At their show tonight, Lucky Boys Confusion played three new songs (two electric, one acoustic) and said their new album will be out "hopefully some time next year."

Submitted by FistfullOfCory
Jason Tate on 11/16/15 - 01:09 PM
Lydia announced at the Austin date of The Early November tour that their new album is finished and will be out in a couple months. They also performed a new song.

Submitted by xHoodieWeather
Jason Tate on 05/14/15 - 12:03 PM
Update: See a video of the new song here.

Tonight at the first show in Cambridge, MA, Casey from The Dear Hunter announced that Act IV would be out "some time in August." He also played a song off the album tentatively called "Waves."

Submitted by Thedalylife and sargentlgfuad
Jason Tate on 05/06/15 - 12:40 PM
A fan has written in to say that Dan from Four Year Strong confirmed at their show the other night that they have recorded their new record and to expect it to be heavy.

Submitted by oneeightytwo
Jason Tate on 03/28/15 - 12:57 PM
Say Anything and Saves The Day recorded their recent New York show for a live DVD release.

Submitted by absolution
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/06/14 - 09:05 PM
At their show last night, Neck Deep announced that they will begin recording their new album today.

Submitted by tub and rug
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/01/14 - 09:51 AM
At tonight's Anberlin show, the band performed Never Take Friendship Personal and Cities from front to back and recorded the performance for a live album.

Submitted by multiple users
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/17/14 - 09:39 PM
At You Me and Everyone We Know's show the other night, Ben Liebsch stated that he had been sober for three years now and recently was in LA recording new music. He also said that the band would be touring this upcoming spring in support of the new album.

Submitted by mykal
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/17/14 - 01:55 PM
According to a fan submission from the Jimmy Eat World show last night -- they were recording the performance. I got a kick out of the "source" being "I'm staring at crowd mics right now." Well played ManchesterOrch8.

Submitted by ManchesterOrch8
Jason Tate on 10/31/14 - 08:18 AM
During their set yesterday at Riot Fest, Senses Fail announced that they have signed to Pure Noise Records.

Submitted by tub and rug
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/13/14 - 01:27 PM
A fan has written to say that Max Bemis announced at the Say Anything show on Sunday in Tempe, AZ that they will be doing a 10 year anniversary tour of Is A Real Boy... with support from Saves the Day who will be celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Through Being Cool. Sign me up.

Submitted by artistanonymous
Jason Tate on 07/31/14 - 01:52 PM
At tonight's Against Me! show in Detroit, Laura Jane told the crowd that they were recording shows on their current tour for an upcoming live album.

Submitted by amorning_ofsleep
Jason Tate on 05/12/14 - 10:44 AM
Last night at The Menzingers' show in Santa Ana, they said they had a new album coming out this Spring.

Submitted by drummer13
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/02/14 - 03:44 PM
At his solo show last night in Santa Monica, Max Bemis announced the new Say Anything album will be out this summer.

Submitted by Shenevercalled
Jason Tate on 01/23/14 - 11:07 AM
While performing in Hawaii, Jeremy Bolm (Touche Amore) said that a new Hesitation Wounds' full length may happen in the near future.

Submitted by k1guitar
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/19/14 - 12:05 PM
Craig Owens announced at the show last night in Orlando that Chiodos will be releasing their new full-length in March and that they would be back on a full US tour soon after.

Submitted by rollerman4221
Jason Tate on 12/20/13 - 12:31 PM
At the 10-year anniversary show for The Room's Too Cold in NYC last night, The Early November announced that they were making a new album and played a new song.

Submitted by mka12992
Jason Tate on 12/19/13 - 11:45 AM
According to multiple news submissions, at the Max Bemis show tonight he mentioned a "spoiler" about how Say Anything would be touring for the 10th anniversary of ... Is A Real Boy and they'd play that album in full. Sign me up.
Jason Tate on 12/11/13 - 11:01 PM
Mark Hoppus was a special guest at the London showing of the Descendents documentary, FILMAGE. During a Q&A with both Mark and the filmakers, Mark revealed that he's been talking to Bill Stevenson about possibly producing the next Blink-182 album.

Submitted by duhpizza
Jason Tate on 11/18/13 - 12:19 PM
Last night at Manchester Orchestra's sold out NYC show, the band played a couple of new songs (one of which was "Cope." Both songs were very loud and very catchy.) Before one of them, Andy Hull announced to the crowd a cryptic and possibly sarcastic statement, which is paraphrased below.
We have a new record that's never going to come out. But if it did come out, this song would be on it.

Hopefully this is just Mr. Hull messing with us, but who knows. Either way, check out the band's tour dates for the rest of the year, and recordings of some of their new songs live, in the replies.
Blake Solomon on 11/14/13 - 02:15 PM
At the band's tour stop in Greensboro, A Lot Like Birds said they just finished up filming a music video for "Next to Godliness" -- so keep an eye out for that.

Submitted by ahoff101
Jason Tate on 11/04/13 - 10:37 AM
A few AP users attended tonight's date of the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Fest, at the end of which headliner Dave Chappelle had an unusual set. After about five minutes of trying to do his act per usual, repeated shouts of either praise or Chappelle's Show quotes from the crowd prompted him to say that 'you are wasting your money, I'm still getting paid.' As the shouting continued, he stopped his act, sat on the stage, and began smoking, refusing to continue until it quieted down. The audience began to turn on him, and Chappelle began saying how bad the crowd was. After about twenty-five minutes of back-and-forth with the crowd, he began reading from a book aloud on the edge of the...
Cody Nelson on 08/29/13 - 09:34 PM
Over the weekend at one of his solo shows, Matty from A Loss For Words announced that the band's new album would be released on October 8th.

Submitted by prospekt
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/27/13 - 11:38 PM
Matt Theissen of Relient K announced at a recent show that the band's new album will be titled Collapsible Lung.

Submitted by Spyki
Jason Tate on 03/31/13 - 10:12 AM
At last night's show, Mike Kensella said that there will be a new Owen record in June. The World is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die also said that they would be releasing a new album in June.

Submitted by yourbiggestflan
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/23/13 - 07:30 AM
At their show in Portland last night, The Hush Sound announced they would have a new release of two songs out by next week.

Submitted by TJ Wells
Jason Tate on 03/07/13 - 11:07 AM
Wednesday night, at Pete Wentz's book signing, a fan caught up with Pete and asked if they were thinking about doing a Take This to Your Grave 10-year anniversary tour. The submitter says Pete responded with, "that's more of Patrick's call. Though we may not have an official tour for that album, we will be playing alot more of those songs on this upcoming tour."

Submitted by mgarcia1012
Jason Tate on 02/22/13 - 01:29 PM
The other night at Finch's show at the Glasshouse they had professional cameras filming the show. Looks like What It Is To Burn may get a DVD treatment for it's 10th birthday.

Submitted by Digitalcursive
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/04/13 - 12:51 AM
At Andrew McMahon's show last night, he confirmed that Leaving Through the Window would be re-pressed again and North would also get a vinyl treatment sometime this year.

Submitted by wtfitsRICK
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/26/13 - 09:58 PM
At Yellowcard's show in Fargo this past Sunday, Ryan Key said that whatever they do for Ocean Avenue's 10th anniversary would be "much more than a tour." Any ideas what they could be up to? Maybe a 10th anniversary re-release?

Submitted by dannylololol
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/22/13 - 12:25 AM
An anonymous source submitted that The Story So Far announced that their new record will be released on March 26th, 2013 yesterday at a show in Australia. Anyone else at this show and can confirm?

Update: Yep. Track listing and artwork can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 01/15/13 - 09:39 AM
A fan has written in that Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory claimed during last night's "Road to Warped UK" show at Nottingham Rock City that the "Warped UK festival in London is a tester," and "if it is well received then Vans will set up a full Warped Tour UK leg in 2013 in major cities around the country."
Jason Tate on 11/05/12 - 12:30 PM
At the Say Anything show in NJ, Max announced that the band would be releasing the box set of all their material prior to ... Is a Real Boy, in early 2013 -- with a tentative month of January.

Submitted by Anonymous
Jason Tate on 10/22/12 - 08:13 AM
At Mark Hoppus' talk at the Oxford University Union last night, Mark stated in the post talk Q&A that Tom was due to start pre-production on the new Blink 182 album this week. They are also aiming to get it out by this time next year and that they were going to try to record as much as possible together.

Submitted by benj-182
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/16/12 - 09:01 AM
It appears as though tickets were on sale for a Motion City Soundtrack show on November 11 at Irvine Plaza in New York City with support from Jukebox The Ghost and Now, Now. We haven't heard if this is a full tour yet, but of course we will update the story whenever we can.
Fans Report Inmotion city soundtrack will be touring with now now and jukebox the ghost this fall. they are playing irving plaza in nyc on 11/6. tickets were available at their show last night.

Submitted by justrockroll
Thomas Nassiff on 07/01/12 - 12:27 PM
At Anberlin's show last night in Nashville, Stephen Christian announced the band's new album will be named Vital and that more details will come soon. He said it is Anberlin's "most aggressive" record to date and the band performed one new song.

Submitted by Readyfuels and Acad08
Thomas Nassiff on 06/12/12 - 12:59 PM
The Gaslight Anthem shot a music video for "45" at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park yesterday. Instead of just playing the single over and over again, it appears as though the band played a couple of extra songs in between six performances of "45" for the crowd. One fan told us, "I've never seen Brian happier and he talked about a bunch of stuff on stage including Jesse Lacey, Bruce Springsteen, Jawbreaker, @jadedpunkhulk and more. The band also added a third guitarist." Check out a video from the video shoot in the replies along with the setlist.

Submitted by gold soundz, btown4life and manican sex
Thomas Nassiff on 05/10/12 - 09:32 AM
Fans report in: At the Road to Ruin Festival in Philadelphia Tigers Jaw performed as a four piece (minus Ben Walsh). The entire set was extremely awkward and guitarist Adam McIlwee commented, "If he doesn't show up, he is a coward" at the beginning of the set. We've reached out for comment and will update this post if we hear anything.

Update: The label has said that Ben was not there "probably because of school." Scratch that: At a wedding.

Update #2: The band has posted the following message on Tumblr. We're idiots and we apologize for clearing up all those rumors that were all over twitter and whatnot.
From the Tumblogben was at a wedding on saturday, so we played our saturday...
Jason Tate on 04/23/12 - 10:40 AM
Fans report in: Transit shot a video for "I think I know You" at the TLA in Philly last night.

Submitted by iseelifealive
Jason Tate on 04/20/12 - 10:50 AM
I was at the GK Tour in Baltimore yesterday and after the show, I spoke to Joe from Transit -- he mentioned how he already has a few songs written for his upcoming side-project release.

Submitted by syntax omitted
Jason Tate on 04/18/12 - 11:17 AM
Max Bemis said the other night at the House of Blues in Boston that Say Anything will be releasing a box set of all of their unreleased albums and songs (including Baseball) next year and they will most likely be playing a tour based on mostly old material.

Submitted by Elscorcho2008
Jason Tate on 04/16/12 - 10:17 AM
Tonight at The Front Bottoms show in Harrisburg, PA, they played a new song. Check out a video in the replies.

Submitted by Paris1nFlames
Jason Tate on 04/13/12 - 10:06 AM
At their show tonight in Orlando, Jason Lancaster from Go Radio told me that their new album would be out in August.

Submitted by jordalsh
Jason Tate on 04/12/12 - 09:37 AM
One of AP.net's readers, Dustin, was also at the At The Drive In reunion show the other night. He wrote up a pretty cool blog about the experience that I've included below. Also, don't forget to check out Adam's review here.
Fans Report InThe first time I saw The Mars Volta, it was at the 3,000 capacity Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. The first time I saw the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group (with Cedric Bixler-Zavala adding vocals), it was at the 1,500 capacity South Side Music Hall. Upon hearing about At The Drive-In's reunion and Coachella performances booked, I couldn't imagine the venues they'd be booked to play if they decided to tour. But they love their home state, and they showed it...
Jason Tate on 04/11/12 - 03:52 PM
This submission is the first we've seen of it, but a fan just wrote in that at the Glamour Kills show last night in Pomona CA, Soupy from The Wonder Years announced that the band recorded an album this past winter in Huntington Beach, CA. Anyone else there? Wonder what it could be? We've reached out to the band for comment/confirmation, and we'll keep you updated.

Submitted by phillycheese37

Update: A few readers are writing in the comments that Soupy was specifically talking about when and where Suburbia... was recorded, and not a "new" release. Good bet it seems.

Update 2: Bingo.
Jason Tate on 03/30/12 - 10:12 PM

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