A second person has died at Bonnaroo this year.
Paul Tao on 06/14/11 - 01:37 PM
Anal C*nt frontman Seth Putnam passed away at the age of 43 yesterday as the result of a heart attack. May he rest in peace.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/12/11 - 07:24 AM
Die Antwoord collaborator and musician Leon Botha has died from complications with the disease progeria. He was one of the world's oldest survivors of progeria.
Paul Tao on 06/06/11 - 03:12 PM
Legendary musician and poet, Gil Scott-Heron passed away yesterday at the age of 62.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/28/11 - 04:28 AM
Cali Swag District member M-Bone was killed in a drive by shooting.

Submitted by multiple users
Matthew Tsai on 05/16/11 - 10:55 PM
Skatalite drummer Lloyd Knib has passed away. R.I.P.
Blake Solomon on 05/13/11 - 06:57 AM
Poly Styrene, the lead singer of legendary punk band X-Ray Spex, has passed away. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.
Kyle Huntington on 04/26/11 - 03:03 AM
TV On The Radio bassist Gerard Smith has passed away after battling lung cancer. Future tour dates have been cancelled. Rest in peace.
Kyle Huntington on 04/20/11 - 01:12 PM
Nate Dogg has passed away at the age of 41.
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/15/11 - 11:38 PM
On this day in 1997, Notorious B.I.G. was murdered. Remember Christopher Wallace in the replies if you wish.
Blake Solomon on 03/09/11 - 09:32 AM
Mark Tulin, bassist of The Electric Prunes, has passed away. He was working with The Smashing Pumpkins.

Submitted by abusedcat
Matthew Tsai on 03/01/11 - 03:50 PM
Rob Viti of The Track Record recently passed away. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Submitted by streetcar
Matthew Tsai on 02/27/11 - 04:15 PM
Today would have been Kurt Cobain's 44th birthday.
Blake Solomon on 02/20/11 - 10:00 AM
Jeff Jacobs of Temporary Residence Records artist The Drift recently lost his long battle with cancer. He will be missed.

Submitted by Jsmall
Matthew Tsai on 01/19/11 - 06:54 PM
Scottish singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty, best known for his 1972 hit "Stuck in the Middle With You", passed away at the age of 63. May he rest in peace.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/04/11 - 01:32 PM
R&B icon Teena Marie has passed away at age 54

Submitted by PTVsnewO
Blake Solomon on 12/26/10 - 11:14 PM
Leslie Nielsen, actor in movies such as Airplane! and Naked Gun, has passed away at the age of 84.
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/28/10 - 09:12 PM
Randy Miller of The Myriad has passed away at the age of 39 from bone cancer. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Submitted by topher465
Blake Solomon on 11/09/10 - 11:20 AM
Five years ago today, John "Beatz" Holohan (Bayside) passed away.
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/31/10 - 06:50 PM
Michael Larsen of Eyedea and Abilities has passed away.

Submitted by Fooey
Matthew Tsai on 10/17/10 - 01:57 PM
Rock and soul king Solomon Burke passed away today at the age of 70.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/10/10 - 10:14 AM
LFO singer Rich Cronin passed away today at age 35 from leukemia. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
Tony Pascarella on 09/08/10 - 06:25 PM
This is my last will and testament.
Adam Pfleider on 08/27/10 - 01:12 PM
Early Graves vocalist Makh Daniels died at the age of 28 as the result of a van accident. May he rest in peace.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/03/10 - 08:43 AM
A 26 year old man died today at The Warped Tour in Kansas City. There has been no confirmation on the cause of death yet. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the man's friends and family.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/02/10 - 11:04 PM
Legendary Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died this morning after a heart attack. He was 80 years old. You can discuss his legacy in the Sports Forum.
Blake Solomon on 07/13/10 - 08:28 AM
The Kinks bassist Pete Quaife passed away at the age of 66 after a long struggle with kidney problems.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/25/10 - 10:29 AM
It was confirmed that Slipknot's bassist died of a morphine overdose.

Submitted by CLoach
Blake Solomon on 06/22/10 - 03:22 PM
Jimmy Dean, country star and sausage magnate, died yesterday at the age of 81.

Submitted by oncedarkness
Blake Solomon on 06/14/10 - 12:55 PM
Grammy nominated composer, Benjamin Lees, dies at 86.

Submitted by kidchino08
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/11/10 - 09:58 PM
Stuart Cable, original drummer of Stereophonics, was found dead earlier today.

Submitted by The Gunz Show
Blake Solomon on 06/07/10 - 07:00 AM
John Wooden, arguably the greatest college basketball coach of all time, died yesterday at the age of 99.
Blake Solomon on 06/05/10 - 03:45 PM
Slipknot has made a video tribute honoring their recently deceased bassist Paul Grey. Check the replies.

Submitted by kbi the crowing
Blake Solomon on 05/31/10 - 08:04 AM
Brilliant actor Dennis Hopper died today of complications from prostate cancer. He was 74.
Blake Solomon on 05/29/10 - 11:09 AM
Actor Gary Coleman was taken off life support this morning and passed away at the age of 42.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/28/10 - 11:47 AM
Legendary jazz pianist Hank Jones passed away this weekend. He was 91 years old. For proof of this man's amazing talent, hit up the replies.

Submitted by jonskinny12
Blake Solomon on 05/18/10 - 07:36 AM
UPDATE: Blabbermouth.net has a statement from Wendy Dio. Ronnie James Dio passed this morning.

Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath and Dio) has passed away at the age of 67.

Submitted By Sloth7
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/15/10 - 11:37 PM
Eric Cargile, bassist of Bloodlined Calligraphy, passed away in his sleep yesterday.

Submitted by frozencarbonite
Blake Solomon on 04/21/10 - 04:48 PM
Keith "Guru" Elam of Gang Starr passed away at the age of 43 yesterday after a long battle with cancer.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/20/10 - 08:29 AM
You Say Party! We Say Die! drummer Devon Clifford died today at age 30 after collapsing on stage Friday night.

Submitted by RifFir
Joe DeAndrea on 04/18/10 - 10:37 AM
Type O Negative vocalist/bassist Peter Steele has reportedly passed away at the age of 48 due to heart failure.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/14/10 - 10:22 PM
Malcolm McLaren, famed manager of The Sex Pistols as well as a musician in his own right, has passed away at the age of 64.
Paul Tao on 04/08/10 - 11:03 AM
Jim Marshall, one of the most iconic rock photographers of the 20th century, passed away last night at the age of 74.
Paul Tao on 03/24/10 - 04:15 PM
Alex Chilton of Big Star has passed away.
Lueda Alia on 03/18/10 - 09:32 AM
80's teen idol Cory Haim was found dead last night. He was 38 years old.
Blake Solomon on 03/10/10 - 08:07 AM
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