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Jack Appleby on 08/08/12 - 07:48 AM
Daniel Long (ex-Race the Sun) and Jason Parrish (ex-Fighting to Forget) have formed a new band and are currently in the studio writing/recording. Expect a name and lineup announcement within the next few weeks.
Rohan Kohli on 12/21/06 - 09:28 PM
Due to the amount of entries sent to my inbox as of late, I'll be posting round-ups sporadically throughout the work week as well as on Sundays. Enjoy.
Small Band Round UpNovella has just been up a new song entitled "What Were in For" that they recorded with producer Matt Goldman (Cartel, Underoath, Anberlin) on myspace.

The Fortunate
have released new songs on their Myspace and Purevolume pages from their debut full length, "Get Up, You Dead."

Audio Recording Club's full length album, In The End, We Are All Light is finally being released on January 16, 2007 through Hyla Park Records. There are three songs from the album now posted on the band's MySpace page. The album is now up...
Melissa Johnson on 12/12/06 - 03:15 PM
Small band news. Check em out and enjoy.
Small Band Round UpPermanent Holiday have posted another new song from their Rock Out Records debut EP "As The City Sleeps" entitled "Murder She Wrote" on their myspace and purevolume pages.

Echo Screen are currently on tour with Near Miss check out the band's myspace page for dates and locations.

The Color Channel has recently released a video for their new recording of "I'm Automatic". The video can be seen here.

The Morning Of is in Nada Studios right now with John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance, The Ataris) recording their debut full length which will be released via Tragic Hero Records.

Orlando, Florida's Early Next Year...
Melissa Johnson on 12/02/06 - 07:28 PM
Montreal, Quebec septet the One Night Band have unveiled details surrounding two radio interviews scheduled for the month of December. First, on December 13th, local listeners can tune in to CKUT 90.3 FM for an in-depth discussion with the band, followed by both an interview and an on-air performance on Montreal's Mix 96 FM set to take place on December 17th. For more information regarding the appearances, please visit the band's personal MySpace profile.

The One Night Band released their debut, full-length effort, Way Back Home, earlier this year via Stomp Records.
Brandon Allin on 11/30/06 - 02:02 PM
Small band news for slow news Sundays. Enjoy.
Small Band Round UpLearning Takes a Lifetime has released 2 new tracks on their myspace and an additional special song on their purevolume from their forthcoming 8 song EP "The Folks Inside" which is being independantly released February 13th '07. On December 5th the band will be playing with Lovedrug & Brandtson at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ.

Ten Seconds To Go is embarking on a three week DIY tour and need some help with some dates that are still open for booking. Contact them if you're interested in helping them. You can also stream their EP on their purevolume page.

Anniston will be going on tour with Rodeia this winter. They will be...
Melissa Johnson on 11/25/06 - 11:25 PM
Since most of the staff will be too busy stuffing face tomorrow, expect it to be a bit slow. If you get bored with the relatives, check out a special helping of small band news.
Small Band Round UpScenic Attraction has posted a new song on their Myspace page. The song is featured on the Airport Tapes and Records sampler (Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin's label) being passed out at the Nothing Rhymes With Circus Tour.

Last Year Portrait has posted up a brand new song called 'Celebrity Fanclub'. The song was produced by Jason Andrews (Holiday Parade) at Spotlight Sound Studio. Last Year Portrait is currently finishing the writing of a full length to be recorded in the spring.

Melissa Johnson on 11/22/06 - 09:09 PM
Seeing as it's already Sunday in some parts of the world, and my Sunday will be comprised of watching tap dancing penguins, I bring you what could quite possibly the largest batch of small band news we've ever had submitted to us. Give em all a chance.
Small Band Round UpRenegades have posted another new song on their myspace called "Big City Girls."
Echo Screen has a debut full length album called Euphoria coming out on Rock Out Records this Tuesday, November 21st. You can check out the single off the album called "This Letter Bomb" as well as peep new tourdates with Crash Romeo and Near Miss on their myspace.

Lakeside will be entering the studio in December to record new material...
Melissa Johnson on 11/18/06 - 10:49 PM
Nick Cave and a few members of Bad Seeds have started a new band - Grinderman. You can listen to one of their new songs, entitled "No Pussy Blues," at their MySpace. The other members of the band include Jim Sclavunos with The Cramps, Martyn Casey of the Triffids, and Warren Ellis of The Dirty Three.
Paul Tao on 11/15/06 - 10:00 AM
Pittsburgh's Clearview Kills have called it quits.
Message from the bandThis is the end my friends...

I write this with a heavy heart, becasue honestly, I never thought this day would come (as cliche as that seems), and I'm short on words to describe my emotions because who really plans things like this? All I can really say is thank you. Its all so cliche, but so true at the same time. Thanks to anyone who took the time out of their lives to support us in anything we did. You will never be forgotten and without you this wouldn't have been much fun at all.

We started this band almost by mistake and I don't think anyone had intentions of playing more than a handful of local shows. ...
Julia Conny on 11/13/06 - 11:54 PM
Here's this week's list of small band news. Read it. Check them out. Enjoy.
Small Band Round UpThe Skies We Built (ex-theAudition, ex-Ateriavia) have posted a new 4-song e.p. for streaming on their Myspace and Purevolume pages. It will be released with 4 diffrent kinds of limited edition artwork on November 19th. The band plans on following up the release with various dates around the midwest. Please check their myspace page for details.

Detroit rockers, Bedford Drive have posted the freshly mastered version of the song "Julianne" from the soon to be released EP in betweens on their MySpace page which features piano accompaniment by Zac Clark. The EP was produced by Mike Poorman...
Melissa Johnson on 11/12/06 - 03:55 PM
Small band news to curb the boredom.
Small Band Round UpSmall Towns Burn A Little Slower's guitarist, Tommy, has started a Postal Service-esque side project titled Cinema Eyes with Pat from The Semester and Josh of This Is Morning.

SECOND MONDAY have released two new songs titled “Show Us Motion” and “Over and Out” on Purevolume from their full-length ‘Imagery’ on Lockjaw Records. You can now order the record from the US iTunes music store.

Orlando, Florida's Early Next Year have just posted a new music video on their MySpace for their song "Through My Eyes" off of their EP Sarcasm is Your Friend.

Riot Like Wordshave posted a new demo in celebration of Halloween. The song comes...
Melissa Johnson on 11/04/06 - 07:38 PM
Check out our latest batch of small band news below.
Small Band Round UpNovella has just wrapped up production on their new EP with Producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, Cartel, As Cities Burn, Anberlin) and have just put up studio footage on their myspace page as well the lyrics and a few pictures.

The Promise Monument just released their debut 6-song EP Pretend to be Happy, It's the Newest Trend. The EP was recorded with Shaun Dermond of Atlantic Sound Recording. They just put up the entire EP on their myspace and purevolume accounts.

William Thompson of Sounds Like Fun To Me has posted a clip from his acoustic demo "Laugh Track Playback". The demo was recorded by Max Steger.

Melissa Johnson on 10/29/06 - 03:05 PM
Check out some of the small band news below.
Small Band Round UpConnor Doyle recently quit Crown Atlantic to pursue school. The band is looking for a replacement to play with them on their upcoming tour with Asteria in December, and perhaps beyond that. If you are interested, please email the band at crownatlantic@gmail.com.

Tate Weldon, formerly of Midnight Aria, has joined One Way Letter on bass. The band is currently writing a new record to be released in spring 07.

The New Diet has just posted up a live version of a new song off their forthcoming EP called "Hey There Stranger" (the song, not the EP). The video can be found here. The band is gearing up for their first...
Melissa Johnson on 10/23/06 - 03:54 PM
Brand New would probably want you all to check out this small-band round up (think this will work?).
Small Band RoundBreaking The Sky (featuring ex-members of Brodie and EWI), have posted 4 new songs on myspace from their upcoming EP titled "The Great American Masquerade". The EP was recorded by Tom Pfaeffle (Gatsbys American Dream, Heavy Heavy Low Low), and is being released on November 3rd. The band will head out on tour with fellow Seattle band, Blane, 11/3 through 11/18 to support the release. Check out myspaces for tourdates.

Brighten's going to headline some dates on the West Coast in December, per this myspace blog.

Newly formed Delaware band, Date This Diary, has posted a...
Melissa Johnson on 10/20/06 - 04:20 PM
Between the Trees posted a downloadble version of "The Way She Feels" acoustic on their MySpace page.

Submitted by Letters_To_God
Melissa Johnson on 10/18/06 - 08:05 PM
My wonderful Rhetoric and Composition class was cancelled today due to midterm confrences, luckily for you all I have a free hour and a half, which means, I can post some of the small band news that's in my inbox. Check them out.
Small Band Round UpThe Starlight Found have added three new songs to myspace from their upcoming untitled album.

Darling will be releasing their first full-length album, Welcome the Ghost, this coming Friday, October 20th. To celebrate the release, Darling is holding a CD release show at Downtown Records in Lafayette, IN. The album will be available at the show for $10. Free stickers, buttons and hugs for anyone who buys an album at the show. Each attendee...
Melissa Johnson on 10/17/06 - 08:35 AM
More small band news than you can handle.
Small Band Round UpRockaway, NJ's RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT have posted an already popular new track upon coming out of the studio for their 3-way split CD release on Engineer Records. You can here "Cliche College Whit, More or Less" on their myspace page.
The band is also booking its own way on a few upcoming d.i.y tours and intensly looking for a booking agent. As popular as their MySpace profile lends, seems this should be a win-win situation for aspiring agents out there! (Get in touch if that's YOU)
This multi-media split-release (3 songs per band, including enhanced video footage from each) includes Texas' SABOTEUR and Kent, England's THE...
Melissa Johnson on 10/16/06 - 02:36 PM
In his attempts to become Brandon Flowers, Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan has previously attacked bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco for their music. Now he has his eyes set on My Chemical Romance.
Melissa Johnson on 10/14/06 - 10:27 PM
Small bands have news too. Check it.
Small Band Round UpNational Product have 7 songs completed with 5 more to go for their upcoming full length. They've also announced that Peter Thorton from The Fort Studios (The Academy Is.., Paramore, Between the Trees) will be mixing. Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering (Rolling Stones, No Doubt, Nirvana) will be mastering. You can read the band's studio updates here.

Punktastic Recordings is very proud to announce we will be releasing Fastlane's new album, 'Overdrive', in the UK later this year. You can head to their myspace page and hear the opening track.

LIFO Records artist, Leaving the Scene, left us an update on their myspace page.

Melissa Johnson on 10/12/06 - 05:42 PM
USC's marching band recently performed Cobra Starship's "Bring It (Snakes On A Plane)."

Submitted By: 64% Chance
Jared Kaufman on 10/11/06 - 09:45 AM
Here's the list of Small Band Round Up submissions we've received over the weekend. Enjoy.
Small Band Round UpMoving Mountains put another song called "Eight One (05)" on their purevolume page. The song is from their upcoming album title Pneuma.

Early Next Year have started yet another live video series on their MySpace profile. Every other day they will add a new video to the playlist.

Permanent Holiday recently finished up recording on their 4 song EP to be released on Rock Out Records this winter. Be on the lookout for new tracks to premier on their myspace and their purevolume pages along with a release date in the coming weeks.

Filbert of Stockton, CA has posted two new songs...
Melissa Johnson on 10/10/06 - 03:50 PM
Party Till She's Perfect has been added to the Sunday of Bamboozle and now has a myspace page.
Garett Press on 10/09/06 - 12:48 PM
Small Band Round-Up for the weekend, leave any comments in the replies. And have a good weekend.
Small Band Round UpIn anticipation of their upcoming EP produced by Ladd Mitchel of PARK, Springfield, Il band, Midnight Fall, has made their other self titled EP available for download on their purevolume page.

A Drink They Call Loneliness has new demos up on myspace.

The Appreciation Post will be posting their new video for "Don't Give Up" this Sunday at 12 noon eastern on their Myspace page.

Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) recently added 4 songs from their upcoming debut EP on their myspace page.

Hey Alaska has finished recording their new EP that is entitled "Obsess Over...
Melissa Johnson on 10/07/06 - 10:20 PM
Small Band Round Up: The Long Edition, just because I'm able to use my left hand to type again, unlike yesterday.
Small Band Round UpMoving Mountains have a new song from their upcoming full length on their myspace called "Aphelion".

Permanent Holiday have posted their cover on Blink-182's "Online Songs" on their myspace page. The song is featured on the Pacific Ridge Records Blink-182 Heroes of Pop Punk Vol. 2 compilation which can now be downloaded from the Pacific Ridge website.

Above the City has just finished recording a 3 song demo, entitled "Postcards From Places You'll Never Go" with Mike Hatalak (It Dies Today) and Rich Spalla (STEMM) at It'll Do Studios in Niagara Falls,...
Melissa Johnson on 10/05/06 - 04:02 PM
Although rumours have been circulating for quite some time, bassist Mark Iverson has officially parted ways with the Mad Caddies. However, the band, who are currently hard at work on their full-length, follow-up effort to 2003's Just One More, have made it clear that Marks' depature will in no way hinder their progress.
Brandon Allin on 10/05/06 - 12:46 PM
Here's the list of small band submissions we've recieved over the last few days. Check them out and leave your comments in the replies. As always, submit your news to us if you'd like it included in these round-ups.
Small Band Round UpJoy In Tomorrow recently finished recording their debut EP with Jeff Schneeweis of Number One Gun, and have posted a couple tracks on their MySpace page.

Subcolour have posted two new songs that they recorded with Jesse Sprinkle (ex-Dead Poetic).

Maylen is heading into the studio this coming Friday (October 6) to begin production on their debut release with engineer Paul Leavitte (All Time Low, Thin Dark Line, Over It, Don't Look Down). Expect the...
Melissa Johnson on 10/02/06 - 09:54 AM
Small Band Round Up. Woo.
Small Band Round UpLong Island alternative-rock band, Post Roman have finally released their self-produced, personally funded debut album This Canvas, A Vessel. The record is up for purchase through their Myspace page. Also there, you will find four songs from the album ready to be streamed and downloaded.

Fallen From the Sky (JMB Records) have made it into the top 6 of the MTV2 Dew Circuit Breakout. The final lineup for the contest including them will be up shortly on mtv2.com. MTV is flying them to Philadelphia in the next couple weeks to film for 3 days and tape their live performance to be shown on MTV2.

Emilia has added a few new songs on their Myspace.
Melissa Johnson on 09/27/06 - 02:25 PM
Due to the early version of the SBRU getting kicked off the page, I present you with the new, improved, updated SBRUv2.0!
Small Band Round UpThe Years Gone By have posted a new song titled "Anniversary" on their purevolume page.

Take the World has added a new song to their myspace page and has also launched their new street team and have added a video to the team page.

The Evening, from Raleigh, NC just recorded 2 songs and are currently looking for a bass player and a singer to complete their lineup.

Farewell Flight have posted their entire tour itinerary for their fall tour with The Tide on myspace.

Atlanta-area band Cicero has posted two new demos on their myspace page titled "No...
Melissa Johnson on 09/26/06 - 02:44 PM
Welcome to Friday's Small Band Round Up: the Mini Edition. Also, to all the bands constantly e-mailing me and IMing me at 2AM asking how they can be featured in the SBRU, please open the thread and read the bottom of the post.
Small Band Round UpBreaking The Sky (featuring ex members of Brodie and EWI) are releasing their first EP titled "The Great American Masquerade", recorded by Tom Pfaeffle (Gatsbys American Dream, Heavy Heavy Low Low) on November 3rd. To kick off the release of the EP, the band will be heading out for a 2 1/2 week tour in November with fellow Seattle band, Blane. Check out songs from the upcoming EP and dates for the touron their myspace page.

Vita Eterna just...
Melissa Johnson on 09/22/06 - 01:48 PM
There is a new Paramore interview over at ParamoreFans.com. They even mentioned AP.net about half way through.

Submitted by Ashhh
Jon Foucart on 09/21/06 - 08:44 PM
It's that time again. Here's some bands for you all to check out.
Small Band Round UpEarly Next Year have posted a new song on their myspace page from their EP titled Sarcasm is Your Friend.

Maybridge has posted a new song on their myspace page. They've also added more show dates after being on a show haitus since Skate and Surf 2004.

The Scarlet Affair has called it quits.

The Cast Before the Break has posted two new demos on myspace.

Since its nationally televised debut on July 31st, Youngstown, OH's Another Found Self has been involved with NBC's online/television hybrid reality show STAR TOMORROW, headed up by Grammy winning producer David Foster. The band made round two and...
Melissa Johnson on 09/21/06 - 04:56 PM
Here's today's Small Band Round Up. Check out the bands below, some might surprise ya.
Small Band Round UpOn their way to go open the A Static Lullaby show at the Trilogy Theatre in Victorville, Ca, Ten Seconds To Go's van caught fire on the highway and burned down to just its framework. The van has already been deemed "totaled". The band is looking to setup a paypal this week to ask for donations of any size to help with the purchase, or at least downpayment, or a new van. Also, the band will NOT be cancelling any of its shows. Please support the band wherever they play, they need your help. You can view photos online over at their myspace page.

Shotgun Rules from London, Ontario,...
Melissa Johnson on 09/20/06 - 11:49 AM
Hope everyone's weekend went well, here's the small band submissions we've recieved over the weekend. Enjoy!
Small Band Round Up 9/19Between the Trees' album is now available for purchase on iTunes.

Escape From Earth have a song featured in the trailer of the new movie "The Guardian" starring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner.

Gatsby Gets The Green Light has posted 3 songs off their debut EP,"Choose Your Own Adventure" check them out at their myspace page. They'll be playing a show at Alley Katz in Richmond, VA with As Tall As Lions and Morning For The Masses on Wed. September 20th.

Love Me Electric is one of the finalists in the Alternative Press Almost Famous Contest.

Melissa Johnson on 09/19/06 - 03:09 PM
The response to the new music thread was amazing everyone! Keep up the good work. As a reward, here's today's Small Band Round Up.
Small Band Round UpThisaeo has finished recording and has put up new songs on their myspace.

San Diego band A Dead Giveaway has released a new song from their forthcoming album to be released November 14.

Any bands looking for shows in the LA area, including smaller touring bands and such, please get ahold of Two Hearts Promotion or John at this link right here. They are booking shows once a week at a new venue called Guitar Merchant in Canoga Park, Ca. Its a Guitar Shop with a 150+ person venue in the back. All shows are $5 and out of town bands always...
Melissa Johnson on 09/16/06 - 04:38 PM
A little late in the day, but better late than never. Here's today's Round Up.
Small Band Round-UpAvery Pkwy, the solo project of Joel Piper (ex-drummer of Dismissed and current drummer of Olivia) has posted a new track on myspace. His debut full length titled "You Have the Roadmap" will be out next month.

UK band, Death is Not Welcome Here, will be announcing their plans for another U.S. tour soon. The band recently released their ep "Revelations" independently and it is available here.

Harrisonburg, VA's Shapiro is offering their 3 song "The L.E.A.V.I.N.G. Single" for free download here. The password is "leaving".

Valeze has made their new EP available for download which you can...
Melissa Johnson on 09/15/06 - 06:34 PM
It's the freakin weekend! (For me at least) and I'm all hyped up on brownie-goodness. Get hyped up for today's edition of the Small Band Round Up. Check em.
Small Band Round UpAfter some dates with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Chicago based band, Inept, has some upcoming shows with Emanuel, The Junior Varsity, Spitalfield, a Change of Pace, and I Am the Avalanche. More info can be found on their myspace page.

Love&Reverie is heading out on tour starting Sunday at Hamilton St Cafe and Stage in New Jersey. Check out the rest of their dates on their myspace. After their tour they will be heading into First Street Studios in Cleveland, TN with Tyler Ore (As Cities Burn, The Planning Falacy) to...
Melissa Johnson on 09/14/06 - 03:28 PM
Here (quicktime) is the new Band of Horses video for "Great Salt Lake."
Paul Tao on 09/14/06 - 09:14 AM
You all know the drill. Enjoy.
Small Band Round UpNovella from Saint Louis, Missouri is going into the studio in October to record their new yet to be titled 5 track EP with Producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, As Cities Burn, Copeland, Cartel). Plans for the release EP will be announced shortly, meanwhile they just added a slew off new tour dates for November on their myspace page.

Lockjaw Record's Second Monday have released an e-card for their forthcoming full-length Imagery... It also contains their Sitcom Soldier's (Thrice, Copeland, Counterfit) directed video for "Mono Injection".

Tonight the Riot is looking for tour booking help. If you can, go to their AP page for contact...
Melissa Johnson on 09/13/06 - 05:52 PM
Here's today's Small Band Round Up. I'd also like to say "hi" to my mom who I just found out reads the site. So, HI MOM!
Small Band Round UpInmemory from Simi Valley, CA has posted a new verison of "If Shadows Wrote Diaries" featuring Joey from Divide The Day on their myspace. The song is off their new album, "Safety in Rumors"out Nov. 14 on Doughmain Records.

Lanterns has just got back from a two month US tour and is getting ready to record for a 7 inch expected to come out spring 2007.

Arizona bands, Peachcake and Less Pain Forever, currently have their new split EP, Now We Have Something To Celebrate..., up for pre-order. The EP will be released on September 19th via Western Tread...
Melissa Johnson on 09/12/06 - 03:15 PM
Here's today's edition of the Small Band Round Up. Check em out.
Small Band Round UpKeep in Touch has posted a new song titled "The New White Belt" from his upcoming EP recorded with Max Steger of Blacktop Mourning.

Pictures in Pieces are set to enter the recording studio at the beginning of December.

Time Tells All's new CD, Spread the Word, will be released on October 1st.

Harvey have posted a new song titled "Oh. My. God." on their myspace page.

Capitol Risk have posted 2 new songs on their myspace profile.

And Then Came The Waves, a melodic hardcore band from Connecticut has posted a track off of their upcoming debut EP. They will be having a cd release show for at the...
Melissa Johnson on 09/11/06 - 01:00 PM
I'm bored, so you all get a Small Band Round-Up. Isn't that a great trade?
Small Band Round UpLos Angeles, CA band, The Darlings, have added two new songs to their myspace page.

Sparks the Rescue, from Poland Springs, ME, has posted new songs that will be on their upcoming full length on their myspace page.

Golden Eagle and Siberian Tiger have posted a new song.

The End of August, from Toronto, has posted a new demo song from their pre production for their upcoming EP, the song is called Minus. The EP is going to be recorded in
London,Ontario at Interface Studios with Producer/Engineer Andre Doucette. They'll be touring in November with Euphoria's Depression and in January with
Melissa Johnson on 09/10/06 - 03:24 PM
Check out today's small band submissions below. Enjoy!
Small Band Round UpThe Cameo has just finished recording their debut EP on Pacific Ridge
Records titled 'As The Foot Meets the Doorway' scheduled for an October 17 release. Check out some new songs from the EP at their MySpace page.

The band formerly known as Weatherby out of Kansas City have decided on a new name. They will now be called O Blessed Thought. More info on the decision for their name change and the future of the band can be found on their myspace page.

Fastlane have posted their first new material since the release of their 'New Start' album. You can hear the brand new track 'Motion' taken from the forthcoming album...
Melissa Johnson on 09/05/06 - 11:42 AM
After their tour with Dragonforce and All That Remains, Horse The Band plan to focus on writing new material for their next album which they anticipate to have recorded by March. More on that can be found in the bands latest update. The group will be issued their new EP, Pizza, today through Koch.

Submitted by spencersface
Jon Foucart on 09/05/06 - 10:38 AM
So I'm up and outta the hospital, not completely healed but feeling a lot better. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and to Scenes from a Movie, Permanent Me, and June for everything they did as well. Since it's been slow news the entire time I've been away, I've taken time out of my movies-sleep-take pills-eat-sleep regimine to compile a list of bands for you all to check out.
Small Band Round-UpRecent Abacus signee Arms of Orion have posted a new song from their upcoming CD, The Book Was So Much Better. The song is called Your Favorite One.

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, has released a FREE on-line EP titled "Girls Names". You can download it all right here for...
Melissa Johnson on 09/04/06 - 08:32 AM
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