Andrew of Jacks Mannequin/Something Corporate has updated his blog.

Submitted by piano_hands
Katie Schmitz on 07/12/06 - 05:36 AM
The Stiletto Formal posted pictures from "Far From The Lies" tour in their Myspace blog.
Brandon Herbel on 06/17/06 - 11:23 AM
Alexisonfire has posted a new song titled "Boiled Frogs" and a new blog on their Myspace.com page. The band's new album, Crisis, will hit shelves in mid-August.

Submitted by rpk004
Frank Giaramita on 06/17/06 - 06:31 AM
Andrew Mcmahon of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate updated his blog. Check it out below.
Andrew McMahon Blog UpdateWhen all else fails die your hair black
And that’s just what I did. In a anti-climactic return to my original fake hair color, Jack's Mannequin finally feels complete again. In some ways it's like last year never happened. I feel like I just stepped out of the twilight zone or some weird movie where they freeze your body and revive you in some other era in history. I met a woman on an airplane today. She was the youngest person over 80 I have ever known. We spoke for a couple of hours and when it was through she told me she loved me and that I should see a shrink....
Frank Giaramita on 06/17/06 - 06:21 AM
Andrew of Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate has updated his blog.
Jonathan Lally on 05/27/06 - 07:43 PM
Andrew of Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate has updated his blog.

Submitted by: piano_hands
Ryan Imhof on 05/15/06 - 05:46 PM
Buddy of Senses Fail recently started his own blog. The first entry is pretty personal and touches on the band's new material so check it out.
Jon Foucart on 05/12/06 - 12:09 AM
In regards to the Fall of Troy rumors going around, singer Tom has finally spoken out about it.
QuoteWithout giving any of you details that you don't need... The last 2 days have been the hardest days for this band ever. People have done everything that we never wanted to do. We've been on the road now for a very very long time, and last night was the culmination of it all... We are VERY sorry for the actions we took, but we just couldn't control it. I walked off the stage because I felt embarrasses of it all, I didn't want to come back out, but I came back out for you guys? The kids! Cause I fucking care more about you guys than this fucking band. We love each and everyone of you, so...
Paul Tao on 05/01/06 - 12:01 PM
Andrew of Jack's Mannequin / Something Corporate has updated his blog.
Ryan Imhof on 04/23/06 - 03:57 PM
While Halifax is shooting their video today in LA, they'll be keeping their blog updated whenever they have downtime; the first post is now up. The band's new album, The Inevitability of a Strange World, hits stores on May 23rd.
Rohan Kohli on 04/08/06 - 09:12 AM
Andrew of Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin has updated his blog.
Ryan Imhof on 03/22/06 - 06:42 PM
You asked, they answered. Click here to check out Nightmare Of You's video blog from the road with Fall Out Boy.
Frank Giaramita on 03/20/06 - 02:29 PM
Casket Salesmen has updated their blog with some info regarding their upcoming EP. The band have also booked a couple Cali dates.
Shows04/14/2006-Smart City Grinds, Azusa, CA w/In Reverant Fear, Kid Vegas, Auditory Aphasia
04/21/2006-Plush Cafe Fullerton, CA w/BangKok Six, National Television
Jon Foucart on 03/12/06 - 09:41 PM
June is giving away a Fender Telecaster and today is the last day to turn in contest submissions, the information is on the front page of their website (it's really easy to win so check it out). Also be sure to check out their new video blog with a brand new update. They are currently on tour with Hawthorne Heights, Emery, and Anberlin, be sure to check out the remaining dates and their upcoming coheadline tour with Allister.
June Tour DatesTuesday, February 28 / Levittown, NY
Ritual - 2686 Hempstead Tpke
Doors 6:00 PM - adv $12 dos $14
w/ Anberlin, EMERY

Wednesday, March 1 / Montclair, NJ
Bloomfield Ave Cafe - 347 Bloomfield Ave
Doors 5:00 PM - $10
w/ June, Hero from a thousand...
Frank Giaramita on 02/28/06 - 12:50 PM
Andrew of Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate has updated his blog.
Ryan Imhof on 02/27/06 - 06:16 PM
June just posted a new video blog update on www.weliveinavan.com.
Jon Foucart on 02/24/06 - 01:57 AM
Riley of Thrice has updated the bands blog.
Ryan Imhof on 02/23/06 - 06:46 PM
Mark Hoppus of Plus 44 updated his blog.

Submitted by: hipp
Frank Giaramita on 02/21/06 - 10:39 AM
Andrew of Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate has updated his blog.
Ryan Imhof on 02/18/06 - 06:02 AM
Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate recently updated his blog.
Andrew McMahon Blog EntryWeek of the Mannequin
Well, this week in the world of Jacks Mannequin there is much to celebrate. Less than 6 months from the transplant date we are enjoying the most exposure Jacks and the Everything in Transit album has received since it's release. Tomorrow (2-13-06) we will be the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel, our first late night talk show. Tomorrow also marks the official add for "The Mixed Tape Video" to the TRL voting page. I know that some of you don't love the idea of seeing a band you love on TRL, but I hope you can get passed it just this once. Whatever your thoughts...
Frank Giaramita on 02/13/06 - 01:17 AM
Andrew McMahon, of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate, recently updated his blog.
Andrew Updates Blog"Old man, look at my life...
I'm a lot like you were.
It's been a busy week. My busiest since May. Between the show on monday and the various different events surrounding the Grammy's I haven't really had any time at the computer, so forgive my lack of communication. You're probably wondering about this evening's subject line. On tuesday I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of Neil Young's concert film "Heart of Gold". I really fell in Love with his music and his overall take on life and living. There are so many things I learned about Neil Young in my 2 hour film education...
Frank Giaramita on 02/10/06 - 02:15 AM
Entertainement Weekly's Blog, Popwatch, recently posted an entry about Cute Is What We Aim For.
Rohan Kohli on 02/03/06 - 04:50 PM
Check out the The Spill Canvas, Nightmare of You, Hit The Lights, and As Tall As Lions Fuse blog...it's updated daily. Also, the first 25 kids in line at tomorrow's last minute addition show in Hamden, CT @ 2:00pm will receive a limited edition tour poster autographed by The Spill Canvas.
Frank Giaramita on 02/02/06 - 02:51 PM
mtvU is posting a video blog from Nightmare of You's UK tour with Fall Out Boy. Click on the link provided to find out how to email questions for the band to answer in their "on the road" blog. Submit them up to February 6.
Frank Giaramita on 01/27/06 - 01:04 PM
Andrew of Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate has updated his blog.
Ryan Imhof on 01/26/06 - 12:33 PM
ActionReaction have left us an update on their Myspace:

ActionReaction BlogHELLO everyone......can anyone tell me why it is that just before you need something, you see it, and then as soon as you need it you remember where you just saw it and it's gone. just unexplainably gone, not a trace left. the more you look the less chance you have of finding it. then as soon as you forget about it it is right there where you first saw it. maybe if you didn't see it BEFORE you needed it you would stumble upon it sooner. there must be a law for this way of the universe. if you know it's name please enlighten me. On a lighter note......we are in the studio right now and have been for quite some...
Pat Marquez on 01/07/06 - 11:08 PM
I have posted Thursday's latest Myspace blog below.
Thursday BlogBoo-yah studio style

Happy New Year Everyone!

So we’re back in the studio continuing work on our new record right now. Playing the holiday shows and getting to see some of you again was a lot of fun and has us even more excited about finishing our record and getting back out on the road. This is our 3rd session up here at the very snowy Tarbox studios and things are going really well.

Right now this is happening:
Tucker is busy obsessing over his tiny shorts and knee-sock collection. Tom is trying to perfect the mustard sandwich and ordering parts for his custom Harley. Tim is trying to get his fingers to grow...
Jon Foucart on 01/06/06 - 11:33 PM
Park has updated their myspace blog with the following message:
Park Updates Blogso we're getting ready to leave for california to record an album. we're really happy with what we have written so far, maybe some more things will come out in the studio. we posted 2 demos of new songs on our purevolume but we have a lot more up our sleeves. all of the songs sound different from each other, which is rad. hopefully everyone will dig it as well. we also have some shows in feb. so check those out as well. we're leaving tomorrow. hopefully its nice on the way there. and hopefully ladd doesn't get naked in the van. that would be sweet.

thanks to everyone's support, comments, and messages. we...
Ryan Imhof on 01/03/06 - 12:45 PM
Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin) recently updated his blog and you can find that update below.

Andrew McMahon Holiday UpdateDecember 21, 2005
Oh Christmas tree, Oh fake plastic Christmas tree
I'm lying here on my couch, laundry spinning loudly, zippers beating against the metal insides of my dryer in a perfect rhythm. I've been trying to write this blog for at least a half hour, but I'm relentlessly sidetracked by the changing colors of my glorious fiber optic Christmas tree. It's brilliant really. My roommate’s girlfriend bought it for us, as we are far too lazy for such a festive purchase. It has about four ornaments on it, but this tree leaves nothing to be...
Frank Giaramita on 12/22/05 - 02:06 AM
Andrew McMahon recently updated his blog and you can find the update below:

Andrew McMahon Update12.04.05 Let the sun shine
As we transition into the full swing of this holiday season, I'm caught on a simple subject; Time. It occurs to me that of the past 5 years 3 or 4 of them have passed in the blink of an eye, not to say without appreciation, but certainly neglectful of the kind of deep breaths that help you slow down and realize what it is we are all rushing through; life. I suppose it isn't strange these past 6 months have been the longest I have known, but it's because I lived every moment of it. Not much blinking. On Friday I celebrated the 100-day anniversary of my stem cell...
Frank Giaramita on 12/05/05 - 12:14 PM
Check out a live video of Midtown's "Give It Up" at Red 40 Productions (the band asks that you forgive the really loud piano sample). Also, check out the band's new blog.
Rohan Kohli on 11/23/05 - 09:40 AM
In the newest addition to Andrew McMahon's Jack's Mannequin blog, he discusses Absolutepunk.net's contribution to the Pediatric Cancer research foundation in his name as well as some other uplifting news.

From Andrew's blog -
A humbling weekend outing

On Saturday night I was invited to attend a charity fund-raiser for the Pediatric Cancer Research foundation (PCRF). Those of you who have followed the past few months more closely may already know this is the charity that I have been channeling contributions to through the project flip flop campaign. Many of you have been kind enough to make donations of your own as well as help creatively raise funds for the powerful and...
Jonathan Lally on 11/16/05 - 12:16 AM
Andrew McMahon has updated his blog, in which he talks about Jack's Mannequin winning Yahoo!'s Who's Next? competition.

Submitted by: piano_hands
Rohan Kohli on 11/13/05 - 01:35 PM
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