Today we have the pleasure of premiering a song from a record we're stoked about. Head to Portugal. The Man's AP.net Profile to stream "1989," a track off of Censored Colors detailing John Gourley's recollection of the Gulf War and how it affected him. Much more Portugal goodness coming in the following days, stay tuned.
Garett Press on 08/27/08 - 01:13 PM
Epitaph Records rockers Our Last Night have chosen to premiere their new music video for the song "Escape" here on AP.net. Hit up the replies to check it out.
Garett Press on 08/26/08 - 02:02 PM
For our latest ABSOLUTExclusive, we are incredibly proud to bring you a stream of Deas Vail's new EP, White Lights. Head on over to their AP.net Profile and listen to a wonderful progression for this great young band. Oh, and try to keep your jaw off the floor when you hear the vocals on "Last Place."
Steve Henderson on 08/15/08 - 01:42 PM
Just a reminder to check out the live video we premiered of People In Planes performing "Pretty Buildings." We think you'll enjoy this awesome modern rock sound with haunting piano melodies and vocal precision.
Garett Press on 08/15/08 - 12:10 PM
Head to the replies to see a high quality, ABSOLUTExclusive live video of the very awesome People In Planes performing a new song called "Pretty Buildings." The track comes from their forthcoming release, Beyond The Horizon, in stores September 9th. Moody piano rock, dig it!
Garett Press on 08/14/08 - 11:05 AM
Heavy Heavy Low Low are getting ready to release Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock this Tuesday, but we got them to stream two ABSOLUTExclusive tracks on the their AP.net Profile. Get your sneak peak on.
Garett Press on 08/13/08 - 02:50 PM
For a swift kick in the balls, check out the ABSOLUTExclusive new single from Hellcat Records' Civet, streaming on their AP.net Profile. The self-described "femme fatale" punk rockers will release Hell Hath No Fury on September 9th.
Garett Press on 08/12/08 - 09:07 AM
Head over to The Gallery's AP.net Profile to stream their new record If You Know What I Mean in its entirety. The record will be released this Tuesday on Blue Duck Records.
Garett Press on 08/10/08 - 03:19 PM
Faster! Faster! will release their new full-length Hopes and Dreams on Oort Records this Tuesday. Stream the entire record exclusively on the band's AP.net profile. Recommended if you like dual-vocal emo-rock in the vein of Mayday Parade.
Garett Press on 08/08/08 - 03:43 PM
Alkaline Trio have provided us with some exclusive footage of the band in the studio talking about the new record Agony & Irony and other topics of interest. Watch this clip as well as their new music video for "Help Me" in the replies.
Garett Press on 07/31/08 - 08:28 AM
Today we also have an ABSOLUTExclusive track from DIY heroes Slightly Stoopid, a welcome reprieve from the usual pop-punk shuffle. Stream "Thinkin' Bout Cops" on the band's AP.net Profile, the first song on their new record, Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid, in stores tomorrow.
Garett Press on 07/21/08 - 01:51 PM
UK fan favorites, The Enemy UK, have provided us an ABSOLUTExclusive b-side track called "Waste Your Life Away," now streaming on the band's AP.net Profile. Hailed by NME as "the band we have been waiting for since Oasis went to seed," they are set to release their new full-length next Tuesday.
Garett Press on 07/21/08 - 09:12 AM
Don't forget we have the new EP from promising progressive rockers I Am Alaska streaming exclusively on their AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 07/16/08 - 01:20 PM
Progressive rocksters I Am Alaska will release their debut EP a week from today, but you can stream the entire package right now, exclusively on their AP.net Profile. Recommended for fans of Brazil, At The Drive In, and Damiera.
Garett Press on 07/15/08 - 02:15 PM
On the 19th, Brightwood make a triumphant return with their new full-length Wake. We've posted a four song sampler on the band's AP Profile, including an ABSOLUTExclusive track to give you some insight on the new sounds.
Garett Press on 07/09/08 - 12:19 PM
Embrace your pop and ska sensibilities with our newest ABSOLUTExclusive, a brand new song from Suburban Legends called "Fire," which you can stream right here. Further details about the band's new album, Let's Be Friends will be forthcoming, but the AP.net gallery is the only place you can find the blinging artwork for the brand-new disc.
Tony Pascarella on 06/26/08 - 07:55 AM
A Thorn For Every Heart are set to release their new Pick Up The Pieces EP on the first of July, but they've allowed us to premiere the songs in an ABSOLUTExclusive stream over at their AP.net Profile. Pre-order if you like it!
Garett Press on 06/18/08 - 02:22 PM
For those of us that missed the horns, Less Than Jake have returned in full form with GNV FLA. The record is set to drop June 24th, but as always the most impatient staff on the internet have procured an ABSOLUTExclusive track for your listening pleasure. Head to the band's AP.net Profile to stream "Summon Monsters" and brush up on your skanking.
Garett Press on 06/12/08 - 06:22 AM
Want to hear a new song from Damiera? The title track to their new album, Quiet Mouth, Loud Hands, is now streaming on the band's AP.net profile. As part of this ABSOLUTExclusive, we will also have another new song coming in the next few days. The album will be in stores on June 24th via Equal Vision Records.
Tony Pascarella on 06/11/08 - 11:39 AM
Yesterday was the Dude Fest in Allentown, PA featuring performances from Patent Pending, Driving East, and Sound The Alarm among others. Today we've got the pleasure of offering an exclusive download of the Dude Fest Compilation featuring rare and exclusive songs from the participating artists. Get it here!
Garett Press on 06/08/08 - 09:06 AM
Indie pop-rock act, Baker, have decided to stream some fresh tracks on their AP.net Profile, including an exclusive song called "Gotta Get Out Of This City." Check it and groove to it - their new EP hits stores Tuesday.
Garett Press on 05/25/08 - 07:31 AM
Up and comers Beast From Sea are now giving their new EP away on their AP.net Profile. What Your Children Dream Of will be released June 10th.
Garett Press on 05/25/08 - 07:27 AM
One of our favorite singer/songwriters, Joe Wilson, has a new EP coming out in June called On The Mend. You can stream two of the new tracks on his AP.net profile, one being ABSOLUTExclusive. Recommended for fans of Kevin Devine, Rocky Votolato, and really lovely music.
Garett Press on 05/23/08 - 08:43 AM
You can now stream the title track from 1997's new record On The Run over at the band's AP.net Profile. The album hits stores the 27th.
Garett Press on 05/21/08 - 11:11 AM
Head to the replies to check out a professionally shot live video of Tickle Me Pink performing their hooky new single "Typical."
Garett Press on 05/19/08 - 11:55 AM
111 Records has put together an ABSOLUTExclusive Sampler that you can download here. It's comprised of eight unreleased tracks from their exciting roster of recent signings, all with records coming out this year.
Garett Press on 05/14/08 - 09:47 AM
Ready for more? We're streaming a killer new track from 2*Sweet on the band's Profile called "Tarantula Perfume," that features a verse by vocal treasure Dan Nigro from As Tall As Lions.
Garett Press on 05/07/08 - 01:41 PM
If you're a fan of Hit The Lights or Drive-thru era pop-punk in general, you best be headin' to Fireworks' AP.net Profile to stream their new Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery EP. I think it's close enough to summer to crank this, don't you?
Garett Press on 05/07/08 - 09:34 AM
The Wonder Years will release their Won't Be Pathetic Forever EP on June 10th. Hence, they've decided to stream a brand new song called "Solo & Chewy Holdin' It Down" exclusively on their AP.net Profile. The track features guest vocals from Rachel Minton of Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer.
Garett Press on 05/06/08 - 08:04 AM
The Alkaline Trio return on July 1st with a brand new record called Agony & Irony. Check out the ABSOLUTExclusive, hi-res premiere of the album artwork and a brand new promo photo. We'll be streaming a song from the record in the very near future, so stay tuned.
Garett Press on 05/05/08 - 08:38 AM
You can now stream Wolftron's entire full-length record in ABSOLUTExclusive fashion on the band's AP.net Profile. Hear for yourself the album that our own Steve Henderson calls, "impossibly gorgeous."
Garett Press on 05/04/08 - 02:46 PM
If you peep The Messenger's AP.net Profile, you can download an exclusive track from the full-length they're releasing on the 13th. For fans of Armor For Sleep and Saosin.
Garett Press on 05/01/08 - 02:43 PM
The Offspring will release their first full-length in five years on June 17th, with their new single "Hammerhead" poised to pop up next week. We've got an exclusive peek at the artwork for the "Hammerhead" single, check out the hi-res image.
Garett Press on 04/30/08 - 09:01 AM
We Shot The Moon (ex-Waking Ashland, Sherwood) are streaming their entire debut record, Fear and Love, on their AP.net Profile. The record will be released April 29th by The Militia Group.
Garett Press on 04/22/08 - 01:22 PM
Beat Union will release their new full-length Disconnected tomorrow, but they're streaming it in entirety on their AP.net Profile today.
Garett Press on 04/21/08 - 02:56 PM
To compliment the current Alive In Wild Paint and The New Frontiers tour, we're giving away an ABSOLUTExclusive tour sampler featuring a rare acoustic track and a rare cover song from each band. Download it here.
Garett Press on 04/19/08 - 10:58 AM
Socratic drops Spread The Rumors on May 6th, so we've posted a musical sampler platter on the band's AP.net Profile. There are two ABSOLUTExclusive tracks you can stream and a third song you can download for free.
Garett Press on 04/16/08 - 10:13 AM
Polaris At Noon (Jason Suwito) will be releasing their new music in seasons, mirroring those of a television show. As a primer, they have released The Pilot EP, which you can download for FREE on the band's AP.net Profile; three tracks of endlessly appealing pop-rock in the vein of Acceptance.
Garett Press on 04/15/08 - 01:56 PM
Remember the inevitable thrill of discovery you felt the first time you heard Saosin's Translating the Name EP? I strongly implore you to head to Closure In Moscow's AP.net Profile, where we're streaming the band's energetic debut EP ABSOLUTExclusively, if you're interested in reliving a similar thrill.
Garett Press on 04/15/08 - 08:55 AM
Kill Your Ex will release From Words to Motion tomorrow the 15th, but today the 14th, the record is streaming exclusively on the band's AP.net Profile. If you like technical rock, check it out!
Garett Press on 04/14/08 - 10:29 AM
On 2*Sweet's AP.net Profile you can download an iPod sized montage video for the band's new song "Dateless For Armageddon," from their forthcoming full-length.
Garett Press on 04/14/08 - 09:45 AM
Call It Arson are releasing a new 7" record on Kill Normal Records the 31st of this month, but we've got both songs streaming on the band's AP.net Profile this very instant. Recalls the sounds and passion of classic indie/emo, recommended if you like Sunny Day Real Estate, Karate, Bright Eyes, or Dashboard Confessional.
Garett Press on 04/08/08 - 02:39 PM
To celebrate the release of Nine Inch Nails' adventurous instrumental composition, Ghosts I-IV, this Tuesday, we're hosting a mega-ABSOLUTExclusive on the band's AP.net Profile. It is there that you can stream an exclusive track from Ghosts IV, stream an exclusive interview clip with Trent Reznor about working without a record label, and choose from six exclusive NIN avatars. Now do you believe in Ghosts?
Garett Press on 04/04/08 - 04:31 PM
We've just opened a stream of Sing! It Loud's entire self-titled EP on the band's AP.net Profile. The EP is available starting today from Epitaph Records.
Garett Press on 04/01/08 - 03:16 PM
Don't forget to check out our exclusive video premiere of Socratic's "May I Bum a Smoke?" music video.
Garett Press on 03/30/08 - 02:58 PM

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