12:12 AM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
Rohan Kohli
True Punk Fan
Rohan Kohli's Avatar
Atlanta, GA / Emory...
Male - 29 Years Old
This week, I recommend:

Codeseven: I'm a sucker for dreamy, spacey rock, and these guys do it extremely well. Sadly, the band has gone on indefinite hiatus due to financial problems. Ugh.

The Class of 98: If you didn't check out "Bass Guitar" like I told you to last week, here's your chance: head on over to the band's pureVOLUME page and have fun playing it over and over and over and over and over.

Lydia: Passionate, emotional, beautiful emo/indie rock. I'm guessing most of you know about them by now, but if not, definitely give them a listen if you're into Bright Eyes/Straylight Run.

ISIS: I just rediscovered Oceanic and Panopticon; both amazing instrumental, artsy, brooding, stunningly beautiful metal albums.

Ulrich Schnauss: Recommended to me by Ryan Mills, I was very impressed by A Strangely Isolated Place: think Sigur Ros but much more electronic/beat based. Fans of Sigur Ros definitely need to check this out...I promise it won't disappoint. Thanks Ryan!

American Football: What can I say? I feel like I recommend American Football like every week, but I just honestly (ha) think everyone needs to have their s/t album. Beautiful emo, great guitar work, interesting time signatures. Perfect fall/winter music. This album captures so many of my moods and feelings; it makes me feel all warm n fuzzy inside when I listen to it because it's me.

Shellac: The song "Prayer to God" is fucking awesome. Steve Albini rules.

Converge: You want epic? Try the eponymous last track on Jane Doe. Jane Doe is perhaps my favorite hardcore record of all time. The sheer brutality of this record is amazing (and it doesn't hurt (bwahaha) that the production/engineering kicks ass either).

Below are George from Valencia's recommendations:
=================================== =================================
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start:steve from this band is my favorite sound guy ever, my favorite philly shows, he's always the guy running the sound board in the back, and evan from this band is from another band called the progress, and i just found out about them both being in this band and i got some of their new songs and they are completely ridiculous. please please listen to this band, especially if you like bands like minus the bear.

Like Lions: this band just got done recording an ep with kyle homme, and they put new songs up on their myspace a couple of weeks ago. we just played with them a couple of weeks ago and they are seriously 5 of the greatest musicians i've ever seen play together and i'm so excited to see what happens with their band.

The Prize Fight: these guys are some of my best friends. they just got signed to TDR records, and are recording an ep, and we got the chance to hang out with them today because our tour had a stop in the same town as their studio. the rest of my band and myself recorded some guest vocals for a song and i'm so excited to hear the rest of the cd and i can't wait for you west coast heads to see them on a sick tour out there this winter.

Goodnight Or Sleep: this band broke up but they are awesome dudes from jersey and we used to play with them in franklinville all the time. they are really electronic and put out an amazing ep this year, check out their myspace and get in touch with them, you might be able to get their entire catalogue from one of the members. seriously amazing music.

and in general i want to recommend all our friends, they all have amazing bands: Sound the Alarm (http://www.purevolume.com/soundthealarmmusic), The Suicide Pact (http://www.thesuicidepact.com) (sweetest dudes ever), Promise of Redemption (http://www.myspace.com/promise of redemption (http://www.myspace.com/promiseofredemption) (shane and brendan from my band's acoustic deal), Capitol Risk (http://www.myspace.com/capitolrisk), The Grand Finals (http://www.myspace.com/thegrandfinals). all awesome dudes and awesome bands, please give them all a chance.

Below are Loren of Lydia's recommendations:
=================================== =================================
The Stiletto Formal - Such an amazing band from arizona. Amazing people. We just got off tour with them and the new stuff will blow your head off.

Brighten - super good, young band that someone recommended to me like a week ago and I've been jammin their stuff for reallss. Kind of jimmy eat world / get up kids ish. Check ittt

Awake And Alert - Another amazing band from AZ that I love. So many good bands from here, seriously. Female vocals, kind of denali esque dreamy kind of rock, the dynamics just hit the spot. Listen to their 'weight' ep.

Built to Spill - 'there's nothing wrong with love' album. Go buy it. Its old. And its rediculously good. 'Reasons' just does it for me in every way.

Stars - set yourself on fire. I went to see them with deathcab the other night and missed em, but heard so much about them that I bought the album and its sooo good. Go see them with deathcab when they come to your town, and tell me how it was.

Below are Evan from sceneupdates.com's (for South African bands) recommendations:
=================================== =================================
The Doppler Effect: For fans of A Wilhelm Scream and Death By Stereo. I'm not sure if the track is the final mastering (like the one on the EP), but listen at http://www.purevolume.com/dopplereffect/music.

All Star Funk Four: A mix of Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers and some punk here and there. click here to download "Get your groove"

The Slashdogs: Rockabilly with some punk and metal. click here to download "Charlies tittie bar and family bistro"

Tonight We Die: "Emotional" post-hardcore kind of stuff. Recently just got themselves a record deal. Awesome live. Take a listen to "FFF" at http://www.purevolume.com/tonightwedie/music

Antipathy: Funky experimental stuff, their vocalist used to be an opera singer! Download "One Moment" at http://www.purevolume.com/antipathy/music

New Altum: Screamo/post hardcore stuff, for fans of Alexisonfire. Download "Armoured to" at http://www.myspace.com/newaltumband

If you like these bands and want some more tracks, or want to hear a couple more South African bands. Email me at evan@sceneupdates.com. I wont rob you.
12:26 AM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
Take Ecstasy With Me
FeynmanWannabe's Avatar
Western MA
Male - 30 Years Old
Codeseven and The Grand Finals! Very nice recomendations. What are The Grand Finals up to, nowadays? I enjoyed their EP. Codeseven's also underrated. I've recommended them on here a few times. :)
07:42 AM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
True Punk Fan
No Avatar Selected
Converge is even more brutal live. Everyone should see them.
08:06 AM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
updownleftright's Avatar
atlanta, ga
Male - 28 Years Old
goodnight or sleep broke up. darnnnnnnnn.

the african news site is really neat. and unexpected.
09:08 AM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
Steve Henderson
Steve Henderson's Avatar
Cincinnati, OH
Male - 33 Years Old
Rohan, you recommend Class of 98. THANK YOU! Got my advance from TMG a few weeks ago, and cannot stop listening. That album is one of the best I have heard in a few years. I shall be reviewing it sometime soon. Good call man.

Oh, and props on the Codeseven - was just listening this week at work.
09:50 AM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
panda @ weworemasks.com
kissbangkill's Avatar
Male - 32 Years Old
shellac fucking kill. great recs this week, rohan.
10:40 AM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Male - 26 Years Old
Great call with Built to Spill and "Nothing Wrong With Love". Amazing band, amazing album.
04:30 PM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
leafsacc's Avatar
Male - 29 Years Old
Jane Doe is amazing. great rec.
05:37 PM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
I quit.
onmysignal's Avatar
New York, NY
Wow. Shellac and American Football in one recommendation post? Nicely done, Rohan!
08:11 PM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
poppa Q
poppa Q's Avatar
So Ill
Good recs.
10:35 PM on 11/13/05 
User Info.
Indie Rock Jess
swrilltearuaprt's Avatar
aw, little Georgey to the Rescue is famous enough to do AP.net recs, Valencia<3
good recs kid.
08:02 AM on 11/14/05 
User Info.
jdawg09's Avatar
State College, PA
Male - 32 Years Old
Stiletto Formal......hells yes
08:21 PM on 11/14/05 
User Info.
Here I am, comfortable.
FallToGlory's Avatar
Austin, TX
Male - 27 Years Old
anyone know where i can get (or has themselves) a good res pciture of lydia's album cover?
PM or w.e if you do

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