Max Bemis will make his debut with Marvel Comics, penning a story in November's A+X #14. This will be his first work for a major publisher. The artwork is below.
The story, which features a team-up between the Superior Spider-Man and Magneto, is described as Bemis as being "high concept."
"It canít just be like, 'Letís just take the Hulk and Spider-Man and put them against this particular bad guy and they find some creative way of beating him,'" Bemis said of the story. ďHow do you take a team-up and make it more of a psychological study than an action piece? All of the ideas I pitched had that sort of element to it."

Submitted by ZeoVGM
Ryan Gardner on 08/10/13 - 08:28 AM
Paper + Plastick has launched a new comic series called "Perfect Teeth." It follows the career of a vampire band and how the music industry tries to keep pace by signing other monster bands. Members of Less Than Jake and the Descendents teamed up to record a song as the vampire band, which goes by the name Perfect Teeth, and the song will be released later this month. You can download the introductory Perfect Teeth #0 for free here or buy a limited, physical edition for $3 here.

Song CollaboratorsVinnie Fiorello, Stephen Egerton, Jon Snodgrass
Thomas Nassiff on 11/01/11 - 02:46 PM
Paper + Plastick's first physical comic book, "Words and Panels Vol. 1," is now available for purchase here. It contains printed copies of the first installments of the label's three running webcomics. The webcomics can all still be downloaded for free here.
Thomas Nassiff on 10/26/11 - 08:26 AM
Vinnie from Less Than Jake is jumping into the graphic novel world. Check out all the information about "Perfect Teeth" right here.
Jason Tate on 07/15/11 - 09:39 AM
You can watch an interview with Douglas Robinson of The Sleeping by Marvel Comics Headquarters where he discusses his love for comic books and their new record, The Big Deep here.
Matthew Tsai on 10/07/10 - 10:53 AM
Adam Vass (La Dispute) recently went on tour as Make Do and Mend's merch guy. His hand drawn story can be pre-ordered here. Copies are limited.
Adam Pfleider on 09/08/10 - 11:38 AM
Enter a contest to have your name and face on the variant cover of the first issue of Alan Robert's Wire Hangers comic here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/13/10 - 08:02 AM
Pete Wentz is teaming up with Image to bring out a comic book this fall.
Steve Henderson on 06/04/09 - 07:03 PM
The DC Universe Halloween '08 issue featuring writing by My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way will be out October 22nd. Mikey's portion is an 8 page story about Batman, incorporating the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as a foundation.
Garett Press on 10/14/08 - 06:17 PM
The next installment of Gerard Way's (My Chemical Romance) comic series The Umbrella Academy will hit shelves November 26th.

Submitted by Middlenameboom
Blake Solomon on 08/15/08 - 07:57 AM
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