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Holiday Parade Update

Posted by - 01:59 PM on 03/02/09
Holiday Parade will be hitting the road in May, and will have their new record, Tickets & Passports up for pre-order on March 10th. Also the band answered some Absolutepunk.net users questions and you can see that below.
UpdateSo we're currently putting together some tour dates for early/mid May and we're excited to be hitting the road again! For now, the only announced date is our "Tickets & Passports" CD release show on April 3rd, in Atlanta, and you can check out that flyer here. In the next week or two we'll be posting the first single from the record, along with a pre-order on our Myspace.com page. We're super amped to finally be able to unleash some new material.

Also, we recently posted our cover art on Absolutepunk.net (here). We always enjoy the discussion that occurs on that website and appreciated all of the responses on the artwork (and other posts). With that said, we figure we'll get involved, answer some questions and discuss some of the things that are brought up in those posts (good or bad), since most bands don't really do that:

*"Why did you guys not do conceptual or themed artwork that matches the title, 'Tickets & Passports'?" (billyboatkid, DI Pistola, SavingNovember, p, FRY)
Very valid question. The back cover actually has a city skyline on it (so I guess that's a theme of sorts), but we had a few ideas thematically that we ended up straying away from. I personally love concepts in the artwork of albums, but I think we all felt it wasn't the best approach for our debut full length (we wanted to establish a style and direction before we went with a concept). Not comparing us to a soda company, but I'm sure Coca Cola's first commercials focused around introducing their logo and familiarizig people with their style before they introduced polar bears, ya know? We figure we'll familiarize people with our overall direction and let the music kind of speak for itself...hopefully with our next record(s) we can play off of what we establish with this release and introduce some cool themes and such.

*"Are there any fast-singing type of songs on the new record, like there is in some of your older material?" (weownthestreets)
Yes! There is one song, titled "Where Did I Go", that is in this sort of vein. Some people who have heard it live have said it has a Jason Mraz-feel to it, which I suppose is a compliment (since he's a pimp!). If you're into that style of singing/phrasing, then there's a good chance you'll enjoy this one (hopefully).

*"The artwork kinda reminds me of the Mayday Parade artwork" (hiddentrack, bubonic311, bs7090, ohitisjess)
I guess the "Parade" in both names will always garner comparisons, although I personaly don't see the similarities. I do, however, understand the "Hey Monday" reference, as both fonts are fairly similar (unintentional, obviously). I guess whenever you have a font/logo-based graphic it's bound to look similar as other things. We've never really been the type to make a conscious effort to be different or be the same as anything else, we've always done what we thought was best and if it turned out like something else, or not like something else... then so be it, ya know?

*"When's the new record, "Tickets & Passports", come out?" (poserscenemokid)
It releases digitally and through our online store on April 7th, and pre-order launches very soon. All of the details should be on our Myspace page in a day or two...we're super, super stoked!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed any type of feedback to anything we've done. We're going to make an effort to get really involved with everyone who takes the time to get involved with us. You can almost guarantee that we'll always address any type of feedback, questions, statements, thoughts, or ideas, you have. Just leave them in any AP.net thread or hit us up on Myspace. We dig the discussions. holla.
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02:03 PM on 03/02/09
We are the music makers
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lissalynn's Avatar
I love how involved they are with the fanbase throughout the making of this album. It makes it mean that much more when you know that a band is listening to what people have to say, and actually responding.

And once again, SO stoked for the new music :)
02:10 PM on 03/02/09
Come on, sweet catastrophe
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Teff's Avatar
if holiday parade loves me, they'll play greenville sc during this tour of theirs...
02:11 PM on 03/02/09
Come on, sweet catastrophe
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Teff's Avatar
actually i have a question, assuming the guys from HP will read this: what kind of preorder packages are you going to have?
02:17 PM on 03/02/09
Keagan Ilvonen
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Keagan Ilvonen's Avatar
Gunna be ordering this March 10th :)
02:18 PM on 03/02/09
Registered User
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wahwah16's Avatar
Holiday Parade is so down to earth with their fans, one of the nicest guys on earth. hopefully they come around northern virginia on this tour. I missed them when they were touring with My Favorite Highway =(. Can't wait for the new CD!
02:27 PM on 03/02/09
Action Item / Anthony
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callthemrogues's Avatar
I'm pretty pumped for this CD.
02:34 PM on 03/02/09
The Coalition
... is not 8.
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The Coalition's Avatar
02:41 PM on 03/02/09
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katieissweet's Avatar
I hope they come here.
02:44 PM on 03/02/09
take your time coming home
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WoodenSoldier's Avatar
im thinking about going to the cd release show, im not sure though
03:05 PM on 03/02/09
Overcome this gravity.
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pwnt.'s Avatar
Can't wait for the new cd. They should put up a full song on their myspace soon. :(
03:27 PM on 03/02/09
Murderer's Row '09
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WFUJerseyJon's Avatar
Dear Holiday Parade,
What is the first single going to be?

Jersey and his J's
03:53 PM on 03/02/09
oh look, I'm back I guess
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Schreiforme417's Avatar
as long as you guys come to NC (greene street) I'll be happy.

I'll be in fucking heaven in you guys play mixdown.

i'll be on cloud nine and in heaven if you shout it out to me, haha


edit: i graduate from elon in may, so a NJ show may-aug would be amazing too. i will find you guys
03:57 PM on 03/02/09
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dani1292's Avatar
I really hope they come to South Florida. They always say they are, and it never works out for them. I can't wait to hear this album / see them live.
04:04 PM on 03/02/09
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yourepicending's Avatar
lauren and i want to see you all again and since this tour is late-april/may - you need to hit up connecticut since we won't be in cleveland any longer.

just saying.

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