At Sherwood's hometown show last night in San Luis Obispo, Nate announced that the band would continue on. He said to expect a new album next summer and that they would be setting up a website where fans could donate to the currently unsigned band to help make the record.
Jonathan Bautts on 09/20/10 - 06:54 PM
At their show on May 6 in Poughkeepsie, NY, Thieves and Villains announced that their new record, titled South America, is expected to be released August 3.

Submitted by more heart
Blake Solomon on 05/11/10 - 07:16 AM
At last night's show in San Francisco, Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter explained that his band's next release will not be set in their typical storyline (Acts 1-10). Instead they will work on a long-postponed series of releases devoted to colors. The band will record 9 EPs this summer, each one named after a different color.

Submitted by Poochemist
Blake Solomon on 04/24/10 - 04:47 PM
I Am The Avalanche promised a new album by the end of 2010 at their NYC show last night.

Submitted by chbbrown
Blake Solomon on 04/18/10 - 10:43 PM
Ryan Hunter from Envy on the Coast announced at a show earlier in the week that their new album, Lowcountry, is set for a release date of March 30th.

Submitted by taylerx0
Joe DeAndrea on 01/31/10 - 07:16 PM
At the Hope Conspiracy show in NYC, Tucker from Thursday said that they are writing a new record now and will be touring again starting in June.

Submitted by doomcrs04
Mike Kraft on 01/20/10 - 07:29 AM
At New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional's acoustic show in Salt Lake City, I asked Chad when or if the NFG/DC split is coming out. He said that the 7" split will be for sale on the last couple shows of this tour.

Submitted by bradsonemanband
Joe DeAndrea on 12/05/09 - 11:00 PM
Last night at New Found Glory's Halloween show, they announced they would be releasing a special edition of their self-titled with 7 new songs in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Submitted by Ava1anche
Joe DeAndrea on 11/01/09 - 08:46 PM
At Ben Folds' Indiana University show last night, he announced he is currently working on a new record with English writer Nick Hornby writing the lyrics, and Folds writing the music.

Submitted by spansen
Adam Pfleider on 09/28/09 - 12:34 PM
One of our users recorded Brand New's in-store performance at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, New Jersey. In the replies you will find videos of all the songs performed, as well as, Jesse talking about vinyl, local record shops, going on smaller tours, and his thoughts about the leak.

Submitted by stars_hidefire
Mike Kraft on 09/24/09 - 02:24 AM
At their show last night, Weezer announced that they would be replacing their long time drummer with John Goodman.

Mike Kraft on 09/11/09 - 08:28 AM
Last night on Sparks The Rescue's live stickam show, they announced they would be on tour with There For Tomorrow and Hit The Lights this fall.

Submitted by emmx8D
Joe DeAndrea on 07/31/09 - 03:23 AM
At A Rocket to the Moon's show tonight, they announced their fall tour with The Maine, Boys Like Girls, and Cobra Starship and that their new full-length will be out in October.

Submitted by markhimself46
Joe DeAndrea on 07/19/09 - 11:06 PM
At the Brand New show last night at the Troubadour in Hollywood, Jesse Lacey talked about how the upcoming album, Daisy, may be the last full-length that Brand New puts out. Right as people started yelling, Jesse assured the crowd that it wouldn't be the last Brand New material, but rather the last physical album they release.

Submitted by DGlazier
Joe DeAndrea on 07/19/09 - 04:59 AM
At Friday's I Am the Avalanche show in Brookyln, the band told the crowd that they have recently finished recording 25 demos and that it is all up to a certain label to find the money to release them. They played 18 songs including "Waiting Room" by Fugazi, "Tired of Sex" by Weezer and "Turnpike Gates" by Lifetime. They also played a new song entitled "The Place You Love is Gone."

Submitted by escapenirvana8
Joe DeAndrea on 07/13/09 - 11:37 AM
Family Force 5 announced at their show in Akron, Ohio that their next tour will include Breathe Carolina and Cash Cash.

Submitted by emmx8D
Joe DeAndrea on 07/13/09 - 11:23 AM
A few of our users have reported a special show November 27 at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island. Check the replies for more info.
Mike Kraft on 07/11/09 - 06:41 PM
Last night at Jack's Mannequin tour stop in Columbia, MD, they played the rare Something Corporate song "Watch the Sky" for the first time ever. The video can be found in the replies.

Submitted by imnotfalling
Mike Kraft on 06/17/09 - 08:44 AM
At last night's Manchester Orchestra show, Nate Ruess of fun. joined Manchester Orchestra and their tour manager, Harrison Hudson, on stage during "I've Got Friends".
Mike Kraft on 06/05/09 - 09:55 AM
At last night's show, in Baltimore, Fun announced that their album will be out by August. It was, also, confirmed that they will be changing their name. Good Times?
Mike Kraft on 04/26/09 - 09:38 AM
[Last night] at the Illinois Wesleyan University show, Dashboard Confessional covered "So What" by Pink.

Submitted by mikejahny
Mike Kraft on 04/03/09 - 06:44 AM
Photos from the free, surprise Head Automatica show in Boston at Northeastern University can be seen here. The set list can be found here.

Submitted by futurebreed
Mike Kraft on 04/02/09 - 10:44 AM
Ace Enders played "I Want To Hear You Sad" and "Ever So Sweet" as well as two I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business songs at Chain Reaction in Anaheim.

Submitted by caityconundrum
Mike Kraft on 03/28/09 - 09:35 AM
At The Weakerthans show in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the band was taping the performance which might be released in DVD form.

Submitted by BigAl
Mike Kraft on 03/28/09 - 09:23 AM
At the Isles and Glaciers first show at SXSW, Craig and Jonny announced the album is done and will be out sometime in the summer by Equal Vision. There is no release date set.

Submitted by rob_mylo
Mike Kraft on 03/23/09 - 11:23 AM
The Used announced at SXSW on March 21st that their new record will be coming out in July and it will be titled, Artwork.

Submitted by jaaaaaaaaack
Joe DeAndrea on 03/22/09 - 08:33 AM
One of our users went to see Jet Lag Gemini last night and talked to Misha about their new music. They're currently demoing for their new album, and also played a new song live.

Submitted by petrie182
Mike Kraft on 03/16/09 - 11:02 AM
One of our users talked with Eddie Reyes of Taking Back Sunday at a recent Thursday show, who said the band's upcoming New Again will be like Tell All Your Friends but heavier. Read the full report below.
Fan ReportAt the Thursday show in Cleveland today, I talked to Eddie Reyes, guitarist of Taking Back Sunday. He confirmed that the album is "completely done." It's written, recorded, mixed and finished. He expects it to drop in May. (Not sure if that's news or that it was already on the release calendar.)

Reyes also told me that the new record will be "like 'Tell All Your Friends' but heavier." Yes, I'm dead serious, that was a word for word quote. He claimed it will be much...
Anton Djamoos on 03/10/09 - 07:27 AM
At the RX Bandits show [last night] they announced that their new album will be released July 14th through Sargent House.

Submitted by irthesteve
Mike Kraft on 03/09/09 - 08:56 AM
At [last night's] show at the Columbia Theatre in Columbia, Missouri, Ryan Adams told the crowd he felt like he was "performing on NPR and talking about leaf classification." What a crowd.

Submitted by poppa Q
Mike Kraft on 02/27/09 - 07:00 AM
During Fall Out Boy's show on February 13th, Pete announced they were shooting footage during their current tour for a new DVD.

Submitted by fadedmemories
Joe DeAndrea on 02/15/09 - 01:13 PM
Last night, at the Set Your Goals show, at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, the band played their Reset EP and Mutiny album from beginning to end. This was their first time doing this.

Submitted by mrzippo3
Mike Kraft on 02/12/09 - 08:10 AM
On their last day on tour with Just Surrender, in State College, PA, Patent Pending announced they will be playing Bamboozle Left and Right.

Submitted by TheLoyalVox
Mike Kraft on 01/26/09 - 05:43 AM
mewithoutYou played a secret show yesterday at The Khyber, in their home town of Philadelphia, PA.
Fans Report InSeveral new songs from the yet untitled album were played to a packed house. The music feels quite different from other albums related. Aaron plays guitar or keyboards on every new song, and does so with an amazing grace. Overall the new album should sound like nothing we have heard from these guys before.

Submitted by mewithyou
Mike Kraft on 01/23/09 - 10:39 AM
Last night at the Funeral For a Friend show, Doug from The Sleeping announced during their set that next month they're going to be playing a series of headlining CD release shows and that dates will be announced shortly.

Submitted by fallingxstar
Mike Kraft on 01/23/09 - 06:38 AM
Powerspace's new album will be titled American Machine according to their interview on The Gunz Show.

Submitted by CPF--FBR
Joe DeAndrea on 01/21/09 - 09:10 PM
At their hometown show in Tallahassee, Florida tonight, Mayday Parade announced that they recorded a cover of a Pussycat Dolls song for Punk Goes Pop 2.

Submitted by WTG
Joe DeAndrea on 12/04/08 - 10:18 PM
At a recent show in England, Nate from Sherwood said they had 20 songs written for their new album which they will record in February.

Submitted by CaptainJacksHat
Joe DeAndrea on 11/15/08 - 10:45 PM
During All Time Low's stop in Milwaukee, Alex Gaskarth played a new song entitled "The Promise" solo acoustic and mentioned that the band would be recording their new album after tour was finished, joking that it would "make the Beatles sound bad."

Submitted by goldfishy12356
Joe DeAndrea on 11/15/08 - 10:37 PM
Last night at his solo acoustic show at Rutgers University (set list), Max Bemis announced he got engaged three days prior. He then dedicated a new song titled "Cemetery" to his fiancee. Congrats Max!

Submitted by dc0511 and Posed2Death
Julia Conny on 11/12/08 - 10:34 PM
Yesterday at the New Orleans Voodoo fest, Panic at the Disco said that their video for Northern Downpour will come out around the end of this week.

Submitted by Ccchristinaaa
jaimej on 10/27/08 - 07:49 AM
Kris Roe of The Ataris stated at an acoustic show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA that a new Ataris album is in the works and is to be released sometime next summer.

Submitted by Lost Glories
Joe DeAndrea on 10/10/08 - 05:04 PM
During the Easy Core Tour's stop in Grand Rapids, MI last night, International Superheroes of Hardcore announced that they'll be releasing a new 7" this year titled Harry Potter is Hardcore through Bridge 9 Records. Additionally, New Found Glory dedicated "Sonny" to those lost in yesterday morning's plane crash involving Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein.

Submitted by sweetfootaction
Joe DeAndrea on 09/20/08 - 09:41 PM
One of our users has written up a Radiohead show review.
From the ReviewTo me, Radiohead have always been a band that beckons an understanding deeper than the music they create. Their mystique and idiosyncrasies have represented more than blips and bleeps on a widespread musical map. Radiohead represent an intelligent creativity, both mysterious and illuminating.
Adrian Villagomez on 08/16/08 - 01:49 PM
At the Anthony Green, Person L, and Good Old War show in Minneapolis, MN, Kenny Vasoli said not to quote him on this but he may be going on tour with Motion City Soundtrack in the future.

Submitted by MCSmate
Joe DeAndrea on 08/12/08 - 11:21 AM
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