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Static Lullaby, A - Faso Latido

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A Static Lullaby - Faso Latido
Release Date: April 5, 2005
Record Label: Sony

Does this band even have fans anymore? A Static Lullaby has returned with their major label debut but sadly nobody seems to care. The disinterest shown by music fans is not unmerited. Faso Latido is an uninspired sophomore album, full of predictable transitions, lackluster energy, and over the top production. The one thing that made A Static Lullaby remotely enjoyable in the first place was the fact that they had a moderate amount of energy. When this energy was manifested, the band truly put forth a good sound. Sadly, this album contains none of it. A Static Lullaby has two vocalists – the singer also drums, and then there’s the screamer who runs around stage awkwardly when he has nothing to do (see Atreyu, Underoath.) While those bands have released follow-up albums that utilize all their vocalists, ASL’s sophomore effort does the opposite. A majority of the vocals are now singing only, in fact there are some songs where there is virtually no screaming at all. I’m not condoning or suggesting excessive amounts of screaming by any means, but the entire album lacks life. “Stand Up” is a catchy number that lasts for about 45 seconds before a sharp realization came to me – A Static Lullaby has turned into every other radio screaming band out there. Short verses, predictable choruses that get repeated over and over again for some instant sugar coated bullshit to make listeners happy. Put “Stand Up” on the new Trapt album and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The screaming, when used, is as obnoxious as ever. It comes in awkward places and is too intense for the often laid back musicianship. Additionally, the slow chanting/talking into screaming transition can only be used so many times.

It’s not like the album is all bad. “Radio Flyer’s Last Journey” is a ripping track that is full of energy. However, over time all energy is sacrificed while the band’s pop tendencies take over. I enjoyed parts of this record, but it truly lacks a cohesive feel to be a worthy effort. The band has chosen to steer away from raw energy to settle for a safer rock format. The album also reeks of overproduction, which really attests to the fact there is no energy. The title track “Faso Latido” sounds like it spent a 3-day weekend in a Bed and Breakfast with John Feldman and the song got taken advantage of. It gets to the point where I didn’t even feel like I was listening to music anymore, just a creation of pro tools and hours of mastering.

Faso Latido is just flat out boring. A Static Lullaby is a moderately talented band, the vocalists have good voices, the drummer is good, they’ve just fallen victim to the major label bug. Steer clear from this yawner of an album and check out a band that writes more inspired music.
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09:47 PM on 11/25/05
Registered User
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jordanwlee's Avatar
i completely agree with every word you said.
05:35 PM on 11/26/05
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I.O's Avatar
12:36 AM on 11/27/05
Breach of Armistice
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jacksteve111's Avatar
very well put, i think this is why they are hurrying to record a new cd so we can hopefully all forget about this one, and lets hope it is good like the first cd
04:09 PM on 12/06/05
when 4ever ends
Balls Pop Outta My Mouth?
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when 4ever ends's Avatar
07:20 PM on 12/06/05
Registered User
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Bobcat46308's Avatar
i love this band so much, which is why it pains me to say that ...And Don't Forget to Breathe is probably as good as it's gonna get for them. i've tried so hard to like Faso Latido as much as their debut, but in the end it isn't even remotely close. although i basically enjoy listening to the new album (especially Radio Flyer's Last Journy, Calmer Than You Are, Cash Cowbell, Faso Latido, and yes even Stand Up) they set too high of a standard with their debut. Scott Weber hit the nail on the head when he said that Faso Latido is just plain boring. Good luck in the future ASL, please record something with as much energy as ...And Dont' Forget to Breathe had.
07:27 AM on 01/06/06
Registered User
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what the fuck happened to this band. their drummer used to RIP but wtf...he lose an arm? did these guys smoke alot of pot or something? wheres the energy? When i first heard it my first thought was "is this same band? are these the same members?" Original fans of this band, DO NOT LISTEN to this cd it will hurt too much.
03:34 PM on 01/13/06
Registered User
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I pretty much agree with everything that has been said in the thread. ...And don't forget to breathe is one of my favorite albums and I was so excited when I bought their new CD but, like everyone else said It's just plain boring. There are a few good songs but nothing special. As said above "WTF happened to the drummer?" I do remember reading about him leaving the band while they were recording "Faso latido" to finish school but, I'm pretty sure that he has returned. They did send me a signed poster since I pre-ordered the cd which was cool, but that's about it. Hopefully they will come out with another album that will prove us all wrong. Who knows?
12:54 PM on 01/18/06
a speedo model
an enthusiast
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a speedo model's Avatar
such a terrible CD.
03:11 PM on 01/18/06
the screamo kid
Registered User
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the screamo kid's Avatar
hey commander wrong information

the drummer does not sing. the lead guitar player and the bass player share vocal chores. the drummer dosent sing at all. you coulndt be more wrong on that fact. and yes this cd does suck it big one.
07:31 PM on 01/18/06
Registered User
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"modern day fire" is catchy as fuck.
12:12 AM on 02/15/06
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thesewordslikef's Avatar
just a brutal effort. "reeks of overproduction" <-- amen to that... and its actually the guitarist that sings most of the time for asl. the bassist sings a little as well. when there is screaming on this disc it seems in the background and not nearly loud enough. this was a huge letdown for all of us fans of "...and dont forget to breathe"
10:09 AM on 03/01/06
Registered User
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live.love.die's Avatar
How about we just say R.I.P to A static Lullaby... They were good while they were out. There new CD was a shame. Although all their new songs sound really good live...the vocal work is better live then recorded. First album I think it is safe to say was amazing. I wish A Static Lullaby were still around. I was still thankful to see one of their last shows ever in my hometown of London Ontario Canada. We can bash them for their new album but they were still amazing at what they did best. Good luck to ASL in the future with what they pursue next.
09:09 PM on 11/09/06
The liberty to serve
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speakhandsforme's Avatar
this is the ultimate grow-on-you album.
it took me over a year to like it, but i have definately done so
The Jesus Haircut, Faso Latido, and Shotgun are amazing tracks
10:10 AM on 03/24/07
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ThisIsNotDan's Avatar
i may be the only one who thinks this album got way too much hate.

smooth modulator, shotgun, and calmer than you are great songs. and i have alot of respect for them for living through the loss of a major label, 3 members, and most of their fans, just to end up putting out a fucking killer cd.

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