:42 AM on 01/30/09
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These guys are good. I thought the review was kinda weak, especially you since you missed their very obvious biggest influence, Hot Water Music.
11:57 AM on 01/30/09
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Great guys, great music. Hopefully this review doesnt sway people from listening to them at all, they deserve some more attention.
12:01 PM on 01/30/09
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All you have to do is look at my avatar to see I'm a HUGE fan of this band. Obviously, I'm disappointed by the review, but to each his (or her in this case) own!

However, there are some factual inaccuracies:

Now you're here, can I cry now?

The lyric is actually "Now you're here and I cry out ..." Only a big difference because "crying out" is significantly less emo and weird than asking for permission to cry, haha. I don't think even Hawthorne Heights could top the melodrama there!

Also, the focus at the beginning is all on Bonham, which is great, but he isn't lead vocals on the opening track, and most of the lead vocal duty is actually handled by bassist Dale Brown (and a few of the songs mentioned by guitarist Steve Sochanek).

Admitedly, until I saw them live, they all sort of sounded the same to me too. But I wouldn't have put it in ink before I found out for sure.

I hope people give this band a shot either way. To me, they're everything that's great about rock music.
12:01 PM on 01/30/09
Portuguese Bend
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The RIYL here is kind of strange and inaccurate.. a little surprised by the review, this record is really good. Cool to see them written about on here though. One of the few recent bands that I randomly found on the internerd that blew me away.
12:53 PM on 01/30/09
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mybreakingpoint's Avatar
These guys are so great.

My band played with them 2 weeks ago, and they were the most humble, nice guys ever. I told John "I'm so jealous you can write songs like that" & he said "I'm so jealous you can write vocal melodies like that", and idk, man, it was one of the best experiences I've had with another local band in a long time.

Not to mention their live show was phenomenal. When all 4 of them started singing at the same time, I basically jizzed in my pants. It was ridiculously awesome.

And the CD is beyond solid. I bought it off iTunes before the show, and then bought a hard copy at the show, and it was more than worth it.

Take it from a guy who liked this album enough to buy it twice--it's more than worth buying it once.

I'd give it a solid 8.5/10, for sure. These guys deserve nothing but the best.

We're also probably playing with them again at The Token Lounge pretty soon, so any local people reading this, you need to show up. They put on a great show, and if nothing else, you can at least point & laugh at my band & I.
01:00 PM on 01/30/09
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Also, the review is very well-written. Nice job, Julia.

The only thing was I don't agree with the RIYL at all. The Used? Thrice? VENDETTA RED? Really? Idk about that.

I'm trying to think of my own RIYL, but I'm having issues being very accurate. But I really don't think they sound anything like the aforementioned bands, especially Vendetta Red. I can see elements of the other two, but when I think Vendetta Red, I think "I'll make love to your face with a boxcutter"...so... hahaha
01:03 PM on 01/30/09
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I'm real glad that you reviewed YBF...just to see them on the front page of Absolute was very exciting!

I also have to agree with some other posters that you should really see them live...again i know they aren't exactly well known enough to play in a lot of areas (especially outside of the midwest) but they are a great find...

I hope everyone that listens to them youtube's them and finds some of their performances...

I'm sad that you didn't enjoy decimals or aboriri ...i think those are two of the most emotionally driven songs on the album and strike a chord with me...but to each their own

Again, i'm real glad that you did this review and i can see a favorite band of mine on one of my favorite sites
01:23 PM on 01/30/09
SONGS Music Publishing
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tendollarday's Avatar
Your Best Friend are a fantastic band and unsigned no less!

Good review though

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