Last night at the Hellogoodbye/Say Anything show at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA, Hellogoodbye announced that they wouldn't be touring for a while because they were going to record a new album after they wrapped up their current tour.

Submitted by calibouncee
Joe DeAndrea on 11/20/07 - 09:44 PM
Punchline announced at their show in Pittsburgh last night that they have finished recording their new album and it will be released in Spring of 2008.

Submitted by Salomonbz90
Joe DeAndrea on 11/18/07 - 12:39 PM
Last night at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia, Ace Enders announced he was leaving today to LA to record his new album.

Submitted by LillieDesigns
Julia Conny on 11/14/07 - 12:17 PM
Sherwood announced at their Sleeping with Giants show in Pittsburgh (on November 11th) that they would be back sometime in March headlining a tour with Houston Calls.

Submitted by Philkillskarma
Joe DeAndrea on 11/13/07 - 01:25 PM
At the Bone Palace Ballet Tour's stop in Orlando, Florida, Emery said they would be doing a headlining tour in February.

Submitted by thelatestplague
Joe DeAndrea on 11/13/07 - 01:24 PM
Gwen Stefani announced last night in San Diego her next record will be with No Doubt.

Submitted by TinMan20
Julia Conny on 10/31/07 - 07:14 PM
Last night at their show in NYC, New Found Glory had Lisa Loeb come out for guest vocals on "Stay." They also said that they would be back in the studio after this tour recording new original material.

Submitted by StrongIsland
Julia Conny on 10/29/07 - 11:53 AM
This past weekend at Voodoo Music Fest, Fall Out Boy covered The Killers' "Mr. Brightside," and Saturday night the Smashing Pumpkins covered Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Born on the Bayou."

Submitted by duffmanrxbandit
Julia Conny on 10/29/07 - 11:44 AM
At last night's Arcade Fire show at Randall's Island, the band announced that they will not be back to play any shows in New York for two years.

Submitted by Cozz
Joe DeAndrea on 10/07/07 - 05:03 PM
At AFI's show with The Cure last night, Davey announced that it would be their last show before starting to record a new album.

Submitted by Carv!
Joe DeAndrea on 10/07/07 - 04:47 PM
Last night at the Tourzilla show in Charlotte, Danny, singer of The Audition, noted that their new CD that they just finished recording will be out sometime in January.

Submitted by jeremypeele
Joe DeAndrea on 10/06/07 - 12:59 PM
The Loved Ones gave an impromptu performance of their new record in its entirety for patrons at New Jersey's Asbury Lanes.
Fans Report InFollowing a long day in the studio, and probably a longer day drinking, The Loved Ones decided to go to Asbury Lanes with their producers Pete Steinkopf and Brian Keinlen from The Bouncing Souls. At the end of the punk rock show at the lanes ...The Loved Ones decided to perform their new record in its entirety for the 20-30 patrons still hanging out drinking....they blasted though a set and everyone there watched and listened intently. the weren't playing their instruments, so watching them adjust to playing other people's instruments was astounding in...
Julia Conny on 09/24/07 - 12:08 PM
At last night's Head Automatica show at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival, singer Daryl Palumbo announced that the band has begun working on the follow-up to 2006's Popaganda.

Submitted by Joel Ion
Joe DeAndrea on 09/02/07 - 09:46 AM
At the Ace Enders show in Pittsburgh, PA he announced The Early November DVD will be released January 9, and told fans to expect a b-sides CD from the band this Winter. He also mentioned his new band will be on Drive-Thru Records, and they're planning an upcoming tour with Steel Train.

Lastly, Enders told everyone to come visit AbsolutePunk.net and join the site.

Submitted by emerypearl, china white, and JohnnyG
Adrian Villagomez on 08/24/07 - 05:32 PM
At last night's Bowling For Soup show in Tempe, AZ, the band wrote a song on-the-spot for a pregnant lady in the crowd called "Jager For The Baby." Then, after that, a girl handed Eric her phone with a text message asking him to call her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend. The whole band proceeded to call him an "asshole" and make fun of him.

Submitted by thelostsimpson
Jared Kaufman on 08/23/07 - 06:31 AM
Last night at his Chicago tour stop, Ace Enders announced that The Early November DVD will be released in the Winter. He also said that he would be going back out on tour with a full band in October. The set list from the show can be seen below.
Set ListEmergency
Sunday Drive
Driving South
1000 Times A Day
The Best Happiness Money Can Buy
Pretty, Pretty
I Want To Hear You Sad
From Here To L.A.
So I Finally Decided To Give Myself A Reason
Something That Produces Results
Ever So Sweet

Submitted by patpratt and allreds
Jared Kaufman on 08/22/07 - 06:42 AM
During mewithoutYou's set at the Purple Door festival on Saturday, August 18th, Aaron Weiss commented that Chris Kleinberg had gone off to finish his education. A friend of the band named Peter was filling in for the evening.

Submitted by squared82
Jared Kaufman on 08/21/07 - 07:08 AM
I went to the Rooney show in Towson, MD the other night and The Hush Sound played two new songs, which I'm guessing are going to be on their new record. Both can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by teenage riot
Jared Kaufman on 08/21/07 - 07:06 AM
I attended Cartel's first stop of their tour in Chicago, IL and the set list was as follows:

Luckie St.
If I Fail
Matter of Time
This Is Who We Are
Burn This City
Write This Down
City Never Sleeps
Lonely One
Say Anything (Else)
No Subject (Come With Me)
The Fortunate

Minstrel's Prayer
Lose It

Submitted by gatewaydrug
Jared Kaufman on 08/21/07 - 06:27 AM
At the I Am The Avalanche show in Allston, Vinnie said the band has 17 songs written for the new album, and that some of which will be on splits put out before the album's release.

Submitted by terrrrrible
Joe DeAndrea on 08/20/07 - 01:26 PM
At the first date of the Alesana/Mayday Parade/Four Year Strong tour, Alesana played a new song called "Everyone Calls Us Tragedy" and said they will begin recording their new album in January. Mayday Parade announced a trip to Austrailia with Paramore in October.

Submitted by HollywoodAbalze
Joe DeAndrea on 08/20/07 - 01:21 PM
At last night's show at the Crazy Donkey, Patent Pending announced they are going to start recording a new album once the Summer Crush tour is over.

Submitted by bellaregazza
Joe DeAndrea on 08/20/07 - 01:20 PM
Last night Taking Back Sunday's set at Projekt Revolution, Adam Lazzara announced that guitarist, Eddie Reyes, had to temporarily leave the tour due to his son being born on Saturday. Filling in for him was Saosin's Justin Shekoski.

Submitted by hydraulicheart
Joe DeAndrea on 08/20/07 - 12:31 PM
At The Sleeping tour stop in Chicago, I Am The Avalanche played two new songs; one of them was called "What Happened To The Brooklyn Dodgers?". After the show, I spoke with Vinnie and he said that the two new songs will be on the band's forthcoming album and that "Dodgers" will be online soon after they record the demo again.

Submitted by drainyourheart
Jared Kaufman on 08/14/07 - 10:48 AM
Last night at the Motion City Soundtrack show in Milwaukee, the venue was handing out flyers after the show which stated the band would be returning to the area in the fall with Anberlin and Mae.

Submitted by Pandax777
Jared Kaufman on 08/03/07 - 09:20 AM
At tonight's From First To Last show in Philadelphia, the band announced that after their current headlining tour was over, that they are going to fly out to L.A. to finish their new album.

Submitted by Hainzey X
Joe DeAndrea on 08/01/07 - 12:45 AM
Last night after Four Year Strong played at the Knitting Factory, Alan Day revealed they would be touring with The Starting Line later on in the year.

Submitted by TaffyDelicious
Joe DeAndrea on 07/26/07 - 10:04 PM
The Spill Canvas announced at the Orlando Warped Tour that their new album will be released sometime in September.

Submitted by chasingjamie
Jared Kaufman on 07/23/07 - 07:34 AM
Last night Recover played a reunion show at Emo's in Austin, TX. It was thought to be a one-time reunion, but before the last song Dan Keyes said, "We'll be playing again soon, so look out for us."

Submitted By: ccsmanx
Jared Kaufman on 07/02/07 - 06:33 AM
The following Thrice update was sent in by a user who attended a recent Dustin Kensrue show.
Fans Report InI talked to Dustin Kensrue at the Charlotte acoustic tour than he's on with Tom Morello Friday night. He confirmed that the "Elements" project is finished and mastered and that each EP will have exactly 6 songs on it. "Fire and Water will come out first, hopefully in the fall. Then the other two after that". "We are working on a design so all four disc fit together in a neat package". "It was such a brutal process, like I don't even remember the Air disc".

Submitted by Shatter_Glass
Joe DeAndrea on 06/24/07 - 10:12 PM
At the Fall Out Boy concert Friday night in Phoenix, AZ, Pete announced that the set was being filmed for an upcoming live DVD.

Submitted by AP_Punk
Joe DeAndrea on 06/23/07 - 09:13 PM
Brand New played all of the tracks (except "Good To Know If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die") from Deja Entendu in order at their Manchester, UK show last night. The whole setlist is below.
SetlistJude Law and a Semester Abroad
Seventy Times 7
The Shower Scene
The No Seatbelt Song
Soco Amaretto Lime
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
Jaws Theme Swimming
Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis
Play Crack the Sky
Welcome to Bangkok
Sowing Season (Yeah)
Jesus Christ
Degausser ...
Jared Kaufman on 02/08/07 - 08:13 AM
Below is a user submitted synopsis of the Panic! At the Disco show last Thursday in Grand Rapids, MI:
Fans Report InAt the Panic! At The Disco concert at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday, July 13th, the Brendon from Panic! came out during the Dresden Dolls set and sang a cover of Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time". During their own set, PATD also played a cover of Smashing Pumpkin's "Tonight, Tonight".

Submitted by AShannon04
Katie Schmitz on 07/17/06 - 05:44 AM
I just got back from the Taking Back Sunday show at the House Of Blues here in Chicago a little bit ago and there were at least a couple of professional quality cameras filming the entire set, including one on a crazy robotic crane. The band didn't mention anything about them, but I'm guessing a potential DVD coming soon.

Submitted by: KidLightning
Jon Foucart on 04/16/06 - 10:10 PM
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