Keltie Colleen's book, Rockettes, Rockstars, and Rockbottom is now available for purchase on a paperback re-release. Additionally, Colleen recently interviewed Tom Gates, the former manager of Brand New, The Format, and Anathallo.
From the InterviewIt’s an unreleased demo called “DVD Song”, which was a placeholder title. It was written in the batch before "Devil & God" and never leaked, like many of the other demos did. It was recorded in a living room. Jesse would just keep playing the chorus during the Deja tours, taunting me because he knew that I love a big hulking hook. I listen to it every once in a while and just grin ear to ear that nobody has ever heard it but Sapone, the band...
Joe DeAndrea on 06/14/12 - 10:12 PM
Cursive and An Horse will support Brand New on their Canadian tour. All dates can be seen in the replies.
Adam Pfleider on 05/23/12 - 10:11 AM
Bamboozle was a pretty great time this past weekend, and we've got some fan-shot videos from the festival for you guys to check out. In the replies, you can check out performances from Brand New, Less Than Jake, Armor For Sleep, The Receiving End of Sirens, The Dear Hunter, He Is We and Boys Like Girls.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/22/12 - 10:26 AM
I was lucky enough to watch a brilliant after-party show last night that included Brand New and The Front Bottoms. Brand New didn't really play a full set, but what they did play was awesome - some rarely played songs including "Flying At Tree Level." Head to the replies to check out the set list from the show and a video of the band playing "Sowing Season."
Thomas Nassiff on 05/20/12 - 09:39 AM
Jesse Lacey was interviewed for this article about Bamboozle and said some things about Brand New, including how the band's studio time in April was not used to record a new Brand New album. It doesn't seem like there's a plan to record one soon, either. The quote is below.
From the ArticleBy phone from his Suffolk County home, Lacey speaks earnestly but vaguely about the band's future. Brand New booked studio time in April, and its members took advantage of it -- but usually not together. "You start to lose that whole idea that it's important for our band to be known as this entity. And we put a lot more importance on our individual fulfillment, really," Lacey says. "In some ways a...
Thomas Nassiff on 05/15/12 - 08:32 AM
The Front Bottoms will be opening for Brand New at their show this coming Saturday at The Stone Pony is Asbury Park, NJ.
Jason Tate on 05/14/12 - 01:20 PM
Brand New will be playing a pre-Bamboozle show on Saturday, May 19 at The Stony Pony. Tickets will be on sale at noon EST here.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/14/12 - 06:22 AM
Brand New will be performing at the River's Edge Festival in St. Paul, MN this June 23rd and 24th.

Update: The full line-up and more information on the festival, can be found here.
Jason Tate on 04/05/12 - 11:11 AM
Tour dates for Brand New's August Canadian tour can be found in the replies.
Deborah Remus on 03/28/12 - 08:27 AM
Check out Daybreaker performing a cover of Brand New's "Jesus Christ" in the replies.
Jason Tate on 03/19/12 - 09:17 AM
Who thought that life was nothing more than just a test?
Show ReviewBrand New, I Am The Avalanche & The Xcerts (Andy Biddulph)
Andy Biddulph on 03/02/12 - 01:47 AM
The second half of the audio from the interview with Jesse Lacey from Brand New that was posted yesterday, has now been uploaded.
Jason Tate on 02/23/12 - 10:46 AM
Jesse of Brand New was recently interviewed by a UK publication.
From the InterviewWell we probably started writing new material as soon as we were done with the last record, it’s just lately we’ve all been exploring our peripheral projects outside of ‘Brand New’. It’s been nice to get back together again, because you’ll hear something that Brian’s done, or Vinni’s done, you almost get jealous of it, because you wish you had been part of that, so we’re definitely excited to get back in the studio together. We have studio time in April but we’re not really sure how that will turn out, unfortunately for our fans, it’s really ‘see how it goes’ for now. But we are intent on getting...
Jason Tate on 02/22/12 - 09:23 AM
In the replies is a new poster announcing that Brand New and Less Than Jake, along with 22 other bands, are playing this year's Bamboozle. This...changes...everything.
Thomas Nassiff on 02/20/12 - 09:16 PM
Brand New added "Soco Ameretto Lime" to their set-list in Manchester last night. The video's in the replies for anyone interested.
Jason Tate on 02/10/12 - 08:57 AM
For those in the UK that are curious what you may have to look forward to, Brand New's set-list from their opening show last night was as follows.

Play Crack The Sky
Sowing Season (Yeah)
Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades
Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Me vs Maradona Vs Elvis
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
Seventy Times 7
Bought A Bride
Jesus Christ
You Won't Know
Jason Tate on 02/06/12 - 03:53 PM
Yellowcard is currently back on top of this year's "most anticipated of 2012" reader poll. Have you voted yet? Brand New is No. 2. Still can't get any real news on their thoughts for this year ... but I've been told they're at least thinking of recording.
Jason Tate on 01/19/12 - 09:22 AM
In Philly there's a bar called ELA that names all its cocktail drinks after Brand New songs. Someone that lives near by should go have a "Sowing Season" for all of us.

Submitted by Matt Chylak
Jason Tate on 01/06/12 - 12:48 PM
Brand New have created an official YouTube channel.
Message"There is finally an official BN Youtube channel. There are so many incredible live videos that you've been creating, it's time to start collecting them in chronological order so you can watch them in one place. If you have video that you want included, and are cool with it getting uploading directly to the channel, please send an email to brandnewstreet@gmail.com. Include the subject VIDEO ARCHIVE. In the email send a link to download the video. It can be yousendit, filespace, dropbox, whatever. Please also include the SONG, YEAR, LOCATION and YOUR NAME so you can get credit in the video description. This is gonna take a while,...
Jason Tate on 01/04/12 - 02:51 PM
It's been a few years since Brand New released Daisy, and with the hoopla surrounding the band's NYE show, it's got people asking if the band will be releasing a new album this year. What do you think? Vote in the poll.
Jason Tate on 01/03/12 - 12:30 PM
Hit the replies to watch Tigers Jaw cover Brand New's "Moshi Moshi".
Jake Denning on 01/02/12 - 07:31 AM
Check out some videos from Brand New's special New Year's Eve show in the replies, along with the evening's setlists.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/01/12 - 02:01 PM
Just got a notice from ShopRadioCast that the Brand New Your Favorite Weapon LP re-release has been pushed back to December 13th.
Jason Tate on 11/28/11 - 12:58 PM
mewithoutYou is opening for Brand New November 26th in Atlantic City, NJ with O'Brother.
Message from the BandWe would like to take this opportunity to announce that the band is going to be playing two shows in the next upcoming couple of weeks and if you had the good fortune to pick up tickets to Brand New’s sold-out show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City you’ll be able to see one of them. That’s right we’ll be opening for Brand New in Atlantic City on November 26th. We’ll go on second (after O’Brother and right before Brand New) at around 9:45pm so if you want to see us and you we’re planning on showing up just for Brand New, you might want to show just a little bit...
Jason Tate on 11/21/11 - 12:05 PM
Brand New's Daisy is back on ShopRadioCast with a vinyl/t-shirt bundle.

Submitted by Handraa
Jason Tate on 11/21/11 - 11:48 AM
Pre-order a copy of Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon on light blue vinyl, limited to only 500 units, here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/18/11 - 12:59 PM
Brand New will ring in 2012 with a special New Year's Eve show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ. The band will play three sets: first acoustic, then Your Favorite Weapon in its entirety, and finally fan requests. Presale begins today at noon here. General public tickets are on sale November 11 at 11am on Ticketmaster.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/09/11 - 07:58 AM
I Am The Avalanche will be direct support for Brand New on their UK headline tour in February.

Submitted by xrocketgirlx
Dre Okorley on 10/31/11 - 10:30 AM
The official press release from Razor and Tie/Triple Crown Records regarding the re-release of Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon can be found in the replies. The information isn't really new - but there's some sales numbers in there that some will find interesting. Plus, if I don't post this - no one can call us absolutebrandnew.net today, and it's just not worth coming to work if I can't incite a snarky comment.
Jason Tate on 10/31/11 - 10:07 AM
The deluxe copy of the re-released and re-mastered version of Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon is now up for pre-order.

Track Listing
1) The Shower Scene
2) Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
3) Sudden Death In Carolina
4) Mixtape
5) Failure By Design
6) Last Chance to Lose Your Keys
7) Logan to Government Center
8) The No Seatbelt Song
9) Seventy Times 7
10) Secondary
11) Magazines
12) Soco Amaretto Lime

Bonus Tracks
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad (2000 demo)
Secondary (2000 demo)
Logan to Government Center (2000 demo)
The Shower Scene (2000 demo)
Logan to Government Center (2000 throwaway demo)
Last Chance to Lose Your Keys (2000 throwaway demo)
Magazines (2000 throwaway demo)
Jason Tate on 10/25/11 - 03:23 PM
Ducat King is giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the sold out Brand New show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. To enter for your chance to win, follow DucatKing on twitter and tweet them your favorite Brand New lyric. The winner will be chosen at random.
Jason Tate on 10/12/11 - 12:49 PM
Brand New will tour the UK in February. Dates can be found in the replies.
Andy Biddulph on 09/11/11 - 04:27 AM
Tonight at their show in Seattle, Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey announced it would be the group's last show ever. The news leaked on Twitter only to be followed 10 minutes later by tweets reporting that it was just a prank. Good one, guys.
Thomas Nassiff on 09/07/11 - 11:28 PM
Miss The Movielife's final show tonight? Me too. Sounds like it is a great one too. Brand New's opening (adding to my jealousy of those there). Here's to one of my favorite bands growing up ... I'm breaking out the old tunes for you.
Jason Tate on 08/26/11 - 05:36 PM
Ducat King is giving away 1 pair of tickets per night to the sold out Brand New shows at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and the Regency in San Francisco. To enter for your chance to win, follow @DucatKing on twitter and tweet what songs you would like to see them play live, and which show you would like to go to. Winners will be chosen at random and selected by Monday, August 1st.
Jason Tate on 07/28/11 - 11:54 AM
Now that you've already heard the title track from Sainthood Reps' debut album, Monoculture, you can stream another new song from the record, "Dingus" in the replies. Monoculture will be released August 9 via Tooth & Nail.
Tony Pascarella on 07/20/11 - 11:20 AM
It is Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey's 33rd birthday. Today also marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Saves the Day's Stay What You Are.
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/10/11 - 05:29 PM
Brand New will play the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ on November 26th.

Submitted by ozzieboy
Matthew Tsai on 07/07/11 - 09:13 AM
In a new interview, Derrick Sherman of Sainthood Reps discusses the band's debut album, how he's going to make the project work with Brand New, future material, and Mike Sapone.
InterviewSo if someone on a blog writes Derrick Sherman from Brand New has a new band, sometimes it causes a lot of negative feedback and people are like, “Who’s Derrick Sherman? He’s not in Brand New, what the hell is this?” It’s a hurdle to try and keep the Brand New name separate from Sainthood Reps, but it’s in no way out of a reason that I don’t want to be compared to them. It’s nothing like, “I just want to do my own thing!” It’s not like that at all.
Matthew Tsai on 06/29/11 - 09:23 AM
Brand New will be playing some West Coast shows in September. Check out the dates in the replies. Pre-sale tickets go on sale today at noon.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/16/11 - 08:05 AM
Watch this week's Transit Thursday cover, "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot" by Brand New, in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/05/11 - 07:19 AM
Brand New have signed on to play Tigerfest in Towson, Maryland on May 6th.

Submitted by taruial
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/27/11 - 07:59 PM
At tonight's Maryland show, Brand New stated they are writing but are trying to write something happier. Jesse also confirmed that the band would be touring again soon. The set list from the show can also be seen in the replies.
Quote From ShowWe're writing, it's just hard to figure out what to write about. We don't wanna keep bumming you guys out. We're trying to write something happy.
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/26/11 - 08:35 PM
Brand New have updated their site.
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/22/11 - 12:26 PM
Brand New will play a few shows in April. Check the dates in the replies.
Lueda Alia on 02/22/11 - 09:46 AM
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