Angels and Airwaves will release their new album on Halloween. It'll be, according to Tom, "a defining album of [their] career."
Jason Tate on 04/12/14 - 12:02 PM
Jason Tate on 04/08/14 - 02:39 PM
Angels and Airwaves' film Love is now available to stream on the BBC's iPlayer service.

Submitted by agreenmagician
Jason Tate on 02/17/14 - 10:15 AM
Angels and Airwaves We Don't Need to Whisper is coming to vinyl.
Jason Tate on 01/22/14 - 10:43 AM
Happy birthday to Tom DeLonge.

Submitted by bradsonemanband
Jason Tate on 12/13/13 - 11:03 AM
An auction is up where the winner gets to meet Tom Delonge (all proceeds will go to Rady Children's Hospital).
You and a guest can meet Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves' Tom DeLonge in his music studio in Carlsbad, CA and own 22 pages of the original artwork of Mike Henry from the children's book Tom wrote, "The Lonely Astronaut On Christmas Eve," and take home an autographed guitar!
Jason Tate on 12/03/13 - 11:35 AM
Tom DeLonge will be releasing the book, The Lonely Astronaut, on Christmas eve. The full press-release is in the replies.
Jason Tate on 11/20/13 - 01:08 PM
Angels and Airwaves' Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal EP is being pressed to vinyl. Pre-orders are now up.
Jason Tate on 11/15/13 - 12:01 PM
If you've got a premium Angels and Airwaves membership you can see a preview of Tom Delonge's Christmas Book.
Jason Tate on 11/12/13 - 12:23 PM
Tom DeLonge teases something Angels and Airwaves and Christmas "book" related.

Submitted by one eight two
Jason Tate on 11/05/13 - 10:44 AM
Tom Delonge has posted yet another Angels & Airwaves song clip on his Instagram.
Drew Beringer on 09/04/13 - 11:03 AM
Tom DeLonge is teasing an upcoming announcement for a new Angels and Airwaves album and film.

Submitted by dirty sanchez
Drew Beringer on 08/12/13 - 09:56 AM
Tom Delonge has uploaded another short Angels & Airwaves clip to his Instagram.

Submitted by one eight two
Drew Beringer on 08/07/13 - 09:48 AM
A new Angels & Airwaves clip can be found in the replies.

Submitted by Geek
Jason Tate on 07/26/13 - 02:52 PM
David Kennedy (Angels and Airwaves) has started a pretty cool looking coffee roasting company called James Coffee Co.
We offer a revolving assortment of distinctive single-origin beans as well as exclusive James Coffee crafted blends. Using modest production methods we are able to approach each individual roast as an opportunity to elevate and preserve our quality and taste.
Jason Tate on 07/05/13 - 01:36 PM
Tom Delonge has posted a short Angels and Airwaves teaser clip on Instagram.

Submitted by DeeEee1985
Jason Tate on 07/01/13 - 09:30 AM
Ilan Rubin was recently on The Gunz Show and discussed the topic of new Angels & Airwaves.
Here's what I'll say, there are no details or anything set in stone. But I actually was with Tom a few days ago and earlier this year we wrote quite a bit of music, 7 songs. More than half an album worth of material... He's been busy doing, who knows what he's doing...
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/07/13 - 03:18 PM
Tom Delonge is working on a UFO film? I'm probably out of the loop - but has anything else been mentioned about this?
Jason Tate on 02/06/13 - 11:05 AM
Angels and Airwaves video for the remix version of "Surrender" can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 01/08/13 - 03:08 PM
Atom Willard (Angels and Airwaves, Rocket from the Crypt) is the new drummer for Against Me!

Submitted by Thisisgoodbye
Jason Tate on 01/02/13 - 11:07 AM
You can stream Angels & Airwaves' new EP, Stomping The Phantom Break Pedal in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/17/12 - 08:47 AM
Angels and Airwaves will release a new EP titled Stomping The Phantom Break Pedal on December 18th. The EP features new music and 5 remixes. You can watch the video for "Diary" in the replies.

Submitted by agreenmagician
Drew Beringer on 11/08/12 - 12:34 PM
A new Angels & Airwaves' track entitled "Diary" can be streamed in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/28/12 - 02:03 PM
Angels and Airwaves have begun work on their new album.
Jason Tate on 09/17/12 - 10:26 AM
Shop Radio Cast will release Angels & Airwaves' Love Part I & II as a limited 4XLP. It is due out on October 25th on 180 Gram Black or colored vinyl, both limited to 500 copies each.

Submitted by JennaJames
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/08/12 - 06:26 PM
Tom DeLonge (Blink-182, Angels & Airwaves) discusses UFOs alongside noted "ufologist" James Fox and Skeptic Magazine publisher Michael Shermer on Larry King Now.

Submitted by LouderThanBombs
Jason Tate on 08/22/12 - 12:09 PM
We've teamed up with Macbeth to bring you a playlist from Matt Wachter of Angels and Airwaves.
Jason Tate on 08/07/12 - 03:43 PM
Angels and Airwaves have released the information for their Gold Package VI to be released later this year.

Submitted by flyingwhitey182
Jason Tate on 07/09/12 - 12:37 PM
We have teamed up with Macbeth to present you guys with a playlist curated by David Kennedy of Angels & Airwaves. Check it out on Spotify.
Thomas Nassiff on 07/03/12 - 01:52 PM
Angels and Airwaves has released a new music video for "Surrender." It's in the replies - where else would it be?!
Thomas Nassiff on 05/24/12 - 08:33 PM
Angels and Airwaves set from this year's KROQ Weenie Roast can be seen in the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/11/12 - 09:42 AM
Update: According to this tweet from Doug Reesh, doctors think Tom may have pneumonia. We hope you get better soon, Tom.

Angels & Airwaves are canceling some shows because Tom DeLonge is "severely sick." A message from the band is below.
Message From the BandAngels & Airwaves regrettably announce today that due to Tom DeLonge being severely sick and advised by his doctors not to travel, the band will have to cancel their upcoming tour dates. Angels & Airwaves were scheduled to play on May 12th at the DC101 Chili Cook-Off, May 13th in Philadelphia, PA at Festival Pier for Radio 104.5ís birthday and on May 14th in New York at Webster Hall. Refunds will be available at point of purchase...
Thomas Nassiff on 05/10/12 - 08:54 AM
A quick Angels and Airwaves interview with Tom can be seen in the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/03/12 - 11:59 AM
Head to the replies to check out a slow-motion video of Angels & Airwaves playing "Surrender" live at the O2 Academy.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/03/12 - 05:16 AM
In a recent interview, Tom DeLonge stated that, "After this year, my schedule is going to be a lot easier." This led the publication to state that they thought Tom was hinting at the "end of the Blink 182 reunion." Without seeing the quote in context, which is not provided, I'm not really sure how they came to this conclusion. Seems like how most album cycles come and go: The band released an album, toured, did press - it was crazy busy. Now the tour and press will wind down, they will focus on other projects for a while -- and then I'd assume they would gear up for another Blink 182 project/album in another year or so. Always thought that was going to be what happened. Or ......
Jason Tate on 04/17/12 - 08:48 AM
A behind the scenes video with Angels and Airwaves from their Europe tour is in the replies.
Jason Tate on 04/10/12 - 12:47 PM
According to director William Eubank, the Angels & Airwaves LOVE DVD was flown into space on the final Space Shuttle Discovery mission, on behalf of Mark Eaton.

Submitted by agreenmagician
Jason Tate on 04/02/12 - 10:25 AM
Check the replies to watch Ilan Rubin (Angels and Airwaves) performing as a special guest at this years Guitar Center's Drum Off.
Jason Tate on 03/30/12 - 02:28 PM
Check the replies to see Angels & Airwaves latest addition, Ilan Rubin, showing off his skills on the drums and the keys in this footage with the band from the AVA practice studio and the last round of live shows. Some of the music heard here will be available soon on the Live Feature Film Score.
Jason Tate on 03/28/12 - 11:01 AM
Angels and Airwaves' 3D version of their video for "Anxiety" can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 03/23/12 - 10:51 AM
Tom Delonge recently opened up in a new interview from NME. He's working on three new movies, a UK tour with Angels and Airwaves, and a number of summer festivals are lined up.
From the ArticleWe've got three movies ideas that we're working on, two specifically; one has a completely written script, which I can't go into yet. But the Poet movie is a very large, ambitious idea; it's about dreams and near death experiences. It'll have the pacing of a mainstream film, but it'll look very artistic. It'll allow us to create a score album that's very different to anything Angels And Airwaves has done in the past.
Jason Tate on 02/13/12 - 11:56 AM
Angels and Airwaves performance on Jimmy Kimmel can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 02/02/12 - 10:11 AM
Angels and Airwaves' recent performance at the Red Bull Sound Space for KROQ is now online.
Jason Tate on 01/25/12 - 11:49 AM
Tom DeLonge was recently a guest on the radio show "Coast to Coast AM", where he spoke about the weird world of rock and roll, his longstanding interest in UFOs, and his new website that he hopes will become a clearinghouse for paranormal news. Listen to it here.

Submitted by mcflyubozo
Jason Tate on 12/22/11 - 11:24 AM
We were so busy yesterday, we missed Tom Delonge's birthday. Our bad. So, happy belated 36th birthday Tom.
Jason Tate on 12/14/11 - 10:19 AM
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