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Technology Round-Up (03-15-09)

Posted by - 12:09 PM on 03/15/09
Head to the replies to read and discuss news on technology this week.
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12:09 PM on 03/15/09
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together! If you would like to contribute, feel free to contact me.

Technology Round-UpMobile-related

is now known for building the largest cell phone. Granted, it still doesn't get service anywhere, but...

A man in Germany was fined $2,300 for sending a text message that was deemed as racial hatred.

Be careful your flirty text messages don't cross the line into textual harassment.

The Spice Girls
are rocking out using their iPhones.

Will Android take down the iPhone by 2012? And will Apple's closed approval system hinder the growth of the App Store?

has put out details for the Windows Mobile Market. A quite different approach from the Apple model that might weed out the crap apps.

Verizon has started making waves by sharing its customers' information. And apparently the opt-out process is not as easy as it should be.

Ireland is considering an additional tax on text messages.

The Android G1 has a new update on the way in April.

Torrent Droid
(for G1) allows you to scan store barcodes to find torrents. Though physically going to a store to download a pirated version seems a little backwards.

iPhone OS 3.0 is coming...(sorry no real details yet other than date)

now links your iPhone games with your phone.

March Madness is available anywhere you can find wi-fi for $4.99 courtesy of CBS.

For potential iPhone developers out there, the games market is already pretty saturated.

Got a bladder emergency and need to know the nearest place to take care of business? Have2P is here to help.

Solid Snake will be sneaking onto your iPhone.

Y!Fan helps you manage your fantasy team on the go.

Printed business cards are so 20th century.


A brilliant girl scout has been banned from selling cookies on YouTube.

An ex-con was acquitted because of the arresting officer's MySpace status.

"eBay made me do it!" is not an acceptable excuse for driving 110mph.

The guy who uploaded the latest Guns 'n Roses album may get jail time.

When you work at a fast food restaurant (especially one that prides itself on being healthy), defiling food then posting it on YouTube is highly discouraged.

Craigslist claims that 90% of its prostitutes are now out of a job.

Automated online billing is great until your electric company mistakenly charges you $1 million.

Audiophiles everywhere cringe in horror: young people actually like crappy compressed audio better.

New York has removed its online sales tax (and as a result is no longer encouraging piracy).

Online advertising is about to get bigger and more annoying (maybe ad blockers weren't such a good idea after all).

Has Stephen Wolfram created the search engine that will best Google?

One third of people make thieves lives easy by using one password for everything.

A CNBC reporter's freakout on Comedy Central has become an online hit.

French police claim to have saved millions of euro by adopting Linux and other open source software.

While it may be a glorified advertisement, watching 24 solid state drives open every Office program in half a second is still pretty entertaining.

Open-source junkies who support Gimp might want to avoid reading about how Adobe Photoshop CS4 vs Gimp "is basically running at NASCAR speeds compared to the bumper cars at Disneyworld". Then again, it is free.

Office Depot employees have been instructed to lie about computers they have in stock if customers are not buying any extras.

California wants to blur Google Maps, but at least one researcher believes this move would do more harm than good.

Be careful about which podcasts you listen to...

iTunes 8.1 has been released to accompany the new Shuffle.

The Internet Explorer engine may die off with IE8.


A GPS ankle monitor was not enough to stop a registerd sex offender from killing a 13-year-old girl.

Making lemonade from lemons is one thing, but replacing a chopped off finger with a USB key is a little over the top.

A mother is suing Apple claiming that an iPod Touch set on fire in her child's pants. Your tech round-up author does not buy it.

Children who watch a lot of television may be more at risk to have asthma.

Start your day by brewing two pots of coffee: one for you one for your car.

A senior executive at Circuit City will now be the Vice President of Business development at CompUSA. Wtf?

Japan's bullet trains will soon allow you to surf the internet while riding along at 300mph.

Movie studios are combating piracy by tracking the sources of leaks using audio watermarks.

Apple is either being innovative or idiotic with its new button-less Shuffle. Here is the new control scheme to memorize and here is how the text-to-speech feature works.

The iPod Touch 2G jailbreak is available.

A bus stop in Amsterdam tells you how fat you are.

The cruise control of every lazy driver's dreams is almost here.

does not want you putting custom content on your Kindle.


Did everyone have a lovely Pi Day yesterday (yes, this is now an official US holiday)?

A Utah representative would like to tax caffeine.

Can body odor indicate truthfulness?

87 out of 91 randomly selected students at DePaul University agreed to administer electric shocks to other students.

In less-than-shocking news, adults in the US fail basic science.

Would you ride on a boat made from 12,000 to 16,000 2-liter soda bottles?

A wooden pistol that shoots out Jenga pieces is too cool.

Topps attempts to make card collecting cool again with 3D baseball cards.

How have movie ticket prices increased relative to popcorn prices?

A kid using a fart machine at a city council meeting proves that bodily humor is applicable to people of all ages and maturity levels.


When real death impacts virtual relationships.

A Yale student has sued US Airways for $1 million for losing his Xbox 360. This guy thinks his 360 and pain and suffering are worth $1 million? How did he get into Yale in the first place?

A Kentucky man convinced an 11-year-old girl to send him pictures using his Playstation 3.

A Korean Warcraft 3 player has signed to a $500,000 3-year contract.

For anyone who found fake body parts as part of Capcom's Resident Evil 5 promotion, they would like them back please.

One man's $200,000 747 flight simulator sounds like a hobby that's gotten way out of hand until one realized that it competes with simulators valued at around $40 million (US).

Grand Slam Tennis for Wii looks really fun and utilizes Wii MotionPlus for 1:1 racket-swinging action. John McEnroe is one of the tennis stars featured in the game.

Check out Wii MotionPlus demonstrated with Tiger Woods 10.

MadWorld makes the Wii fun for adult gamers.

X-men Origins: Wolverine looks amazing.

Army of Two is official.

More Resident Evil is on the way.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition comes with a Batarang. A new trailer shows that stealth will be crucial.

The track listing for We Rock: Drum King includes Queen, The Police, The Clash, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, and The Starting Line.

Rock Band gets 8 songs including a little funk this week. Also, check out a genre breakdown for the 591 DLC songs so far.

The Beatles game will include "new" material.

New Lego games are on the way.

A Gears of War 2 map pack is coming March 24.

Call of Duty meets Castle Wolfenstein with zombie maps.

The F.E.A.R. 2 Toy Soldier maps will be free.


Entering the "real world" sometime soon? Delete (don't just deactivate) that drunken online identity.

Page Scroll marks the pages when you scroll to make reading Technology Round-up articles easier.

Windows 7 users out there can add iGoogle gadgets to your desktop.

In case Tinyurl was still too long for you, Tinyarro.ws can make your links really really small. But good luck telling someone how to type them.

Ever get a document you can't open and want to find a quick, free program to help you out? Openwith.org can help you out.

Want to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 but not ready to ditch your old menus quite yet? UBitMenu brings them back.

Be a little more subtle with your slacking off at work using Chameleon.

Contributed by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Digg, Engadget, hackinthebox, The Inquirer, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, or Slashdot if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
12:10 PM on 03/15/09
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muy interesante
12:24 PM on 03/15/09
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No Bioshock 2 mention?


tsk tsk
12:25 PM on 03/15/09
Adrian Villagomez
Blue Beetle
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Nice job, Linda. Beat me to it.
12:29 PM on 03/15/09
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Nice job, Linda. Beat me to it.
hahaha...I will let you make any needed changes to it. I have to be away from the computer for a bit.
12:42 PM on 03/15/09
Said Ripley to the android Bishop
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That Torrent Droid looks fucking awesome.
12:44 PM on 03/15/09
Fight Milk
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A GPS ankle monitor was not enough to stop a registerd sex offender from killing a 13-year-old girl.
More has to be more done to stop people like this, this is just horrific.
12:45 PM on 03/15/09
Licensed to Ill
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Still not used to the new Facebook yet.
12:49 PM on 03/15/09
Fight Milk
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Also I had no idea Korea was into Warcraft III as much as they were into Starcraft. Proof that Korea really loves Blizzard.
12:52 PM on 03/15/09
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Still not used to the new Facebook yet.
I started to like the last upgrade, but this one just seems pointless and more confusing
12:59 PM on 03/15/09
All that wander are not lost
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Audiophiles everywhere cringe in horror: young people actually like crappy compressed audio better.

links to the wrong story
01:02 PM on 03/15/09
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when the fuck is the COD W@W map pack coming

EDIT: nvm, march 19
01:07 PM on 03/15/09
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I started to like the last upgrade, but this one just seems pointless and more confusing

and the Jenga gun is fucking awesome.
01:20 PM on 03/15/09
All that wander are not lost
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