Today, I am very proud to share something our users have been hard at work on. Under the direction of kyle is hk, a rather large group of us have voted and ranked our Top 50 Albums of 2000-2015. You can hit the replies to read our list (complete with blurbs from the users), see what artists got the most votes, look at each year's top three albums and discuss what should or shouldn't have made the list. Then, you can head over to this thread to participate in our Top Albums of the 90s list. Awesome work, everyone; what a time to be alive.
Aaron Mook on 07/08/15 - 07:50 AM
A bunch of our forum members have got together once again to record some covers and put them together as part of a compilation. You can check out the full thing here.

1. Ryan McAvoy (Ryan McAvoy) - Play Crack The Sky (Brand New)
2. Cootie Catcher (brandsonemanband) - Call Me Maybe Remix (Carly Rae Jepsen)
3. Open to Fire (Paulb-182)- Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
4. Belmore Cub (Kyle Huntington) - Cavalier (James Vincent McMorrow)
5. As Gideon Weeps (nfarreler) - 400 Lux (Lorde)
6. The Kinky Rite - Lua (Bright Eyes)
7. misewell (bobsheiskaway) - House of Gold (twenty one pilots)
8. City Mouth (fourchordwonder) - Sore Thumb (The Format)
9. John Thomy (unclear lies)-...
Kyle Huntington on 02/24/14 - 11:12 AM
This week marked my 11th year anniversary on AP.net, which means that I have spent almost half of my entire life being an active member around here. This website has been, hands down, one of the most consistent things in my life over the past decade. Little did I know that signing up on that one punk website that covered all my favourite bands (I'm looking at you, The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Something Corporate... and literally every other pop-punk band that existed in 2002), would change my life forever. Without it, I would now probably be in some library killing brain cells with law school books instead of working in an industry that I'm passionate about. And more...
Lueda Alia on 10/25/13 - 09:00 PM
AP.net user Imagination has put together a compilation featuring original songs by other fellow AP.net users.

Submitted by bradsonemanband
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/31/12 - 10:41 AM
We've finally made an Instagram account, so if you want to keep up with all our shenanigans at concerts, interviews, and more, make sure to follow @absolutepunk with your Instagram account.
Drew Beringer on 10/22/12 - 01:22 PM
Today we're featuring another round of Best of 2011 lists from AbsolutePunk staffers, artists, and industry folk. A few of our personal favorites are below.
StaffersPaul Tao, Ryan Gardner, Thomas Nassiff, Alex DiVincenzo

Artists and IndustryO'Brother, Less Than Jake, The Early November, Paradigm Agency

Be sure to check out all the lists and comment to discuss what you thought of them or would love to learn more about!
Paul Tao on 01/04/12 - 12:01 PM
Today we're featuring another batch of Best of 2011 lists from AbsolutePunk staffers, notable artists, and industry folk. I handpicked these because I found them interesting.
Staffers Drew Beringer (duh), Adam Pfleider, Jeremy Aaron, Blake Solomon, Kyle Huntington.

Artists and Industry Folk No Sleep Records, The Swellers, Epitaph Records, Thursday, Moving Mountains.

Be sure to check out all the lists and comment to discuss what you like, don't like, or would love to learn more about!
Drew Beringer on 01/03/12 - 01:24 PM
From our computers to yours... a gift that can last all year long. Happy Holidays from the AP.net staff.
Linda Ferreira on 12/24/11 - 01:26 PM
I think it's a good time to spin some tunes in the AP.net room. Join me and lets have some fun.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/05/11 - 09:00 PM
This year we reached out to some of our favorite bands and got some feedback for the new run of Absolute Beginnings. Head here to see where some of your favorite artists (Hot Water Music, Every Time I Die, Silverstein, Yellowcard, The Receiving End of Sirens and more) received their first big bang of inspiration. In case you missed our newest staff picks, just scroll up on the feature to catch up from yesterday.
Adam Pfleider on 05/25/11 - 10:07 AM
Standing on the edge of what's soon to be the sleek new AP.net, we're once again staffed with a new era of writers. We decided to revise a classic feature and share with you the roots of why we do what we do. Head here to see the second run of Absolute Beginnings. You didn't think we wouldn't add something new to it this time around, did you? Be sure to check back tomorrow to read up on some of your favorite artists' picks as well.
Adam Pfleider on 05/24/11 - 11:29 AM
From our computers to yours... a gift that can last all year long. Happy Holidays from the AP.net staff.
Linda Ferreira on 12/24/10 - 03:30 PM
Everyone please take this opportunity to welcome Ryan Gardner (ThisMusic193) to the AP.net staff. Ryan will be helping Linda and Keagan with the mailbox listings and will be doing other various awesome stuff. Give him a proper welcoming in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 11/15/10 - 07:18 PM
Our very own Adam Pfleider recently took his appreciation for AP.net to a whole new level. Check out his blog post here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/22/10 - 09:14 AM
I just wanted to make an announcement that we have quite a few new additions to the AP.net family and everyone should take notice. Please open your arms and fully embrace Stephen Chamberlain, Kyle Huntington, Ian Walker, Alex Djaferis, Christian Wagner and Jonathan Bautts. All six of them plan on helping us bring the best AP.net we possibly can for every music fan out there. So show some love and give them a proper hello in the replies!
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/19/10 - 01:05 AM
We're not just a punk site. I'm looking for someone who loves hip-hop as much as me, but can dedicate more time to the genre with news postings and reviews. If you are interested, please submit a few hip-hop reviews here. You can also email me when you submit a hip-hop review so I can check it out.
Drew Beringer on 08/06/10 - 11:34 AM
From our computers to yours... a gift that can last all year long. Happy Holidays from the AP.net staff.
Linda Ferreira on 12/24/09 - 08:25 PM
Here are the picks for our End of the Year photo feature showcasing the skills of some of our users and AP.net regulars. Enjoy!
Adam Pfleider on 12/19/09 - 09:03 AM
One of AP.net's regular users (and blossoming pseudo-celebrity) is pursuing a crusade that involves a longtime favorite band of many members, and he needs your input (and perhaps your help). It's a tall task, but stranger things have happened. AP.net community, away!
smoke4thecaper on 09/11/09 - 04:28 AM
Apparently, Anthony Raneri (Bayside) doesn't like some of our members.

Submitted by Imperfektion
smoke4thecaper on 09/11/09 - 01:59 AM
Bright Light Fever has just relaunched brightlightfever.com. Enter coupon code "absolutepunk" and gain access to direct MP3 downloads of their entire catalog for free, including their brand new EP Meat Market.
Mike Kraft on 03/10/09 - 05:35 AM
AbsolutePunk.net Members Compilation Volume 4 is available for download.
Mike Kraft on 03/09/09 - 09:30 AM
Alex of All Time Low was recently attempting to promote a white t-shirt that read "sup ap.net" on MTV, but he was asked take it off because it contained a URL. Bummer for us.

Submitted by Jason Tate
Adrian Villagomez on 08/01/08 - 08:37 PM
Did you know that you can change the amount of posts you can view per page on AP.net, up to 50 posts? Some find this makes browsing the hundreds of comments in threads easier so you don't have to change pages so often. Edit your profile options to make this change. Now that we've helped you, feel free to help us post AP.net banners and widgets around the Internet. Not that we're guilt tripping you or anything...
Anton Djamoos on 07/03/08 - 07:54 AM
Powerspace will be chatting here tonight at 9PM EST.
Joe DeAndrea on 04/16/08 - 09:09 AM
AP.net will be sponsoring the upcoming headlining tour for Jet Lag Gemini, from March 16th to April 17th. Opening for the band on various dates will be Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, Farewell, Kenotia and The Morning Of. You can find all dates and information on their tour profile.
Paul Tao on 03/07/08 - 06:38 PM
A mouthful of sand may be the hottest thing on the Internet right now, but AP.net is probably a close second. Spread the word and help this site grow!
Anton Djamoos on 01/10/08 - 08:08 AM
This man with a huge mouth may be the hottest thing on the Internet right now, but AP.net is probably a close second. Spread the word and help this site grow!
Anton Djamoos on 01/02/08 - 10:34 PM
Burger and Fries may just be the hottest thing on the Internet right now, but AP.net is probably a close second. Spread the love and help AP.net grow.
Anton Djamoos on 12/19/07 - 10:06 PM
His new haircut may just be the hottest thing on the Internet right now, but AP.net is probably a close second. Spread the love and help AP.net grow, chief.
Anton Djamoos on 11/29/07 - 08:42 AM
Townsend's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" may be the hottest thing the Internet has going for it now, but AbsolutePunk.net is probably a close second. Share the musical goodness of AP.net with your friends today!
Anton Djamoos on 08/23/07 - 04:39 AM
We are always looking for ways to ameliorate AbsolutePunk.net. Recently, the entire blogs section has undergone a massive face lift and now new features have been implemented to make blogging on AP.net better than ever. You, the reader, are the most important part of the website and now we want to hear what you think can make AP.net a better website than ever.

What ideas would you like to see put into action? Do you see any problems/bugs with the site that affect your usage or are just annoying and could be better? Are there any new features/sections that you think should be added to make the content of the site better? No criticism is too small, so please let us know anything at...
Anton Djamoos on 08/13/07 - 11:11 PM
Armor For Sleep frontman Ben Jorgenson has posted a myspace bulletin regarding today's ABSOLUTExclusive of the song "Smile For the Camera." In it, he comments on your reactions, the lyrics, and more. Read the whole thing in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 08/13/07 - 02:19 PM
I've updated our Warped Tour photo blog. Head over to buzznet and check out the new photos here. Also, make sure to visit our Absolutepunk.net/Capitol Music Group tent on Warped Tour, all summer long!
Jonathan Lally on 07/08/07 - 11:18 AM
We will be premiering Quietdrive's brand new song "Pretend" right here on AP.net next Friday, January 24th. Get stoked!
Rohan Kohli on 01/18/07 - 03:36 PM
New Atlantic and their manager Matt Watts will be doing an exclusive "In The Studio" video interview with us at AbsolutePunk in the very near future. If you have any questions you'd like to ask the band regarding their new album, please post them in the replies. Who knows, maybe you'll get a sneak peak at a couple of the songs in the video: get stoked.
Rohan Kohli on 11/30/06 - 10:33 AM
Attention all bands and labels: The time has come again. The year 2006 is drawing to a close and it's time for Absolutepunk to start compiling our "Best of 2006" lists. We're asking you all to submit to us your top 10 CDs of 2006. You can e-mail the lists to Melissa Johnson or Gabe Gross. You can do a collective list amongst the band or label or each submit your own individual lists. Please include band/label name and your name (if you choose to contribute an individual list). We're getting a headstart on this due to the response we got to last year's Best of 2005 lists, but the deadline to submit a list to Gabe or Melissa is December 17th, 2006.
Melissa Johnson on 11/04/06 - 08:58 PM
As I'm sure many of you realize, Bamboozle Left is coming up next weekend in Pomona, CA. AbsolutePunk will be there with our booth, of course. If there any labels out there that are looking to work with us at Bamboozle with promotions (free sampler CDs and things of that nature), please contact me at paul.tao@absolutepunk.net. Sorry for the slightly late notice.
Paul Tao on 10/03/06 - 02:56 PM
I've attached a few pictures from AP.net's Melee show on Thursday night at the Apple store in Santa Monica. These are just a couple preliminary shots that a friend of mine took- more pictures will be coming in soon and once I get those, I'll be posting them on here. The fans and the band all had a lot of fun so look out for more of these Apple store performances in the future!
Paul Tao on 09/02/06 - 12:53 PM
Here's just a reminder for you guys: AbsolutePunk.net presents Melee in a free in-store performance at the Apple Store in Santa Monica next Thursday, August 31st, on the Third Street Promenade. The performance will start at 7 pm and it's first-come, first-serve at the store so come early to get a good spot! Here is the MySpace event info if you'd like to add it to your calendar and here is the address if you need it: 1248 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401.
Paul Tao on 08/24/06 - 09:04 AM
The Working Title would like to say hello to you, the readers of AP.net.
Rohan Kohli on 08/04/06 - 05:22 PM
If you watch Steven's Untitled Rock Show today (7pm EST/4PM PST) as well as on the 31st, you might just hear the name of a certain gray-colored webzine that you know and love. Cross your fingers and hope he says ".net" and not ".com".
Garett Press on 07/25/06 - 12:56 PM
So, as I'm sure you've all heard by now, Taylor Hicks, the 50 year old-looking dude from Alabama, won American Idol. Thoughts?
Frank Giaramita on 05/26/06 - 12:05 AM
Some of our readers have decided to start a revolution of sorts. They've changed their avatars to an awesome GIF of our glorious leader (check it out by looking at mine). For this weekend only, change your avatar (both large and small are offered) and let the confusion begin! Thanks to Adeniz19 (Lino) and all the other forum regulars who got this rolling.
Tony Pascarella on 04/28/06 - 06:06 PM
Our AP.net artist profiles have been undergoing some database work lately, but Jason has gotten them ready to go. Anything submitted recently is pending moderator approval, and I will be working hard to get them approved. However, I wanted to make this post to give everyone some info on how our database works and what is required in a "good" profile.

First, go to http://www.absolutepunk.net/artists/make to create a new profile. Fill in the band name, website (Myspace is okay here), and the band members' names. In the biography section, please give as much information as possible. Your band will be one of many, and as a result, you'll want your biography to be as detailed and unique as...
Tony Pascarella on 03/30/06 - 07:34 PM

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