At the Anthony Green, Person L, and Good Old War show in Minneapolis, MN, Kenny Vasoli said not to quote him on this but he may be going on tour with Motion City Soundtrack in the future.

Submitted by MCSmate
Joe DeAndrea on 08/12/08 - 11:21 AM
At the Warped Tour stop in Milwaukee, Alesana announced they'd be back on tour in the Fall with Chiodos, Silverstein, and Escape the Fate.

Submitted by ashleyiva
Joe DeAndrea on 08/05/08 - 10:33 AM
Steel Train announced at their show tonight in San Francisco that they would be doing a headlining tour in the Fall with Forgive Durden.

Submitted by alltimecam
Joe DeAndrea on 08/05/08 - 12:10 AM
Last night at The Maine's CD release show, Pete Wentz announced he signed A Rocket to the Moon to Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen Records.

Submitted by Meggers
Joe DeAndrea on 07/17/08 - 07:30 AM
At a recent show in Dallas, in a follow-up to this news post, Emery announced they will be releasing a new EP called Broken Hearts Prevail in October.

Submitted by nealtcd
Chris Fallon on 06/27/08 - 02:43 AM
During Senses Fail's set at their free show in Ashburn, Va yesterday, they announced that their new album would be released on September 23rd.

Submitted by kristencunt
Joe DeAndrea on 06/21/08 - 11:48 PM
At yesterday's Warped Tour, MC Chris announced he will be going on tour with Reggie and the Full Effect after Warped Tour wraps up.

Submitted by lastxcallforsin
Joe DeAndrea on 06/21/08 - 11:46 PM
At Thrice's show last night in Anaheim, they announced they would be filming a live DVD tomorrow night at the House of Blues.

Submitted by parothead310
Joe DeAndrea on 05/28/08 - 12:11 PM
An AP.net reader recently talked to Foxy Shazam after one of their shows and asked about their upcoming plans.
Fans Report InI had the opportunity to sit down with Eric from Foxy Shazam last night on their stop at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland. When I asked what their plans were after this tour, he told me that there might possibly be a tour with Finch and a new record which they hope to have out by early next year.

Submitted by Daniel Thompson
Joe DeAndrea on 05/09/08 - 06:41 PM
At Madina Lake's show on May 4th, the band announced their new album will be released around January 2009.

Submitted by chrasty
Joe DeAndrea on 05/09/08 - 06:02 PM
A user has reported in from a Ben Folds show at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA.
Fans Report InDuring the show he played a new song called "Hiroshima (Ba-Ba-Benny Fell)" which he said is about him falling off the stage while on tour in Japan. Also, he mentioned the new record is done and will be out in September. And for a surprise guest, Moby joined him onstage to play synth for about two minutes of a song.

Submitted by jonnyalmagest
Adrian Villagomez on 05/01/08 - 05:11 PM
Last night during New Found Glory's show at Baldwin Wallace college, the band announced that they would start recording a new album in June.

Submitted by AKrowdy
Joe DeAndrea on 04/27/08 - 12:37 PM
Last night during their show in Troy, Hit the Lights said they are shooting a new video that will be themed around Weekend at Bernie's, crazy mustaches and lots of naked people.

Submitted by kylecrawford
Joe DeAndrea on 04/27/08 - 11:20 AM
Yesterday at Montclairfest, Jesse from The Number Twelve Looks Like You said their new DVD would be released June 17th.

Submitted by Sloth256
Joe DeAndrea on 04/27/08 - 11:15 AM
While performing at SUNY Purchase College for the Culture Shock 2008 festival on Saturday night, lead singer Tim Kasher announced that Cursive would be heading into the studio next month to record the follow up to their 2006 effort, Happy Hollow.

Submitted by ISUCK89
Joe DeAndrea on 04/22/08 - 04:44 PM
Last night, at Kevin Devine's CD re-release show in Brooklyn, Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra played a new song called "Wolves at Night: Part II." Says Hull of the song, which will appear on the band's next album, "I wish I was joking, because it'd be funny. But I'm not."

Submitted by KillMeTheKing26
Joe DeAndrea on 04/21/08 - 05:03 PM
At last night's show in Bremerton, Kane Hodder announced that within the next couple months they will be releasing a digital album.

Submitted by Kileb
Joe DeAndrea on 04/21/08 - 04:59 PM
At the Brand New show in Geneseo last night, Jesse told the audience the band had just finished recording a few new songs in the studio. He then promised it wouldn't take as long to put out new material this time.
Set ListIntro:
Welcome to Bangkok

Acoustic set:
Play Crack the Sky

You Won't Know

Oh Comely (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)

And mixed in between:
The Shower Scene
Jaws Theme Swimming
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
Sic Transit Gloria

Submitted by rpk004
Joe DeAndrea on 04/21/08 - 04:57 PM
Last night, at the 9:30 club in DC, Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line announced that this would be their last show for a long time. In his words, "Don't forget about us, we'll be back in 2011."

Submitted by mikefrommd
Joe DeAndrea on 04/21/08 - 04:52 PM
Yesterday at the Electric Factory in Philly, Bayside announced that after this tour they are going right into the studio to record their new album.

Submitted by mikeyystyles
Joe DeAndrea on 04/20/08 - 07:12 PM
Last night at the Jack's Mannequin show at Illinois Wesleyan University, the first song of the encore was what Andrew said was "the first part of a 3 part song" of the song "Caves."

Submitted by mikejahny
Joe DeAndrea on 04/20/08 - 07:09 PM
At the Anberlin show last night in Buies Creek, North Carolina at Campbell University, Stephen Christian said that the new album will be coming out in August, and they plan to re-record "The Feel Good Drag."

Submitted by kaityangst
Joe DeAndrea on 04/20/08 - 03:20 PM
At last night's Thrice/Circa Survive show, Anthony Green mentioned that they'd be going into the studio this summer to record new songs, as well as played several alternate/extended versions of their songs.

Submitted by willy_wonka
Joe DeAndrea on 04/17/08 - 12:35 PM
An AP.net reader had this to report in after attending a recent Lydia show.
Fans Report InI talked to Leighton and Craig from Lydia tonight at the 4/15 show of the Bamboozle Road Show. They said that they're going to be co-headlining a short tour in May with Brighten.

Submitted by taylerx0
Joe DeAndrea on 04/15/08 - 09:12 PM
An AP.net reader had this to report in from a recent Dear Hunter show.
Fans Report InI talked to Casey last night in Altoona and he let me know that the out of print random EP #1 will be re-released later this year, along with random EP #2 and you will be able to download them online, possibly for free.

Submitted by xcomp
Joe DeAndrea on 04/13/08 - 04:45 PM
Last night during Mayday Parade's set in Tallahassee, former guitarist/back-up singer Jason Lancaster came out to perform "Miserable at Best" with the band.

Submitted by WTG
Joe DeAndrea on 04/12/08 - 12:11 PM
Last night after Saves the Day's show in Dallas, Chris Conley said the band's new album will be out around Christmas time.

Submitted by Jarrodtexas
Joe DeAndrea on 04/12/08 - 12:02 PM
Update: Apparently Shawn was kind of kidding when he told a user this. They'll be recording, demoing, but don't plan to have an album out this year. Who woulda known?

Last night in DC, Shawn Harris said that after the AP Tour, The Matches plan to go back into the studio to record a follow-up to A Band In Hope with hopes to have it out by the end of the year. The new songs were described as "weird" as the third album but as catchy as the first.

Submitted by lbopm
Joe DeAndrea on 04/10/08 - 10:04 AM
Last night at the Third Eye Blind show in Chicago, Stephen said that he finished the lyrics to the album and after the tour ends in may they will head straight into the studio to record their fourth album.

Submitted by notoaststereo
Joe DeAndrea on 04/10/08 - 04:11 AM
Last night during Paramore's set at their show in San Jose, CA, the band announced that the set would be recorded for an upcoming DVD.

Submitted by romeoheart
Joe DeAndrea on 04/09/08 - 08:17 AM
During Manchester Orchestra's set last night in Chicago, Andy Hull said that they would releasing their new album this summer.

Submitted by synaddict1390
Joe DeAndrea on 03/22/08 - 06:35 PM
Last night at a Brighten show in Tampa, the band told fans that the name of their new EP will be Early Love.

Submitted by fuhleesha
Joe DeAndrea on 03/21/08 - 07:22 PM
A fan has reported in from The Spill Canvas' show last night.
Fans Report InAt the show in Philadelphia, Nick Thomas of The Spill Canvas said the rumored tour with Jack's Mannequin will not be happening, nor will the band be at Bamboozle. He did say they are planning a headlining tour beginning around June, though.

Submitted by ellie117
Adrian Villagomez on 03/19/08 - 09:41 AM
During tonight's Warped Tour chat with Say Anything, Max announced that the band will begin working on a new album this year titled This is Forever.

Submitted by Magnus
Joe DeAndrea on 03/14/08 - 08:44 PM
At the Say Anything show last night in Los Angeles, Max Bemis announced that they had filmed a video for "Shiksa (Girlfriend)" yesterday.

Submitted by fromoc2dc
Joe DeAndrea on 03/14/08 - 03:28 AM
During tonight's AIM chat with Punchline, the band announced that their new album will be titled Just Say Yes.

Submitted by royaltannenbomb
Joe DeAndrea on 03/07/08 - 04:43 PM
An AP.net member sent the following in after attending a recent Limbeck/John Ralston show.
Fans Report InI went to the Limbeck/John Ralston show in Milwaukee last night. John Ralston has a tour-exclusive EP for sale titled "White Spiders." I also talked to John's tour manager, and he said after the tour, John will be back working on a new full length. Also, at the bar after the show, Scott Schoenbeck (Dashboard bass player) was there and told me they will be going into the studio next week to record a new album.

Submitted by SoCoSquid4
Joe DeAndrea on 02/23/08 - 03:17 PM
An AP.net reader who attended a recent Straylight Run show had this to send in after talking with frontman John Nolan.
Fans Report InI talked to John Nolan after their show in OKC last night and asked him about future touring plans and he said they're working on getting on a tour with The Used in April. I know it's a weird tour that doesn't make much sense, but he said "We're just trying to get on any tour that we can right now."

Submitted by Nolessthanblink
Joe DeAndrea on 02/21/08 - 10:13 AM
A fan has reported in on Ace Enders and a Million Different People.
Fans Report InAt the Ace Enders and a Million Different People show last night Ace announced to the crowd that the band had finished recording their new album the day before the tour started. Also, the people in attendance who bought a shirt from the merch stand were told they'd receive a copy of the album a week before its official release date. After the show I asked Ace about The Early November DVD, and he said it would be out in early summer.

Submitted by mestupkid9889
Adrian Villagomez on 02/05/08 - 04:39 PM
An attentive AP user caught Adelphi's final show in Towson, MD this past weekend and sent in an update.
Fan ReportAt adelphi's last show tonight they ended their set with "attention" it was the first time they play the song in over a year and a half and they announced they would release every song they ever recorded via their myspace by the end of the week.

Submitted by minusthebear154
Julia Conny on 01/01/08 - 01:20 PM
At the Days Away show tonight, Keith Goodwin announced that Days Away had broken up actually 2 weeks ago. They played a few Days Away songs, one with Anthony Green, and he also said that they will continue to make music with some of the same members under a different name.

Submitted by triggerthesound
Joe DeAndrea on 12/29/07 - 08:49 PM
At their show last at the Last Exit in Tempe, AZ, Nate from The Format announced that they have 7 new songs written and will write 7 more before they head into the studio in January to record their new record.

Submitted by xgloryxboyx2
Joe DeAndrea on 12/22/07 - 03:29 PM
An astute AP reader has brought to light the fact that Brand New played "Seventy Times 7" on December 8. Many of you can now sleep at night.
Fan Reports InDue to technical difficulties during "Untitled" / "--", Brand New were unable to finish. Jesse then proclaimed "I guess the mood's right for this..." & they closed with "Seventy Times 7".

Welcome To Bangkok
Sowing Season (Yeah)
Jesus Christ
Jaws Theme Swimming
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
Smells Like Teen Spirit (INTRO ONLY)
Limousine (MS Rebridge)
The Archers Bows Have Broken
Not The Sun
Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis
You Won't Know
Untitled / --
Anton Djamoos on 12/10/07 - 07:57 AM
The following was sent in by a user who attended Finch's reunion show last night.
Fans Report InThe Finch reunion last night was a lot of fun. It didn't start out that way seeing as how they took over an hour and a half to get on stage and the crowd was getting pretty restless. When they finally got on they opened with New Beginnings. They didn't seem like a band that hasn't played a show in 2 years. After that they played Letters to You and the crowd went crazy. It seemed like the band was having a lot of fun and a lot more into it then a couple past shows I've been to. Nate was actually interacting with the crowd tons, cracking jokes and yelling back "I love you too" to the crowd....
Drew Beringer on 11/24/07 - 01:37 PM
The following was sent in by a user who attended tonight's Brand New show.
Fans Report InSo, at the Brand New show tonight, something pretty interesting happened. The band played "God and the Devil..." pretty much in its entirety, plus a couple of songs off "Deja Entendu." And of course, kids in the crowd were asking for "old shit" and definitely "Seventy Times 7." At one point, Jesse responded with "yeah, later," and a bunch of us got really excited. They came out for the encore and played a short instrumental jam, and at the peak of it, Jesse announced, "this song is called Seventy Times 7." Just as we all got geared up and ready to go, the band walked off the stage and the house...
Joe DeAndrea on 11/20/07 - 10:34 PM
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