Here's your weekly Entertainment/Movie/DVD/TV Show round-up! Check it out and leave your thoughts and comments in the replies.
Entertainment Round-Up News and Rumors:

HBO and BET have reached an agreement that will allow them to re-run episodes of The Wire. The deal will likely be for all 5 seasons -- 62 episodes in all. HBO is currently running the 4th season, and has already ordered the 5th season

William Shatner will be hosting a game show for NBC. The show is titled Show Me The Money and they have ordered 7 one-hour episodes.

A petition of 39,116 people was sent to MGM and New Line. Its aim: To get Peter Jackson back for the upcoming adaption of The Hobbit. Chief operation...
xearlynovemberx on 10/13/06 - 01:28 PM
Here's your weekly Entertainment/Movie/DVD/TV Show round-up! Check it out and leave your thoughts and comments in the replies.
Entertainment Round-UpNews And Rumors

CBS has green lit production on the 11th cycle of The Amazing Race. Phil Keoghan will once again host.

Dimension Films has picked up Naughty Or Nice, a stop motion animated film from Seth Greens company Stoopid Monkey. Dimension also purchased the rights to a live-action comedy from the company.

20th Century Fox chairman Tom Rothman recently confirmed that Galactus will be seen in Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer.

Eric Dane will now be a regular on Greys Anatomy. He appeared on one episode last season.
xearlynovemberx on 10/06/06 - 02:19 PM
As many of you may remember each Friday there would be an entertainment thread. I am here to start posting again. Enjoy.
Entertainment Round-UpThe new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie has been pushed up a week from it's original release date. The movie will now be released on March 23rd 2007

Academy award winning visiual effect house Weta Digital has been selected by fox to create a state-of-the-art version of The Silver Surfer for next summers blockbuster sequel to The Fantastic Four.Doug Jones will provide performance and movement refrences for Weta. No Actor has been selected to voice The Silver Surfer. Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer is currently scheduled for a June,...
xearlynovemberx on 09/29/06 - 01:04 PM
Whats up everybody, Here's this week's update.

News and Rumors:

The rumor that Steven Spielberg is going to direct the World of Warcraft movie has been confirmed to be fake.

A rumor that is sure to make some people happy, Comedy Central has plans to bring "Futurama" back to television with 13 new episodes. New and old episodes will begin airing in 2008, and all the main voice actors have agreed to return.

Some early reports of the Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer runs about 1:38 and doesn't include Venom, seeing as how he'd be a huge draw I don't see a reason why they wouldn't.

The official novelization of "Snakes on a Plane" will be hitting book-stores on July 11th.
... read more
Trainsaw on 06/23/06 - 11:12 AM
Whats up everyone? Def some good stuff this week including a "Jackass: Number Two" trailer and "Borat" trailer. And what I think is going to be the best movie this summer "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" trailer.

News and Rumors:

David Fincher's movie about the "Zodiac" serial killer has been pushed back to Jan 2007. The movie stars Jake Gyllenhall and Robert Downey Jr.

Sean Connery is being written into "Indiana Jones 4," but has yet to sign on. However George Lucas is really trying to pressure the retired star into coming back.

"Believe it or Not" the Ripley biopic starring Jim Carrey and directed by Tim Burton is being pushed back for at least a year so Burton...
Trainsaw on 06/16/06 - 12:34 PM
Hey whats up everyone. Not a whole lot going on this week, although the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel looks pretty dope, although you have to wait until 10pm to see it, check it out.

News & Rumors:

Will Smith is attached to star in "Seven Pounds". A story of a man who was trying to commit suicide until he met the woman of his dreams.

Rob Zombie will be writing and directing a remake of "Halloween". While it will probably have some differences from the original it should be interesting.

You can check out the "Transformers" teaser poster here and has a teaser site up here

Naveen Andrews, Sayid from Lost, has joined the cast of "Grind House" the Tarantino/Rodriguez horror film....
Trainsaw on 06/09/06 - 12:40 PM
Whats up everyone, hope you guys are having an awesome summer so far. There is some pretty cool news this week so check it out

News and Rumors:

Len Wiseman has signed on to direct "Die Hard 4". While Scott Speedman is in talks to play the film's villain, who is a cyber criminal who wants to hold the world's electronic system for ransom.

Chow Yun-Fat will play the villain captain, Captain Sao Feng, in "Pirates of the Caribbean 3"

Winona Ryder has joined the cast of "Sex and Death 101", the film is about a man who gets an email which includes every woman he has ever had sex with. And for fans of small titties, she will also be cartoon nude in "A Scanner Darkly" and star in "The...
Trainsaw on 06/02/06 - 09:50 AM
Hey everyone whats up, here's this week article. Those of you who have already seen X3 tell us what you thought! Also the Snakes on a Plane official trailer is before X3 tonight

News and Rumors:

Those of you seeing X-Men 3 tonight, stay in your seats after the credits roll.......

Following the success of "The Da Vinci Code", Sony has announced it will make Dan Brown's book "Angels and Demons" into a movie.

A sequel to the "X Files" movie is in the works. With deals for the regular cast to come back. Frank Spotnitz has signed on to help write the script.

Glenn Morshower has revealed the title of the upcoming Transformers movie will be "Transformers: Prime Directive"

Trainsaw on 05/26/06 - 01:04 PM
Here's this week's article. Everyone should check out The Davinci Code tonight I hear its pretty good.

News & Rumors:

Dax Shepard will star in "The Retreat", about a 30 year old Hot Dog vender at Wrigley Field who gets a job for a huge corporation. He eventually moves up in the company using the street smarts he picked up selling hot dogs, only to find out he's the target of a sabotage by a disgruntled former employee

The 3D versions of the Star Wars movies won't happen until 2007 at the earliest, and the live action series won't happen for another couple of years either. They're still interviewing writers and just starting the basic concept.

The "Wolverine" spin-off is gaining...
Trainsaw on 05/19/06 - 10:21 AM
Whats up everyone. This week we've had some awesome clips out. First off Snakes on a Plane! and then we had a 7 min clip of X3, they're in the trailers section so check it out....

News and Rumors:

Metal Gear Solid is going to be the next videogame to become a movie, Kojima announced that it will be made into a feature film. No details on when it will happen though.

"Toy Story 3" has started production, no word on if everyone is returning.

James Wan, director of SAW, is set to direct "Death Sentence", the story is about a father who is out for revenge after his family was attacked by a gang. The father decides to get justice by killing every member of the gang.

Trainsaw on 05/12/06 - 08:57 AM
Greetings Everyone, hope everyone is ready for the summer. The blockbusters seem to kick off today with Mission Impossible 3.

News and Rumors:

"Rush Hour 3" has finally been greenlit, with hopes of a summer 07 release. With Tucker and Chan returning, the film will bet set in Paris where they battle the Chinese crime family The Triads.

Sylvester Stallone will be writing and directing "Rambo 4", and rather than seeing the soldier side if Rambo we will see more of the human side of a man who has been broken by war.

Kyle Newman will be directing the "Revenge of the Nerds" remake.

"Clash of the Titans" is also getting the remake treatment. Travis Beacham has signed on to write it,...
Trainsaw on 05/05/06 - 09:48 AM
Hello everybody, hope the week has been awesome. Here's this weeks update, enjoy.

News and Rumors:

Al Pacino has joined the cast of "Oceans 13" to star as Willie Banks, a casino/hotel owner in Las Vegas. The movie is set to be released in June 07.

Shane Drake is going to be directing "TheCoolKids", which is much like Napoleon Dynamite, yet set in the world of emo.

Danny DeVito and Justin Long are starring in the comedy "One Part Sugar." Where Long will play a young drug lord/real estate kingpin, when DeVito hopes to bring life back to the town he encounters Long who wants to keep it the way it is.

Johnny Depp is being looked at to star as Michael Hutchence in the INXS...
Trainsaw on 04/28/06 - 09:40 AM
Hello everyone, here's this week's update. Some cool news going on, plus the summer blockbuster season is getting closer which means one thing....Snakes on a Plane......

News and Rumors:

You can hear samples of the songs on the upcoming "Sounds of Superman" which is a soundtrack to go along with "Superman Returns" here

On May 11th Fox will air a 7 minute preview of "X3: The Last Stand" between 8:30 and 8:37 as part of the finale for That 70's Show

Robert Rodriguez's part of "Grind House" entitled "Project Terror" has officially been shut down, production might start back up again next year but as of right now it's stopped officially. Not sure what is going to happen with...
Trainsaw on 04/21/06 - 03:12 PM
Hello Everyone, here's this week's update. Seems like we're getting sequels to every movie possible and remakes of every TV show, whats next a Full House remake movie, starring Brad Pitt as Danny Tanner?

News and Rumors:

24 will continue on for at least 3 more years, Keifer Sutherland has signed on to continue his role as Jack on the series. The deal didn't include the film but the studio is committed to making one but no sooner than 2008.

Tobin Bell will reprise his role as Jigsaw in the third SAW movie. Shawnee Smith will also come back as Amanda.

Will Smith is going to star in "Greenbacks" the action thriller about an American in Morocco who discovers a plot to disrupt the...
Trainsaw on 04/14/06 - 09:31 AM
Hey everyone, hope you've all had a great week. Here's my update this week, not too much going on in the way of news. The Simpsons trailer has me excited, there are various rumors about if Homer poisons the water supply or if they have to build a dome around Springfield so it looks like its going to be good.

News and Rumors:

Dane Cook has a couple of movies in the works. One is called "Dad Knap", where Cook stars as a guy who never had much time with his father so he kidnaps him to spend some quality time with him. The other film is titled "Mr. Brooks" where Cook's character blackmails Kevin Costner's character, who happens to have an alter ego. He will also start filming on the...
Trainsaw on 04/07/06 - 10:22 AM
Hey whats up everyone. Hope the week has been pretty good, have a dope weekend. Here's the update, enjoy.

News and Rumors:

Looks like Arrested Development is done for...Mitch Hurwitz, creator, has decided to leave the show. The tentative deal between AD and Showtime was supposed to be for two seasons of 12 episodes on the condition that Hurwitz returns. Since Hurwitz has dropped out it does not appear that deal will go through.

News about the role of The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel has died down a bit but as it stands right now Lachy Hulme is rumored to be the front runner for the role.

Tom Hanks is rumored to star in the Gus Van Sant directed "How Starbucks Saved my...
Trainsaw on 03/31/06 - 11:42 AM
Whats up everyone? There is a ton of Sam Jackson news this week, I know no one can complain about that. Also I've heard lots of postive things about V for Vendetta, I'm going to have to check it out this weekend sometime. There is some good news for you Harry Potter fans in the update. And finally since we finally have a Snakes on a Plane logo, I'm hoping to see some tattoo's of it soon. I want one on my back like 50 Cent has. Snake-Unit

News and Rumors:

Snakes on a Plane has went through 5 more days of reshooting for additional snake action including the phrase everyone in America wants to hear...

"Borat" the movie, based on the Ali-G character, is coming out on Nov 3rd.
... read more
Trainsaw on 03/24/06 - 04:19 PM
Hello APers and APettes, hope everyone's hang overs have worn off or are in the process of. Sorry about being late on this I had a family emergency and plus I was in DC for a couple of days so I just now got the opportunity to put this up. I know everyone has already seen the preview of Snakes on a Plane, looks insane! Enjoy.

News and Rumors:

George Lucas has apparently approved the Indiana Jones IV script and sent it over to Spielberg to look over according to Rick McCallum

Ice Cube is set to star in a "Welcome Back Kotter" remake.

According to Rosario Dawson, Robert Rodriguez wants Angelina Jolie to star in Sin City 2 and is delaying the project so she can. Sin City 2 is...
Trainsaw on 03/18/06 - 04:41 PM
Hey, whats up everyone. How's everyone's Friday going?? Here is this week's Entertainment Article. The X:3 trailer is up for the 2 or 3 of you who have not seen it, it looks great. Also some cool news regarding cameo's on the upcoming Reno911 movie. Also I have some awesome news that I saved for last in the news section, Check it out.

News and Rumors:

Apparently we'll be seeing a good bit of Kevin Spacey over the next couple of years as Lex Luthor, he has signed on to do the second and possibly a third.

Indiana Jones 4 looks to have been delayed a bit longer. Since Spielberg is taking a break from directing in 2006, but will continue to work on developing a Lincoln biopic and...
Trainsaw on 03/10/06 - 11:24 AM
Hey, how is everyone doing today? Here's the fourth edition of my Weekly Entertainment Article, not a whole lot going on in the way of trailers and such, but there is some cool news out. Make sure you go see Chappelle's Block Party this weekend, its up in the air about if he'll do the show again. I also added some sales that are going on this week to check out.

News and Rumors:

X-men: The Last Stand's Trailer will debut during 24 next week!

Vince Vaughn has signed up for "Fred Claus" which is going to be a holiday comedy about Santa's loser brother Fred. Who goes to the north pole to redeem himself.

Star Trek: The Beginning, the 11th in the series has been shelved for the...
Trainsaw on 03/03/06 - 02:02 PM
Hey, how's everyone doing on this Friday? Here's my weekly entertainment report for the 24th. A little bit more news this week. Some really cool stuff including the first teaser poster of Spider Man 3, which looks awesome. Also I added a movie review part that acouple of members of the general forum do on their own time, its very cool so make sure you check that out at the bottom. Enjoy.

News and Rumors:

Spider-Man 3 Teaser Art is UP! The artwork is not black and white he's actually in that color suit.
-pic from Aintitcool.com

A scene in the upcoming Reno 911!: Miami movie will star all 11 members of "The State" this is the first time they all have been together since the...
Trainsaw on 02/24/06 - 12:59 PM
Here's this weeks Entertainment Update for 2/17. There wasn't as much going around this week, so sorry for the the lack of news, but I tried to add other items. As always, if you have anything else for me please let me know. Also, thanks for all the supportive comments last week, I'm glad people are liking this new feature.

News and Rumors:

A Reno 911 movie is in the works entitled Reno 911!: Miami, Paul Rudd has joined the cast, where the cops of Reno visit the national police convention in Miami.

The Captain America movie is anticipated for release in 2009, The script is still unfinished but Arad expects it to be out in 09

X3: The Last Stand, will indeed be the final X-Men...
Trainsaw on 02/17/06 - 03:06 PM
This is something new here at AP. Jason is letting me post a Weekly Entertainment (Movies and TV) update; yeah I know it's not music. Basically what it is gonna feature is news for up and coming movies and television, some spoilers for those who like to know what is gonna happen before they see it. Also I'm going to be posting new trailers for movies as they are released, and previews of the DVD's coming out this week and Movies coming to theatres with hopefully a lot more. This is only gonna be a weekly newsletter (I won't be posting on the main page as a regular or anything) and want to try to post it on Friday's or Sunday's - I'm not sure yet. This is sort of an experiment so if you...
Trainsaw on 02/10/06 - 01:39 PM

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