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Technology Round-Up (02-08-09)

Posted by - 04:48 PM on 02/08/09
Head to the replies to read and discuss news on technology this week.
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04:48 PM on 02/08/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together, as usual. If you would like to contribute, feel free to contact me.

Technology Round-Up

No need to worry about a cellphone giving you cancer if it explodes and kills you first.

Is blocking cell network access a right local police should have?

AT&T may have a strike of 20,000 employees on their hands.

How would you like one phone number and one voicemail tying all your current mobile and land lines together for free?

Multitouch has come to the Android G1 (unofficially). For those not afraid to get their feet wet, Gizmodo has published a rather extensive guide on how to add the capability. The latest firmware update that has probably crept onto G1's is included.

Cell phone optics are catching up to digital cameras. Samsung has a 12-megapixel cameraphone on the way.

Verizon is offering customers a buy-one-get-one sale on all Blackberries. An antidote to the addiction is not included.

The copy protection behind iPhone applications has been cracked. Obviously, this one is not for sale on the App Store.

Nine years old and already writing iPhone applications...pretty impressive.

Ever wonder what kind of sick genius it takes to come up with iFart?

iPhone users are ten times as likely to play games as other cell phone owners.

Higher-quality, 4 megapixel iPhone pictures are available though some tricky stitching of rapid shots. Only available (for purchase) for jailbroken iPhones.

For 99 cents, an iPhone can put a newborn to sleep.


Apple has taken the first step toward eliminating loiterers in their stores: blocking Facebook.

Public broadband internet has been cut from the Senate's proposed stimulus bill.

Fraudulent letters representing an ex-Dallas Cowboy player are more believable if fonts from Microsoft Office 2007 are not used in the letter dated in 1999.

90,000 sex offenders have been kicked off MySpace. While that is clearly good news, in most of the targets have probably moved to Facebook anyway.

For once, a life was saved over MySpace.

Will Facebook start selling users' personal information?

Do not send nude pictures to people on Facebook unless you are absolutely sure who is receiving them.

Also, if you notice a parking ticket on your car, make sure it is legitimate and not an attempt to infiltrate your computer.

While most people believe that the British are more cultured and sophisticated than the average bloke, one-third of them surfed porn at work.

An accredited online university with classes for $15 a pop?

Started to notice pop-ups slipping through? Here is the reason. There is no clear solution.

The new and improved Eee PC 1000HE netbook advertises an upgraded processor and 9+ hours of battery life.

Despite official specifications, Windows 7 can run on a 600MHz computer with 512MB of RAM. Also, check out some videos of multitouch on the new operating system.

US Department of Justice staff are being tested for their susceptibility toward phishing scams.

Google Earth
now goes underwater and travels through time.

New Jersey residents who subscribe to Comcast get an extra treat: free wi-fi in some areas.


Bill Gates has a way of making an impact--releasing a swarm of mosquitos on an audience is one of them.

Tucson, Arizona viewers of the Super Bowl were treated with hardcore porn. And in what may be the most clever form of compensation ever, the company that hosts the film has apologized by offering viewers a $10 credit to the website.

Check out scandalous un-aired Super Bowl ads.

Although last week's Comcast worker fiasco was humorous, the company more than made up for it by rescuing an elderly woman from a burning home.

Claiming that the airplane practically flies itself is not a sufficient justification for a drunk pilot.

Thieves took $9 million from ATM's in 49 cities within a 30-minute period.

A wooden carved, painted Playstation 2 was able to fool a retailer into accepting the return. It sounds like more effort than the system is worth.

Netflix playback on the Playstation 3 (and Wii in the future) can be had through a third party for a one-time fee of $29.99.

Though Sony has pledged that the Playstation 4 is still a ways off, reports show that Intel will design the graphics processing unit (yes, the GPU) in the system.

A dashboard update for the Xbox 360 should fix the reported issues with HDMI.

Italian drivers have been getting hosed on their red light cameras by much shorter yellow lights.

Here's a surefire way to confuse postal workers and friends alike: a house with moveable outer walls to change the design.

The Kindle 2 has been photographed and priced.

The UK's biometric identification cards are not worth much without updated card readers.
For the people who can't get enough of themselves, a Japanese company will make a miniature robot likeness for $2,215.

Learn guitar with a laser instructer to show which frets should be held.

For people who thought the Rubik's Cube was too easy, meet the Rubik's 360.


Brain function playing against a computer is different than playing against another person.

Half-Life 2 engine and a custom level combine to make a really cool fire evacuation drill.

A 14-year-old broke the Guitar Hero 3 high score for "Through the Fire and Flames". Even more shocking, he has broken 80 plastic guitars in the effort.

Street Fighter IV DLC has already been detailed.

Will this series ever stop?Check out a trailer for Tekken 6.

Blizzard will not be attending E3 this year.

Wondering what to do with those 3D glasses you got for the Super Bowl promotion? How about playing Left 4 Dead in 3D?

Killzone 2 looks creepy and awesome. As does this new trailer for F.E.A.R. 2.

Rockstar has announced Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to Red Dead Revolver.

Guitar Hero: World Tour has some southern rock on the way and Rock Band 2 has some Scottish rock in this week's DLC. RB2 will eventually getting the full Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy album. Also, watch Stephen Colbert play RB2 with a congressman.

Watch people play Guitar Hero: Metallica. It's hard not to be jealous of the double-bass "Expert Plus" mode.

Check out the first trailer for the upcoming movie-tie-in Transformers game.


Stop that annoying person in front of you on the plane from reclining his or her chair.

Check out a really cool, multi-purpose Firefox extension called Ubiquity.

Turn your handwriting into a font for free.

Keep your desktop neat and clean with Fences.

Here is a list of 10 nifty Gmail Labs features every Gmailer should check out.


Contributed by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Digg, Engadget, hackinthebox, The Inquirer, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, or Slashdot if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
05:00 PM on 02/08/09
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whyte39's Avatar
i know how about 80 tabs to go through on my browser. Yay, when i have work to do. :(
05:02 PM on 02/08/09
Tonight I'm Burning Star IV
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zubinmoosa's Avatar
Hahaha at the porn during the Super Bowl. The news anchor said "Club Jenna, apparently an adult film company, though of course I had no idea."
05:04 PM on 02/08/09
Forget your compass and scars.
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TheHoldSteady's Avatar
Haha, that porn things hilarious.
05:09 PM on 02/08/09
Student, photographer, etc.
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imtimwhoareyou's Avatar
Cell phone optics are catching up to digital cameras. Samsung has a 12-megapixel cameraphone on the way.

You mean, cell phone SENSORS are catching up to digital cameras... The optics still have a long way to go. In either case, I wonder if it's even a decent sensor anyway... I'd much rather have a 5MP camera with good optics than a 12MP camera with decent optics.
05:23 PM on 02/08/09
Registered User
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berky11's Avatar
First story apparently isn't all true: http://www.danwei.org/mobile_phone_a...one_or_a_z.php
05:55 PM on 02/08/09
Tech Round-up Author,Chipotle Lover
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CyberInferno's Avatar
You mean, cell phone SENSORS are catching up to digital cameras... The optics still have a long way to go. In either case, I wonder if it's even a decent sensor anyway... I'd much rather have a 5MP camera with good optics than a 12MP camera with decent optics.
haha, fair enough.Though I'll say that my N95 8GB competes well with my friend's 5-megapixel camera until we get in low-light situations. Though my LED is stupidly bright, it's no xenon
06:03 PM on 02/08/09
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
I love this roundup, best of the new ones
06:05 PM on 02/08/09
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nicktu12's Avatar
ha on the porn one. and l4d in 3d
06:10 PM on 02/08/09
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SomedayTheFire's Avatar
Killzone 2 demo is sooooooooo good.
06:13 PM on 02/08/09
yes. yes. yes.
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Thug_Nasty's Avatar
L4d in 3d would be intense.

These round ups have so much information. I love it
06:45 PM on 02/08/09
Taking new user name suggestions!
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XEmoBoyShandorX's Avatar
Mosquitos into an audience. Damn....
06:50 PM on 02/08/09
i know i got my issues...
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dru's Avatar
i love these hahah
07:00 PM on 02/08/09
Soft sound
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acfrue's Avatar
Major props to Chad and Lueda, this is a great round up. Definitely my favorite round up.

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