We Were Sharks are releasing their new EP, Not A Chance, on December 11th via Panic State Records. We are streaming the whole thing a week early - check it out in the replies. The band brings a pop-punk sound from Canada that reminds me a lot of what I like about Forever Came Calling - fast-paced vocals backed by guitars that really up the ante from standard power chord pop-punk. I'd definitely give "Without You" and "How To Lose Your Cool" a listen. If you're digging the songs, be sure to pre-order the EP.
Ryan Gardner on 12/04/15 - 06:10 AM
Halogens will release their new, self-titled EP on January 9th via Why Bother Records. We are premiering their new song "Ayķdame!," which you can hear in the replies. The EP was produced by Gatherersí Adam Cichocki. If you're really into Tiny Moving Parts or The Front Bottoms, this song is for you.
Ryan Gardner on 11/19/15 - 06:32 AM
I've always been a big fan of DC hardcore and the Dischord Records sound. So it's no surprise that I like Slow Code. A clear throwback to that era of post-hardcore, "The Patron Saint of Architecture" is streaming exclusively on the band's profile. It comes from the band's debut EP Marketable Skills, out December 18. Keep your eye on them if you're at all a fan of Fugazi, etc.
Zac Djamoos on 11/12/15 - 03:00 PM
You might not yet be familiar with Struckout, but you soon will be. Think McClusky, but with Isaac Brock on vocals. So yeah, this one's a homerun. The song, titled "Maybe I'm Ed Wood," comes from their upcoming What You Deserve, out the 21. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album on limited edition red-tinted cassettes from Funeral Sounds (out of 100). Check out the track in the replies.
Zac Djamoos on 11/04/15 - 01:18 PM
Count Your Lucky Stars Records recently signed Grand Rapids, MI, four-piece The Cardboard Swords. The band's style of goofy indie rock recalls bands like The Front Bottoms, Runaway Brother, or Modern Baseball. Next month they'll be releasing their debut self-titled album, and we've got a special treat for you. At the band's AP.net profile, you can stream the entire thing early. Isn't that amazing? Check it out if you're a fan of any of the bands listed, or the general CYLS roster, and preorder the album if you like what you hear (which you will).
Zac Djamoos on 10/27/15 - 01:27 PM
Come Wind will be releasing their new album Move In Place on November 20th. The album was fully fan funded via Kickstarter, and the band exceeded their goal. We have premiered a song or video for them every year since 2012, and we are keeping that up today with their new single "Clarity." Hit the replies to watch the video for the new song. Per usual, the song should definitely appeal to those of you who really miss The Graduate with some vibes from The Dear Hunter. If you like what you hear, be sure pre-order the album.
Ryan Gardner on 10/06/15 - 06:12 AM
Trophy Lungs are releasing their new album Day Jobs on October 16th via Antique Records. The record is about the moment when someone encounters the realities of life and the internal battle faced to keep his or her spirits alive when times get tough. We are premiering the new video for "Bathroom Graffiti," which you can watch below. The song clocks in at just over two minutes, being a rapid speed pop-punk track that reminds me a lot of Forever Came Calling's Contender. If you like the track, be sure to pre-order the record.
Ryan Gardner on 10/06/15 - 06:11 AM
Lydia's debut album, This December; Itís One More and Iím Free, officially released 10 years ago yesterday. We are incredibly excited to announce that Bad Timing Records will be pressing it to vinyl for the first time, which you can pre-order starting Wednesday the 30th at 2 EST. It will release on November 13th, and you can find the pressing variants below. While the band is still going strong today - Run Wild just released - many fans consider this record and Illuminate to be the band's classics. To celebrate the anniversary and news, we would also like to dedicate this thread to fans reminiscing on the record, as we always have great 10 year discussions around here.
Ryan Gardner on 09/28/15 - 05:56 AM
Around this time last year we premiered a Nothernmost song called "All Smiles." Today, we are premiering their whole new EP, Pinedale, a day before the release via Rude Fox Records. The EP reminds me a lot of what I loved about Head North's Bloodlines and A Will Away's Bliss earlier this year. Opener "Greenbrier" has a slow build aided by the drums, while "Afterglow" is the loudest song here, resembling Balance & Composure as the vocals build around the guitars. I have a feeling a lot of you will enjoy this one - give it a listen below.
Ryan Gardner on 09/17/15 - 06:04 AM
Dead Ahead (featuring former members of Autopilot Off and With The Punches) will be releasing their self-titled new album on October 9th via Panic State Records. Today we're bringing you a premiere of the new song "Exit Letters" -- which you can check out in the replies. If you like what you hear, make sure to pre-order the new album.
Jason Tate on 09/16/15 - 08:16 PM
Gloe features members of Salt Lake bands Visitors, Rile, Grass, and Dustbloom. The band recently recorded their debut EP, Vestige, with Dryw Owens, so fans of his work with From Indian Lakes shouldn't feel far from home here. We are premiering a new song called "Professional Avocation," along with the video - check it out in the replies. As expected, the song has a lot of similarities to From Indian Lakes mixed with the more ambient vibes of Circa Survive, all intertwined with some progressive guitar work.
Ryan Gardner on 09/15/15 - 06:01 AM
Sledding With Tigers recently released a Space Jam themed album - yep - called Come On and Slam via Antique Records. We are premiering their new video for "Retirement," which features the band performing inside of a bouncy castle. Needless to say, the band is highly entertaining. Give the video a watch below, especially if you're a fan of Modern Baseball or The Front Bottoms.
Ryan Gardner on 09/14/15 - 06:26 AM
This one of my favorite premieres I've been a part of. The San Francisco, CA, band ourfathers. will be releasing an EP called Movements soon, and we're streaming the first single in the replies. Now, ourfathers. are quite the dynamic group, with "III" pulling influences from all sorts of bands, with hints of Brand New, Moving Mountains, Pianos Become the Teeth, Thrice, From Indian Lakes, and everything in between - it's like the band mixed a bunch of this site's favorite artists and threw them together into one massive song, all produced by Dryw Owens of the latter group. The point is that you should listen to it, which is good, because it's sitting right there in the replies for you to...
Zac Djamoos on 09/02/15 - 01:40 PM
City of the Weak is a band to get familiar with, especially if you're a fan of either bands like Tonight Alive or like New Years Day. They recently released an EP called Disclosure, and to help you get a bit more familiar with them, we're premiering the video for the EP's single. Hit the replies for some in-your-face, catchy as heck alternative rock to end your weekend on the right note.
Zac Djamoos on 08/30/15 - 06:21 PM
Post Modern are releasing their debut EP, entitled The Current today August 25th. It's currently up for purchasing via iTunes, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp. You can hear a taste of Circa Survive with a bit of a post-hardcore new age twist. Post Modern has a unique sound that will intrigue people who enjoy many different genres. You can check out the entire EP right here. The EP is found below in the comments section.
Shana Davidson on 08/25/15 - 04:17 AM
In Writing will release their debut album, While You Were Away, next Friday. But this Friday, we've got a nice treat so you can start your weekend off right.Head over to their profile where you can check out their single "Chelsea," which is a poppy emo song falling somewhere between The Promise Ring's Nothing Feels Good and Into It. Over It.'s Proper. Which means it's good. After listening be sure to preorder and then you can pick up a CD copy via All Sounds or a limited edition cassette via Superjazz Tapes.
Zac Djamoos on 08/21/15 - 09:50 AM
Fresh off the heels of last year's underappreciated Alex I Am Nothing, Museum Mouth are gearing up to release a split with indie rock band Naked Naps. The band's messy, lo-fi punk-ish styles fit together well, as fans of one should find a lot to like in the other. If you're not familiar with either...imagine a Dikembe meets Joyce Manor meets Cloud Nothings sort of thing, except that it makes more sense than that description probably did. Today we're lucky to premiere one of Museum Mouth's tracks, "Wave Emoji," which can be streamed in the replies. If you like that, preorder the split via Too Far Gone.
Zac Djamoos on 08/03/15 - 02:38 PM
The Republic of Wolves is one of the my favorite bands, and today is the release of the very first ever vinyl pressing of their debut EP, His Old Branches. To celebrate, each copy of the EP comes with a digital download of His Black Teeth - an alternate version of His Old Branches featuring reimagined versions of each song from the EP. We're excited to bring you "Between His Black Teeth," the new version of "For His Old Branches," in the replies. If you like what you hear, you can pick up a copy of His Old Branches at the Simple Stereo webstore.
Zac Djamoos on 07/24/15 - 12:32 PM
Last month we premiered the new Well Kept Things EP, Homegrown, which is out now via Antique Records. Today we are debuting the new video for "Great White North." The vocals on this track really remind me of what I loved about Just Surrender, so definitely give it a watch below. If you're liking the song, be sure to grab the EP.
Ryan Gardner on 07/20/15 - 05:43 AM
We Hold Hands and We Jump will release their debut album, The Wonderful Things I'll Do, next month via NDE Records. The Pennsylvania duo play a style of folk that brings to mind Bright Eyes - but fronted by someone a bit quirkier, like Max Bemis. It's something a lot of AP.net regulars might enjoy, and we've got the band's very first single streaming. You can listen to "How to relax" over at the band's AP.net profile. Preorders will be up next week, so look out if you enjoy the song.
Zac Djamoos on 07/14/15 - 06:40 PM
I'm excited about this one. Time Spent Driving recently reunited and will be releasing Passed & Presence on July 21. It's their first release since 2007's I'm Your Stab in the Back. We're lucky enough to premiere "Blame the Valley" today - you can check that out on the band's profile. If you can't remember, their indie/emo style is reminiscent of bands like Brandtson, Benton Falls, and Pop Unknown. Give "Blame" a listen and then preorder the album if you like what you hear.
Zac Djamoos on 07/10/15 - 11:28 AM
My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure will release their new album, Seeker, next week. Last month, we premiered "I Lost Again." Today, we're excited to bring you a full stream of Seeker. Fans of Cartel and Acceptance, don't sleep on this one. Preorder it here, if you so desire, and keep your eyes peeled for a review this week. In the meantime, hit SoundCloud for some summery pop-rock.
Zac Djamoos on 07/07/15 - 11:35 AM
We Take Fire have a new EP coming out, entitled Movies Where the Dog Dies. It's currently up for preorder via More Than Me records. It's math rock a la Tera Melos or even TTNG, only it's a bit catchier than both. Fans of either group should find something to love here. Luckily for them, we're streaming the whole thing. Check out the EP on the band's AP.net profile.
Zac Djamoos on 07/06/15 - 11:43 AM
Buffalo, New York punk rock pretty much sums up Thundercloud Kid. The band will release their new EP called Songs About the Hopeless and Mourning on August 28th. We are premiering a new song called "Bad News for Blue Eyes" today. The song really harkens back to old school '90s Fat Wreck bands or more recently a band like Red City Radio. If you're looking for a punk rock song to kick off your holiday weekend, this is it. Give it a listen in the replies.
Ryan Gardner on 07/02/15 - 05:49 AM
We've been working on putting together this year's Absolute 100 feature over the past month (it won't go up until August, but this year's class is shaping up to be awesome), and while searching out the bands I want to pick for the feature I came across this Italian pop-punk band called NOW.HERE. Usually I'd sit on this pick until the feature goes up, but their new four song EP, New Perspective, is coming out July 7th and it's the first pop-punk EP I've actually found myself coming back to in a long time. It doesn't make sense to not talk about them over the next month when they've got new shit out. So, I reached out to the band to set up an exclusive stream of their new EP here on the...
Jason Tate on 07/01/15 - 10:27 AM
Mallcops will release the The Funniest Joke You've Ever Told EP on July 28. It's coming out via NDE Records, a new label started by members of the NDE (Non Denominational Emo) Facebook group which donates 100% of all profits to RAINN.org. "Ambulances" is the first song Mallcops have ever listened, and I can't be more excited to share this band's very first material with you. It ought to appeal to fans of pop rock like Anberlin and Cartel. You can stream "Ambulances" in the replies and be on the lookout for more from Mallcops.
Zac Djamoos on 06/30/15 - 02:41 PM
Long Knives, Count Your Lucky Stars' most recent signing, are putting out a split with Dowsing, Cardboard Swords, and Sinai Vessel next month. In the replies you can hear their contribution. "Thaw" is a three and a half minute upbeat emo song that might remind you a bit of of bands like Rainer Maria (maybe it's just the name) or Jejune with its male/female harmonies. It proves, if nothing else, that Long Knives will be a band to watch out for. The split is up for preorder, if you like what you hear.
Zac Djamoos on 06/15/15 - 01:55 PM
Well Kept Things will release their debut EP, Homegrown, tomorrow via Antique Records. We are streaming the whole thing a day early, which you can hear below. The EP definitely reminds me a lot of Just Surrender, namely the vocals on tracks like "Younger" and "Great White North." Fans of pop-punk should enjoy this upcoming band, as Homegrown screams summer. If you're liking what you hear, you can pre-order the EP. Well Kept Things will also be doing a quick tour - you can find those dates in the replies, as well.
Ryan Gardner on 06/15/15 - 09:22 AM
Sudden Suspension recently signed to Bad Timing Records and will release a new EP called There's A Bigger Picture Here on June 16th. You might remember when we premiered "As Good As It Gets," and today we are streaming the whole thing. Similarly to that song, the EP contains straightforward fast-paced pop-punk songs, perfect for fans of Knuckle Puck or Forever Came Calling. The bass flexes on "Eventually," while "Cheap Seats" cranks the pace up the max with arguably the best chorus here. Give it a listen below if you're looking for a good EP for summer drives with the windows rolled down. If you like what you hear, be sure to pre-order it.
Ryan Gardner on 06/11/15 - 08:48 AM
Today we're bringing you an exclusive video premiere from Coastbound, a brand new band based out of LA that remind me a whole lot of early 2000's pop-punk. In the replies we have the lyric video for "Overrated," a song taken from the band's upcoming EP, Wasting Your Breath. Check it out and tell me you couldn't have seen that on a Drive-Thru comp some 10 years ago.
Jason Tate on 06/10/15 - 12:57 PM
Pentimento will release a new 7" called Stuck Forever via Bad Timing Records in anticipation of a full length coming this fall. We are streaming the title track, which you can hear in the replies. Whereas Inside The Sea drew heavy influences from Where You Want To Be-era Taking Back Sunday, "Stuck Forever" has a more somber feel early on, with guitar plucks echoing the softer vocals. The guitars and drums pick up as the chorus takes off, making the line "Does it feel like we're stuck forever, alone together" get stuck in your head. The repetition hits harder every time and then the song cuts back to the softer side, making the chorus really stand out. The result is one of the best songs...
Ryan Gardner on 06/10/15 - 10:55 AM
Around this time last year, Only on Weekends released their debut EP, Light Years and Heavy Lifting. It was a short, sweet taste of the band's brand of pop-punk, similar to early 2000s pop-punk or more recent bands like Light Years or earlier Turnover. Today they're releasing the video for "Prince of 187th Street." It's the best song Only on Weekends have released, so you'll want to check out the video in the replies.
Zac Djamoos on 06/09/15 - 01:11 PM
Montreal's Gulfer recently released a split EP with Del Paxton on Topshelf Records. Now, only three months later, they've finished up a full seven-song album of mathy emo tunes. In the replies, you can stream What Gives' opening track, "Bloody Lookin," for a taste of what to expect. The album's out June 30, and they're following that up with a North American tour. Don't forget to preorder What Gives on Texas Is Funny's webstore.
Zac Djamoos on 06/08/15 - 12:46 PM
My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure will release their debut full length album, Seeker, on July 14th. You might recognize their unique name from when we premiered a song of theirs three years ago. Well, we are premiering a new song called "I Lost Again," which you can hear below. The guitar strums and vocal refrains reminisce the likes of Acceptance, with the chorus really picking up. It's not much of a surprise why the band has opened for Mae, Anthony Raneri, and Hellogoodbye. If you're liking the track, you can pre-order the record.
Ryan Gardner on 06/04/15 - 07:14 AM
Castle of Genre released their new album, Home: Loss & Ghosts, this week. To celebrate, we are streaming the whole thing, which you can check out in the replies. Lyrically, the album's concept is that no matter how bad the memories that are rooted in where and what your "home" is, it's always going to be your home regardless and that will never change. Musically, the album lays in the more noodly emo genre, appealing to both fans of The World Is A Beautiful Place and even Manchester Orchestra at times ("Champion of Death"). The band cites influences of The Killers, and at times, the vocal accent is definitely similar. You can grab the album for $5.
Ryan Gardner on 06/03/15 - 12:44 PM
The Kenneths - a punk rock band from London who are managed by Mumford and Sons bassist and founding member, Ted Dwayne. Needless to say, this bio had me interested enough to premiere the band's new single "Cool As You," which you can hear in the replies. The track comes from their second EP in four months called E, which releases June 15th. It's two minutes of European punk rock with pop sensibilities that make for quite a catchy chorus. Not wasting a second, the chorus is sure to be stuck in your head after one listen, armed with a hefty bass and classic distorted guitars. It sounds like an old-school London punk rock song, clearly taking hints from The Clash. The band will be playing...
Ryan Gardner on 05/26/15 - 08:59 AM
Telegraf recently worked with Marc McClusky (Ludo, William Beckett) on their upcoming debut EP, Lines. We are premering a new song and video today with "Do You Wanna." The song sits somewhere between the solo work of William Beckett vocally (expectedly) and the instrumentation found in The 1975's songs, where the guitar really helps propel the chorus. The EP uses direct quotes from actual conversations, making it a very personal insight. If you're looking to learn more about the band, you can also watch a short introductory documentary in the replies.
Ryan Gardner on 05/19/15 - 06:13 AM
Wave & Rome started out in Nashville as a collaboration between Sam Tinnesz and co-writer/co-producer Josh Farro (formerly of Paramore). The band's upcoming EP, Across the Map, will release on June 2nd, but we are streaming a new song called "Wandering Wolf" today. The song shouldn't be a far cry for fans of bands like Augustana or Cary Brothers, being a piano-driven pop-rock song. Producer Matt Bronleewe, who has worked with Hayley Williams, also helped produce, and Chad Howatt (Paper Route) did the mixing. Howatt's work here should definitley please fans of Paper Route, as well. Give it a listen in the replies. If you're liking it, head to iTunes tomorrow to grab the song and pre-order...
Ryan Gardner on 05/18/15 - 12:04 PM
Save Face are releasing a split with My Heart, My Anchor on May 26th. Their side was produced by Jesse Cannon (Transit, Man Overboard). We are premiering the song (and video) "Brain," which you can check out in the replies. The song is definitely reminiscent of early Transit in ways, but it has some cool noodly guitar parts that have some prog influences and the vocals veer toward screams at times. This is the first song the band has released as a four-piece instead of having five members. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the split.
Ryan Gardner on 05/14/15 - 06:43 AM
Last week, we premiered a music video for Papertowns' "Change." Today we're excited to bring you a stream of the full EP - it's a nice slice of '90s rock a la Basement. Hit the replies to check out the full thing, be on the lookout for a review next week, and the album is currently available for purchase on iTunes.
Zac Djamoos on 05/12/15 - 04:18 PM
Sudden Suspension recently signed to Bad Timing Records and will release a new EP called There's A Bigger Picture Here on June 16th. We are streaming a new song off of it called "As Good As It Gets," which you can hear in the replies. The track is a straightforward fast-paced pop-punk jam, not unlike the material on Forever Came Calling's Contender or Knuckle Puck's EPs. From the sounds of it, the EP should be a good one for summer drives with the windows rolled down. The band will be doing a summer tour with Bad Luck - dates for that are also below. If you like what you hear, be sure to pre-order the EP.
Ryan Gardner on 05/12/15 - 11:02 AM
Today we're excited to be bringing you a special song stream from The Wretched Desert. The band is comprised of Zach Lind (of Jimmy Eat World) and his wife Holly, and they'll be releasing their new EP tomorrow (pre-orders are up on Amazon). Hit the replies to hear "Memento" and make sure to follow the band on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Jason Tate on 05/11/15 - 12:19 PM
We Are The Union are releasing a new EP called Keep It Down this Friday, May 15th, via Paper + Plastick Records. We are streaming the whole thing. Lead single and opener "Call In Dead" picks up right where their last record left off, equipped with a chorus that's guaranteed to be belted out at live shows. "The Dreams That You Forgot" has more of a ska/reggae influence musically, while "My Whole Life Is A Dark Room" is a straightforward punk song and arguably the best song here. Oh and there's a cover of Green Day's "Burnout" and a Smash Mouth inspired song ("The King Of Chords"). Needless to say, these six songs have a lot going on - give them a listen in the replies. If you like what...
Ryan Gardner on 05/11/15 - 08:08 AM
Hot Mulligan released their debut EP Fenton in November of last year. It's being re-released later this month via Save Your Generation as well as a new EP titled "Honest & Cunning. The reissue of Fenton, with new artwork and an acoustic version of "Buy a Fire Extinguisher Before You Need One," can be preordered on Bandcamp. If you'd like to give the band a try before preordering, "Buy a Fire Extinguisher" is streaming in the replies. It gives a rawer look at the band's emo-inflected pop punk style.
Zac Djamoos on 05/05/15 - 02:32 PM
With bands like Citizen, Title Fight, Turnover, and Superheaven all releasing albums this year - not to mention Basement recording a new full-length - it might seem like you already got your 90s alternative revival fix for 2015. But you better add Papertowns to that list. They're releasing a new EP, With You in Mind, next Tuesday, and it's worth a listen if you're a fan of any of those bands. So if that sounds intriguing to you, give their optimistic single "Change" a listen in the replies, and you can pick up a copy here.
Zac Djamoos on 05/04/15 - 05:47 PM

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