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Technology Round-Up (03-07-09)

Posted by - 12:42 PM on 03/07/09
Check the replies for news surrounding technology this week.
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12:42 PM on 03/07/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together! If you would like to contribute, feel free to contact me.

Technology Round-Up Mobile-related

Nokia FTW: Can your phone survive being swallowed by a fish and still work? Or did you get it free in your bag of potato chips?

Members of Congress are not too happy with their keyboard-less Blackberry Storms.

Got that buddy still living in the Stone Age who refuses to get a cell phone? Now that 60% of the world's population has a cell phone, you are officially allowed to complain.

Dance Dance Revolution is available for the iPhone for people that completely missed the point or simply want to build up strong thumb muscles.

T-mobile's $50 "Unlimited Loyalty" plan is now available across the US. Your Technology Round-up author now spends less money than he did with the Fave 5 plan and has unlimited minutes.

The Apple App Store is getting some real competition from the Jailbreak store, Cydia. Now developers whose work was not approved or who are unsatisfied with the draconian Apple EULA have another place to sell their work.

Check out Verizon's upcoming phone lineup. Anyone else surprised at the last item on that list (given that it's 2009)?

The Kindle has a matching iPhone application that will sync the place in your book with your real Kindle. Check out a comparison of the device vs. the application and why Kindle is not the best iPhone e-book reader.

Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Mobile will not be released for WinMo phones with OS versions older than 6.1.

The new Blackberry store got a snazzy new name and may not have any prices between free and $2.99.

Windows 3.1 on an N95 was impressive, not nearly as impressive as Windows 98.

------------------------------ ---------------------

For the first time since Windows 95, Internet Explorer will be an optional component in Windows 7. Oh, and for those of you (if there are any) with Blu-Ray drives, they will not be natively supported in Windows 7 so keep those install CDs around.

At least one Congressman has vowed to repeal the online gambling ban. Happy with their bank accounts intact, still playing online despite the risks, or indifferent toward it?

Although soliciting your ex for phone sex (fun to say aloud) on Craigslist sounds like a good idea, it may constitute identity theft.

A sheriff of Cook County (includes Chicago) is attempting to force Craigslist to stop their pimping business.

Note to Pennsylvania schools: do not list items on eBay at $1 unless you are actually happy accepting that amount for your $60,000 trailer.

A malicious new trojan steals stock account information.

Can an AIM away message be used as evidence in court?

Washington (state not D.C.) has honored Penny Arcade via legislation.

Finally, a good use for Twitter: Reboundfinder. Also, watch Jon Stewart tear Twitter a new one. Also, see how Facebook nearly bought out Twitter.

One man has won a lawsuit against Google for wrongfully terminating his account (slow read at first--might want to start about halfway through).

Is Facebook actually good for your health?

Despite making a name for himself during the early Napster years, Lars Ulrich pirated his band's own album.

Ever wonder how much more expensive Macs are than PCs?

There's something wrong with tech support when a human fails the Turing Test which is designed to test artificial intelligence.

Doctors may restrict your right to bash them on the internet.

Anyone interested in a laptop alarm that shouts, "Get your hands off of me, I have been stolen,"?

Internet Explorer 6 is more secure than Firefox...according to the Colorado (interestingly enough, the website in question seems to have been disabled).

While it is good to see an honest CEO, it does not bode well for Yahoo when it's new CEO says she prefers Google Maps to her company's.

Apple has new Mac Minis.


Is this the future solution to the Israeli-Palestian conflict?

What's funnier, being charged $81 billion for a regular gas fill-up or having to argue with the foreign customer service representative to get the charge revoked?

The car of the future: Full battery charge in 20 minutes, recharges using solar panels, 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds, top speed of 170mph, and really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Of course, before the car of the future comes the shower of the future.

If you are visiting Bill Gates anytime soon, leave your iPod at the door.

Some Best Buy employees sold a used, broken camera as new, then attempted to claim that it was not their fault. However, the incriminating pictures of the employees that the purchaser recovered from the camera beg to differ.

A 73-year-old man has vision again thanks to a bionic eye.

Anyone interested in playing Pong without using a joystick?

A Dance Dance Revolution remote control helps people get some exercise while they flip channels (much like the
DDR iPhone game, this one misses the point but for the opposite reason).

If you ever see a tampon flash drive, run for your life.

The Kindle has some competition that supports doodling. Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble has bought an e-book service to compete with Amazon.

Circuit City is officially dead on March 8.

Fox is now releasing different versions of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs for rental and for retail.

Netflix will soon stream the first nine seasons of South Park.


President Obama will lift the restrictions President Bush imposed on taxpayer-funded stem cell research. Meanwhile in Beijing, stem cells are being used for beauty treatment.

The technology industry is holding up quite well regarding employment despite the current economic conditions.

Pluto is a planet again! At least if you live in Illinois.

One pizza place makes an impact by printing negative online reviews on their work shirts.


Game-related tragedies are not exclusive to the US and Japan as a 5-year-old boy in France stabbed his 10-year-old sister because she wouldn't let him play Nintendo DS.

Holding a woman hostage using a Sega Light Gun earns double bonus points.

The Royal Air Force is preferring gamers over pilots for "flying" unmanned drones.

Stalin vs. Martians trailer features a dancing Stalin. Yes, this is a real game.

The Watchmen game is pretty to look at. That about sums up the positive things Kotaku had to say about it.

The Lost and the Damned DLC for GTA IV has sold over a million copies so far and is projected to hit two million by the end of the year. Meaning it (and the other expansion) may be worth the $50 million Microsoft invested in them.

The Guitar Hero franchise is going to have a very busy year (Van Halen game and more). Check out a partial track list for Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits.

Check out Guitar Hero: Metallica's double-bass pedal insanity.

Super-excited about Rock Band DLC this week, which includes The Offspring - "The Kids Aren't Alright" and R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion". Apparently double-bass pedal functionality is on the way for Rock Band 2 (even if the songs are only charted for single so far). Meanwhile, DLC for the Wii caught up last week (though it skipped a lot of weeks).

An expert on racism speaks out about the Resident Evil 5 controversy after playing the game himself.

While other executives let the little people take the fall, Square Enix executives are imposing a pay cut on themselves.

The Bioshock 2 teaser site is up.

inFamous for Playstation 3 looks awesome.

Is everyone ready for Tiger Woods to return to the virtual tour?

Check out Virtua Tennis 2009.


Upload .pdf/.html files onto your Kindle (make sure they're legal, of course).

Make your Microsoft Word distraction free then avoid distraction further by making a tangents log. Or perhaps you should just doodle.

Take control of your iTunes.

Do a lot of repetitive typing tasks (coding, for instance)? Texter may be your new best friend.

Add a 3D multi-desktop switcher to Windows (Linux users who have this functionality built-into a far prettier package, laugh away).


Contributed by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Digg, Engadget, Fark, hackinthebox, The Inquirer, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, or Slashdot if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
12:45 PM on 03/07/09
Here, have a sword.
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BigAl's Avatar
I'd love it if Rockband put up some Motion City Soundtrack songs to download.
12:52 PM on 03/07/09
Tonight I'm Burning Star IV
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zubinmoosa's Avatar
I'd love it if Rockband put up some Motion City Soundtrack songs to download.
Agreed. I'd love to play the opening to Everything is Alright on drums.
12:55 PM on 03/07/09
Registered User
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AnotherTale...'s Avatar
if they had motion city soundtrack i would buy rock band in a heartbeat.
01:19 PM on 03/07/09
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meroki22's Avatar
Square-Enix rules sooo much.
01:20 PM on 03/07/09
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andrewa5's Avatar
Mac Minis?
01:32 PM on 03/07/09
Back off, man. I'm a scientist!
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nerd_drummer's Avatar
Bioshock 2! wooooo!
01:40 PM on 03/07/09
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Love these round ups.
02:32 PM on 03/07/09
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this is the only round up i read anymore... thanks!
02:44 PM on 03/07/09
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themadsilentist's Avatar
Rapidly becoming my favorite round-up.
02:56 PM on 03/07/09
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areyoukiddingme's Avatar
The "take control of your itunes" link isn't working.
03:10 PM on 03/07/09
Tech Round-up Author,Chipotle Lover
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CyberInferno's Avatar
The "take control of your itunes" link isn't working.
Click the word "iTunes". I'm trying out Google Chrome and it is not getting along well with Gmail. It botches any link in which a word is bold. I'll ask Lueda to fix the whole thing though. Thanks for the notification!
03:14 PM on 03/07/09
Metal Now
Talking about the second and third
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Washington (state not D.C.) has honored Penny Arcade via legislation.

About time!
03:22 PM on 03/07/09
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prkchpsndwchs's Avatar
Mac Mini's are the shit

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