You can check out my interview with Anthony Raneri (Bayside) The band's fantastic new album, Cult, is available now (read my review) and will be heading out on its headlining tour next month.
And the same weekend we were doing those shows, Long Island Fest was happening in like a VFW Hall and I Am The Avalanche was playing. And I remember thinking like I would much rather be at Long Island Fest right now. I don't care, I don't want to be in front of these 10,000 people who don't get what I'm doing and as soon as we're done playing they're gonna go buy a confederate flag beer coozie. I would much rather play in front of a thousand people in a VFW Hall in Long Island right now. And that...
Drew Beringer on 02/20/14 - 07:10 AM
You can check out our new interview with The Summer Set here. The band is currently on the Tilly's stage on this summer's Warped Tour, and will be touring the U.S. in the fall. The band's brand new album Legendary is out now.
Yeah, we've been radio minded with this record especially. We've always made pop music; as far as a band, we've always been a little more pop lenient. I think there were always times during our past two records in which we thought about doing some radio stuff, I think it's hard for a band to push to radio too pre-maturity, because if it fails, you're blacklisted. So we'd always think about it...and then pump the brakes and make a new record.
Jake Denning on 06/26/13 - 05:58 AM
You can check out our interview with Architects (UK) here. The band is currently on the Monster Energy stage, and are not to be missed, especially if you like heavy music. The band will be writing a new record in September, as well doing another U.S. tour in the fall.
"Devil's Island" was one of the hardest songs to write because it's so prominent about where we're from and the London riots that were going on at the time, and it was something that we'd like to get across in a nice way, and we were really happy about it.
Jake Denning on 06/26/13 - 05:55 AM
You can read our new interview with Big Chocolate here. He's currently on the Spotify stage on this summer's Warped Tour, and someone you definitely want to check out if you like electronic music.
I was nervous, because that was my first real breath into this kind of stuff, I really feel like I've grown a lot and changed a ton since the last two years. So I was really nervous to come back and see how the Warped crowd would take the new stuff, and now my worries are all gone.
Jake Denning on 06/26/13 - 05:51 AM
You can read our interview with New Found Glory here. The band is currently getting ready to release a new live album in the fall, which includes three new tracks.
I think the live record definitely captures how we are as a live band, with the crowd interaction and people singing along, it really sounds awesome in my opinion, we've been getting mixes back from it. We did it in Anaheim. But the live record is also going to have three new studio songs on it as well.
Jake Denning on 06/26/13 - 05:49 AM
You can check out our brand new interview with August Burns Red here. We talk Warped Tour, their brand new record Rescue & Restore, and more. You can catch the band on the Kia Soul Main Stage all summer on the Vans Warped Tour.
We've been a part of this scene for like 10 years man, and it's our home, it's our family, it's what we know, it's what we've been a part of for so long. We want to encourage the young guns coming up to step outside the box and to be artists and to create something that is theirs and has it's own identity, it's own color.
Jake Denning on 06/25/13 - 06:17 PM
With The Dangerous Summer announcing their new album, Golden Record today, I figured it was only right to ask AJ some questions about the new album and the future of the band. You can read my short interview with him here.
Matt and Ben were definitely sent from heaven. They came at the perfect time. We were trying out drummer after drummer and guitarist after guitarist. After so many misses, we finally found the men we were looking for. It was so hard to go on day after day, not feeling like our band was at it's full potential, but we made it through. We always make sure that we push through any hard time. When Tyler left the band, we recorded War Paint a month later. When Bryan left, we...
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/04/13 - 09:22 AM
Check out my interview with H.R. (Bad Brains) here.
Yes... [Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys] was a very creative, effective, and responsible individual who had the intelligence to know that something unique was going on. Out of that uniqueness, he represented to his kids and loved ones that he had an image of versatility. And that's what he would encourage the band to do. He encouraged us to remain self-sufficient and also as positive as humanly possible. So through that emphasis from him, and that priority for him wanting the group to remain true to the word and true to the core as we could, we understood exactly where he was coming from. It just made sense. He talked about how he...
Dre Okorley on 02/06/13 - 01:03 PM
I was lucky enough to get to ask Hayley Williams some questions about Paramore's upcoming Self-Titled album which drops in a few months. We talked about the sound of the new album, the band's rocky past three years and more.
From The InterviewAbsolutely. I am so thankful for all that we have been through. You really do learn more from the bad... I believe that. It just does something to your perspective and I have never seen the three of us so clearly. Taylor and Jerm are so talented. We all really needed each other during this process because yes, at first, it was strange and uncharted territory. Then again, if we hadn't been forced into it, we might've never made a voluntary decision...
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/08/13 - 11:22 AM
Read our interview with The Skies Revolt here.
In This Interview"In Ohio, we found out that homeless people are extremely attracted to our guitar player Bobby. In that same city a guy offered us some free mattresses for our van and then told me about all the UFOs..."
Christian Wagner on 12/05/12 - 06:07 AM
Read our interview with Via Coma here.
In This InterviewNo overdubbed guitar tracks, no more than 3 vocal harmonies at a time, we wanted the album to be the listener hearing 4 people playing songs together.
Christian Wagner on 06/12/12 - 06:18 PM
Following our Too Long; Do Read feature about Kickstarter and crowd-funding models, we are presenting a few of the more interesting interviews that went into the process of reporting the article. The first one is with Stray From the Path guitarist Tom Williams, who we talked with about his negative views on the subject.
From the Interview But I don't think any band should use it, it takes the soul out of the music. Lots can be done by figuring out how to make things happen. Itís just too easy to ask for money. The reality is, if someone flipped their car driving to a bandís show, that band won't donate to their PayPal account. People say, ďWell, if kids donate to the band, maybe the...
Thomas Nassiff on 04/03/12 - 12:20 PM
Head here to read my interview with John of The Maine.
In This InterviewWe see and saw our music heading in a completely different direction than WBR and knew they only know how to make records one certain way: tons of cash, co-writers, and big name producers.
Christian Wagner on 01/30/12 - 10:05 AM
Most of the faces from The Company We Keep are recognizable figures, with members of The Receiving End Of Sirens, Motion City Soundtrack and Misery Signals contributing to the cause. A fourth member made the cut though, and Amy Brennan is ready to show you why she belongs. In her first interview as the band's vocalist, Brennan told us about her background, how singing Justin does, and TCWK's touring plans. Come read all about it here.
Jack Appleby on 01/26/12 - 10:01 AM
"For Heaven's sake, will you stop the car?"
Staff ReviewsJohn K. Samson - Provincial (Thomas Nassiff)
Anthony Raneri - New Cathedrals (Jason Gardner)
Staff InterviewsThe Company We Keep (Jack Appleby)
Thomas Nassiff on 01/26/12 - 12:57 AM
Here's what we've got going on for you today ...
Staff ReviewsFoxy Shazam - The Church of Rock and Roll (Thomas Nassiff)
Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood of Colour (Drew Beringer)

Staff InterviewsEnter Shikari (Jake Denning)
Thomas Nassiff on 01/22/12 - 10:44 PM
Read our interview with The Early November here.
In This InterviewJeff: I'm not getting back into this for the money, people...I'm in it for the drugs.
Christian Wagner on 12/20/11 - 09:24 AM
Read my interview with producer Gary Cioffi (Transit, Four Year Strong) here.
In This Interview"I don't want to have to edit drums all night making your drummer sound good, half the kids that come into the studio think they are going to lay down their drum and guitar tracks four or five times and then expect me to sit here all night comping the takes."
Christian Wagner on 12/14/11 - 06:23 PM
A few weeks back I got to interview Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. I talked to him about his upcoming full length, Camp, as well as various other things. You can check out the interview here.
From the InterviewI grew up with Eminem and stuff like that, and my favorite stuff of his was funny and it made me laugh but it was also this thing where he would put out this shit that was really rough. I get that, it just makes sense to me. I wanted to do something for when I was a kid, something that made me feel fun and a little scary. I know some people find it hard to take me seriously because I am a comedian, which I get. Iím not trying to pretend like Iím not doing comedic stuff. And...
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/25/11 - 05:09 AM
Read my interview with I Am The Avalanche's Vinnie Caruana here.
In This InterviewIt feels like this is the first record Iíve ever released.
Christian Wagner on 09/29/11 - 06:28 AM
I'm going to be interviewing LIGHTS tomorrow. If you have any reasonable, non-creepy questions, feel free to leave them in the replies and I may ask them.
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/13/11 - 01:22 PM
Check out today's interviews below.
Staff InterviewsThe Artist Life by Deborah Remus
The Swellers by Thomas Nassiff
Thomas Nassiff on 05/10/11 - 01:00 AM
You can read an interview with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low here and a show review of the 4/1 date of the Dirty Work tour here.
Thomas Nassiff on 04/21/11 - 02:26 AM
I recently had the chance to interview Jack of All Time Low to try and get some new info on the band's fourth studio album, Dirty Work and the guy's future plans. You can check out the interview here and leave your thoughts in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/14/11 - 08:37 PM
Check out the second part of my interview with Dave Elkins of Mae here. Be sure to lookout for part 3 soon as well.
QuoteLook at the state of our country, look at the economy and look at how things are really difficult and desperate these days. People look to music for an escape, so I'm definitely proud that we got to be a part of something that provides an escape, but also provides an answer.
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/28/10 - 01:25 PM
Check out the first part of my interview with Dave Elkins of Mae here.
QuoteI personally had writerís block that really inhibited me from expressing myself musically and creatively like I had on Destination: Beautiful and The Everglow. And I think that really came through. You know when you're the singer and you are the primary songwriter and you're wrapped in your own brain, it's hard to come out with something that really has conviction. And you really just want other people to feel the energy and purity of it.
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/18/10 - 04:20 PM
Check out a short interview with We Came As Romans here.
QuoteThere are always going to be bands that rip off other bands, bands that lack creativity, and I'm not one to say that my band makes the absolutely most original music ever. What's going to make a band succeed is the heart, message, and drive they have, with a little bit of common sense about business.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/18/10 - 11:00 AM
Check out my interview with Adam Young (Owl City, Sky Sailing) in which he discuses his appreciation for bands like Botch and Mogwai here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/02/10 - 10:37 PM
Want info on when you may hear The Party Scene or what Alex and Mark Hoppus have been up to? Check out my revealing interview with All Time Low here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/28/10 - 11:07 AM
Check out my interview with Chiddy Bang here. If you haven't heard them, get both of their mixtapes for free. Here is Air Swell and The Swelly Express. If you need any more convincing read my review of The Swelly Express here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/17/10 - 01:14 PM
You can read a very informative interview I did with Rise Against right here.
Brandon Herbel on 10/09/06 - 10:37 AM

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