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Technology Round-Up (02-15-09)

Posted by - 07:30 PM on 02/15/09
Head to the replies to view and discuss all news on technology this week.
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07:30 PM on 02/15/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together. If you would like to help out, feel free to contact me.

Technology Round-UpMobile-related

As berky11 pointed out, last week's story about a man being killed by an exploding cell phone was actually the result of a gun misfire.

Sony Ericsson showed off their own 12-megapixel camera-phone, the Idou (are they teasing the subconscious with the name?).

One lucky eBay-er scored Jude Law's and Natalie Portman's cell phone numbers.

The world's most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick, believe that Obama's Blackberry is hackable.

Did Apple muscle Google into keeping multi-touch off of the Android G1?

Speaking of Apple's muscle, it appears that the company has declared jailbreaking to be a violation of its copyright.

New DRM on the iPhone App Store makes sure developers are still getting paid.

Apple's App Store isn't going to be the only mobile store in town for long. And speaking of stores, the Android store will allow paid applications soon.

An iPhone owner was able to get his stolen phone back in 55 minutes thanks to technology and some helpful people.

AT&T iPhone customers may get a break on data fees.

Nokia users syncing their data on Ovi lost the last 3 weeks worth of information. And that is why I still use Lifeblog and PC Suite.

Jailbroken iPhone users can now use GPS voice navigation. Android users will have the same capabilities soon. And of course, Symbian users have this ability for a while.

Windows Mobile users don't have to wait for Microsoft to come out with a cooler interface; Pointui 2 looks pretty slick.


Not jumping the gun this week; the stimulus has actually made it through the Senate and though the House. Though they have very different views, both make reference to a broadband stimulus. The Wall Street Journal does not think highly of the idea.

Psystar, the seller of custom-built computer with OS X, finally won a legal battle against Apple.

Some computer keyboards are manufactured in sweat shops.

One of the co-founders of MySpace says that Facebook has won (take with a grain of salt. The article makes statements about what he says but there are no direct quotations stating the claim).

Will BitTorrent die if The Pirate Bay loses its trial? Though it appears that TPB is not genuinely afraid, instead choosing to make the event a "spectrial."

Windows 7 will be free for people that buy a Vista computer this summer.

Though the EU seems to want Microsoft to bundle Firefox with Windows, one of the architects for Firefox argues that it is a bad idea.

Make $250,000 courtesy of Microsoft if you can turn in the authors of the Conficker/Downadup worm.

Microsoft has finally taken a hint, and the next version of Outlook Web Access will be more friendly to non-Internet Explorer web browsers.

Companies may be charged for Tweeting.

A man believes he has found treasure using Google Earth and is suing for access to the area.

Cuba is attempting to rid itself of everything American by switching from Windows to Linux.


Electronic cigarettes...what do you think?
Please don't try this at home (even if this guy did). A man built his own prosthetic arm after being denied the surgery due to the nature of his injury.

The Author's Guild claims that the Kindle 2 is out-of-line with its text-reading feature.

has apparently sold 50 million PSP's worldwide even if it's rare to actually see someone playing one. Yet the company has promised good games are on the way.

High-speed chases may start ending sooner the Spider-Man way.

Will we all someday dodge bullets like Keanu?

Microsoft has split the Zune team into hardware and software divisions. Firing off the hardware division should be much easier this way.

Apple stores will soon have competition from...Microsoft stores?

Apparently Apple stores are not blocking Facebook after all.

Circuit City is splitting the remaining cash between the executives and workers...kinda.

Sirius XM is preparing to file for bankrupcy.

Tesla Motors will receive a $350 million loan from the Department of Energy.

Southwest Airlines will allow free access to beta in-flight wifi.

Google wants to help people monitor their electricity consumption.

Dell has launched an inkless printer.


Sports gamers pwn the real athletes.

Give your loved one a late Valentine's Day massage over Xbox Live via the wireless controller. Yes, it's supposed to sound dirty.

The Left 4 Dead is on sale this weekend only for 50% off ($24.95). Also, the expansion pack will be free and feature 12 levels of zomie-slaughtering fun.

The Watchmen game is "caught in the awkward place between being a comic book game and a movie game."

Snoop Dog is coming to Rock Band 2. This week's DLC features White Zombie and Turbonegro. Meanwhile, Harmonix has announced that Rock Band was "the #1 game title of 2008 by revenue across all genres," and in other news, the company is counter-suing Konami over Rock Revolution.

Paul McCartney dishes about the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game.

Guitar Hero: World Tour has a Wings Track Pack on the way.

Despite the recent conundrums involving Alex Rodriguez and Michael Phelps, Activision is committed to their advertisements. Also, Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits is on the way (way to sell people what they already own again).

Though Starcraft is starting to compete with Duke Nukem Forever for vaporware awards, a beta and revamped Battle.net are "months" away.

MLB 2K9 changes real-life stadium dimensions to accomodate additonal advertisements.

Hello Kitty Online
debuted on Valentine's Day. Accounts are free. Go ahead...you know you want to.

Street Fighter IV on the easiest difficulty can be beaten with one button.

Sony plans to start releasing hybrid movie/game Blu-Ray discs for that rare occasion (*cough* Resident Evil) that both the game and the movie are worth owning.

For the Total Access customers Blockbuster hasn't lost yet to Netflix, games can be added to sweeten the deal for a mere $5 more a month.


Microsoft is giving away free domain names (for business purposes of course.) The first year is free and it's only $15/year afterwards to renew afterwards. To get rid of the lame layouts Microsoft offers, simply enable third-party tools to do the work using whatever editors you like. Your round-up author verified the offer and reserved his name's domain name.

Relive Goldeneye for the N64 through a free Half-Life 2 mod (though Counter-Strike has servers with Goldeneye maps that are pretty fun too).

Check out some really cool video game wallpapers.

Gizmodo put together a nice list of iPhone jailbreak apps.

Can't remember how to re-program that universal remote cause you lost the manual? OwnerIQ may be able to help you out with that or other missing manuals.


Contributed by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Digg, Engadget, Fark, hackinthebox, The Inquirer, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, or Slashdot if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
07:50 PM on 02/15/09
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An inkless printer (by Dell) which boasts saving consumers money on printer ink, yet you have to buy a new package of inkless printer paper whenever it runs out? Can it print out reports (8.5x11) or just photos?

However, Really nice Tech Round Up!
07:57 PM on 02/15/09
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Awesome. Some really cool stuff in here.
07:59 PM on 02/15/09
Every cloud is in your way
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my favorite round up every week.
08:06 PM on 02/15/09
Trent Powers
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where in the world is the entertainment news adrian?!?!
08:10 PM on 02/15/09
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where in the world is the entertainment news adrian?!?!
I've been wondering the same thing.
08:18 PM on 02/15/09
Regular Member
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haven't listened to xm since th merger. sirius got rid of most of the good xm stations like raw, the rhyme, and lucy. i miss listening to those channels especially fungus which xm got rid of in the fall.
08:23 PM on 02/15/09
yes. yes. yes.
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L4D update? Can't wait
08:51 PM on 02/15/09
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no entertainment round up this week?
08:51 PM on 02/15/09
Neil, Play the Drum Solo of Life!
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i would give anything to have Natalie Portman's number
09:06 PM on 02/15/09
Tech Round-up Author,Chipotle Lover
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Sorry about the delay, everyone. Glad to see your comments

...and I still beat Adrian in posting so ha!
09:30 PM on 02/15/09
Dye the World
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09:40 PM on 02/15/09
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Those video game screen-savers are awe-inspiring, especially the Street Fighter one. Jesus.
09:51 PM on 02/15/09
Trent Powers
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Sorry about the delay, everyone. Glad to see your comments

...and I still beat Adrian in posting so ha!
yeah im gonna whoop adrians ass if i dont see the entetainment news tonight

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