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Technology Round-Up (03-29-09)

Posted by - 10:49 AM on 03/29/09
Head to the replies to check out news on technology this week.
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10:50 AM on 03/29/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together!

Technology Round-UpMobile-related
That homeless guy begging for money isn't spending it on beer--he's spending it on his cell phone bill.Chechen soldiers have some advice on how to charge your cell phone without a wall outlet.

has canceled its outsourcing contracts which equates to $5 billion worth of contracts.

Ulysse Nardin
will release the sexiest "hybrid" smart phone ever.

new OLED Walkman with its touchscreen interface looks pretty sweet.

Samsung demonstrated a phone with physical keys that change button layouts when the phone is rotated.
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but Palm has decided that TealOS is a little too similar to its own Pre interface.
All 5 smart phones tested managed to survive the PWN2OWN hacker contest.TV streaming may be on the way to a Blackberry near you.A new, faster iPhone may be on the way in June.
A guy was able to get his iPhone back thanks to the criminal e-mailing a picture of himself using the owner's e-mail account.

Apple's App Store return policy says that developers may owe Apple money when a user returns a purchased app.

Wolfenstein 3D was ported to the iPhone for free then was taken down because it will be sold for $5 on the App Store. EA has announced three more games that will also be released for the iPhone this year.

Medal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone will be getting 8 additional "crazy" levels for free.

Is Apple taking ideas from jailbroken iPhones?

Skype for iPhone may be released very soon.

Are fart sounds on your iPhone losing their charm? Annoy everyone around you with virtual bubble wrap.

A Romanian student is selling her virginity online. Most ironic part? She claims, "I want my first time to be special and not very abrupt."

A man was kidnapped and left for dead after meeting with someone from Craigslist.

Google's executives made serious money last year: $1 with no bonuses or stock options.

Facebook has heard the complaints and will change the interface. It also has made headlines by renaming a group from "I Heart Jews" to "Hitler: Great Modern Man of History" and adding private groups for families.

When will police realize their Facebook pages are visible to others?

A 14-year-old girl was arrested for posting nude pictures of herself on her MySpace page.

Use Face.com to search Facebook photos to find untagged photos using facial recognition.

Twitter is attempting to make some money by selling pro accounts while escorts are already making money using the service. Cisco cancelled one woman's job offer after finding a tweet from her (funny commentary from Cisco), and surgens tweet during surgery to teach.

What is the world coming to when celebrities have ghost tweeters?

Would you pay $7 a month for private, secure access to The Pirate Bay?

Hulu may get ABC, ESPN, and The Disney Channel and may be going international.

Websites with long web addresses waste bandwidth. Tinyurl FTW.


China has banned YouTube.

Can U2 music kill Acer netbook hard drives (read with a grain of salt)?

Companies waste $2.8 billion by leaving computers running while not in use.

While it is nice to see seniors embracing technology, maybe they should take eye tests before being allowed to pay bills online.

PWN2OWN contest reveals what everyone already knew: Macs are safer than Windows computers because "Windows has 90% of the market, but [attackers] give it 100% of their time."

Apple computers are rated as less reliable than cheaper Chinese computers. And they cannot survive being run over by a truck (not that any computer other than a Toughbook should).

OS X Snow Leopard may get a darker look that slightly resembles Vista.

Firefox has received a patch for the vulnerability found in PWN2OWN. Google Chrome was the only browser (out of Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Safari, and itself) not to not be cracked.

Windows 7 might have had some fairly significant UI changes (pictures 4, 5, and 6 are best indicators).

Microsoft's latest promotion indicates that buyers are "not cool (rich) enough to be a Mac person." As a funny response, one Mac owner would like to give this girl his 17-inch Powerbook for free and see which one she likes better.

Good news: iTunes is still going DRM-free, just a little later than planned. Bad News: variable pricing means that the hotter the track, the more money Apple will charge.

mp3HD may bring lossless audio codecs to the mainstream thanks to complete backwards-compatibility with MP3.

There is an alternative to Boxee called ZeeZee (seriously, where do these companies come up with these names?) that may be more harder for companies to detect and thus might not have to be patched all the time to ensure compatibility.

The economic recession is not bad news for at least one company.


A man who had sex with a vacuum at a car wash has been sentenced to 90 days in county jail.

For slightly twisted individuals, Roombas can be converted into cradles.

Stores in Britain have installed acne-glowing lighting to discourage teen loiterers.

Stephen Colbert won the NASA contest online, but NASA would rather name a toilet after him.

California may ban black cars to reduce carbon emissions.

A wind-powered car has hit 126 mph.

The Tesla Model S has been unveiled: 160-300 miles per charge and four doors with a really cool completely touchscreen dashboard.

OnStar may bring Twitter to cars.

Best Buy has been sued for intentionally violating its own price-matching policy. And if you see this display advertising the quality of Monster cables, ask to see the connections on the side.

The progressive state of Mississippi has banned red light cameras.

Would you let this machine perform heart surgery on you?

People still watch more TV on their TV than their computer (how strange is it that this sentence actually makes sense?).

Wireless porn for $9.95 a month streamed to your TV.

Even Steve Ballmer does not claim "full steam ahead" for Zune development.


Bad luck does not even begin to describe a man who was hit by two atom bombs. Or is it good luck that he is still alive at 93?

Schools in the United Kingdom may start teaching social networking instead of more standard curriculum.

Mythbusters broke windows in a town a mile away from their test site for an upcoming episode. Did someone misplace a decimal point on that explosion calculation?

In Sweden, voters have the choice of electing The Pirate Party.

Roller Coasters that customize the experience based on measured fear levels will offer customized rides.

One Senator proposes allowing newspapers to act under nonprofit status to keep their business alive.

How can we keep the Earth's safe from asteroids?

Pictures inscribed in diamonds show that people should hate you during an economic recession.


OnLive may revolutionize gaming--imagine playing Crysis on netbooks in high quality.

A Utah governor has vetoed an underage gaming bill. (Three cheers for common sense!)

Zeebo will bring 3D games to countries over free 3G connection. It will be headed to India and Russia among other countries.

Is this guy really using Peeps rather than his Wii infrared bar?

Would you play games wearing this "Sixth Sense" gaming contraption? (Submitted by bdil)

Does Fable 2 inspire teens to use condoms?

PETA wants Call of Duty: World at War to incorporate features of Nintendogs.

The former World of Warcraft director has said that game developers need to realize they "are not Shakespeare."

An emulator demonstrates what Wii games would have looked like in 720p resolution.

Do not cheat playing Killzone 2 online unless you want to risk losing your PSN ID.

Max Payne 3 is official. Hopefully there will be no movie tie-in.

Batman: Arkham Asylum = "Splinter Cell with a cape"

Valve has announced that 2.5 million copies of Left 4 Dead at retail alone (these numbers do not include sales through Steam).

Left 4 Dead DLC arrives (at least for Xbox 360) April 21.

Release dates for Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 map packs have been released.

Rock Band: World Tour

Rock Band DLC this week has Journey, the Von Bondies, and...Spongebob? (The Nickelodeon songs have got to stop being a priority, MTV.)

Guitar Hero: World Tour DLC has three tracks from the Pixies this week (two of which are already available as RB DLC).

Now that everyone has already purchased it for other platforms, Guitar Hero: World Tour is coming out for PC and Mac.

The DJ Hero official website has launched.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Impressions

Rock N' Roll Climber for Wii will utilize Wiimote, Nunchuck, and Balance Board for climbing action.

Check out a ridiculously detailed chart of how each character in Street Fighter IV fights against each other and an overall ranking.

Screenshots: Fat Princess (yes, this is a real PS3 game) | inFamous (never heard of it before but looks really cool)

Trailers/Clips: Call of Duty: World at War zombie trailer | CryENGINE 3 (engine behind upcoming Crysis 3) Trailer | Early Mass Effect 2 footage | Gears of War 2: Snowblind pack | Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings | Need for Speed: Shift | Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 trailer | Postal 3 | Punch-Out Wii trailer showing off various control schemes | R.U.S.E. trailer (a "one of a kind" strategy game)| Virtua Tennis player models | Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)


Mac users can now customize their theme for free.

BillShrink will help save you money at the pumps on the way to work/school.

Got friends coming over and need to make a place look clean? Learn how to fake clean.

Selectively clear Firefox history (gee, why would anyone want to do that?).

Use NoClose for those times you really don't want to accidentally close a window.

Skimmer allows you to track 5 social networking sites with one program.

Gizmodo has published a guide on how to "Use Bittorrent Like a Pro"

Discussion topic

As a new way of generating discussion, each week I will write a blog entry about something technology-related. This week's topic is:

Do you REALLY want Rock Band/Guitar Hero gamers playing instruments?

Please read the commentary first then discuss the topic here in the thread (though blog comments are of course appreciated as well).

Contributed by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Digg, Engadget, hackinthebox, The Inquirer, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, Slashdot. or The Bachelor Guy if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
11:02 AM on 03/29/09
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A lot of interesting stuff this week. And you should check BoingBoing for more topics too. It has a lot of good stuff that belongs here. Just a suggestion.
11:19 AM on 03/29/09
Ruling class philosophy believer
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A man was murdered after meeting with someone he met on Craigslist.

He wasn't murdered, it says he is still alive recovering in a hospital...
11:20 AM on 03/29/09
life is for the living
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control a wii with peeps and use a roomba for a cradle... I f'ing love this thread. cheers
11:22 AM on 03/29/09
Tech Round-up Author,Chipotle Lover
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CyberInferno's Avatar
A man was murdered after meeting with someone he met on Craigslist.

He wasn't murdered, it says he is still alive recovering in a hospital...
Thanks for the heads up. I'll request the change.
11:28 AM on 03/29/09
Tech Round-up Author,Chipotle Lover
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CyberInferno's Avatar
A lot of interesting stuff this week. And you should check BoingBoing for more topics too. It has a lot of good stuff that belongs here. Just a suggestion.
Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check out BoingBoing. I've heard of it but never followed it.
control a wii with peeps and use a roomba for a cradle... I f'ing love this thread. cheers
Thanks Glad to hear you like it.
11:32 AM on 03/29/09
Calvin Lauber
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What's up with the guy using peeps on his wii? How is the even possible?
11:38 AM on 03/29/09
Registered User
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i swear, reading these round-ups makes me faith in humanity. I'm pretty sure those 2 news items about the UK are false though, especially the social-networking in schools one.
11:41 AM on 03/29/09
You Will Always Have My Attention
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Such a great round up
11:41 AM on 03/29/09
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i love this round-up
11:42 AM on 03/29/09
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Arkham Asylum sounds so good.
11:54 AM on 03/29/09
The Lamp Post
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bdil's Avatar
Nice work once again. The Tech Roundup never disappoints. Also thanks for the cred, man.
11:55 AM on 03/29/09
Tonight I'm Burning Star IV
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zubinmoosa's Avatar
sex with a vacuum cleaner? seriously?
12:49 PM on 03/29/09
Hypnotist/Sex Machine
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arizonahotrock's Avatar
I'm so sick of PC v. Mac banter.

Use what you want to use and deal with it. Who gives a shit what kind of computer someone else uses and/or their reasons for it.

And, Mitch, I'm sure "Lauren" is thrilled that you're offering her your 3 or 4 year old Macboook.

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