This week's list of Vans Warped Tour bands is Motionless In White, The Word Alive, This Wild Life, Real Friends and Courage My Love.
Ryan Gardner on 02/05/14 - 08:34 PM
Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2 will be available April 1st via Fearless Records.

Track Listing
1. Get Scared - "My Own Worst Enemy" originally performed by Lit
2. Memphis May Fire - "Interstate Love Song" originally performed by Stone Temple Pilots
3. Asking Alexandria – “Closer” originally performed by Nine Inch Nails
4. The Color Morale - “Everlong” originally performed by Foo Fighters
5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "All Star" originally performed by Smash Mouth
6. Mayday Parade - "Comedown" originally performed by Bush
7. Motionless In White - "Du Hast" originally performed by Rammstein
8. Yellowcard - "Today" originally performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
9. Hands Like Houses -...
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/05/14 - 11:45 AM
Chris from Motionless In White posted a lengthy blog post about why the band doesn't preach anymore and his thoughts on superficial fans.
This “you saved my life”, “you’re my hero” and “you’re my voice” thing has become an unbearable burden and a downright eye roller. NO. I did not save your life. NO.. band X, Y or Z did not save your life. IF in fact you were on the brink of any self harming action… it was YOU who pulled yourself from the ledge. You saved your life, You are the hero. Why are people not willing to take credit for their own actions? Thats right… because thats what fans think bands want to hear. I’m not taking ANYTHING away from people who do self harm or have a hard time...
Jason Tate on 12/03/13 - 10:43 AM
All That Remains, Motionless In White and Soil will be touring together beginning later this month. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/10/13 - 07:39 AM
Dates four In This Moment's "The HellPop Tour" with Motionless In White, Kyng and All Hail the Yeti can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/05/13 - 02:15 PM
Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, Upon a Burning Body and Crown the Empire will be playing some shows in the midwest. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/02/13 - 05:28 AM
Head to the replies to watch Michale Graves' new music videos for "Zombie" and "Forbidden Planet." The latter features Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/25/13 - 05:06 PM
You can stream another new Motionless In White in the replies.

Submitted by RyanAaronNJ
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/12/13 - 09:08 AM
You can stream a new Motionless In White song titled "Sick From The Melt" over at NoiseCreep.

Submitted by Niko John
Drew Beringer on 06/10/13 - 03:19 PM
Head to the replies to watch Motionless in White's music video for "America." It was directed by Shawn "Clown" Crahan of Slipknot.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/03/13 - 10:17 AM
You can check out Motionless in White's new lyric video for "America" here.

Submitted by EternalEclipse
Drew Beringer on 04/23/13 - 01:42 PM
Motionless In White drummer Angelo Parente has left the band.
To my friends, family, and all the amazing Motionless In White fans, this is very hard to say, and I’m sure it will hit me harder soon, but I will no longer be in the band. This decision did not just all of sudden happen. After doing this since I was 17, the nonstop touring, and everything else that comes with the life of a musician, has finally caught up with me. It has affected me mentally and physically and it’s to a point where the best thing for the rest of the band and myself would be for me to call it quits. Please know that the band and I are on good terms, best of friends and I love them all very much. No matter...
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/11/13 - 03:40 PM
In addition to his new solo album that came out last week, Michale Graves is also working on a horror-punk album titled Lost Skeleton Returns, which is due out June 14th. He's collaborating with Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless for one of its songs, "Forbidden Planet." Watch a video of pair in the studio here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/02/13 - 07:25 PM
Dates for the "Don't Pray For Us" tour with Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel, Motionless In White, Chimaira and I Killed the Prom Queen are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/01/13 - 12:52 PM
Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel, Motionless In White, Chimaira and I Killed the Prom Queen will team up for the Don't Pray For Us tour. Dates will be announced on Friday.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/27/13 - 01:23 PM
Watch Motionless In White's live/lyric video for "Black Damask" in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/11/13 - 08:23 AM
You can watch Motionless In White's new video for "Devil's Night" in the replies. The band's new album Infamous is in stores today.

Submitted by Jake Denning
Drew Beringer on 11/13/12 - 01:49 PM
Head to the replies to stream Motionless In White's new single "Devil's Night."

Submitted by Niko John
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/25/12 - 01:11 PM
Motionless In White will release Infamous on November 13th via Fearless Records. The first single, "Devil's Night," will be released on September 25th; listen to a clip in the replies.

Track Listing
1. Black Damask (The Fog)

2. Devil's Night

3. A-M-E-R-I-C-A

4. Burned At Both Ends

5. The Divine Infection

6. Puppets 2 (The Rain) (Ft. Bjorn Speed Strid of Soilwork) 

7. Sinematic

8. If It's Dead, We'll Kill It (Ft. Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through)

9. Synthetic Love 

10. Hatefuck

11. Underdog

12. Infamous
Alex DiVincenzo on 09/21/12 - 07:03 AM
A new Motionless in White song clip for "Devils Night," can be found here.

Submitted by UnderclasHero
Jason Tate on 09/17/12 - 09:14 AM
Dates for Motionless In White's The Infamous Tour with Chelsea Grin, Stick To Your Guns and more can be found here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/19/12 - 09:29 AM
Motionless In White will be releasing their new album in October.
Jason Tate on 04/23/12 - 10:11 AM
Motionless In White's music video for "Puppets" can be seen in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/15/12 - 05:27 PM
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/15/12 - 09:15 AM
Motionless In White's music video for "Immaculate Misconception" can be seen in the replies. It features a cameo by Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) and was directed by his son, Cody.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/11/11 - 12:51 PM
blessthefall, The Word Alive, Motionless in White, and For All Those Sleeping will head out on the Fearless Friends Tour this fall. The opener for this tour has yet to be announced.

Submitted by musicfan9795
Matthew Tsai on 07/12/11 - 09:27 AM
Motionless In White's music video for "Creatures" can be seen in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/08/11 - 07:26 AM
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/24/11 - 07:19 AM
Motionless In White have parted ways with guitarist TJ Bell. A statement from the band can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/09/11 - 01:01 PM
Norma Jean is going on tour with After The Burial, Motionless In White, For The Fallen Dreams, and Stray From The Path. Dates and tour poster can be found here.
Christian Wagner on 03/09/11 - 04:22 PM
Check out two new episodes of Smartpunk Live featuring Motionless In White & Hellogoodbye. Also, watch an acoustic version of "Would It Kill You?".
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/08/11 - 11:48 AM
Dates for the Ignite the World Tour with Motionless in White, For Today, Chelsea Grin, For the Fallen Dreams and In the Midst of Lions are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/17/11 - 07:01 AM
Motionless In White premiered their new video for "Abigail" here.
Christian Wagner on 12/21/10 - 12:13 PM
Following bassist Max Green's stint in rehab, Escape The Fate will headline The Dead Masquerade Tour with Alesana, Motionless in White, Get Scared, and Drive A. Dates in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/17/10 - 12:02 PM
An interview with Motionless In White can be seen in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 11/12/10 - 11:41 AM
Stream Motionless In White's debut album, Creatures, in its entirety before the album is released on Tuesday. Head to the replies to hear it all.

Submitted by FearlessShane
Matthew Tsai on 10/07/10 - 07:49 PM
Stream a brand new song from Motionless In White called "Cobwebs" from their upcoming album Creatures right here.

Submitted by FearlessShane
Blake Solomon on 09/30/10 - 08:31 AM
A Skylit Drive have announced a new tour with Motionless In White, For All Those Sleeping, Woe, Is Me and Scarlett O'Hara. Dates are in the replies.

Submitted by WerdnaNBD
Blake Solomon on 09/09/10 - 09:24 AM
Dates for the Entertainment or Death Tour featuring Black Veil Brides, William Control, and Motionless in White can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/30/10 - 08:57 PM
Motionless In White's debut full length album, Creatures, will be released October 12th. Head to the replies for the album art and track listing.

Submitted by FearlessShane
Blake Solomon on 08/12/10 - 08:09 AM
Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Sky Eats Airplane, Motionless In White, Sleeping With Sirens, Attila, and Get Scared will be hitting the road together for the Death From Above Tour. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/09/10 - 12:54 PM
Motionless In White have posted a cover of Rob Zombie's "Dragula".

Submitted by WerdnaNBD
Blake Solomon on 10/30/09 - 12:23 PM
Motionless In White's music video for "Ghosts In The Mirror" premieres on MTV2's Headbangers Ball this Saturday at 2AM local time.
Jonathan Lally on 06/04/09 - 04:21 PM
Gwen Stacy will be doing a headlining run beginning in late April with Eyes Set To Kill, Motionless In White, and Belle Epoque as support.
Tour Dates4/29 Terre Haute, IN @ THMV The Venue
4/30 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Mixtape
5/1 Buffalo, NY @ Xtreme Wheelz
5/2 Charleroi, PA @ Club Octane
5/4 Lancaster, PA @ ADLIB Cafe
5/5 Crofton, MD @ The Macc
5/7 Charlotte, NC @ Cashbah @ Tremont Music Hall
5/8 Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit
5/9 Orlando, FL @ Island Oasis
5/10 Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
5/11 Conyers, GA @ The ROCK SHOW
5/13 Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
Rohan Kohli on 03/17/09 - 10:24 AM
Tragic Hero Records is holding a contest this week via Twitter that will allow you to win new albums from Motionless in White, Iwrestledabearonce, and To Speak of Wolves. To be one of the ten winners, you must send them a direct message on Twitter saying that you're following them and let them see you on their friend list...you'll then be in the running to win.
Anton Djamoos on 02/27/09 - 06:23 AM
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