Anberlin will be releasing an acoustic DVD.

Submitted by El Chico Loco
Jason Tate on 07/02/12 - 12:01 PM
Anberlin played a new song live at The Mercy Lounge. We're not sure what the title is, but there's a video in the replies, and the audio is pretty good.

Submitted by AnberlinRoxx
Thomas Nassiff on 06/14/12 - 09:40 AM
At Anberlin's show last night in Nashville, Stephen Christian announced the band's new album will be named Vital and that more details will come soon. He said it is Anberlin's "most aggressive" record to date and the band performed one new song.

Submitted by Readyfuels and Acad08
Thomas Nassiff on 06/12/12 - 12:59 PM
Anberlin and Mayday Parade have both teamed up with Downtime and introduced new limited edition shirts to help raise money for charities they support (There With Care and Falling Whistles, respectively). Last fall, Downtime partnered with Manchester Orchestra and created a shirt that benefited Pablove; Downtime will be adding more bands and shirts every couple weeks.
Rohan Kohli on 05/22/12 - 03:57 PM
Anberlin will be hitting the road for an acoustic tour later this year. Dates in the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/07/12 - 02:57 PM
Anberlin posted a teaser video for their new album -- check the replies.

Submitted by Readyfuels
Jason Tate on 04/20/12 - 10:24 AM
Anberlin is looking for fans to sing on their new record.

Submitted by PengusNiugnep
Jason Tate on 04/11/12 - 11:12 AM
Pretty obvious Anberlin doesn't want much to do with that "retrospective" release coming out.
Jason Tate on 03/13/12 - 10:14 AM
Anberlin will be recording their new album with Aaron Sprinkle.
Message from the BandHey guys - we are very stoked to be able to share a few things we are proud of and have been busy working on. Basically, this is an update on all things Anberlin related. First and foremost, we could not be more pumped to announce that we will be returning to a close friend and someone who has played a pivotal role in our story as a band. Aaron Sprinkle will be producing our new album. He produced our first 3 albums, and we could not be more thrilled to join forces again. We have 40+ song ideas, and this one is shaping up to be something special. We will begin work on the new album later this...
Jason Tate on 02/10/12 - 11:29 AM
The title of the next Anchor & Braille album will be The Quiet Life.

Submitted by Diviniuz
Jason Tate on 01/17/12 - 12:27 PM
Carrollhood (members of Anberlin, Underoath, and Marksmen) has posted a new song entitled "Mr. Tampa" to their Facebook.
Jack Appleby on 01/09/12 - 03:41 PM
Anchor & Braille has signed with a new label. Any guesses?

Submitted by DandonTRJ
Jason Tate on 12/19/11 - 11:43 AM
Anberlin is doing a string of tour dates across Florida and Georgia in January. They're taking Foxy Shazam and States along with them.

Submitted by reid
Jason Tate on 12/09/11 - 12:16 PM
Our conversation with Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Anberlin's Stephen Christian can be found here.
From the InterviewI think that’s what everyone wants in journalism is a handle. They want to say, “Steve Jobs,” and then four or five words, and then maybe a date of birth and a date of death. There’s his entire life in a one-liner. If you’re Steve Jobs’ wife or daughter, you’re like that does not define him as a man. It’s the same thing as a band.
Jonathan Bautts on 11/03/11 - 11:09 AM
Stephen Christian (Anberlin) has left their current tour due to family issues. Phil Snead and Dan Marsala (Story of the Year) will be filling in on vocals for the rest of the tour.

Submitted by dangerofthought
Dre Okorley on 10/15/11 - 08:30 PM
Joey from Anberlin's side project, Sins, released a new song on facebook.

Submitted by reid
Matthew Tsai on 08/09/11 - 11:17 AM
Update: Download a b-side from Never Take Friendship Personal called "New Fast Automatic" here, and check out the story behind it here.

Want to talk with Anberlin? The band will be chatting in this thread for a little while. Come on in and say hello! From what we've heard, they have a few announcements to make. As usual the band's usernames are all blue.
Jason Tate on 08/03/11 - 08:49 AM
We've had Anberlin on the website to chat with friends a few times in the past - and it's always been a blast. So, we're having them come back tomorrow to chat as well! They'll be hanging out in a thread (we'll sticky it to the top of the news page) tomorrow at 8pm EST. There will be some cool announcements and special surprises during the chat ... so don't miss it.
Jason Tate on 08/02/11 - 08:48 AM
Joey Milligan of Anberlin has a new side project - Sins. You can listen to two new songs on his facebook.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/01/11 - 12:45 PM
PureVolume decided to dig through their vaults of live tracks (recorded at their events at SXSW, CMJ, etc.) to create a free collection of live tracks each week this summer. The first collection includes music from Anberlin, Good Old War, Hey Monday, James Vincent McMorrow and other artists. Download here.
Jay Nainav on 07/07/11 - 05:16 PM
Nate Young (Anberlin), Tim McTague (Underoath) and Reed Murray (Marksmen) have started a new project called Carrollhood. You can download their first song "Remission' off their site for free.
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/05/11 - 07:42 AM
Anberlin will release Live from House of Blues Anaheim, a live record and video, on Tuesday, July 5, exclusively on iTunes. Check the replies for the track listings for both the audio and the video, as well as a full song from the video.
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/02/11 - 03:14 AM
Anberlin have announced an Australia tour on facebook. Hit the replies for dates. Tickets go on sale July 1st.

Submitted by Miss_Shev
Matthew Tsai on 06/22/11 - 01:27 PM
Rumor has it that a side-project involving members of Underoath, Anberlin and Marksmen will be announced in the coming weeks.

Submitted by awakeohsleeper
Matthew Tsai on 06/22/11 - 01:11 PM
Anberlin will be heading over to Europe next month to play some shows with Linkin Park. The band is also playing a free show for London, more details can be found here. Dates for the European shows can be found in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/18/11 - 08:29 PM
You can read Stephen Christian's new "book", You Are Safe Here, here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/10/11 - 08:57 PM
Jump to the replies to watch a new interview with Stephen Christian where he talks about Anberlin influences and updates and how we will see a new Anchor and Braille record this winter.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/09/11 - 04:37 PM
Tooth and Nail will be releasing Anberlin's Cities on Limited Edition 2LP for Record Store Day, April 16th. It will only be available in select stores. For more info, head here.

Submitted by multiple users
Matthew Tsai on 04/08/11 - 05:03 PM
30 Seconds to Mars have released dates for the Closer To The Edge Tour with Anberlin and CB7 supporting. Dates are in the replies.

Submitted by Readyfuels
Deborah Remus on 03/22/11 - 06:59 PM
Anberlin's radio104.5 live in-studio performance from can be heard here.

Submitted by vicki_van
Blake Solomon on 02/24/11 - 07:06 AM
An old Anberlin song titled "Wake Up" has surfaced online. Head to the replies to check it out.
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/23/11 - 12:07 PM
Watch Anberlin perform "Closer" last night on Jay Leno here.

Submitted by topher465
Blake Solomon on 02/23/11 - 07:37 AM
Read a recent interview with Christian McAlhaney of Anberlin discussing recent tours and their latest album here.

Submitted by cwhit412
PeeDster on 01/17/11 - 07:09 AM
Anberlin, The Starting Line and Bayside will be touring in Australia at the end of February. Info can be found here.

Submitted by fightinirish217
Matthew Tsai on 01/14/11 - 02:09 PM
The first group of bands playing Cornerstone 2011 have been announced. The list included Anberlin, The Chariot, Flatfoot 56 and, of course, P.O.D.

Submitted by Brand-new-123
Blake Solomon on 01/13/11 - 10:27 PM
Anberlin's "You Belong Here" played during an American Idol promo. Check it in the replies.

Submitted by MGAdams
Blake Solomon on 01/10/11 - 08:47 AM
It looks like Anberlin may be working on a new album.
Matthew Tsai on 01/06/11 - 09:25 PM
Anberlin's "Pray Tell" was recently featured in the HBO's 24/7 Penguins VS. Capitals (Episode 3). You can see the video in the replies; the song comes in at around the 2:30 mark.
Matthew Tsai on 01/01/11 - 02:55 PM
Anberlin's "Closer" was recently featured in the HBO's 24/7 Penguins VS. Capitals. Head to the replies to see a video; the song comes in at the 9:43 mark.
Matthew Tsai on 12/27/10 - 11:48 PM
A new interview with Christian McAlhaney of Anberlin discussing the band making the Billboard charts and more can be read here.

Submitted by zack-182
Matthew Tsai on 12/20/10 - 07:56 PM
You can now buy both of Sagoh 24-7's (pre-Anberlin) albums at the Indie Vision Music store.
Matthew Tsai on 12/20/10 - 07:35 PM
A new acoustic video of Anberlin performing "Impossible" for Alter The Press can be found here.

Submitted by bigproof
Matthew Tsai on 11/25/10 - 12:14 PM
Circa Survive and Anberlin are going on a co-headlining tour this January that includes Foxy Shazam as support. Dates in the replies.

Submitted by lovekillsgirl
Blake Solomon on 11/18/10 - 09:13 AM
Anberlin's Last.fm session can be found here.
Jonathan Bautts on 11/05/10 - 08:50 PM
Check out Anberlin performing on Jimmy Kimmel in the replies.

Submitted by spokethewords
Blake Solomon on 11/03/10 - 08:06 PM
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