For our latest video exclusive, we are proud to bring you the premiere of Paper Route's awesome music video for "Gutter." The track is off the band's latest release, Absence. Read more about the creation of the video here, check it out for yourself in the replies or on our youtube channel.
Steve Henderson on 03/25/10 - 08:26 AM
Lovedrug might have lost some of you with The Sucker Punch Show, but they are definitely back. The band will now be releasing a series of EPs leading up to their fourth record, and we want to give you a free taste. Click here to download the new mp3 "Pink Champagne" - if you like what you hear, grab the first EP now on iTunes or predorder the CD/vinyl versions on the band's website.
Steve Henderson on 03/24/10 - 07:26 AM
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day right by listening to the Celtic stylings of Flatfoot 56. We have an ABSOLUTExclusive stream of the folk punkers' upcoming album, Black Thorn, on their AP.net profile. The album hits stores March 30th via Old Shoe Records. Also don't forget to enter our contest to win a trip to the band's album release show.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/17/10 - 10:47 AM
Tooth & Nail's Queens Club are premiering their new music video for the toe-tap inducing single "Less Talk" on the AP.net Youtube Channel. Head there, rock out, subscribe if you're cool, and let us know what you think in the comments.
Garett Press on 03/16/10 - 11:58 AM
Following up the infectiously sunny Build It Up, One for the Team are back with a decidedly more rocking effort. Head to the band's AP.net profile to stream Ghosts, the killer new album from these young Minnesotans. If you like what you hear, pick it up tomorrow.
Steve Henderson on 03/15/10 - 06:45 AM
Today's ABSOLUTExclusive brings you a cover of John Lennon's "Instant Karma" from This Century. Head on over to the band's AP.net profile to check it out.
Jamie Pham on 03/12/10 - 11:26 AM
Mark Hoppus thinks you should check out Neon Trees, and we obviously agree. Head on over to the band's AP.net profile for an exclusive stream of the new song "1983." Habits is set for release on March 16th.
Steve Henderson on 03/11/10 - 01:06 PM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you a song stream and EP download from a group of 18-19 year olds from Orange County called Brothers at Sea. Head on over to their AP.net's profile to check out their EP, This Is A Redemption Melody.
Jamie Pham on 03/10/10 - 10:31 AM
Head over to We Are the Union's AP.net profile to hear an exclusive new song entitled "One Million Motors". The track will appear on the pop-punk/ska group's upcoming album, Great Leaps Forward, due out March 30th via Paper + Plastick. Preorder it here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/05/10 - 12:32 PM
Iceland continues to produce some of the most talented musicians around and Seabear are no exception. Sindri (Sin Fang Bous) returns with Seabear to bring us their sophomore effort We Built A Fire, a beautifully crafted album with gorgeous melodies that will draw you in and hold your attention until it's done. And then you'll want to listen to it again. So without wasting further time, you should head over to their AP.net profile to find out for yourself because we have an exclusive stream of the album. If you like what you hear, don't forget to purchase it when you're done listening.
Lueda Alia on 03/05/10 - 10:17 AM
The Seams (made up of previous Down To Earth Approach bandmates, Jonathan Lullo and Dan Shepard) will release their new full-length - Spanish American - for free digitally March 9th, but we're just not that patient. Head to the band's AP.net Profile to get the new song scoop and enjoy "If You Don't Call". Discussion party in the replies.
Julia Conny on 03/03/10 - 04:26 AM
The Scenic will be heading back into the studio in April to record their new album. But in the meantime, head over to the band’s AP.net profile to check out an exclusive new demo named “Uh Oh” that they recorded with Mike Watts. Sound off in the replies with your thoughts.
Steve Henderson on 03/02/10 - 08:04 AM
Halifax recently posted "Breathe", from their upcoming Align EP, on Facebook, and now they're leaking a second track exclusively to AP.net readers. You can stream "Tonight" on the band's AP.net Profile now, and grab the digital-only EP on April 6th.
Garett Press on 02/19/10 - 01:44 PM
If you have been looking forward to Balmorhea's upcoming release Constellations, then you will be happy to know that the wait is over. Constellations doesn't come out until next Tuesday, but you can now stream it exclusively on their AP.net profile. There is no better time to listen to this - it's cold out there and most of you are covered in snow. So grab some hot chocolate and relax while listening to yet another beautiful album by this talented Austin band. As usual, please make sure to pre-order the album if you enjoy it.
Lueda Alia on 02/16/10 - 11:19 AM
While the dead of winter certainly has most of us in its cold, unforgiving grip, we'd like to bring about a little sunshine to cheer everyone up. That is why we are happy to bring you an exclusive stream of One for the Team's newest single, "Hard for You." The track comes off the band's upcoming release, Ghosts, which will see the light of day on March 16th. Head over to the band's AP.net profile and bask in the glow of one of 2010's catchiest offerings (and grab it Tuesday on iTunes).
Steve Henderson on 02/12/10 - 02:30 PM
The AP.net Youtube Channel strikes again with the premiere appearance of Farewell's new music video for the track "Devoid". The song comes from last year's Epitaph release Run It Up The Flagpole. Catch it there or in the replies, and sound off with your thoughts.
Garett Press on 02/03/10 - 03:18 PM
House of Heroes label-mates, Abandon Kansas, have filmed a music video for the track "Close Your Eyes" off of their We're All Going Somewhere EP. Check it out exclusively in the replies or directly on our Youtube Channel. Grab the disc here.
Garett Press on 02/02/10 - 08:28 AM
Today we're bringing you a new song called "Us" from Easton which can be heard on their AP.net profile. They are also planning to release a digital EP on iTunes in the near future .
Jamie Pham on 02/01/10 - 03:42 AM
The Forecast, the sweethearts that they are, are offering the AP.net community a free download of their new song "Illinois". Their self-titled album will release on Feb. 16th off Eyeball Records. To download and also stream the new song, head to the band's AP.net Profile.
Julia Conny on 01/29/10 - 03:28 AM
Eagle Scout will release their new album on Feb. 16th, but the whole of New Hands is now streaming on their AP.net Profile. For those of you who dig, an incredibly cheap pre-order is available on interpunk. Recommended if you like? Let's say Minus The Bear with a dash of Cursive.
Julia Conny on 01/28/10 - 08:42 AM
Places and Numbers (new project of Bobby Darling, ex-Gatsby’s American Dream) has signed to Equal Vision Records. Here is the only place to check out a new track from Darling, so head over to Places and Numbers’ AP.net profile to stream “Waking the Dead,” off the upcoming EP of the same name.
Steve Henderson on 01/27/10 - 09:11 AM
Former Absolute 100 picks Man Overboard have given us an exclusive stream of their upcoming collection of past material, Before We Met: A Collection of Old Songs. The album will be released via Panic Records on March 2nd and can be preordered here. To hear the full album, head over to the band's AP.net profile.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/20/10 - 12:17 AM
One of AP.net's favorite under-the-radar acts, Look Mexico, know that 2010 is their year to break out, so they've hooked us up with today's ABSOLUTExclusive. On the band's AP.net Profile you can stream "You Stay. I Go. No Following." (featuring Frank Turner), the first single off their upcoming sophomore album, To Bed To Battle, out 3/23 on Suburban Home Records. I'm getting a pretty sweet Moneen vibe, you?
Garett Press on 01/19/10 - 09:28 AM
Robert McDowell (of Manchester Orchestra) and his one-man band, an alternative pop project he's dubbed Gobotron, is finally ready to release an album. On Your Mark, Get Set... has been two years in the making, and it hits digital retailers on Jan. 19th. For now, and in our true exclusive fashion, we've got the full album stream going on at the Gobotron AP.net Profile.
Julia Conny on 01/13/10 - 03:30 PM
On January 26th, Number One Gun will release To The Secrets and Knowledge, a new ten song full-length album, on Tooth and Nail and as a first taste we're streaming "Big Machines" exclusively on the band's AP.net Profile. Dig it? Pre-order it alone, with a tshirt, or autographed.

1. The Victory
2. Big Machines
3. Forest
4. Noises
5. Hey Stranger
6. The People
7. White Lies
8. Look to Pass
9. Try It
10. Don't Stop Believing
Garett Press on 01/13/10 - 12:44 PM
City and Colour releases the Live at The Verge digital single today featuring the songs "Forgive Me" and a cover of the Alexisonfire track "Boiled Frogs". After the jump you can stream the latter exclusively on AP.net, and make sure to jump on iTunes to download either or both. The tracks were recorded in February 2008 for Canada’s XM satellite radio show, Live at The Verge. Enjoy!

[button=http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/apmedia/Boiled.mp3]"Boiled Frogs" (Alexisonfire Cover)[/button]
Garett Press on 01/12/10 - 10:44 AM
A B-side from The Swellers entitled "Montreal Screwjob" is now streaming on their AP.net profile in celebration of Bret Hart's triumphant return to the WWE tonight. The band's latest album, Ups and Downsizing, will be released on vinyl soon.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/04/10 - 10:20 AM
A new song from The Wonder Years entitled "Everything I Own Fits In This Backpack" -- which AP.net users had the chance to listen to first -- is now streaming on the band's profile. Details for their upcoming CD release shows can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 12/30/09 - 11:00 AM
Hope everybody had a freakin' fantastic holiday! We've got one more treat for you from our buddies Brighter Shades, a cover of The Beach Boys' "Little Saint Nick". It's a melodious piece of Christmas bliss, and can be streamed on their AP.net Profile or downloaded here.
Garett Press on 12/25/09 - 04:53 PM
Our dear friend Chase Pagan put out one of the year's better records, Bells and Whistles, in June. Now, he's sat down with his son and created a splendid low-fi Christmas carol just for AP.net. Grab "Just My Christmas" right here. Thanks Chase and Chase Jr.
Garett Press on 12/24/09 - 02:22 PM
It's finally Christmas Eve and The Gay Blades have provided us with a little ABSOLUTExclusive stocking stuffer called "Christmas Wish (In June)". Grab the romantic ode right here and let us know any traditions your family has in store for this night.
Garett Press on 12/24/09 - 11:30 AM
The Transit War's Mike Frey recorded a cover of U2's "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" under the moniker of his new side project ...students. You can listen slash download the ABSOLUTExclusive cover right here.
Garett Press on 12/21/09 - 03:16 PM
For our next holiday gift to you all, P is for Panda (label started by Chad Pearson, founder of The Militia Group) have hooked us up with a free download of Andy Zipf's rendition of "Silent Night." Stream it on his AP.net profile or download it here.
Steve Henderson on 12/17/09 - 09:31 PM
Doghouse Records pop-rock crooners The Status have posted their entire EP for streaming on their AP.net Profile. Let's Be Honest EP features four slick head-bobbers including the very timely timely "Christmas Song". Grab the EP as a digital stocking stuffer on iTunes.
Garett Press on 12/16/09 - 12:21 PM
For this year's first holiday ABSOLUTExclusive, Absolute 100 inductees The Rocketboys recorded a cover of "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" just for you all. Head over to the band's AP.net profile to stream or download it here.
Steve Henderson on 12/16/09 - 07:11 AM
If you haven't seen Less Than Jake live recently, or ever for that matter, please sit back and enjoy today's Absolute Access presentation of the band's entire set from one of this summer's Warped Tour dates. Hit the replies to view the whole set divided into three pieces, each with plenty of LTJ classics and inane humor to be found.
Garett Press on 12/14/09 - 01:21 PM
In our final exclusive webisode with Saosin, we spent time with the band hiding behind trees and dodging paintballs. It's amazing how simple fun can be these days. Watch it in the replies.
Julia Conny on 12/10/09 - 10:22 AM
We have another exciting exclusive for you today, one that may enchant your very ears into a feverish dance. Jeff Martin and Steve Padin, both formerly of the atmospheric deity This Day and Age, have a new song called "In This Story", and they want AP.net to hear it first. Head over to their AP.net Profile and let us know what you think. The duo's new album, The First Joke and Other Matters, comes out January 19, 2010.
Blake Solomon on 12/09/09 - 09:29 AM
The Years Gone By recently recorded a thoughtfully awesome cover of David Archuleta's hit "Crush", and we have it for your streaming pleasure on the band's AP.net profile. [Insert Simon Cowell quip here!]
Blake Solomon on 12/08/09 - 01:50 PM
Last week we bowled with Saosin. This week, we're blazing around a go-kart track. Does this band ever stop having fun? Geez. Watch the exclusive webisode in the replies. The PacTour is wrapping up this month; catch a date near you.
Julia Conny on 12/02/09 - 03:14 PM
Saosin doesn't take bowling lightly. In the exclusive tour webisode posted in the replies, the band gives us a showing at the alley during an off day. Who will take the trophy? And don't forget, you can catch Saosin on the PacTour through December.
Julia Conny on 11/25/09 - 08:11 PM
Jeff Kummer, former drummer of The Early November, will be releasing his solo record Your Best Alternative on December 22nd. Head over to his AP Profile to stream one of the songs and if you like what you hear, pre-order the album here.
Joe DeAndrea on 11/25/09 - 12:24 PM
Analog Rebellion (formerly PlayRadioPlay!) will be releasing his new album, Ancient Electrons, in January. We have another new song available for stream at his AP Profile.
Joe DeAndrea on 11/18/09 - 05:20 PM
We are proud to introduce Tacoma, Washington based He Is We. We are giving away the band's entire collection of old music and demos for free. Head here to download.
Brad Streeter on 11/16/09 - 01:38 PM
We've often touted the rap musings of MC Slug and his work in Atmosphere, but today we're featuring his work with Murs outside that alias in a project known as Felt. The duo are gearing up to release their third album, Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez, next week and you can now stream and download "Felt Chewed Up" on their AP.net Profile as a sample, also featuring production from Aesop Rock. (Download is located immediately beneath the streaming player)
Garett Press on 11/11/09 - 11:50 AM

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