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Staff Recommendations (11/20/05)

Posted by - 11:40 PM on 11/19/05
Here's the Staff Recommendations for the week. Enjoy!!!

Caleb: You can find my list here.

Garett: Here are some music artists that I definitely recommend. Thanks! Have a perfect week (if possible?)

Darren: You can find my recommendations right here.

Gabe: Hot rex, hot sex.

Jason: Cauterize and Imogen Heap; all I listened to last week.

Scott: Go see Walk the Line and then go listen to lots and lots of Johnny Cash.

Drew: Buy the new System Of A Down album, Hypnotize, this Tuesday. It rocks.
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12:04 AM on 11/20/05
ben pequeno
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i thought garett would have two different links but they were the same =/
12:52 AM on 11/20/05
skin, bones, blood, teeth
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quitmyscene's Avatar
david dondero- he's on team love. him and conor sound similar. and he's good. the cool thing about team love is they have their cds up for downloading. here's his new one. give it a listen.

the weakerthans- i'm a sucker for lyrics. take "aside" for example. or "reconstruction site". catchy isn't the word i'm looking for, but it works. they're easy to listen to.

the ataris- i was pleasantly surprised by the new clips (by the way, they took down the one that sounded "just like the killers" and have another one up). i then realized i hadn't listened to them in a while, listened to their older stuff and fell in love all over again.

explosions in the sky- beautiful, basically.

yann tiersen- just listen.

-see walk the line. when i got out and realized it was over two hours long, i thought my clock was wrong. it holds your attention all the way through and it's very good.
-remember the game quest 64 for (of course) nintendo 64? the game stop down the street has tons of n64 games for as cheap as $.99. i found this one and it brings back memories. i used to love this game and it's still pretty awesome.
12:58 AM on 11/20/05
Everybody! Everybody!
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Originally Posted by failed_x_senses
david dondero- he's on team love. him and conor sound similar. and he's good. the cool thing about team love is they have their cds up for downloading. here's his new one. give it a listen.
If I had done a recommendation this week, I would've said everything you just said. David Dondero is great. <3

- Jeff
12:59 AM on 11/20/05
Registered User
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Hockey Night is the only band you ever need to listen to...EVER
01:03 AM on 11/20/05
Everybody! Everybody!
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Originally Posted by IwishIwasCool
Hockey Night is the only band you ever need to listen to...
... for five seconds before you fall in love with them. Great band.

- Jeff
01:08 AM on 11/20/05
Riding the Gravy Train.
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Darren's the man because he recommends Latterman.
01:11 AM on 11/20/05
Polka King of AP.net
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catchmealone's Avatar
Nashville Suicide Mission-Metal band from St. Louis, MO. No core or fashion bullshit for this band. Just straight up metal. A bit nu-metal I guess, but fucking good. Great production quality as well.
01:57 AM on 11/20/05
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ghostyouare's Avatar
weakerthans only good song was watermark
02:00 AM on 11/20/05
dave vegan
from SR388.
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dave vegan's Avatar
dondero is great live. funny guy, seems really down to earth.
03:05 AM on 11/20/05
romantic rights
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romantic rights's Avatar
because everytime insertseason posts something i always see the image from the cover of q and not u's power, so i recommend anything q and not u, and supersystem too, and hell if you dont listen to the faint, punch yourself in the nuts and start
03:56 AM on 11/20/05
sr mod
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DeadPoetic's Avatar
Originally Posted by ghostyouare
weakerthans only good song was watermark

I take it that's the only Weakerthans song you've heard, then.

Joy Electric and Cauterize are love.
06:56 AM on 11/20/05
What were you Thinking?
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histrionics22's Avatar
Listen to Unsung Zeros. Old school pop/punk from one of the most underappreciated bands ever.
07:40 AM on 11/20/05
Take Ecstasy With Me
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FeynmanWannabe's Avatar

I'll be to fourth person to recommend David Dondero. I'm really enjoying his new cd. Please go check it out on the Team Love website.

Neutral Milk Hotel: Yes, you've heard of them at this point but check out the underrated On Avery Island. Song Against Sex is one of their best songs.

Pink Floyd: They're great even when you're not high. I dug out Animals and Wish You Were Here this week. Do the same.

Death From Above 1979: A favorite around these parts so this is more a reminder to pick up their remix album this Tuesday. A few tracks are floating around and they sound pretty good, although not as noisy as the originals.

Okkervil River: Black Sheep Boy is one of my favorite cd's this year, so I'm urging you to pick that up and also grab the Black Sheep Boy Appendix [EP] out this Tuesday.

The Good Life: I probably recommended them last week when I first got Album Of The Year, but now that I've listened to it again I have to recommend them one more time.

Promise Ring: Nothing Feels Good. 'nuff said.


I usually try to do include movies and/or books, but I haven't had much to do watch or read anything. So, I'll recommend some older stuff:


Beautiful Girls:
Ever heard the demo to Great Romances of the 20th Century? Well, the monologue is from this movie. It was also Natalie Portman's second movie (I think she was like 14 or something). This movie just brings a certain mood with it that's hard to describe. It's a very winter-y movie. IMDB's Plot Summary: Beautiful Girls is about a group of small-town friends joining up for their first high school reunion. They find themselves evaluating their lives and their relationships. It's about growing up and facing reality. Do yourself a favor and check this out. You can usually find the DVD for like $10.

Sideways: It's been a few months since I've watched this, but I just got my DVD last week. A movie dealing with middle age and, once again, re-evaluation of relationships (I certainly have a theme going on, don't I?).


Now, I haven't actually read this but if you're looking for a book to read, try Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. It's on my Christmas List and someone I know also recommended it to me. It's supposed to be a funny read. Let me know what you think.

By the way, insound.com is having a holiday deal...free shipping until 12/20...time to pick up some of those favorites. :)
08:01 AM on 11/20/05
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