Due to "insurmountable personal circumstances" Brand New have had to cancel all European dates in August.
Jason Tate on 06/27/13 - 08:44 AM
Ten years ago today Brand New released Deja Entendu.
Drew Beringer on 06/17/13 - 05:22 AM
PropertyOfZack has posted a new "Decade" article featuring Brand New's Deja Entendu here.
Drew Beringer on 06/04/13 - 06:18 PM
Update: Brand New just announced four shows -- Cincinnati, Grand Rapids, Buffalo and Clifton Park. Tickets are available here.

Brand New just announced a show in Clifton Park, NY at Upstate Concert Hall on September 18, the admat for which can be seen in the replies. This show comes soon after the weekend of Riot Fest in Chicago (Sept. 13-15), which the band will be performing at as well. Could we be getting a short run of Brand New tour dates later today?
Thomas Nassiff on 05/20/13 - 08:54 AM
We Are The In Crowd has covered Brand New's "Sic Transit Gloria" -- the video can be found here.

Submitted by JuneJuly
Jason Tate on 05/08/13 - 10:40 AM
Brand New will be playing Rock N Heim in Germany on August 18th.

Submitted by Rodeo
Jason Tate on 04/29/13 - 10:49 AM
Following up on our post from back in February, Brand New has announced in a tweet that they will be playing Pukkelpop with the hashtag "Summeriscoming."

Submitted by bspaunhorst
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/22/13 - 07:53 AM
After Dark Entertainment (a booking company/show promoter from Buffalo, NY) seems to be teasing at Brand New playing a show or possibly touring. Or maybe they just want to know what time they should play chess. Your guess is as good as mine.

Submitted by CPF--FBR
Drew Beringer on 04/13/13 - 02:07 AM
Brand New are playing Reading and Leeds' main stage. Dates in the replies.
Jason Tate on 03/11/13 - 12:16 PM
Brian and Drew from Shone are on this week's Marvel podcast. Apparently there's a mention of Brand New toward the end, but I'm still listening to find it.

Update: Brian says, at around the 1:50 minute left mark that, "it'll probably happen this year."
Jason Tate on 02/27/13 - 01:22 PM
Glassjaw is offering 19.93% off T-shirts in their merch store. Just enter the promo code FEBGJ at checkout until February 25th to receive the discount.

Update: Brand New are running a similar deal in their store. Enter the code FEBBRAND to save 20%.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/22/13 - 07:59 AM
Brand New's first show of 2013 will be Penn State University's Movin' On 2013 on April 26th. They'll be playing with MGMT and Big Boi, among others. More information on the free (!) event can be found here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/18/13 - 07:51 AM
Ladies and gents, I believe the perfect back-up vocalist for Jesse Lacey has been found. Head to the replies and fast forward the video to 55 seconds. Enjoy.
Lueda Alia on 02/13/13 - 12:30 PM
After the post last night that got everyone talking about Brand New, I made a quip on Twitter about this band getting a reaction unlike any I've ever seen on our website. This led to a response asking if Brand New were more open and released information more frequently to everyone -- would the same reaction occur?

I say no.

I love this band with an almost #cutforbieber mentality; however, I do think that the secrecy and general lack of information surrounding them adds to the furor. I mean, some random dude talking to Jesse and posting about it on Twitter caused a gif-tastic explosion and this happens virtually every single time the band is even hinted about. Just the idea that
Jason Tate on 02/08/13 - 10:45 AM
At Shone's debut show tonight, Jesse Lacey reportedly told a fan we would hear new Brand New music by this Summer.

Submitted by KarlAnthonyyy
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/07/13 - 07:31 PM
Jason Tate on 02/06/13 - 10:13 AM
The Boston Phoenix has today a list of the best emo songs of all time. The publication lays out 100 tracks, headlined by My Chemical Romance and featuring many other AP.net favorites. Check out the list and weigh in with your thoughts in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 12/10/12 - 12:43 PM
Check the replies for a video from Saturday of Jesse Lacey (Brand New) joining Kevin Devine on the song "Cotton Crush."

Submitted by IceAge/HeatWave
Jason Tate on 12/03/12 - 12:04 PM
Brand New has 3 new limited edition screen prints for pre-order on their webstore. Each are limited to 100 each and will be shipped December 6th.

Submitted by jrtbighurt
Jason Tate on 11/27/12 - 10:33 AM
During the Taking Back Sunday show on Thursday night (November 15th) in Philadelphia, they covered a bit of Blink 182's "Dammit" during an impromptu cover session. You can see a video of that in the replies. They also explained "There's No 'I' In Team" and its involvement with Brand New's "Seventy Times Seven," which really only proves that my time machine works.

Submitted by Explode
Jason Tate on 11/19/12 - 10:52 AM
Brand New have created an Instagram account.
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/02/12 - 12:46 PM
Brand New and Manchester Orchestra are playing the University of Utah Redfest on September 21st.

Submitted by fenway89
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/23/12 - 11:51 AM
Head to the replies to watch Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem perform an acoustic set which includes a cover of Brand New's "Sowing Season." If you want to jump to the cover start watching the video at 8:15.

Submitted by JustEnough
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/20/12 - 04:12 PM
Another interview has hit the web from Brand New's Canadian tour. This time Jesse sat down for almost an hour and went into a lot of lengthy questions. Definitely a great read.
From The InterviewJL: See, Daisy was kind of like an end of a road or tangent for us. I can’t listen to that album now, it is exhausting.
EN: And it doesn’t flow (laughing).
JL: Right (Jesse admits with raised eyebrows, laughing) there is NO flow to that album. But if Devil and God was a course correction for us Daisy was the anxiety of doing the right thing and being on course with who we wanted to be. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to be a nut or to not answer to your decisions. It’s much easier to just do...
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/09/12 - 10:29 AM
"While the city pumps its aching heart for one more drop of blood, we work our fingers down to dust."
Staff ContentThe Holy Mess - Cande Ru Las Degas (Thomas Nassiff)
Glocca Morra - Just Married (Thomas Nassiff)
The American Scene - Safe For Now (Thomas Nassiff)
I Call Fives - I Call Fives (Thomas Nassiff)
Brand New @ The Garrick (Deborah Remus)
John Mayer - The Complete 2012 Performances Collection (Craig Manning)
Shining Through - Stripes EP (Jason Gardner)
Thomas Nassiff on 08/08/12 - 10:56 PM
Jesse Lacey did an interview in Canada the other day about Brand New's future and stated that the band wants to release material next year.
From The InterviewWe have this buzzing in us that we want to do things and I hope that we can see those things through," he says. "I think people expect more from us and I think we expect more from us.

Submitted by multiple users
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/03/12 - 03:04 PM
Brand New posted a video on Facebook today of Jesse & Jamey Lacey performing "Play Crack the Sky" at a cancer benefit in Long Island. Check it out in the replies.

Submitted by luckisoverrated
Jason Tate on 07/24/12 - 03:42 PM
It's Jesse Lacey's birthday (he sings in Brand New). Happy birthday to him!

Submitted by my Tumblr feed
Thomas Nassiff on 07/09/12 - 11:33 PM
We have some album anniversaries worth highlighting today: Brand New's Deja Entendu came out on June 17th, 2003. It's now 9 years old. Feel old yet? Blink 182's Dude Ranch came out on June 17th, 1997. Yeah, 15 years ago.
Jason Tate on 06/18/12 - 11:07 AM
Keltie Colleen's book, Rockettes, Rockstars, and Rockbottom is now available for purchase on a paperback re-release. Additionally, Colleen recently interviewed Tom Gates, the former manager of Brand New, The Format, and Anathallo.
From the InterviewIt’s an unreleased demo called “DVD Song”, which was a placeholder title. It was written in the batch before "Devil & God" and never leaked, like many of the other demos did. It was recorded in a living room. Jesse would just keep playing the chorus during the Deja tours, taunting me because he knew that I love a big hulking hook. I listen to it every once in a while and just grin ear to ear that nobody has ever heard it but Sapone, the band...
Joe DeAndrea on 06/14/12 - 10:12 PM
Cursive and An Horse will support Brand New on their Canadian tour. All dates can be seen in the replies.
Adam Pfleider on 05/23/12 - 10:11 AM
Bamboozle was a pretty great time this past weekend, and we've got some fan-shot videos from the festival for you guys to check out. In the replies, you can check out performances from Brand New, Less Than Jake, Armor For Sleep, The Receiving End of Sirens, The Dear Hunter, He Is We and Boys Like Girls.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/22/12 - 10:26 AM
I was lucky enough to watch a brilliant after-party show last night that included Brand New and The Front Bottoms. Brand New didn't really play a full set, but what they did play was awesome - some rarely played songs including "Flying At Tree Level." Head to the replies to check out the set list from the show and a video of the band playing "Sowing Season."
Thomas Nassiff on 05/20/12 - 09:39 AM
Jesse Lacey was interviewed for this article about Bamboozle and said some things about Brand New, including how the band's studio time in April was not used to record a new Brand New album. It doesn't seem like there's a plan to record one soon, either. The quote is below.
From the ArticleBy phone from his Suffolk County home, Lacey speaks earnestly but vaguely about the band's future. Brand New booked studio time in April, and its members took advantage of it -- but usually not together. "You start to lose that whole idea that it's important for our band to be known as this entity. And we put a lot more importance on our individual fulfillment, really," Lacey says. "In some ways a...
Thomas Nassiff on 05/15/12 - 08:32 AM
The Front Bottoms will be opening for Brand New at their show this coming Saturday at The Stone Pony is Asbury Park, NJ.
Jason Tate on 05/14/12 - 01:20 PM
Brand New will be playing a pre-Bamboozle show on Saturday, May 19 at The Stony Pony. Tickets will be on sale at noon EST here.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/14/12 - 06:22 AM
Brand New will be performing at the River's Edge Festival in St. Paul, MN this June 23rd and 24th.

Update: The full line-up and more information on the festival, can be found here.
Jason Tate on 04/05/12 - 11:11 AM
Tour dates for Brand New's August Canadian tour can be found in the replies.
Deborah Remus on 03/28/12 - 08:27 AM
Check out Daybreaker performing a cover of Brand New's "Jesus Christ" in the replies.
Jason Tate on 03/19/12 - 09:17 AM
Who thought that life was nothing more than just a test?
Show ReviewBrand New, I Am The Avalanche & The Xcerts (Andy Biddulph)
Andy Biddulph on 03/02/12 - 01:47 AM
The second half of the audio from the interview with Jesse Lacey from Brand New that was posted yesterday, has now been uploaded.
Jason Tate on 02/23/12 - 10:46 AM
Jesse of Brand New was recently interviewed by a UK publication.
From the InterviewWell we probably started writing new material as soon as we were done with the last record, it’s just lately we’ve all been exploring our peripheral projects outside of ‘Brand New’. It’s been nice to get back together again, because you’ll hear something that Brian’s done, or Vinni’s done, you almost get jealous of it, because you wish you had been part of that, so we’re definitely excited to get back in the studio together. We have studio time in April but we’re not really sure how that will turn out, unfortunately for our fans, it’s really ‘see how it goes’ for now. But we are intent on getting...
Jason Tate on 02/22/12 - 09:23 AM
In the replies is a new poster announcing that Brand New and Less Than Jake, along with 22 other bands, are playing this year's Bamboozle. This...changes...everything.
Thomas Nassiff on 02/20/12 - 09:16 PM
Brand New added "Soco Ameretto Lime" to their set-list in Manchester last night. The video's in the replies for anyone interested.
Jason Tate on 02/10/12 - 08:57 AM
For those in the UK that are curious what you may have to look forward to, Brand New's set-list from their opening show last night was as follows.

Play Crack The Sky
Sowing Season (Yeah)
Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades
Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Me vs Maradona Vs Elvis
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
Seventy Times 7
Bought A Bride
Jesus Christ
You Won't Know
Jason Tate on 02/06/12 - 03:53 PM
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