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Haste the Day - When Everything Falls

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Haste the DayWhen Everything Falls
Release Date: June 28, 2005
Record Label: Solid State Records

Haste the Day has returned with their sophomore effort, When Everything Falls, out June 28th on Solid State Records. It’s a fantastic progression for the band from their previous effort which was predominantly heavy but lacked individual song distinction. Here, while songs all have similar styles, each chorus is so uniquely memorable that each song stands easily on its own. The result is a stellar metalcore album that balances guttural screams and breakdowns with pop-oriented choruses. The fusion of those two styles comes together quite nicely on this record.

The record begins with a bang with the fast paced track “Fallen.” Within the first minute, you’ll hear breakdowns, changes in tempo, and a catchy chorus. The style of all the songs is essentially the same, as high-pitched screams run through verses while soaring vocals help choruses take flight. A great example of this is the strongest track on the record, the title track “When Everything Falls.” While the song opens at breakneck speed with mini metal riffs interjected, the song progressively changes structure as it enters a less brutal pre-chorus. By the time the chorus hits, you’ll be asking yourself how it’s possible for Haste the Day to take two totally different styles and meld them into one cohesive song. I’m still not sure how they pull it off, but I do know that the chorus in “When Everything Falls” is one of the most memorable, captivating melodies you’ll hear all year – from any genre.

The album continues on in much of the same fashion. Each song follows a similar format – a fast, hard intro, then a pre-chorus, then a chorus with singing. While the record becomes predictable after a while, this is not really a bad thing. The breakdowns are so energetic and the screaming is so passionate that it’s really not bothersome that the songs all sound the same. At first listen, Haste the Day seemed to have created an album that really ran together, a total lack of distinction between songs. But upon further listening, each song had its own hook that became instantly recognizable. While I still couldn’t tell you what song is a certain track on the album, I can sing along to any song within minutes.

Don’t be mistaken, this is by no means a weak album. Even though Haste the Day sings a lot, the metal parts are as intense as The Agony Scene or other bands of their genre. This isn’t a screamo album, don’t get that impression. When Everything Falls is a straight up metal album, with melodic parts interjected. “For a Lifetime” is a high-speed song that contains an awesome gang vocal line being played over double bass and tight guitar riffs (classic metal moment – you’ll know it when you hear it.) The gang vocals re-appear again, and it’s proof that Haste the Day isn’t here to “sell-out” or anything of the sort.

The album runs together a bit in the middle/end until the awesome closer, the single “Long Way Down.” This is a Goo Goo Dolls cover, and do they ever do it justice. This is the only song on the record that is predominately singing – thank God the vocalist has an outstanding singing voice. Drummers will appreciate this interpretation of the song, as thick bass drum lines run underneath the guitars at a surprisingly consistent rate. It’s simply one of the coolest cover songs you’ll hear all year, and it’s a great choice for a single. If you’re not into metal, check out this song first, it’s a good introduction to Haste the Day.

Overall, this is an outstanding album. The talent is obvious (especially if you’ve ever seen them live); the screaming is intense and tight while the singing provides the perfect counter-part. The songs definitely follow a format for the most part, but it really doesn’t detract from the listening experience. This album has been in my CD player for well over a month straight now, something that a lot of metal albums don’t manage to do. The lasting value of this album is better than anything else metal to come out this year, simply because of how intense and catchy it is. The combination of both makes this album a can’t miss record. It’s simply one of the best metalcore albums to come out in quite some time. Check it out when it comes out on June 28th on Solid State Records.
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07:30 AM on 11/23/05
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refriedriley's Avatar
i agree. i really enjoy thier music, but i only need to hear one song, then i am D O N E
11:01 PM on 11/23/05
Sorry, It's The Moops
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brodudeman123's Avatar
Good review, this is a sick album. One of the few albums that really is worth the 9.5 lasting appeal. I'm seeing them Tuesday for the first time, I can't wait.
11:54 AM on 12/04/05
under lock and key
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FASSWcore's Avatar
definitely a cd worth listening to...the clean vocals contrast a little too harshly with the zao worship...but the constant breakdowns?? niiiiice
05:30 PM on 12/04/05
Registered User
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AmongTheBetraya's Avatar
sweet cd
11:52 PM on 01/05/06
Im fresh and positive
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Emopunkthrice's Avatar
peace jimmy, I'll miss you,
09:14 AM on 03/29/06
a speedo model
an enthusiast
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a speedo model's Avatar
i'm not a fan of this band. lyrics are boring and cliche, music is cookie-cutter. they just offer nothing new.
05:29 AM on 06/16/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Haste the day are an alright band, though do remind me of Atreyu in some parts, mostly on "
burning bridges"
09:09 AM on 06/16/06
Scott Weber
Live Like a Legend
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Scott Weber's Avatar
jimmy works at tooth & nail now.
04:23 AM on 07/20/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Love this music.Very simular songs, but i dosnt matter because everything is good.

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